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Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie First Photos!

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie First Photos!

Check out this very first look of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey on the new cover of Entertainment Weekly!

The 31-year-old actor and 24-year-old actress cozy up together in various photos, the first time we’ve seen them in character for the highly-anticipated film adaptation.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Fifty Shades of Grey

It was just announced that the movie’s release date would be pushed back from August 1, 2014 to February 13, 2015, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

For more on this Fifty Shades of Grey spread, visit!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jamie and Dakota as Christian and Ana in these photos???

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jamie dornan 50 shades of grey first movie photos 01
jamie dornan 50 shades of grey first movie photos 02
jamie dornan 50 shades of grey first movie photos 03
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Photos: Entertainment Weekly
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  • Nelly

    but….. he is ugly!!!! O.o

  • Ada

    They are STUNNING together!!!

  • roronette

    These pictures don’t make him justice :/

  • melissa

    IM SO THRILLED!! i can’t even…They’re PERFECTION!!

  • unknown

    Dakota looks awkward and miscast in all those photos esp the one where she’s wearing converse. The guy, you can clearly see that he’s used to doing photoshoots. lol at the fact that they may be trying hard to make her look “alexis bledel” as possible with the bangs and the doe eye look.

  • fifty shade of bad writing


  • eLENA

    Ugly??? go to your opthamologist for a visit please!!!

  • LOL

    with the news of this movie being pushed back for well over a year…this cover is not helping.

  • Mel

    Um, this is who they picked for Ana? That’s bullshit, she looks hardly anything like Ana is described and looks old and not very innocent despite her efforts. He looks like a wimp here too.

  • Ana

    She always looks so sloppy.

  • Sam

    WTF IS THIS??? This isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey, it’s Fifty Shades of FAILED!

  • Racy

    @Nelly: What a rude thing to say – he is a handsome guy. Grow up.

  • Lisa

    HAHAHA is she trying to look innocent? She definitely doesn’t and she looks SUPER OLD! What’s with her hair too? That’s not Ana’s hair…

  • living in a box

    i thought that alex pettyfer!

  • GFW

    @fifty shade of bad writing:
    I agree. Not to mention the millions of hurting individuals out there (who won’t see the film) who suffer from child abuse are being exploited. And who are told that love cures all because some fool takes it upon herself to expose aching souls for money writing horribly-written dialogue and unrealistic scenes that make anyone who knows anyone who suffers so much from this ailment piss-roaring mad.

  • allison

    The casting director messed up. He looks like a serial killer. They needed someone that women would fantasized about. She looks old for 24.

  • GFW

    Yeah, hold the tie. Duh. Really? Now we see the real reason Charlie bailed. Wise man him.

  • GFW

    Wait, they’re not going to give him his trademark gray eyes? Oh, okay. And we have a leaning photo when we all, or anyone whose read at least one book (all I could manage to get through) he does not like being touche? Eh? Who’s in charge of the shoot? Anyone who read the book? Is the director near? Someone, anyone, who knows stuff? Lord and Entertainment Weekly is a huge publication. Details matter people. Everything matters.

  • Sara

    This is just laughable!!!

  • lol

    i think they are alright! people should stop all the negative comments and try looking at the positive side of things. remember how everyone was criticizing about robert pattinson being casted as edward? well it turned out pretty well…

    i believe jamie and dakota are 2 talented individuals. we’ll just wait for the movie ! :D

  • Manheels

    Is the dude standing on a box? Because we can see their upper body seems to be the same size, specially in the 2nd pic. Am I the only one who finds he’s a bit short?

  • ang

    i am sick to freaking death of hearing about this movie. the books were trash, i cant see this movie being any better, no matter who plays the parts.

  • b

    I read the books a week ago (gooooooooood awful, how did these become famous?) and while I think Dornan is sexy, he doesn’t really fit the build of Christian Grey. I just saw a picture of Tom Brady looking pretty good, he was walking with Gisele looking casual ( but I thought the entire look would look better as Christian. Not saying he should be THAT tall or even look like Tom, but body style and shape, a taller muscular body instead of someone who looks a little shorter and not as muscular (like Dornan looks in these pictures). And Dakota does look way off as Anastasia. Didn’t think Bledel should have played her, but someone similar who looks a little smaller, more mousy and demure and shy looking than Dakota does in these pictures.

  • b

    This book was originally Twilight fan fiction, right? So knowing it was going off of Stephanie’s book and who Stephanie originally wanted as Edward, I think Henry Cavill would have looked better in this role. Not saying he should have taken it now, but had he not done Man of Steel, I think he would have been perfect in this role. He was overly muscular in Man of Steel, but he could have toned it down. He was pretty good looking and not overly muscular in The Tudors. I know many wanted Matt Bomer but he’s too old looking and I don’t get the appeal.

  • Anna

    I would agree with this casting if their roles were reversed. She looks much more like a Dom.

  • Sheyenne

    I don’t see why people are overrating. It’s a movie! Everyone needs to leave them alone and stop going crazy because they don’t look like what we expected. I’m excited for the movie hopefully it does well.

  • breezedash

    What’s wrong with these books? I really don’t understand why people hate them so. Just books for women, with a lot of sex scenes, so what???
    P.S. Dorman push me off with his Christian-image look. He’s SO NOT C. Grey, really. He looks different. I hope maybe his talent will help him and he’ll does this role well…

  • Arrow 12

    She looks to old to be playing Ana.

  • Mike

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  • M

    Well, it seems that my imagination is pretty different of EL James in what regards Christian and Anastasia.
    She looks too mature than she’s described in the book, and the guy looks much younger than Christian supposed to be.

  • pika

    well this looks terrible – can i get an Amen??

  • Jessie

    I only saw the shape of her arm, especially around the elbow and it look hilarious to me. I don’t know if it’s the way it’s photo-shopped but I can’t stop laughing.
    Ok, enough frivolity. No one is going to be perfect for these roles, people will always disagree. I’m still with the person who can’t believe this ghastly fiction is going to be a film.
    Of course the books made millions and they want to cash in on that, but they were horribly written which is more of a concern to me. Is there any doubt why literacy is going to .hell? There have been books about the subject matter around for years and all of the ones I read were better written. But the grown up Twilight crowd must have been locked in closets to be so overly titillated over the content .
    The sheer repetitiveness of the dialogue should make anyone who love to read pull their hair out. Listening to what’s inside of Ana’s head should be used as a form of torture. What a dumb little twat. Anyway, good luck with that, I have no interest in seeing it as I could barely make it halfway through the first book.

  • Missy

    Charlie was the better C.G. for sure o_O

  • Nadja

    Okay, he is pretty hot, even though it’s not really how I pictured CG to look like, but WTF were they thinking when they castet her?!

  • Daphne

    Can’t he like keep his beard? She looks too old. Should of choose someone younger

  • Julie

    Their casting choIces are horrible, he is NOT Christian Grey worthy! I was excited about the movie but not anymore, I will just stick to the books now that they’ve destroyed the character of Christian. …

  • Jo

    Don’t get all the hate for her. I think she looks cute here!!??? I’m not sure about HIM, honestly!!!

  • Easnadh

    This will be cheap :-)

  • brightviolette

    I almost screened when I saw this lol! Dakota looks cute, Jamie looks sexy…I’m loving it!!

  • samantha

    LMAO, who in their right mind would believe this woman is an “innocent” blushing virgin??! And is this supposed to be the most beautiful man that makes women drop their panties with a simple look? Well, well, well, they really think 50shades fans are super stupid obviously, and judging by the enthusiastic reactions, maybe they are…

  • Rose

    Everybody wanted someone else. Personally I wanted Tom Welling and Alexis Bledel. But they didn’t have any money to pay for top celebrities, so they had to go with someone new not because they chose that, Yeah she’s cute, it’s just that she doesn’t portray 21, not even 24 which is her actual age! They still look hot together, so maybe there’s hope for this movie.

  • Daphne

    @Jo: she looks too old and not innocent enough for Ana. Could of casted her as Kate

  • lyss

    ok at first i wasn’t really liking this pair at all…but these pictures did me justice OMG IM IN LOVEEEEEE. but pissed they had to now make us wait even longer till 2015 wtf

  • Kayte

    @Jo: @Jo: I agree and people wanted Alexis Bledel. I think they’re pretty similar looking.

  • http://@MsJJGodoy JJ


  • http://@MsJJGodoy JJ


    I’m agree with you

  • http://@MsJJGodoy JJ

    @pika: AMEN!!!!

  • http://@MsJJGodoy JJ


    I prefer Matt and Alexis or Ian and Alexis or Nina Even Emma Watson looks WAY BETTER for Ana!

    Dakota looks too OLD and absolutely NOT inocent, (DID ANA HAS BANGS?), and He is Just NOT the Christian Grey I would choose he is UGLY!!!! O.o THIS MOVIE CAST IS JUST FAILED!! IT SUCKS! definitely not going to see that movie!

  • eh

    @M: your imagination isnt different from ELJ’s -the problem was NOONE wanted the roles. NONE of the actors ELJ wanted agreed to be in it…when she finally got someone she actually wanted (charlie hunnam) he took one look at the script and bailed.its a shame they had to settle. dana brunetti has said “theres alot more that goes into casting than just looks” -obviously brunetti didnt read the books otherwise he would’ve known that ELJ describes the characters “looks” every other page and its not just an oversight!