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Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie First Photos!

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie First Photos!

Check out this very first look of Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey and Dakota Johnson as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey on the new cover of Entertainment Weekly!

The 31-year-old actor and 24-year-old actress cozy up together in various photos, the first time we’ve seen them in character for the highly-anticipated film adaptation.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Fifty Shades of Grey

It was just announced that the movie’s release date would be pushed back from August 1, 2014 to February 13, 2015, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

For more on this Fifty Shades of Grey spread, visit!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jamie and Dakota as Christian and Ana in these photos???

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Photos: Entertainment Weekly
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    FSOG peeps: WAKE UP and smell THE BAD ANA! HORRID CASTING. HORRID!!! geez did ELJ forget her own descriptios in the book. weird since its mentioned 500 times!

  • Jen

    Wow, they both look AMAZING! Perfect Christian & Anastasia!


    Please FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SHUT UP. You all are so annoying. They picked these actors…so get over it. It’s just a movie. I did not imagine these actors EITHER for the parts, but I’m not shitting everywhere because of the casting. It’s an average book…it will probably do well in theaters…SO SHUT YOUR FACES.

    ALSO, You guys know DEEP DOWN Jamie is not ugly either. He’s a damn model.

  • Aisaiko

    Underwhelming to say the least. This is so far from what I was expecting. Unless this dude is a young John Malkovich, I don’t see me enjoying this movie.

  • http://@PaoLJunaB Pao Juna

    It’s too long…FEB 15…2015!!!!??? Come on!!! I even couldn’t wait for August 1…!!! this is bad, After all, they’re so perfect together.

  • anna

    @b: I also wanted Henry Cavill, I read the book thinking of him!! Dornan is really hot too, especially as the huntsman in once upon a time, but I’m not sure he fits the part, let’s wait and see! she, on the other hand, isn’t as pretty as Emilia Clarke, who I envisioned, but she looks shy and awkward as the character should be, so I’m fine with her being cast!

  • anna

    @M: No he isn’t, he’s supposed to be 27! Dornan is older, actually!


    America still hasn’t even heard of this stupid British book, let alone the movie and these two loser caucasian actors, so WHO CARES?? No one cares but the soulless marketing trolls on internet comment blogs such as this one, JJ.

  • Nina

    @fifty shade of bad writing: lol couldn’t have said it better

  • roo

    this should have been 50 shades HENRY CAVILL :( too bad its not him


    @Mike: Don’t know where you’re coming from. The American species comes in light-skinned white to dark-skinned deep red, always has since evolution millions of years ago. From Montezuma to Geronimo, and from Washington to Tecumseh. America is an entire hemisphere. You write like an ill-educated alien, probably communist like british or chinese. Your politics don’t reflect America, obviously. The Washington Redskins And Our Great American Head are perfectly fine, obviously.

  • Truth

    Jamie Is gorgeous.. but Dakota is one ugly chick & can’t act to save her life.. nepotism at is finest.. this girl shouldn’t be doing film no appeal whatsoever!

  • Jupiter


  • LMAO

    Dakota is channeling the (still) ethereal & virginal looks of Alexis Bledel here but looks more like crackhead & tranny Alexis!

  • Sam

    She’s more like the dom and he the sub! This is an awful pair and are horribly cast for both characters! She is too tall and looks SO OLD and not beautiful and innocent, and he is too short and scrawny and not dominant looking. This is just pathetic!

  • erin

    HAHAHA Dakota is trying so hard to look innocent but she’s failing miserably!! She looks old enough to be Christian’s mother btw!

  • Mena

    @SHUT IT: He is unattractive and his nose is ugly and so is dakota johnson and her nose too! If they wanted Jamie before then he would’ve been approached before, but he wasn’t! And Dakota was cast because they couldn’t get any of who they originally wanted for Ana and the director is friends with her mother!

  • Heather

    She is so homely and old looking. So not Ana! Ana in the books is petite, BEAUTIFUL, has a small sweet face and delicate profile and BIG eyes. Dakota is the opposite. The only thing she embodies of Ana is her pale skin and being slender. Jamie looks too small and not powerful at all! He’ll have to stand on a box when she is in heels!

  • Joelle

    breezedash @ 11/13/2013 at 12:07 pm #27
    The books were not criticized for the content. James isn’t the first one to wrote steamy sex or about BDSM. Nothing is shocking about that if you’ve read adult literature in the past few years. What is abhorrent about her books is that they are so badly written. The whole premise of the books is ridiculous.

  • Pregnant wife

    I wonder what his pregnant wife thinks about it?

  • AnnaStern

    So much blablabla…
    It’s just ONE movie about a crappy book.
    Don’t like the casting? Don’t like the date? Don’t like the book?
    Then don’t go see it and move on!!!
    Gosh, quit bitchin, ppl.

  • andrea2

    Perfect !

  • mhoe

    Dakota’s arms looks like a BUTT!
    And even w/ the nail/lip biting & full bangs all over her forehead; she could still passed like a 40 yr. old.

  • Mandy

    Let’s be honest, Everyone has a different picture of who their Christian and Ana would be so no one is going to be truly happy but come on they havent even started on it yet, Give them a chance

  • Jen

    @allison: totally agree

  • Jen

    gosh they tried to make her give off that ‘alexis bledel’ innocent vibe…which to me has failed. If they wanted that, they should have just hired alexis lol
    cannot picture him as CG at all; one of the posters above mentioned gisele’s husband tom and to me they’re exactly right with that. someone much more similar to his looks would have been better imo
    don’t know what the casting directors were thinking… oh well


    So, besides the British marketing trolls you see here on this comment board and a few others still left, this misplaced British book never sold within America, the one-time target market for this fictional book. So, then, these British marketing trolls are barking to no one. The Americans didn’t buy the bogus book and they haven’t even heard of it or this bogus movie. Good luck with that, losers. God save your king, my eye.

  • isha

    LOL…Someone said it right…Why are you guys trying to make this Dakota look like Alexis Bledel..If they don’t think Alexis is fit to be in their mighty movie,why make their Ana look like her..Alexis should sue these guys..and by the way Charlie Hunnam had better chemistry with this lassie..She looks like a poor copy of Madonna. :P Plus that guy looks like OMG..So laughable seriously,these high&mighty snooty casting crew made a major mess by looking down upon fan favorites..Help!! LOL..they look almost funny than a wall is standing next to a wooden block..

  • Dasha

    FAIL!! He’s not Christian Grey! How can we fantasize on him? Grey is supposed to be drop dead gorgeous!
    And what about her hair?? Definitely not Ana’s hair.
    Bad casting but maybe these actors will surprise us.

  • isha

    Alexis Bledel wannabe…LOL…Wood and Wall..So much chemistry that i wanto puke..ooops..Look at the guy’s face..More comedy than sexy..

  • Uh

    A porno is being released?

  • AnnaStern

    They didn’t cast Alexis because she would a freaking 40 y.o trying to play a 20 something by the end of the series. Gosh ppl! Think!

  • HORRIBLE casting dakota!!!!

    why are they making her look like alexis b.—not workin. she still looks too old for her years and NOTHING. NADA. ZIP. like the book describes anna to be. it wouldnt be a big deal if it werents for ELJ making a point of describing they’re looks every chance she got in the books. but she did!! dakota is the complete opposite of anna is in the books!

  • very bad casting!!

    regarding dakota johnson: for the peeps who come on here and say that people had the same reaction to twilight casting kristen stewart. BULLSH*T twilight author DIDNT make mention of her characters faces, bodies, hair, eyes, nose…lips! in EVERY chapter of her book like ELJ did in FSOG. so, they should’ve been WAY MORE detailed in the looks department when hiring the actors for this film!!!!!!!!!!

  • jen

    alexis may be 32, but she still has that innocent girl look to her, which from what i can see, a few other posters seem to think the same. with her looks, people would probably not even care to look up her age.

  • wtf??

    they settled BIG TIME….with dakota!!

  • em, seriously, NO!

    LOLLLL did you see the pics of dakota biting her lips…she looks so f*ing lame. her looks make her looks like 30 year old desperately trying to look young and innocent. THERE’S A REASON WHY SHE ALWAYS GOT THE PARTS IN OTHER FILMS OF THE GIRL GETTING BANGED…..SHE-DOESNT-LOOK-INNOCENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND IS HORRIBLY CAST!!

  • anne

    @Pregnant wife:
    His wife should be concern with Sam the director hag who wanted to taste another boyish looking guy like Jamie

  • gabii

    @Rose: could it be, that real actors didn’t think this trash is worth anything

  • anna

    @HORRIBLE casting dakota!!!!: you’re crazy! They’re not trying to make her look lie Alexis, they’re trying to make her look like the character in the book, who looks like Alexis! Plus, she’s 24 and Alexis is 32! I also think she looks older, but you can’t say she looks nothing like the girl describer in the book! Ana isn’t supposed to be gorgeous, she’s supposed to be awkward, I think she’s doing a good job at it, here at least

  • Kary

    Whatever… the three books suck… It doesn’t matter who will be Christian Grey or Ana Steele because the books are BAD. So, the movie will suck just like twilight suck and no one will save this sh*t. I don’t understand why is a best seller.

  • Isa

    Gorgeous together !
    La parenthèse Enchanté


    The casting is horrible they don’t look anything like the way the characters are described in the book, the guy is handsome but is NO Christian Grey.

  • CHris

    @B How is Matt Bomber old looking and Henry not? Matt actually looks younger than Henry. Matt wasn’t chosen because he’s a homosexual and studio execs thought that would stop women from watching it.

  • CHris

    @b How is Matt Bomber old looking and Henry not? Matt actually looks younger than Henry. Matt wasn’t chosen because he’s a homosexual and studio execs thought that would stop women from watching it.

  • CHris

    b@ How is Matt Bomber old looking and Henry not? Matt actually looks younger than Henry. Matt wasn’t chosen because he’s a homosexual and studio execs thought that would stop women from watching it.

  • crissy

    The guy is okay but the girl is sooooo plain. Wtf was Dana Brunetti thinking?

  • WTF?!?!

    @anna YOU’RE CRAZY!!!! To EVERONE HERE who’s stated they’re trying to make her look like alexis B. your 100% correct!!! Have you READ the books?!?!.. You must’ve read a VERY different version of FSOG. Anna thinks she’s ‘common’ but ALL THE MEN- CHRISTIAN, JOSE, PAUL, THE DUDE IN THE ELEVATOR, JACK, ETC. Thinks she’s beautiful… She’s beautiful. Petite and demure. AND Alexis b. is 32 but looks MUCH younger than Dakota. The number in age doesn’t matter, it’s about how she looks. And Dakota looks much older than the character in the books! anna has an upturned nose. Beautiful profile. Small face. And huge blue eyes..Dakota looks N-O-T-H-I-N-G!!!! like anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And remember ELJ mentions her description in every chapter. you can’t dismiss that when casting and they FAILED miserably with casting Dakota!

  • wordshipper

    I’m really starting to doubt the success of this movie. Her look screams pathetic, He seems to have only one expression and his hair is all wrong.

  • JoyLee

    It is amazing that when they announced a movie on the books. How fast they had preview videos with Henry Cavill and Matt Boner released. Now when they finally have picked the cast — they can’t seem to get a video together with these two characters.