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Taylor Swift - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 Pink Carpet

Taylor Swift - Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2013 Pink Carpet

Taylor Swift rocks a short floral dress on the pink carpet at the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held at the Lexington Avenue Armory on Wednesday evening (November 13) in New York City.

The 23-year-old singer is set to perform during the show this evening along with fellow acts Fall Out Boy, A Great Big World, and Neon Jungle.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Taylor Swift

FYI: Taylor is wearing a Zuhair Murad dress, Dolce&Gabbana shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

Make sure to tune in to the 2013 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on December 10 on CBS!

15+ pictures inside of Taylor Swift on the pink carpet…

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taylor swift victorias secret fashion show 2013 pink carpet 14
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Credit: Stephen Lovekin; Photos: Getty
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  • True

    I am getting a creepy sex doll vibe here.

    Remember she once said she’d never associate with VS because they DO NOT promote a good image of women? Ha!

  • Serena

    Interesting musical choice for the VSShow! I’m curious how it works out.
    I like her and I think she looks really good here!

  • Livin’ the Life

    LOLOL! How ridiculous. Taylor is trying to change her image by performing at the Victoria Secret underwear show. That’s a new low for her. She’s probably going for the ratings the show always gets when it’s on TV. It got high ratings without her. She’s pathetic.

  • pickles

    She used to criticize those models and they are mostly nice girls who work for a living. Most of them didn’t grow up rich like Taylor. She is so ungracious I hope they completely ignore her.

  • Fernando

    She is pretty…..wonderful!

  • Shdnsj

    She’s going to try to dance provocative and sexy like she does all the time now and then next week slut shame someone for doing the same thing. She’s going to try to show up the models like she does when she has guest performers. Always has to be center of attention. Hypocritical and talentless. God help us.

    She’s not sexy in anyway, just to be clear, even though she disagrees.

  • liz

    I personally have always thought she should try modeling. she doesn’t really have much vocal talent, but she is tall and beautiful. anyway, i love her look here. finally, she ditched the usual white/beige old lady dress.

  • Edward

    Boring and can’t sing.

  • pickles

    Her mother is there with her too. I saw pictures of them going in and Taylor is all attitude and smug looking and so is her mother Andrea. Exactly alike. Ugh. A lot of those models are married with kids and they are hard workers, so for her to make comments about them and act all superior while she gets to say the “F” word on live TV, she is such a hypocrite. I knew girls like her in high school and no one could stand them. The teachers liked them, but no kids did.

  • kat

    @True: No pretty sure she never said that, Hence the reason why she shops at Victoria Secret all of the time. Is seen in their sweat shirts and hangs out with Lily Aldridge.

  • kat

    @Livin’ the Life: They actually invited her to come perform on the show.

  • kat

    @pickles: She never criticized them, she hangs out with them at events and award shows all of the time. Stop trying to make drama out of nothing.

  • GOD

    No.1; Taylor Swift is the future. People like sex…

  • GOD

    No.9; Taylor Swift is definitely better than anyone out there right now. So what is your point?

  • Cara

    Ed Razek, chief creative officer of Victoria’s Secret, said of Swift’s practice session: “She was clearly amped up today.”

    Razek described it as a serendipitous twist of fate that led Victoria’s Secret to Swift, who will headline the show’s entertainment with A Great Big World and British group Neon Jungle.

    “I was having dinner with Lily Aldridge and told her it would be great if Taylor Swift would do the show. Lily said, ‘We both live in Nashville and we’re friends.’ I was incredulous, like you are friends with Taylor Swift? That’s like something imaginary, like you’re friends with Harvey the Rabbit. Lily sent her a note, and Taylor Swift said she would love to do the Victoria’s Secret show,” said Razek.

  • @kat: She never “hangs out” with them? Everyone interacts at events, even her and Harry had a brief awkward conversation with Ed and she still talks shit about him. That doesn’t mean anything. And she criticizes everyone so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were on her hit list.
    @GOD: She’s one of the worst singers in this industry… What’s YOUR point?

  • living in a box

    i’m shock that VS pick her to perform in the show. last year we have justin bieber, now taylor swift, who’s next miley cyrus?

  • Jack

    I don’t understand her appeal? She clearly cannot hold a note and is average in the writing department. It’s probably the girls who fantasize about fairy tales and boys and/or are as hypocritical as she is.
    She has an awful pretentious and smug personality. I’m actually rather surprised girls like her so much considering how much shit she talks and how better she thinks she is than everyone. I suppose it’s like that popular girl at school. Popular for absolutely no reason and people only like her because she’s popular and they want to be popular too. Strange world we live in.

  • kat

    @: She is friends with Lily Aldridge and has hung out with her at more than one event. And she got the invitation to perform from Lily, who claims Taylor is her friend.

  • Sam

    @living in a box: I’d take Miley over Taylor any day. They both try too hard to be sexy and too hard in general, have their heads so far up their own asses, talk badly about other people, overrated, but at least Miley admits she’s crazy. Taylor plays this innocent victim act and it’s rather annoying. And Miley can sing. I hate her voice, but she can.

  • Delilah

    Lily Aldridge is married to a famous musician,/singer Caleb Followill of the Kings of Leon, so it is not surprising she would know Taylor, but I seriously doubt they are friends. Lily’s husband is a real musician, not a fake.

  • kat
  • Boring Guy

    @Delilah: Thank you for knowing the difference between real artists and social media “artists,” aka Taylor Swift.

  • Cara

    @Boring Guy: Social media/ (one hit wonders) artists come and go, Taylor has been a global success in the 7 years she’s started her career. If she was nothing there wouldn’t be so many haters, who only waste their time and envy people on the top.

  • Roxanne


  • Johnson

    Even LaLa looked way sexier than boring annoying taylor “swift”

  • Boring Guy

    @Cara: Not quite. Social media artists, which I just made up, are “artists” who are popular because of their lives and publicity revolving around social media and not actual talent. There’s a difference between haters and facts. She’s popular, fact. She has a lot of fans, fact. But being popular doesn’t equal talent, fact. If it were solely based on talent, she would be nowhere. Nowadays people win awards based on how popular they are and it’s very unfortunate. I don’t know many people who would envy an egotistical, pretentious brat who constantly complains and bullies other artists and celebrities based on their clothing choices (slut shaming, which she does a lot of) and ex’s (just because they dump her). Along with having average talent. I do envy her undeserving amount of money, but not for me, for doctors, police officers, firefighters, etc. People who actually work their asses off for other people and save lives on a daily basis.

  • gina

    @Boring Guy

    Bitter Much.. It just your opinion and it’s not worth much.
    That’s why she’s outselling all the other Social Media Queens.. Katy, Rihanna, Miley, Lady Gaga and they have more followers. What Gives?
    8 years in the business and getting more popular each year. I hope she breaks another record with her next album… 1 million plus albums sold in a week for the third time in a row.

    Taylor is Queen!!! Deal with it.

  • Cara

    @Boring Guy: She obviously has to have talent in order for her career to have lasted this long and to be successful as she is. Selling 1.2 million albums in a week is no easy feat. She deserves everything she gets because of the hard work she puts into her career. She plays a part of her success, from songwriting to her creative vision. Its fine that you don’t like her. Sometimes people just rub off on others on the wrong way. But discrediting her as an artist is ridiculous. People pay attention to celebrities lives once they’ve already become successful because people start to care. She is actually one of the most mundane celeb in the industry. All she does is play with her cat and stay home. So its really no surprise that the media likes embellish her life to make it seem more exciting than it is. She promotes woman preserving their dignity, there’s no shame in that. She prefers to keep her private parts hidden and wears tasteful clothes. She doesn’t need to prance around in a bra and panty when she performs to make people want to come and see her. Her TALENT is actually enough to fill stadiums of up to 45,000 people a night.

  • gina


    Taylor grew up rich? for goodness sakes she grew up on a Christmas tree farm in rural PA. Her family later moved into a rental home.. Her father was a financial advisor for Merrill Lynch in Pa, not a Wall St broker.

    Poor, No.. But definitely not Paris Hilton, Miley Cyrus not even Lady Gaga rich. Probably about the same wealth as Beyoncé growing up.

    Why would that make a difference? You have to grow up poor to be considered talented and a hard worker? That’s ignorant of you.

  • Avril

    Where did you get that picture of the giant barbie doll?… oh wait, that’s Taylor Swift!!!!
    She WAS INVITED to perform.
    And I’m so glad they invited her bc the show would be boring and wouldn’t have rating without her.
    What’s the point of watching naked girls??? They don’t even promote clothes, they just want to show naked and thin girls (disgusting) and ppl are getting tired of that so they needed to do something strategic and call somebody to save the show… that somebody being Taylor.
    And for those who talked about hard working, let me tell you this: MODELING IS NOT A HARD WORK!!!!!.

  • Nat Mirotta

    @Boring Guy:
    Boy! Have you got it wrong. Pretentious? She is known for being down to earth, but then again she is also known for not taking crap from anyone as well. And how does she bully other artists? If she does, then they probably deserved it. I can see that much. And in fact, the truth is that most celebrities respect the woman, Even the heavyweights like Mick Jagger and Justin Timberlake have the upmost of respect. I think you might be quite jealous or something, but looking at it overall, Taylor is respected and talented. You can’t get 43 top 40 songs onto billboard without having some talent. You can’t win 7 grammy’s (and these are not fan voted). I am sorry, but Taylor is it.

  • Nat Mirotta

    @Livin’ the Life:
    They asked her to make an appearance, otherwise, Taylor would not have appeared on the show. The fact is that everyone wants Taylor. She doesn’t go out looking for it. They asked Taylor. See Cara’s comment #15 below. Yes, she draws attention, but that is because she is Taylor and not because she asks for it. She has got the Aura that draws people, even if you think otherwise.

  • Piyanka

    Gorgeous dress, beautiful hair…awesome girl!! Few people can deny as much as they want…but this girl can sing without autotune…She is not the best vocalist but certainly she is not the worst…Haters gonna hate

  • stan

    She is absolutely perfect in every single way. A dream wife for every guy.

  • stan

    Why am i not surprised first comment trying to hate on her is full of ignorance and delusion? Try a little harder. Taylor has never had anything against VS. In fact she shops there all the time. Plus she was only taking the VSFS gig because one of the supermodels asked her.

  • Ed

    @stan: No

  • Ed

    @stan: Not at all

  • Annette

    I love Taylor and performing at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show is just another way for her to expand her horizons. She’s always been a positive role model and by no means is she doing anything inappropriate here!!! YOU GO GIRL!!! Haters are just jealous that they can’t be among all of the most beautiful women in the world, including Taylor herself :)

  • Jd

    @Annette: Still no

  • Boring Guy

    @Nat Mirotta:

    Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber are all still just as famous and successful and not all that talented either. BEING POPULAR DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE TALENTED. Simple as that. Kim Kardashian is more famous than her and has absolutely zero talent and she’s creative in her clothing lines, ect. So her wanting to preserve “dignity” means it’s okay to slut shame other women who supposedly have “no dignity” because they feel comfortable wearing less clothing? No. Absolutely not okay. And she may not prance around in a bra, but she prances around sticking her ass out and “trying” to dance provocatively and be sexy and that’s perfectly fine but wearing a bra is not? Double standards. People care about her personal life because she talks about it all the time. People don’t actually care about her personal life. It’s simply entertainment. She provokes any drama relating to her in the papers by her constant need to talk about others in negative ways, mostly ex’s. And it’s okay for her to do that, but it’s not okay to make a measly joke about her at an award show to which she proceeds to tell them they’re going to hell for not supporting other women meanwhile she does the exact opposite by slut shaming? Hypocritical. Stop being ignorant. Bullying is NEVER acceptable. Do DO NOT say they probably deserved it. For Taylor to stand against bullying all the time, she sure does it herself quite a bit. And she is not humble whatsoever. Just by the way she interacts with others is proof. She’s patronizing. And her smug facial expressions show it all. I’m not saying she’s not grateful for her fans, but she’s pretentious. Point blank.

    There are so many more talented artists out there who don’t get the recognition, like awards, that they deserve because they’re not popular or known. Awards are given only to celebrities, which equal popularity. It has nothing to do with talent one may posses. Get that through your thick skull.

  • Priyanka

    @Boring Guy: Yes she said that about Tina and Amy and you know what they started it. Their jokes were cruel. 50 year old women bullying 23 year old was not pretty on the ears. Jokes like that hurts people’s image and it did. Media got the chance to feed on her personal life and some group of people believe everything they see on the internet. Taylor Swift never needed attention in her personal life. She dated celebrities and that is how she got that. She can write about anybody she wants to. She was famous before her love life got scrutinized.
    Any validity in your comment disappears when you compare her with Miley, Selena, Justin or Kim. It just shows that you loathe Taylor Swift and you are one of those haters who will go to sleep feeling angry at T. Swift. None of them have won as many awards as Taylor and none of them have sell records like Taylor Swift.
    She is a girl with dignity and may be she is not the best vocalist but certainly she is not bad. Her charismatic appearance and story sharing is enough for people to love and admire her. A girl cannot write end number of music if she is pretentious in her own life. To write any song, you have to be honest and she is honest. You cannot make 1000 pages of untrue stories.
    You seem very frustrated, insulting and bullying fans of Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is not a bully, get that through your own thick skull head.

  • Avril

    @Priyanka: Preach! just one thing, Taylor didn’t say that about Tina and Amy, they always take it out of context, she said that about mean girls in general.
    And I’ll just say one thing to the haters: People throw rocks at things that shine :)

  • Priyanka

    @Avril: I know she did not meant it that way. My point is she is not perfect but she is not anything like the haters calls her. I have seen in interviews where she mentions that she also have her bad days and regrets saying something she didn’t mean to. But she works very hard to be close to perfect.
    Honestly I am also a hater of Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, who actually have a lot of controversies.. But I have forgotten the last time I checked into their news and commented anything nasty. It is useless and time consuming. I don’t know how they get so much time to hate. With Taylor, I blame the media. They distaste her clean image and waits for eternity for the ball to drop.

  • Avril

    @Priyanka: Exactly, I got your point! This world is full of scandals and drugs and nudity, that’s why I’m so glad Taylor Swift exists. She’s one of the few (if not the only) clebrities who doesn’t need all of that to sell, she just works hard and she’s down to earth.

  • GalPal

    The minute she opened her mouth, I turned the channel. This woman-not girl-cannot sing! Why VS would even think of asking her to sing is beyond me. Men turn in to see the beautiful models and not some smug skinny woman who thinks she can sing. Taylor just cannot sing-period regardless of her “stage presence.” It no longer is shut up and sing but just shut up. I read the backlash to the model who dared disparage Taylor’s ability and assets-truly sad. I know people will rush to her defense and point out how many records-CD’s-she has sold but those are to tone deaf tweens who will eventually tune her out when they realize she is what-24?