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Celine Dion Launching 'Quintessential Timepieces' Tomorrow!

Celine Dion Launching 'Quintessential Timepieces' Tomorrow!

Celine Dion and her husband Rene Angelil flash a smile together while exiting their hotel on Wednesday (November 13) in Paris, France.

The 45-year-old singer then made her way to French television show Vivement Dimanche to perform her latest single “Loved Me Back to Life” and promote her new album of the same title.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Celine Dion

Celine has created a line of watches title Celine Dion Quintessential Timepieces for QVC and they will be available to purchase starting Friday, November 15. Make sure to check them out at!

In case you missed it, Celine performed “Loved Me Back to Life” on The X Factor UK on Sunday (November 11) in London, England – watch the performance below!

Celine Dion – “Loved Me Back to Life” The X Factor UK

25+ pictures inside of Celine Dion out and about in France…

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celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 01
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 02
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 03
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 04
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 05
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 06
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 07
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 08
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 09
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 10
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 11
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 12
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 13
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 14
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 15
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 16
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 17
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 18
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 19
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 20
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 21
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 22
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 23
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 24
celine dion promotes loved me back to life in france 25

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  • Rory

    Poor Celine has never known the joy of being with a young, attractive man. She has been with this grandpa since age of twelve.

  • Alissa

    That is the creepiest couple on the planet.

  • liz

    don’t like the song but her voice is beautiful as ever. she’s lucky ot still be able to sing like that after all these years

  • Joelle

    I know it’s the angle, but her legs look like spindles. lol. She has very good pitch, but I can’t listen to her singing song after song, it gets on my nerves.

  • bag

    I love this pic! Amy Adams looks so sexy!

  • bag

    @Bradlifer: Hope you are right. It is confusing. I still don’t see why he had to have her at the dinner. He looks unhappy whenever she is around.
    Bradley said he chews on toothpics, she posts a pic with toothpic. Limpet!

  • Bradlifer

    @bag: she is using him, that much we can tell. She said herself that she takes over her boyfriends interests. When she started to date Bradley she is al off the sudden a girl that likes motorbikes because he likes them, and she likes hiking and cooking and everything else he likes she likes….it is like she has no personality herself…. LOL…lowlife.

    I find it very very amusing that in the article that is a pr peace in every way she talks about him but he is talking about Jennifer Lawrence….it is like ok we don’t have anything to say so we just take any quotes from him… LOL

  • Iza

    The piece makes me feel better. That says it all he gave another compliment to Jlaw. He did not compliment Slat. He did not even speak about her. This is another publicity stunt from her PR team. She has not tweeted. I hope he has told her it is over for good. She is a limpet. Do not lose hope. When I google Bradley I get the E-Online piece first. Their firstappearance together? What about PR Wimbledon where she looked 12? This is not good E piece is first. The first thing we should get are pieces about American Hustle.

  • Eric

    @Beth: Yes, I mean it. Who cares about her name? She is a nobody. I’d prefer to hear about Rachel, Amfr, Jen or other possible ladies for him.

  • Brian

    @Eric: To be honest, I wonder how serious all this “Alice” business is anyway.

    Every article and picture caption identify her using the name Su**. When are they going to start using Alice as her official name? Her PR has continued to publicize her as “Su**”.

    I don’t think it’s really accurate to say Bradley is changing her name. The article said her Father calls her Alice. If her Dad has been calling her Alice all along, Bradley isn’t really changing her name, is he? You’ll also notice that this name talk is all coming from HER. Bradley has continued to say nothing on the subject.


    The reason the E! story is at the top is because it’s the latest story on the news ticker. When another new story is posted that one will move down. The story isn’t on top because it’s considered important. It’s just new.

  • Eric

    @Brian:There is a bit of humour with Bradley calling her the same way her Dad calls her. Her name is Alice and S is a nickname or one she chose to have a name she thinks is impressive. By the way, most cats are called Suki. Not impressive at all. I am stunned at the amount of facts she leaks

    Does anybody know where Bradley is? Should be back in Hawaii? American Hustle video with Bradley:

  • Eric.
  • Bradlifer

    I think she just got back home to London. She posted a pic from an airplane on twitter two hours ago. She looks tierd so i assume that is the flight back home. No Pr pics this time eighter. Just two redicules pics that shows everything is not fine between them and alot of leaking information… LOL…

  • Lucy

    Online I don’t find Bradley booked on shows in New York. Maybe he is back in Hawaii.

  • Harry

    @Bradlifer: Good news no more PR pics! We were not ready for those. What do we call the pics at the dinner though? It was last minute but they knew there was a photographer there. As usual she spent very little time with him. Bradley does not want the PR pics anymore.

  • Bradlifer

    @Harry: i think she had to show up there. If she hadent been there people would have started to ask about the realtionship and break up roumers would have poped up. It had been seven weeks…she had to show up to make the break up stories go away for now. It was two pics. One pic they are fighting, the second he is ignoring her…they are nothing…

  • Iza

    @Unknown Sister: Thanks.Was it not you who said she shares 1 true thing and 20 lies. Ok, she is still leaking lies. Do you know any Miles fans? Are they shocked Bradley was with her for more than 3 months. lol

    @Lucy: I think he flew back to Hawaii Monday as soon as he could. It was snowing in New York and not worth the delay.

    @Bradlifer:Thanks. I just saw the pic. She looks ugly an tired.

  • Harry

    @Bradlifer: I think you are right. She is the one who makes all the moves in their friendship. In 10 or 8 days we have the London premiere.

    @Iza: lol. She always looks ugly to me. Does Bradley find her attractive? Her nose has grown back bigger.

  • Bradlifer

    @Harry: The London premier we can exclude him from. He wont be there. That is the same night that it is the big LA opening. Everyone, the entire cast will be in LA. They will collect al the stars for a big premier in LA then the rest of the time they will split and be where ever they can be when ever they want. He wont be in London and i hope she will not make it.

  • May

    @Bradlifer:Thanks for the update and the paragraphs on last story too.Yes! She is back to her parents where she belongs!

    @Brian @francis: We said TMZ never covers Bradley and Su since Su not sexy. We are so bright. TMZ boss said relationships are what make a career in Hollywood.Ryan Seacrest’s gf just got a modeling contract with a top agency after dating him for a few weeks! She is 38 like Ryan or 23 and very hot.They cover her on the show and in print frequently. This shows if you have talent or beauty, good things will come. Su has been with Bradley for 9months so get jobs but nothing huge.

  • From May

    @Unknown Sister: Thanks. I also think there is someone here that says one thing and writes the opposite on JJ stories. I am sure @TLR’s group have an idea who and want to make sure. They did this with Dodo. They take their time to confirm and then fix it. Do you know if AmFR will be at the premiere in LA?

  • Elisabeth

    @May: lol. The troll is probably the last person we suspect again. Someone we think we can trust. Not me, I am objective. Someone who supports AFT here and lies on the open thread. That’s why I like Jlaw. She is the same.

  • La

    Should we let the Admin group find the trolls? Did anyone watch Bradley on Extra last night? That was so funny when he asked him if he had a date. Hahaha

  • Bradlifer

    @La: What did he say to that question? how did he respond i looked at the extras homepage cant find the interview.

  • Zady

    @La: There is no video yet. Can you say what Bradley said?

  • Zady

    @Unknown: Thanks. I agree Bradley should be shocked when his daughter says and does certain things yet he seems okay with all the garbage she posts online. Is AFT going to visit soon?

    @May: Thanks for TMZ. Hahaha she is 23 or 38 and very sexy. Bradley is an A lister yet they don’t care about his daughter.

  • La

    I was in a meeting.

    Bradley was walking the red carpet Sunday evening and the tall

    Extra host asked him ” Bradley, do you have a date? Where is your date?”

    Bradley looked to the left, look the right and shook his head saying “noone” or “no date”.

    The host said “no date?” Bradley shook his head . The host said jokingly “Bradley, this is the kind of event you bring a date to”.

    Bradley laughed, mimicked the host and said “This is the kind of event you bring a date to”.

    The host said ” Oh Bradley” and Bradley said “My buddy is here. Can he count as my dat?. Dave wave.”

    A guy also in a suit standing behind where all dates and family members were, waved. Host and Bradley waved and Bradley left. It was funny.

  • Zady

    @La: Thanks.

  • bag

    @La: Thanks.
    @Zady: I am happy she did not follow him to Hawaii. I thought she might afer she said it was effin cold in London.

    No, I don’t think he is gay. I like the pic.

  • bag

    Hahahaha. Bradley with Joshua pics.

  • Bradlifer

    @La: LOL! She barged in on sunday morning the day of the premier and destroyed his good mood and he ran away on monday to go back to Hawaii. and she left on monday night to go back home, must have been the shortest trip to the states ever!

  • Bradlifer

    Oh i mean she left yesterday morning.
    And i love how he continues to ignore her when it comes to PR pics. I am so happy we don’t get those anymore. Now two days later after E! picked up the story star and a few other gossip magazines picked up on her being there and the funny thing is that they picked a pic where she is looking al dumb, he is ignoring her talking to his friends as if she was not there. And the other pic going around is them fighting… LOL.. they write a sentence about Bradley and her being at the after party but then go on talking about jen, bradley and american hustle for the remaining of the articles.

  • Iza

    @La: Thanks.
    US has picked up the story. They just repeat what E said. How unorginal. Can’t these publications do some research? Now that is the story trending everywhere. Amy Adams has been promoting American Hustle and her other movie and she is always asked about Bradley but they don’t post that. We are back to seeing pics of Bradley with the PR joke when we want to find out whether American Hustle will get nominated for best picture. I hope she does not fly to LA for the premiere. She follows him everywhere. Oh Limpet!

  • dog

    Raf! Raf! When is Bradley going to end it? I don’t want to read about her anymore or see her jacked up face, forehead and eyes..

  • dog

    Raf! Raf! At least we did not get more pics of them roaming the streets of New York. I don’t even think they were staying in the same hotel. There were pics of Bradley leaving, not her.

  • Imogen

    @dog: It doesn’ tmatter if they were in the same hotel in NewYork, What matters is she went to the after party just like Zoe. They both wore grey.So cute! She loves LA. She will ask him if she can go to the premier and he will say yes.She hasn’t said if she is going.

    @Gail: Why didn’t I get the email to everyone? What are you afraid of.

  • Imogen

    @Seb @Unknown Sister: How long is Italian in California? Do you know?

  • Imogen

    @Bradlifer and @ Iza: You need to WAKE up.How is he ignoring her when she is sitting next to him? There are pics of them together. HOW did she get in if he did not want her there? How did they have matching outfits?

  • hahahahahahahahahahaha

    @Imogen: Immy, you are pathetic. He is a gentleman and he let her go to the dinner. She did not walk the red carpet AND he took several pics with Zoe and his costars for SLP. He did not take any pics with smelly. He was annoyed she was even there. He was thinking of AMFR and Jen. haha!

  • Huma

    Jennifer Lawrence and Italian do not like Bradley? You know who does?
    Ha ha. Accept it.

    Can I get the email as well? This is childish.

  • OnRyan

    From Chris
    We have been on this story for 9 months. Can you believe it? Suki is so boring. @May: Thanks for sharing the story about Ryan and the new hottie. He is more successful. I’m gonna follow that story.

  • Brian

    @Imogen: Matching outfits??? OMG! You’re NOT serious?
    That’s more pathetic than when you said Bradley MUST like her because they have the same birthday. LOL!!! How old ARE you Imogen? 6? 7? Your excuses and lies just get more desperate and pitiful. Are you too stupid to realize that?

    The ONLY reason she was there is because Bradley is kind and he felt sorry for her. He avoided her all night AND at the table. She sat there ignored while he focused on his friends. The people he REALLY wanted to be there.

    Matching outfits? That’s all you’ve got? Talk about scraping the bottom of the desperate barrel.

    You’re accusing us of being childish because you didn’t get the email? That’s rich! Said the pot to the kettle.

    You want more proof of how pathetic you are Imogen? You insist Bradley wants to be with Su**, but everyday you beg Seb to tell you where AmFr is today! We all know why you do that, don’t we? You KNOW Bradley loves AmFr and wants to be with her as much as possible. He only feels sorry for Su** and avoids her as much as possible.
    You and Huma need to go peddle your boring lies and excuses somewhere else. Nobody here wants to read them.

  • Huma

    @Brian: I am just saying that Jennifer Lawrence and Italian do not like Bradley. I am sure other people here agree, don’t want to say. Haha.What story is Bradley telling AmFr of the last pics? It is not working. Haha. We all know this. I think she is a friend. Maybe he wants more and she doesn’t. Maybe she is just a friend. No, I don’t know he loves AmFr. Where is AMFR? 8 months not one pic? @Imogen is free to ask questions about the Italian.

  • May

    @Huma: She is a social climber. Go back to her board.
    @Chris: haha. Here is another article. She is also hot. Perez says she is 38.

  • Brian

    @Huma: You and Imogen are both desperate pathetic liars. You have proven this many times.

    If you want to continue to embarrass yourselves, go right ahead. Your stupidity is always good for a laugh.

  • Huma

    @Brian: I will continue to give my view. You are mad she was at the party sitting next to Bradley. You are all mad you said it was already over. I guess Bradley likes her still. He likes she is not perfect, not AmFr.

  • Brian

    @Huma: Hilarious Huma! Thank-you for the comedy.

    You’re not quite as laughable as Imogen though. Ask her for some lessons.


  • Terri

    Matching outfits???You are as dumb as Slat. Just sayin’.

  • Lesley

    @Imogen and @Huma: What is wrong with you? Why are you speaking about AmFr when you don’t know her? I think we are all perfect compared to S. Don’t you think it is better for her to be with someone her own age? There are so many things she wants to do she can’t. She would love to posts thousands of pics of Bradley and she is not allowed to. Does this really seem like they have had a normal relationship? You are just like the S fans on private spending your time asking questions about AmFr. Bradley and AmFr will be together this week. Take that back to your board.

  • Imogen

    @Lesley: Really? When this week with the Italian? Saturday?

    @Brian: How do you know Bradley ignored her all night? You saw 3 pics. You saw 9 secs of a long evening.