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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Hold Hands for Apartment Hunting

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Hold Hands for Apartment Hunting

Adam Levine and fiancee Behati Prinsloo hold hands while doing some apartment hunting on Friday (November 15) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 34-year-old Maroon 5 front man promoted the fifth season of his hit show The Voice during an appearance on The Today Show, where he cradled a cute puppy.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

“It would be an interesting idea… I know nothing,” Adam shared during the Today Show appearance about rumors that he is People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, which will be revealed next week.

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# 1

Do people pay to get their stories on JJ? I mean, this is ridiculous. Talk about overexposed. He really wants that Sexiest Man award doesn’t he? It’s becoming a joke. They are becoming a joke. Isn’t his 15 minutes of fame up yet? Hers was up Wednesday night. But like I said on the other thread – I guess as long as we keep commenting, they keep winning.

# 2
queen bee foreva @ 11/15/2013 at 9:10 pm

haterz here one more proof isnt pr and hes in luv with queen bee like a desperate old bug and stuped adams stains always trolling cus they know adam is mawd in luv with queen bee like a maniac and thats why he proposed cryan and he cheated on anne with queen bee cus he cant live without her and he wunts sumeone like queen bee to feel young again and everybody in jj believe us cus we always have proof and proof everywhere and queen bee is everything fur him and shes on top of the world mothersuckas

# 3

HOW MANY TIMES ARE WE GOING TO SEE THESE CLOWNS!??!!?!?!??!?? IM GETTING TIRED OF this jesus theye holding hands who the hell cares THATS ALL THEY DO!!!!!!

hold hands thats it not even kiss hug …..

# 4

This just goes to prove that they are really calling the paps. When he did the VSFS with Anne 2 years ago, there weren’t any paps following them all over NYC the day after, and he was already pretty big then. It seems that the paps now know exactly where they will be. Every time they go looking for an apartment in NYC, they always get papped. Every time they walk an alleyway, they get papped. This guy has changed so much that he’s almost unrecognizable. Unbelievable the levels they would stoop down to.

# 5

Gosh he’s wearing same pants he used the day before in other pictures. Isn’t he a millionaire or a cheap dork with a smelly body odor. He can fit in her pants, they both need some food.

# 6

I thought Adam already bought her an apartment in NYC – oh wait – that came from the troll that always tells the truth about Adam and B. Where are the poor ugly cats??

# 7

modelizer trying to be a straight man with his masculine trophy, worthless. next

# 8
Ms. Rhonda @ 11/15/2013 at 9:41 pm

He should be mortified with this girl taller than him and almost bones.

# 9
Black Belt @ 11/15/2013 at 10:00 pm

She’s only five feet taller than him, he can be her cane anytime

Thansk so much for the useful info,you ar5e in reality a good webmaster.

I can definitely see Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman in them. He’s short and feminine like T.C. and for what I remember T.C. and N.K. always look like a cold, unhappy couple and divorce was the best for them. Hopefully this odd couple wont have the same future.

He looks happy. I wonder how much he pays her to pose for the paps, boring

Asians can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
Asians hide their mind reading abilities by having completely expressionless faces so they don’t accidentally show facial expressions when people think things they don’t like, find funny, astonishing, etc, and Asians segregate so their not nearly as susceptible to that happening.
Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds!!! They are trying as hard as they can to hide it!
Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

How does anyone know what they are doing unless Adam, Behati, or the other two guys with them told Just Jared? Unless the person writing the article knows for sure, the title should be different. I also think that this seems like pimping to really seal the deal on that People cover. There are close to four articles in a two day span about him.

they’re getting shawn an apt????

Can I do a tally of those people who don’t think this is all PR? Overkill.

that daily mail story story added photos…at least theyre trying…. idk anymore….

People mag made a type in their title. Must read as ” Sickest Man Alive”. Puke! Such a joke now.


Haha they’ll have to get one big enough for Shawn to have a room. You know Adam can’t be without him.

These clowns are Jared’s new Rachel bilson and Gerard butler with the threads his opening, how much for a thread? his team is really shoving this relationship on everyone’s faces……

Lol you people are hilarious. Maybe Adam’s model girlfriend needs exposure and is “paying” photographers but Adam is currently a coach on THE VOICE one of the highest rated and EMMY winning shows on primetime right now. Also he is frontman of a GRAMMY winning band. Dumbasses.

Those kiss photos couldn’t even be better faked. He’s practically eating her nose.

ok someone answer me this, is celebs dont tip off papps how does the paprazzi know where they are ? like how do the papps know where celebs are to go to that specific location to take pics?

sam- adam is not that famous to be papped almost everyday now and his “model” gf is nobody no one knows her name, even with this engagement nobody seems to care, so yes it is possible that they tipped off the papps (celebs do this apparently) there are other grammy award winning bands and his other coaches who are waaaaay more famous who are not as papped as him, try kings of leon? mumford? marcus mumford is married to carrie mulligan you know the famous british actress, famous in her own right mind you, who stared in gatsby, how many photos do you see of them? or caleb lead singer of kings who’s married to a vs model also known in her own right also xtina, usher and shakira way more famous they were famous even before the show so….

The last photo of that Daily Mail story feels like it was probably an earlier shoot in the bunch. Adam’s hands in his pocket. Interesting. Carleen should tell him not to be so obvious. Don’t oversell it.

Didn’t they already do the apartment stroll a couple of months ago? They need a new idea.

@Anne: If you’re going to talk crap, at least do it in a logical way. Most people don’t find a house or an apartment, let alone buy one, the first time they look. Who cares if they’re still looking? The only one that needs something here is you and you need logic, my friend. Better luck next time.

Interesting how he picks women who have manly bodies. No T and A here….when hes with a guy, he knows what he’s got. When he
s with her all he needs to do is put a bag over her head.

Sorry, playing catch up here.
@Kayla, watched the link you posted, thank you, you’re right they were being sarcastic.
Why would they eat each others faces in a public place in front of their paid helpers ?, gotta be for paps, no one over 14 does that.
See the gay rumours are starting to surface, that’s what happens when no one buys into your relationship.
Don’t know who suggested a vote but I vote PR.

@Um OK: I realize this but it’s interesting the paps are always around when they’re looking.

@Anne, I agree with you, with bis money and resources he could pay someone to do the hunting and narrow it down to two or three, no need to take months.

@@Pulease: That one response was unnecessary in light of what I had said. I found it interesting the paps are always around for moments like these. You’re right about celebrity real estate. They hire brokers. The paps aren’t interested in pictures of brokers. Those won’t sell.

@Totally agree. I assume they will know what district they want and what size and aspect of apartment and the price, and good point why isn’t an agent walking around with them?.

That should have read @Anne……..

Anyone reading my comments @Pulease is me, Pulease, I put the wrong name in. Back to normal.

all black in the middle of a sunny day is too harsh.
the only people who can pull it off are Christian and Sibi Bale.

She has elements of joker face.
she’s not pretty.
there are much more beautiful models.
must be her personality (?)

One of the funnier Bee pics I’ve ever seen.

Hah! Their PR team is 4 months late with the PDA memo. What a show!

@Jinx, too late and too gross.
We need more pda,s . The apartment hunting has been done twice, BP with Adams dogs has been done too often. Thanksgiving with the Levine family, got to be next, Mom Levine should be in them we don’t want Michael again.
@ Oneday, that’s me ordered more pap pics for you, don’t get too excited.

While their body language is still completely off and they read totally wrong. Does anyone else notice (especially in the new Daily Mail photos) a big shift in their roles? It’s like they switched the parts they are playing. He is now doting and attentive and she is bored and could care less.

I don’t understand why Jared didn’t pick up the PDA pics. It looks like they’re all from the same batch.

Just Putting it Out There @ 11/16/2013 at 9:06 am

It is a little late in the game to suddenly show PDA. If they were affectionate from the start and without the constant po’d looks and without always having people tagging along then many wouldn’t question their relationship so much. I do think they will marry but they will split within a two to three year period just because they’re playing games in this relationship. Plus the whole age gap is something to think on.

Just noticed you guys moved here. I found it funny that the Daily Mail article focused more on her unhealthy habit and small frame than anything else. The PDA pics look awkward. Also, according to her stans he already got her a place in NY. Add that to their tally of lies.

@Huh, now you know the stans never lie!!!!!
I thought Jared was a friend of Adams, maybe that’s why he didn’t post the other ics, they’re not very flattering.
Still think we are due some Thanksgiving pics but they’ll need something before then as well

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 9:32 am

@Huh: everything we say its tru stuped suckas proof in frunt of ya everywhere cus adam cant live without queen bee and he bought an apt fur her and shes living in la with him too and theres a pic on twitter of them befur the fs in ny walking kissin with tongue and he wus grabbin her asss sumeone that wus there said that she could see there tongues when they were kissin BOOM i swear on my mums life its tru haterz trolling cus he luvs queen bee and ya all wunt to be her trollz

Awkward mentioned the shift in their body language and I can see it but maybe that’s because her big gig of the year is over but I can see it. Also why is she attempting to smarten up and Adam looks as if he is attending college?

1-We commented several times that he is always unhappy in photos now, always with a smile on his face.
2 – No hugs and kisses: Now, kisses and hugs.
3 – We comment that has no sextape, perhaps some may arise.

It’s becoming a joke, very predictable. The article by mail online, say B is smoking outside the hotel waiting for someone. When Adam goes to NY they do not stay in the same hotel? Then, each is in a hotel combine to meet during the day to leave for NY strolling hand in hand, is that right?
Only sorry for Adam, he does not need it. He has talent, no need to sell this way for a little more space in the media or a title. Every day more disappointed.

I’m sorry I know we aren’t replying to them but that is hilarious.

Another coincidence. Anne V was seen looking for an apartment with her boyfriend. Get ready, Adam goes up to something to get out in front of Anne.

You are spot on @Marcella. I noticed that she was waiting on someone as well which makes me think they weren’t together beforehand.
And it’s horrible kissing that way in public and in front of Shawnee and the other guy. They must know most people don’t believe it and are trying to prove otherwise.

If I were bee stans mom I’d be very worried.

Oh and Anne V became an American Citizen yesterday, I really hope they haven’t done the full PDA thing to take that away from her, she sounds very proud.

@Pulease , @ Jaimie. I think they read the posts of JJ or someone on staff. I think my speech failed PR hit someone. Are changing the game. Smiles, lots of photos, kisses … is much more out there. Seriously? That kiss is this? Hands in his coat? Seriously, if you come give me a kiss this with hands in pocket, took a shove. Right or kiss or not kiss. Totally lack of chemistry in the kiss, have to train a bit more for people to believe. It’s amazing how people become puppet for fame and power. Anyone else not believe it is PR? Why not behaved well from the beginning? Because they know that people do not believe. Now many things will emerge, sign of desperation.

Do you really think the stans have parents? The little Bees.

Lovely pic on Ali Ts IG of the “gang”, Adam is giving the bird, hope it’s not to his fans. Seriously grow up Adam.

When I met the M5 was blown away by Adam. Thought beautiful, friendly, charismatic … Today I realized that before I had seen the “book cover” when I opened it and saw the content was a big disappointment. Adam, baby, you 34 years this is not the kind of attitude you can have. Grow up and educate yourself. Beyond rude is rude. Why say education or you or you do not have money, do not buy it. I do not know if I can buy some of the new M5, Adam is making me feel repulsed by the band. If he keeps acting like this is going to be the unfortunate end of Adam.

I don’t know how much longer I can stomach to watch this death spiral.

Paps are always in SoHo. They stay at a very expensive hotel where a lot of celebs stay and paps frequent that area. I saw some there yesterday taking photos of Meg Ryan. I mean, Adam and Behati could stay at a different hotel that isn’t so well known, but if they want to be in SoHo then they should expect to be photographed.

@Pulease I totally think this is payback and revenge that Adam has for Anne. these pics are so fake it’s ridiculous. I don’t know why Shawn doesn’t just kick his skinny ASS!! Revenge eats your soul up and Adam is trying too hard to make people believe this is real. Bee’s face almost tells us she not believing it anymore. Adam is playing games and it’s pathetic! he just might marry her to prove everyone wrong. What an IDIOT!!

I thought initially this was about revenge and contracts, I wavered once over the tattoos, I still think its about revenge and contracts. Is Adam having an early mid life crisis, it’s all so childish and there seems a nastiness about this gang.
@Angel, I’m even more depressed now.

@Tina: As far as I can tell Shawn is enabling all of this. I’m disappointed in Big Dragon.

@angel I agree but you have to remember Shawn is on Adam’s payroll probably only so much he can do.

The guy with the cigarette looks more into. Adam then Bee does LOL.

I don’t think anyone can control Adam or is responsible for him, this is his decision, shame but true.

@angel: I understand you. But shawn is official, Adam’s boss. But I notice that Shawn is doing what a good friend should do, always around. Unfortunately the time comes that advice does not help, you have to let the person fall to learn. When this happens, the Adam will realize who really supports it.

It’s like dealing with an addict, at some point you have to willing to tell them that when they’re willing to see the truth of who they are you’ll be there for them, until then you have to step aside. Otherwise you are enabling the behavior.

I know this isn’t usually tolerated by many but there has been a significant change in Adam since Anne V and it can’t be ignored. There is something about all of this and I don’t know what it is but it’s not very nice. Anne getting her Citizenship is a big deal and it’s not the first time Adam and BP have done something to take the shine off one of her achievements. It’s not looking good for Adam if this relationship ends, who would trust him in the future and what sort of legacy does this leave for companies dealing with him or BP when fans think they are a couple of idiots.

It Seems... @ 11/16/2013 at 11:13 am

@Jaimie: You found her doppelganger!!! LOL

@angel: That’s it. He appears to be a needy man. The more talk that he is wrong, the more he will miss just to get attention. He needs a woman of her age, the daily challenge to be a better man. Who likes a challenge, because Adam is a huge challenge. He has many “scars” that need to be healed with love.

@Marcella, maybe he just needs to go back to sleeping with a lot of different women until he finally finds , if ever, someone he wants to be with. A significant other doesn’t happen for everyone and that’s okay.much better to be honest about who you are and what you want from others than try and fit a stereotypical role model that society has deemed acceptable. If Adam is a free spirit and everyone knows what they would be getting , great.

Ali and James have always rubbed me the wrong way. They’re a lower rent version of Adam and Bee. I’ve speculated on whether Ali tried to with Adam first and he wasn’t interested. That explains the bff with Bee. Keep close. The stans are cute. Bee might be getting a place, but she’s had plenty of time to do that on her own. Adam wouldn’t buy any of his women their own place. He’s not that free with his money.

The tickets for M5s European tourers now being issued, let’s hope he doesn’t have a scheduling conflict this time.

Three theories
1. Revenge, payback to Anne for breaking up so publicly
2. He really loved Anne can’t get passed the hurt (see #1)
3. Believes he really is dork, therefore thinks he needs to settle for a young clueless model, because that’s what people expect him to do,NOT

Or we don’t know adam at all, we just think we do. I think he is disappointing a lot of his fans but there are a lot of fans that don’t really care about who he dates or his personal life!

@Tina, 4. All of the above.

@Jaimie: At the moment, Adam is not good for any woman. Is not good for himself. But I wish for him that in future he will find a woman to help overcome their traumas. No one deserves to be alone. But at the time, the more attention he gets the faster it will destroy itself.

Some exclusive L&S.

Tina, many of the stans simply switch to the next girl. You’re right. Judging by those kissing pictures being passed around by the stans, I can tell none of them has ever dated, let alone kissed a guy. That’s what happens when you chase Bee and Adam all day long.

@Tina: @Tina, 4. All of the above.

@Pulease that’s perfect forgot to add #4. How about #5 someone needs to kick his skinny ass and knock some sense into him LOL.

@Marcella: You’re right about the attention thing. They’ll have to keep one upping themselves. It eventually backfires.

@Marcella, we are twins!!!!

@Tina #6, needs to go back to being a player when no one cared about bis personal life.

Looking at that Bee/Gremlin comparison picture and those pictures of Adam and Bee, it looks like Adam would rather French kiss the Gremlin.

*Adam and Bee kissing pictures

@Jaimie: That is the same thing she said when they first got engaged.

@angel: Yep. I’ll bet there isn’t “ish” time either.

@Jamie or the guy with the cigarette he really looks into Adam!

@Jaimie: Yeah … Oh kiss ugly. As someone kisses with his hands in his pocket? Everything we talked about here is going. We will ask for a sextape, maybe one out. Hahahaha. Unfortunate, his life became a joke. This happened not to be famous for this, but by their attitudes. I signed in promoting k-mart and adam levine, I’m afraid of winning. I will not want to go, I’m afraid this new Adam.

@Tina, that’s the problem when people don’t buy into a celebrities relationship like this one all the gay rumours start, again in Adams case, it’s been mentioned loads of times, I don’t think he has a clue where he’s going with this. His gay or Dbag rumours gave him a better shot at sexiest man alive than this car crash and either one was more believable.

@Tina: The problem with the way Adam conducts his dating life, he’ll always be dogged for being a closeted gay/bi man. If he were either, that’d be cool. It would help eliminate those stans, but he isn’t gay or bi. There have never been stories about him with men. Those would have surfaced by now.

I agree that Adam is overcompensating. He’s a geek. Always has been. He’s building a brand, but he still clings to the model thing. He couldn’t get models when he was much younger. While he’s cute, he’s not exactly aging well. I think his window of opportunity for the great models has closed. Bee is the best he can do at this point and she’s probably the only one who was willing to do all of this.

@Pulease agree liked him better when he was a dbag, oh perhaps that’s the reason for this FAKE relationship still is dbag, SORRY had to be said!

@Tina exactly, who really cared about his sex life before all this, he probably appealed to men more with his reputation than he does now. This is all PR promoted by people that live in LaLa land, he should fire them all.

Adam is disgusting.

@Pulease I agree but you can’t excuse Adam for his part in this PR nightmare. It’s REVENGE plain and simple!

@Jaimie: I agree … he is not aging well. Below his eyes is all crackly. Has recent rumors questioning his sexuality?

@Tina, never would excuse him he’s a grown man and if you look back at my posts I have always said revenge and new contracts, I can totally see what Adam and BP get out of this but it’s all got out of control, he needs damage limitation before his contracts go down the plughole.

@Marcella: He’s always been dogged by the gay/bi rumors. They increase with intensity anytime he dates a model.

I can not let it go, I like to argue with evidence. Look at the difference in attitude and behavior. Adam it is the mirror of the accompanist. So it needs a mature and classy people to change his image. Another tip I’m giving away.

@Pulease sorry I didn’t mean to say you weren’t holding Adam responsible. Just truly disappointed in him! Are you going to one of the M5 shows in Europe?

@Jaimie: I thought he was when I first saw the clip “moves like jagger”, I only watched because only fan of Aguilera, did not even know who it was M5. I’m used to Brazilian men, macho style. I think Adam really skinny. I’ve heard some rumors about sexuality, it helps feed these rumors with a few jokes and some his gestures he makes. Adam’s philosophy is: speak well or badly, but talk about me. He did not change these rumors with new girlfriends but with new attitudes.

@Tina, no I didn’t mean that either sorry, yes I am going to the concert in Glasgow, I was booked for London last year and that’s why I ended up on here as I was seriously peed off with the apology and went searching for an explanation, I am an M5 fan and didn’t really know about any of this until JJ. I knew Anne V had been in a couple of Vids but didn’t even know she was Adams GF, steep learning curve and I still acnt believe this all goes on, bizarre.

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 12:21 pm

we always say the truth the picturz of them kissin with tongue in the streetis out and its tru luv haterz he is aafter queen bee like his dogs he is mawd in luv like a maniac with her BOOM fucckkk u mothersuckass

LOL you guys are hilarious. i hope this couple lasts a long time just so i can watch y’all lose your $hit. seriously, who cares this much?

Troll Pole @ 11/16/2013 at 12:31 pm

@???: You do. You’re here.

@???, I’ll tell you cares this much, fans, fans that have been offered an image that they have put their hard earned money In to buying, gave their money to Maroon 5 and Adam because they thought that their songs meant something because that’s what they were told to get them to buy the CDs and the memorabilia and the concert tickets and the flights and the hotels and gas to get them to concerts all over the place. THATS WHO.

@Troll Pole: i’m here laughing at you guys, you’re right.@Pulease: i didn’t realize buying concert tickets and supporting a man’s music career means you care so much about who he puts his ***** in

@Pulease I’m sure it will be a great concert. I saw M5 this summer and that is the one place Adam does shine and he really does appreciate his fans. The band is great but gets over shadowed by Adam, the bandmates do seem to really get a long. I loved the shown

the funny thing is, you guys had the right idea. if nobody comments these posts, they stop getting the attention. yet you guys just can’t help yourself and most of their posts have at least 150+ comments on them. too funny

@Tina, glad you liked it, I hope Europe is as good, the Honda tour got great reviews from the fans so I really hope the band hasn’t run out of steam. Robin Thicke is on it so that will give a boost as Blurred Lines reached No1 here, although him and Adam together weeelllllllllll. Haha.

@Tina: i thought adam didn’t appreciate his fans? isn’t that what everyone on here cries about?

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 12:45 pm

they will last foreva cus he cant live without queen bee and proof everywhere like we said them kissin with tongues in the street and him grabbin her asss but queen bee looks bored with adam the old desperate bug she wuntz ali BOOM proof everywhere he cheated on anne with queen bee and she has everything of him and the best of his world haterz ya all hatin cus ya wunt to be her suckas give up cus nubody believe stuped rumors ya all blind af cus proof in frunt of u trollz

Troll Pole @ 11/16/2013 at 12:50 pm

@???: You need to take your advice. You add to the post count. D’OH!

Just Putting it Out There @ 11/16/2013 at 12:58 pm

The media keeps forgetting to make mention that Adam was at 2 Victoria’s Secret fashion shows; not 1 and it was clear that he was more connected to her shows than this one. Also would he have come at all if they weren’t engaged? I doubt it.

actually some media outlets compare from then he went with anne to now, so some do mention it i think on yahoo they even had different photos, or maybe it was daily mail? idk which one but one article actually out pics of the show with anne to now

this is a gossip site we re just gossiping if you dont like ??? u can leave…

it was us weekly in case anyone wants to see it, he doesnt have a pic with bp from the event in the story article which is bizarre to me and we’re not the only ones who doubt these 2 and her modeling… comments are interesting…

In the latest issue of Lucky magazine, there is a story about Jane Herman Bishop (Adam’s first love) and a friend of hers who have launched a new website about jeans called Jean Stories. It got me thinking that Adam’s ex-girlfriends really hit their stride and were much happier and successful when he was no longer in the picture. Except for Bee. She hit her stride because of him.

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 1:47 pm

seco’nd apt he buys fur queen bee and the house in la is her house too and his dog is hers nut him only and haterz are stuped af and adam and queen bee always proof me right all the time suckass ya all look like liars thats why everybody in jj believe us cus we have proof by them ya all have stuped rumors BOOM mothersuckas

@heeyyy, thanks for this, that article makes both of them look incredibly stupid.

@heeyyy: Wow, and people complain about what we post here. This site isn’t as high profile as US Weekly or E! Online. Imagine if we posted on one of those sites instead.

Did anyone see someone posted as Nina Agdal at e online, really funny, hope it was one of her friends after what happened.

i know right!? the comments there are insane!! the racists one kinda bother me but w.e; i still dont get why they didnt put a pic of them together for the article, isnt that stupid?? he has a pic with valentino not his fiance whos the HEADLINE story, but that pic with anne nothing can compare to that seriously idk if it was planned (after watching the video of it i personally dont think it was i think he spontaneously ran up to her to kiss her) but that was love and it was cute moment, im not jumping on the anne bandwagon here though…. i love how most ppl look right through this relationship….

Isn’t that what BP and Adam are trying to do/achieve, what he had with Anne. It’s an impossible task, comparing apples and pears and she is just too young and isn’t professional enough to carry it off, he’s over compensating. I don’t care about her but who is going to believe in Adam/M5 after this fiasco.

That crazy @???… Just saw it now, but would have answered. Does the B? We are all entitled to state our opinion, especially when it comes from someone the public. Those who enter this business, you know that every step is monitored and is exposed to trial. Do not like it? Ask to exit!

I am exhausted by all of this. Excluding the stans, everyone on here likes M5′ Adam or both, maybe would should stop posting as someone suggested , but I will miss some of you, anyway I doubt it will change anything for the band or Adam, what a mess. Hey @Marcella, I will definitely miss you, if I was a man I would date you.

@Pulease: hahahha, thanks! Still do not understand why if you were a man go out with me, but I take it as a compliment. Will you let that person affect you? Love M5, but I still like so I will not agree with everything they do. Keeps saying if I had a chance, help Adam. I find it regrettable that it has become, but I feel that it will pass. I’ll keep posting, this is a form of therapy. Especially knowing that there are people who think the same way I do.

@ Marcella, it was a compliment, you are are a very good woman.

@queen bee foreva:

Are u Trayvon’s gf?

@Pulease: Thank you!

I will try again , BPs IG , mermaids.

@Marcella, obrigada.

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 4:59 pm

@xyz: i like niggass nut trollz like ya mothersucka and ya trollz hatin cus i know more than all of ya haterz and queen bee and adam always prove me right BOOM nubody believe stuped Adams stains give up suckas

@Pulease: Yeah! In January, when you go to show the M5 want to know the details.

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 5:07 pm

nut racist i like niggerzz cus the know to pop the cherry and ya all stuped trollz hatin on queen bee cus she got the best of adams world and two apts frum him and everything his is now hers and he luvs her like we said befur the picturz they were befur the fs kissin with tongues and touchin in ny and ya all call us liars and BOOM picturz of them cus adam is desperate fur queen bee like a maniac in luv and everything we say its tru mothersuckas go and cry fur queen bee like adam the old bug trollz

@xyz, no point in asking them a question they won’t answer just another diatribe.

@Marcella, looking forward to it, I am booked in to one Devonshire gardens for an overnight as it is quite far me to travel, the hotel is fab , if they turn up I will be happy.

yea sadly youre right we should stop posting so they dont get traffic or attn it was fun reading comments and seeing different perspectives, hopefully this charade will stop and theyll go away

@Marcella, have you looked at. behatis instagram ?.

@Pulease: The home with mermaid?

I don’t think our posting here makes a difference one way or the other. I can understand wanting to take a break from it all though.

Who forgot to throw out the trash? You know she reads the comments here, thats explains all the kissing and hand holding. we all know **** will hit the fan when the tour opens again.

@queen bee foreva: Who forgot to throw out the trash? You know she reads the comments here, thats explains all the kissing and hand holding. we all know **** will hit the fan when the tour opens again.

Your ebonics need work

The sooner they get married, the sooner they’ll get divorced. If you think the comments here are driving them to pursue more publicity, then comment away. It’ll make them flame out all the faster.

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 5:58 pm

@trash: fucckkkk u keep cryan fur queen bee like adam cus when they marry foreva ya haterz will stfu BOOM suckas hatin on queen bee cus ya trollz wunt to be her suckass

Our comments may not make a difference , but they know what we talked about . Just look at the attitudes of the last Adam . The situation is ridiculous , the two are puppets . Depressing what a human being is able to do for money and fame . I went in as a fan of JJ Adam , now I am a person disappointed . I just hope that his fall is not too large , even disappointed because I feel he has a good heart and does not deserve to go through another public humiliation . At the moment , he is on the wrong track . What happens to it does not change anything in my life , but I feel sorry for such a talented artist is to provide it for personal revenge or greed. He needs little game , he has enough talent . He managed to get where he is today by talent, not by luck. Do not tell me she is a great person to support her man . Learn the difference between support and take advantage of the situation . Before my dream was to meet Adam in person , loved his smile and boyish look . Today , I do not know what my reaction would be to see him in person , I’m afraid this new Adam . We can create new email and commenting on the new developments in the messenger . Stop giving attention to puppets by JJ .


HAHAHA that should be interesting in NY together. Adam will never leave LA.

I found this group because someone on twitter mentioned that there were a lot of negative comments here. Out of curiosity I came and read the comments to discover that many of you were actually expressing things that I had already been thinking. There are many other fans out there like me. Some deliberately keeping silent. Others with no place to speak out. I hope you guys continue to post here and provide a home for those fans to express themselves like you did for me.


Shawn is NOT adams boss, he is HIS assistant.


Kinda funny that Ali was friends with all of them and poof Cassadee Pope, her ROOMATE, won the voice. Coincidence? I think not.


The whole cast? I doubt it! sounds like she hasnt even begun to plan. This wedding is gonna not happen.

Until we see Adam stay at her apartment while in NY, it’s hard for me to believe this boat shum. He is always at the Mercer while in NY. We saw on her fathers FB that she lives in a tiny hole. Why does he never stay with Bee? Is it about security? It was painful watching him this week. The re-course is going to be a disaster.

ok good i didnt want the comments to stop either! i just hate those ppl that come on here and say we’re haters blah blah blah…

pretty sure molly is engaged, bee. she’s not living with you.

maybe theyll all get a big communal house or a compound, shawn on one side adam on another molly next door ali/james right across, since they all cant seem to live w.o each other…….

I will be happy when they get married, so the adamtina fans will stop. christina aguilera is way hotter than behati, trying to be something she isn’t. adam levine is only with girls half his age cause he likes to control them. he can’t handle real, classy, talented and strong women like xtina, cause he is a douchebag!

I got it wrong or B updated the IG criticizing Anne V?

omg cmon, what is wrong with her, ppl also commented saying this must be about anne, in the kissing pics the one with bp is still nasty the one with anne is not as bad cause it looks like hes grabbing her lips not her nose…

@Marcella: Yes. Anne got her US citizenship yesterday. Bee just totally dissed her. @Jinx if that was you who told her off on IG, bravo. What a ***** that girl is. And so stupid. She doesn’t even realize that without the “American Dream” her ass would still be sitting in Africa, not parading around in Lingerie for a million bucks a year

@heeyyy: Does it make the victim for Adam? Being attacked by fans. The IG is full of comments criticizing her. I do not put it in because I have no IG IG. If the post is for Anne, she is worse than I imagined.

marcella- oh you couldnt see the comments? yea some attacked her, some were like w.e about it, i hope its not a dig at anne but thats what some of the posters were saying on her pic, shes just weird and low class

i HATE when ppl say bp won, won what??? she hasnt won anything shes still in annes shadow (apparently) and her dumbass fiance still doesnt say her name or anything specific about her in public and her engagement ring cost less than an xmas present for that ex…. so how did she win???

@heeyyy: I can read the comments, I just can not comment. I do not know what she gained, thousands of people do not believe in your relationship. Serving puppet on several occasions. Chasing the man, when he has free time traveling with friends instead of staying with her. If it accesses any website you can post a photo of her comments, I’m sure that 90% are critical. She earns daily scorn of many people, after this update in IG she earned the scorn of many more people. She is messing increasingly her image. When it falls, it will be a huge tumble. Not tenmho nothing against her, I do not wish to harm her … but she is very ordinary.

Unfortunately, the issue is lost on Bee’s incredibly stupid fans. They think whatever she says is the coolest thing ever. She could say “I love Hitler” and they would agree with her. That is the most shocking part about it.

I don’t care much for Bee. I think she epitomizes the stereotype of a dumb model. I don’t think that everything she does is to spite Anne. The American Dream is one of the worst myths perpetuated in the US because so few will ever achieve their American Dream. It’s lip service. Nothing more. Maybe Bee actually knows what that sign means and wanted to share it? The other part of my brain thinks it’s way too coincidental that she posted something with the word “American” in it the day after Anne becomes a US citizen. Maybe she’s jealous of that? A quick look showed me that Bee follows Anne on Twitter, so she would have seen the US citizenship tweet.

Of course that pic was a diss at Anne. B thinks she “won”. She doesn’t realize that she didn’t “win” anything. And this makes her look just plain mean and spiteful. I remember someone saying they saw her at some event and she and Ali were acting like Mean Girls. I’m sure that would be true. But the worst part to me is that so many of her fans “liked” the pic. And then on comments, some say that it’s just a pic she likes, others say that critics are too shallow and don’t get the deep meaning of the pic, and still others say nothing more than “B is so cool” or “I Love You B”. Proving none of them have a clue. It actually makes me sad to see so many ignorant people just blindly following someone. Maybe ignorant is too harsh. Maybe it’s just uneducated and naive kids.

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 10:12 pm

go and fickle urself haterz cus adam luvs queen bee and they will marry even if ya all hatin on her cus ya wunt to be her and she has the best of hisworld and he ccheated on anne with her cus shes his queen thats why he wunts to marry her and he bought two apts in ny fur her BOOM stuped trollz go cry fur queen bee like adam the old bug cus shes on top of the world and ya all eatin her leftoverz mothersuckass ya all didnt believe about the kissin when we said it and BOOM queen bee and adam prove rite cus they were kissin with tongues and touchin and everything we say its tru cus he luvs her like a maniac suckasss

One more thing – Anne earned her citizenship. B is just trying to marry hers. I know who gets my respect.

Just what Adam needs: Mr and Mrs ” I hate this country”.

@Kayla – Good one!! Hehe.

if thats so they can just pack up and go to africa!!! im sure her parents would love that

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 10:55 pm

trollz gettin mawd about anne but adam throw in the trash two yrs like horse crap and nubody wunts her and all his exs are taken and jess is dead and ya all trollin cus he luvs queen bee cus shes on top of the world cus haterz are sccums stuped suckas

@queen bee foreva: did you guys see her recent IG pic of the homeless person and the sign that reads “sexy and homeless”? I wonder what that means?!!! Did B lose her contract AND Adam break it off with her? Idk.

Nah. The person carrying the sign was not as skinny as B – and dressed better.

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 11:24 pm

@Hmm…: ya all say that stuped rumor when they went to eat out after hallowen party that he broke up with her and he wus at the fs and kissin her with tongues and her last ig pictur is fur haterz like u cus ya all think your sexy and ya are trollz with nuthing like homeless BOOM

Well, if she ever is homeless, she’s always got her cats to keep her warm. Oh wait – they are hairless. I guess they can’t keep her that warm after all. Bummer.

queen bee foreva- youre cracking me the hell up “jess is dead” lmao

Jess isn’t dead. She is very much still alive and well!

@queen bee foreva: Please keep posting, you’re the reason I come on JJ. When I have nothing to do I just come here to read your comments. You made ​​me laugh so hard. God bless you!

queen bee foreva @ 11/16/2013 at 11:49 pm

@Hmm…: shes dead stuped and her adopted munsterz are with the rapper i swear suckass shes dead and adam wus partyin with queen bee in ny the day of her funerul BOOM she wus just a condom fur adam good fur sexxx and suckk cus his rul luv is queen bee thats why he cheated on anne haterz and ya all trollz homeless

@queen bee foreva: You can think and say what you want, but Jess is alive and well.

@queen bee foreva: Four lines without any punctuation, Wow .. I have so much to learn from you! I’m your biggest fan.

queen bee foreva @ 11/17/2013 at 12:22 am

@Hmm…: jess is dead i swear on my mums life and adam wus celebratin her dead with queen bee in ny cus jess wus only good to fucckk and suckkk and he felt bawd fur his munsterz and the rapper will leave la with them soon suckas we always say the truth and queen bee and adam prove me right and ya haterz wunt to be queen bee but ya all sccumss haterz trollz homeless

Beyucky, as the mother of two military, 1 deployed in war area, I totally resent your hatred towards the American people. You are a hypocrite and can take your skinny rump back across the sea. Either your IQ is below average OR worse, you just don’t care…but I get the dig. You who’s only contribution in life is from the American people working the dream to buy what you represent. Oh, and your talent for rolling over. Hey Kmart, you noticing that your “star” couple, think the people who shop there worthless, lazy people. No VS merchandise will ever cross my the door of my house….the house that I worked the American dream for. No adam levine crap will come into my house. Oh, and making fun of the homeless is tasteless. It is not funny to be homeless. Good thing I kept my anger under control. DEPORT BEHATI, she thinks Americans are a joke

queen bee foreva @ 11/17/2013 at 12:58 am

@Martha: nubody will deport queen bee cus shes protected by adam and hes american and adam must agree with everything she said cus he said once he hates america and everybudy and its not queen bees fault cus adam is tellin her to hate america cus he hates america and everbudy in jj the truth isnt queen bees fault cus adam is controllin her ig and she do everything he says BOOM

queen bee foreva @ 11/17/2013 at 1:07 am

queen bee luvs americanz and adam is the pig tellin her to put horse crap in her ig cus he hatez america nut queen bee and she is the best model when she wus givin food to homeless pictur on twitter with the band givin food but adam is makin her put that in her ig cus he wunts to get back at anne when he cheated on her with queen bee and queen bee is nut bawd or stuped like ya haterz trollz hatin on her cus shes on top of the world

Dear Behatians @ 11/17/2013 at 3:04 am

Because I am aware many simple-minded Behati fans who generated the countless Instagram accounts just to clog up the site to gush about Adam and Behati swapping spit, to steal every picture Adam’s friends has (you know who you are maroonersinnerm5, because you’re swiping personal pictures that were meant for his friends to share, not you) and to stalk and harass those who don’t drop to their knees to worship either Behati and Adam or their relationship will read this, know that you are the primary reason why Adam will never tweet as he did, know that you ruin what being a fan is all about, know that while you are berating others for being obsessed about their every waking moment morning, noon or night, you are doing the exact same thing. Half of you twits were clamoring and loving on Anne three years ago, praising how she was the perfect girlfriend, how she completed Adam, and how they were so in love. Now that he and she are no longer together, you sit behind the keyboards writing lengthy blogs and many tweets about how she was just a user and that their relationship was fake and that Behati was and is his true love. For the record, little Behatians, she didn’t win anything. You all may think she did, but she didn’t. What she got was a relationship that everyone questions. It took Adam how long to even acknowledge her when in interviews? If you think that was because he was being private you are very delusional and very selective in what you want to believe. He had no problem what so ever doing it with any of the other ladies he dated. Behati fans who were former Anne V fans must have developed amnesia because they watched Adam do the exact same thing for Anne that he did for Behati at that fashion show. I did look at the pictures from The Daily Mail or the kissing and I agree that it looked prepped and it turned out very awkward.

queen bee foreva @ 11/17/2013 at 3:32 am

@Dear Behatians: fucckk u with your stuped paragraph trollz are haterz like u mawd cus adam is a maniac in luv with queen bee that never let her go cus hes desperate fur her like his dogs and trollz like ya wunt to be queen bee to get everything she has cus she got the best of his world and he cheated on anne with queen bee and he proposed cryan cus hes in luv and shes everything fur him go and cry fur queen bee like adam cus he wuntz her nut ya mothersucka

@Dear Behatians: I’m applauding you loudly over here.

^^same here!!!! and martha!! i lurked on an “m5″ fans ig and i just want to say it makes me sad how dumb and delusional some of the young fans are they think these are in love and shes his true love blah blah blah i just want to slap some sense into them (the fans, adam and bp)so they realize how stupid they look believing all this crap….

@Dear Behatians: At minimum, Merby must own seven IG accounts. I don’t even want to know how many Twitter accounts she has. Double digits?

Outside of America hardly ANYONE knows who Adam Levine is let alone cares, he’s NOT well known at ALL.

One mildly popular hit song doesn’t make HIM a household name in the rest of the world.

So the idea that he could be named the sexiest man alive is just a joke not to mention he is very very AVERAGE looking.

There are far more world famous actors/singers that deserve the title not a judge on an American version of the Voice….pfft.

As for Behati, she seems like a nice girl but hardly another Gisel or Miranda!

“freak1031 Oh, btw, @behatiiprinsloo your neck tattoo. I got it inked on my body in June while on vacation. Not on my neck tho. Every circle represents something unique in my life. I love it. I love you.   12h”

This girl would be a Biggest Loser finalist.

JJ has several posts comparing Adam and B as homeless, because of the clothes. She knows of what we speak. I’m surprised the father of B not post any photo on FB of VS daughter in parade or after party. he can post all the wealth of Adam but not the “success” of the daughter? Glad that Anne could be an American citizen by his own merits and not by marriage. When she was here in Brazil, after the end of the relationship she gave an interview very beautiful here for an important magazine and praised enough Adam. Still do not get the post at IG house with a mermaid and painted with the colors of Brazil (green and yellow). I’m hoping that next **** she will post.

The mermaids are now on e online.

@Pulease: Do not get it … Welcome!

@Marcella, The BP fans are called mermaids, hence the door on her IG picture. queen bee foreva is posting at e online under Adams sexiest man.

@Pulease: Now I get it … she encourages her fan crazy.

@Marcella, she certainly seems to encourage them although why she would want to is another matter.

@Pulease: I’ll tell you what my theory: She knows how are your fans and know that the best thing for her is to stay “hidden” while their fans attack Anne V by it. She is fair, but at the same time nurturing their fans attacking Anne V. From what I know, there has been no rumor that Anne V B attacked by social networks or posts, tweet … she had reason to. She also put things to offend Anne because she knows it will be attacked and will be able to make the victim role for Adam. Type: I am seeing is being attacked again by fans of Anne, she will never leave us alone? I could be wrong, but I think so.

@Marcella, you could be right but it’s very nasty, hope Adam knows what he is doing and I hope he’s not encouraging her.

After BPs last two IG pics do you think she will join the Diplomatic Corp?.

@Pulease: A man rejected by the woman he loves is capable of anything. Nothing surprises me more from him. The photo on the pink carpet ridiculous thought, a man his age, position of mentor, entrepreneur, “opinion leader” … have such vulgar attitude is embarrassing. But as I said before Adam is the type of man who is the mirror of the accompanist. If he is in a relationship with someone focused, it will show what is best in him (he had a better performance while with Anne). But as it is in a “relationship” with someone immature, vulgar, uneducated … he will act the same.

@Marcella, I agree with you but she is making him look ridiculous and probably harming his career as well. He can’t sell himself as one person and behave in a completely different way, people aren’t stupid and they won’t trust him or buy his products.

@Pulease: That’s what I say when I say he deserves better . He needs someone who will challenge you to be a better person , not someone who will go back . But he will only learn missing , having to start over in some part of your life . This is called learning from life. I went through 2 of these moments one at 16 and another at 20. Not easy, but strengthens and enlarges us . We are more sensitive and less selfish . Maybe that’s what he needs . But now assitimos many artists go through hard times and end up dying without receiving help from anyone . I do not want to see him going through this, I wish he can go through it so fast and he comes out even better . I do not say about the end of the relationship, but a change in their attitudes . If he loves you , continue with it . Change your attitude and help her to improve her image . sometimes we just need someone beside us in encouraging and helping us get up when needed.

@Marcella, but she’s not the problem , she can’t be, he was attracted to her for whatever reason and that says more about him than her. He is behaving this way because thats who he is as a person, he has either always been like this and it’s more noticeable because of his higher profile or he has changed and no one can change him back.
I have always said this is PR but it would have been his idea and that shows bad judgement and a very controlling personality, it’s all going wrong because people don’t believe it and she is very immature and has equally bad judgement which reflects on him.

B fans have attacked Anne V. Although, the reverse may also be true. I doubt there’s a coordinated effort to attack her, just mermaids mouthing off.

@Pulease: I have to disagree with you . When a person is vulnerable ( I think he was after finishing with Anne ) it tends not see very well . Easy to be influenced . I’m not saying that this change in his image is 100 % the fault of B , but she has a little influence on it . Of course he always had an immature behavior , especially in relation to their age . I admire Adam as an artist , as a man I do not know , but even when we love someone we admire or who see their faults . He has been trying to change the image from the visual , I think he has to start his attitudes . I have not seen it or pronouncing calling on fans to help the people of the Philippines. He has that power with words , with his charisma use to other people. This title ” Sexiest Man Alive ” is good for the ego but not better something to help be a better person ? The survivors of the disaster are dying for lack of remédios.Nãos hurts to lose one minute of your time to encourage people to donate . Make a difference . I’ll stop here is a very serious matter for a site of gossip .

They are all crazy, their posts on here are beyond weird and they are now spreading the word through e online, can’t imagine Adam will be happy about that.

@Marcella, the Philippines disaster is heartbreaking I can barely watch the news, he has given publicity to other causes , I think everyone feels the same about it.

@Pulease: Already have some time that he supports social causes. I think this is the minimum that an artist can do. Encourage solidarity, make small changes for a better world. At least that’s what I expect from an artist I admire. Hence the disappointment, because I’m not seeing it in him. These attacks on Anne, what I speak. Fans attack for her. She is only watching from home.

@Marcella: Don’t give them any ideas. He needs to clean up his image on his own. They both do. It may take a stumble to get him to see clearly.

I have to admit all of this makes me very sad. He’s become a joke – he’s probably going to marry this joke. And he is no more than a big Hollywood fake to me right now. He’s selling his soul and his integrity for publicity. I know he wants that sexiest man award. And I’m sure he wants to win the Voice. Not sure where any of this will get him in the end but I just don’t care. He’s running as fast as he can to the cliff and not sure he will even slow down before he jumps off. And the saddest part? He has fans that really care about him and the band but we will go away(eventually) but it won’t matter in the least. As long as the mermaids or the little girl fans (and I don’t necessarily mean that they are young) buy what he has to sell, I don’t think he will care one bit. As long as the party continues……. When he was being “private” about B – I know I chose to believe it was because they weren’t really together – but deep down I respected him for keeping things private. But after this week?? He isn’t the man I thought he was at all.
End of rant.

i actually agree with marcella, i think bp brings out adams insecurities and hes too stupid to see that he prob thinks she accepts him for who he is when shes just making look and act worse, he better get used to those crazy fans cause soon thats all he’ll have left; that group photo at the pink carpet was horrid thats not how you pose for your “fiance”

I have to admit all of this makes me very sad. He’s become a joke – he’s probably going to marry this joke. And he is no more than a big Hollywood fake to me right now. He’s selling his soul and his integrity for publicity. I know he wants that sexiest man award. And I’m sure he wants to win the Voice. Not sure where any of this will get him in the end but I just don’t care. He’s running as fast as he can to the cliff and not sure he will even slow down before he jumps off. And the saddest part? He has fans that really care about him and the band but we will go away(eventually) but it won’t matter in the least. As long as the mermaids or the little girl fans (and I don’t necessarily mean that they are young) buy what he has to sell, I don’t think he will care one bit. As long as the party continues……. When he was being “private” about B – I know I chose to believe it was because they weren’t really together – but deep down I respected him for keeping things private. But after this week?? He isn’t the man I thought he was at all.
End of rant.

@Huh: I love it. I love helping people. I try in every way to show the solution of the problems, but decide to leave alone. When they decide, I’m on the side to help with anything you need. When I saw the post about the homeless B, I swear my heart stopped. Do not know if it was to be a joke. But I know what these people pass daily. I help distribute food and blankets for the homeless in my city. Often sat and cried a lot listening to their story. Many are treated like dirt, as if they had a contagious disease. Nobody offers a friendly word or a smile. What they have passed and no one has the notion pass daily. They do not like to live on the streets, but life has led to this. It can happen to anyone. When I see someone use this as a joke, it disgusts me.

Sorry for the double post!!

@Oneday: Beautiful speech. Fans of B only want to offend, we are posting here and hoping to arrive at Adam and he can see that something’s wrong. We do not want the evil of Adam, most of us admire and love the M5 and we want him to come back as before and let it be a joke.

@Marcella: I know your heart is in the right place.

@Oneday, great double rant.

I got 222 again.
BP needs a reality check with those last two IG pics, what is funny about that homeless one?, who would even find that ironic and the other one is def a dig at Anne V Nasty nasty young woman.

@Pulease: I agree with you. The timing of the American dream post is a dead giveaway. She knows that it will get to Anne even though Anne doesn’t follow her on twitter. She is one nasty, jealous and malicious girl – wonder what kind of preaching her father does? They should be ashamed of raising a daughter like her, and Adam should be mortified that she did that as a dig at Anne.

@Jinx, how vicious was that, what a thing to do to someone that’s just been awarded Citizenship, even I know it’s one of the most difficult things to get. I really hope Adam doesn’t know about any of this . Why would she do that?.


shes such a selfish *****. She had to STEAL Adam from Anne huh.. he didnt really want her, she was just another horse on the carousel. KARMS A ***** BEHATI

I honestly didn’t think any of this had anything to do with Anne V until now, but clearly at least on B’s part it is very much to do with her. I guess B wants all the things Anne had. Fortunately for Anne, B doesn’t have the style or grace to pull it off. That was a very childish and petty thing to do.


Is Bee even a citizen, probably not. Shes probably jealous.

@Dear Behatians:

THANK YOU! Exactly!

I hope if she ever applies for Citizenship it gets turned down on the strength of that IG post.

It’s amazing how some people like to be stereotyped. I hate this. I’m not a product on the shelf. I have no label. Do not come with instruction manual and neither with expiration date. Do not try to label me, you will not get. Respect does not require you, conquers you. People can be prejudiced me at first sight. When I come in the support groups expect a religious woman, ugly, fat, old … when they see me I feel I analyze and try to label me but I conquer socializing with respect. I like to make a difference … why can not I do what I do? Then a woman Bonia only be used for embellishment or trophy wife? Where is that written?

PS: Answer to an email I received from a fan of B.

Just Another Ann @ 11/17/2013 at 4:23 pm

I think the actual issue fueling ALL of this is M5, not Adam/Behati/Anne. Jesse finally rejected them in 2011, an irreplaceable source of magic and balance denied. They’ve always relied on Gene to massage their lyrics, Adam to provide the perfect melody line, Jesse to design the counter and harmonies, James to find the riff, and Mickey and Matt to catch the heartbeat and drive it home. Without Jesse, it’s significantly aimless…unsatisfying. They are determined to keep going, to find a way beyond the wrenching reality that Jesse gave up, but everything suffers. Adam’s passion and persistence always kept them together, coaxing out each necessary piece, delivering the collaborations with perfect showmanship and genuine pride in the finished product. Now they seek and try and limp and smile through the pain. The pain that eventually erodes Anne. The pain that is terrified to turn away from Behati, knowing they should, panicked things could get worse. They are in the Refiner’s Fire. I was VERY encouraged to see Jesse at the K-Mart launch. And even though he’s stumbling, I DO have faith that Adam is talented enough, persuasive enough, genuine enough to offer Jesse the right seat at the table. Adam needs to dig deep, lay off the weed so he doesn’t become dulled like McCartney, allow others to matter, stop being defiant when the most important people in his life “disagree” with him. Everyone wants the 5th album to be epic. Do your thing, Adam. No one does it like you. And you can’t do it by yourself, which is beautiful…can’t you see that?

amazing how ANNE got her citizenship on her own, and Bee is MARRYING into it. She probably got denied and this is the only way she can get one.

@Pulease: It would most likely get turned down for her lack of intelligence. I truly believe that is what this was all about, was to help B’s intelligence and image get better enough so she could get American Citizenship. I believe the “fake” engagement is just a cover. Also, in applying for American Citizenship, they ask a bunch of questions that you have to answer in an intelligent manner. Since she had not finished hs, didn’t get her ged, and no college, Adam was trying to help her learn how to be mature. BUT she continued to be and act like a child, so all that work Adam has done with her was worthless/toast.

@Just Another Ann: Hey I miss Jesse, he conveys a calm, a peace huge. Each member brings a piece of himself, and together they make a incredible combination. Adam besides being the voice of the M5, I think they bring a bit of your soul band. He is the greatest composer of the band, for him to make beautiful music he has to be okay with yourself. As he brings his own experiences to the compositions. Why does the james said that the new album will be dark? Does it reflect a moment that Adam is going? I look forward to the new album.

They need to make a “recycling” in the image of the M5. Bringing new things for the new tour. Do some advertising surprises the new album. These techniques that we use to bring publicity and new “looks” for the band. There are so many simple things that they can to bring old and new fans. The possibilities are endless with huge comeback.


I concur! She does not seem intelligent at all. Adam really took 100 steps back with this one. Not only that she doesnt seem like she really cares about washing her hair, her clothes, or her face. Takes too much work to make her into some “angel”. No way would she be where she is without ADAMS FAME.. so who is the FAME ***** NOW?

@Just Another Ann: That was a beautiful sentiment. I’ve missed Jesse. I hope the time away allows him to see things clearly in a way that perhaps the rest cannot.

Surely it requires more to be granted citizenship than simply marrying an American. It may only get you residency, which is no small thing, but not citizenship.

@Huh: A green card, to my knowledge, gives you residency, yes, and then they have to prove for 2 years that they are in love, live in the “same” house, and cannot annul OR divorce during that time. THEN, the one w/ the green card, after two years, is questioned about the marriage, and if it shows that the individual proved a worthy marriage for 2 years, he/she may become a US citizen. THEN, he/she can divorce and still be a citizen.

@Huh: Marrying an American doesn’t automatically grant a foreigner citizenship.

@JMO: That’s what I thought. It doesn’t seem like something Adam would do, but then he’s done so many things lately that seem out of character its hard to know what to believe.

You need to be an immigrant or green card holder for five years before you can apply for citizenship. The citizenship applications requires a rest interview where they ask you questions about the constitution.

Meant to say that the citizenship application requires a TEST interview on the US constitution.

There might be extra hurdles for Bee because she’s South African. She has to go to England to renew her visa.

@Just Another Ann: Your post was beautiful and so true. So glad Jesse is coming back for the 5th album. I’m hoping with him back maybe the old M5 will come back.

Ok, so marriage isn’t much of a shortcut to citizenship. I’m still thinking he’ll marry her. Word on twitter is they aren’t doing another tour until 2015. Adam will be doing season 6 of The Voice in the Spring. We don’t know yet if he’ll sign up to do more. He’s doing a women’s line for Kmart. That leaves a lot of free time to work on the 5th album and get himself hitched. Bleh.

@angel: agree. I think they will go through with the ceremony. It’s his decision really. At the end of the day, it’s his life and he can destroy it if he wants to.

I find it hard to believe they will not make a new tour 2015. But everything is possible. About marriage, I think that will happen. I still have my doubts. Next year will come an unmissable opportunity to work on changing his image and put an end to some rumors and problems. I will not mention here because his team may have seen the same thing I saw and I did not want to intrude. Chance fallen from the heavens!

Because if it’s a rumor on Twitter, then it must be true. Maroon 5 is touring Europe in 2014. They’re not exactly skipping a year.

Their fifth album will drop in Summer 2014.

@Marcella – please don’t be talking about a pregnancy.

Notice the difference. Kiss, body language, look, behavior …

@oneday: What? No. I’m talking about marketing strategy and PR.

@Jaimie: Yes, after they finish the European tour in January, they won’t go back on tour until 2015. The album could come out in 2014 and they not tour until 2015. The person I heard it from was credible. It’s not like I said something unbelievable. Given that, it provides more free time than he normally has for him to do something that many of us think is foolish.

They tour Europe in early 2014. They’ll finish up the new album, which will drop in late June. I believe. Then they’ll have to make the media rounds to promote the new album. I’m guessing they’ll do the North American leg of the new album tour in Spring 2015. Not sure when they’ll do the Latin America and Asia leg of that tour. I haven’t heard anything about Adam taking a hiatus from The Voice. I’m guessing that’s because he isn’t. He might in the future.

That girl @Jen4772 who follows Maroon 5 everywhere said that Mickey told her last night at the concert that after Europe in January, they were not touring again until 2015. Maybe he just wants to get rid of her!

As crazy as most of those fans, I’d say anything to get them away from me. Boundaries.

@Jaimie: I don’t understand. Nothing I’ve said contradicts anything that you just said. In fact, you just conceded that they won’t tour until 2015. I’m not sure how you know when the album is coming out. I doubt they know that yet. As for The Voice, we know he’ll be season 6 in the Spring, but we don’t know about the seasons beyond. I imagine he’ll continue with the show, but we simply don’t know. Still seems like more free time to me.

When Overexposed came out last year in June, didn’t they tour that August? They are always so excited to perform the new music. It would not be the usual protocol to wait until the next year. Maybe Adam wants to get married and play house next summer. I doubt that would go very well.

@angel: the last paragraph should give you an insight to Maroon 5′s future touring plans….

Future plans @ 11/17/2013 at 8:51 pm

@angel: the last paragraph should give you an insight to Maroon 5′s future touring plans….

Albums are released every two years. That’s the industry standard. Overexposed came out at the same time in 2012. The band has been working on the new album and recording songs during the tours and on their tours’ breaks. We aren’t talking about the same thing. Your concern seems to be on the next time they tour while overlooking the other things that need to get done before then. I filled in the blanks for you.

@20140: Thanks for posting!

@20140: Yeah, and it doesn’t contradict anything I said either. I didn’t realize I was saying anything controversial, but it appears I inadvertently touched a nerve. Yikes.

Ok so touring the world just not the US. That makes sense since they did 2 US tours this year. So they will be as busy as ever next year.

The Latin America/Australia/Asia tours would happen first before the US tours, but they have to travel and promote the new album next summer and fall.

@Jaimie: I understand that, but you yourself said that wouldn’t start touring until 2015. So, are you saying that promotion takes up as much time as actually touring? I didn’t say he wouldn’t be busy, just that it looked to me like he’d have more free time. It’s not like I want him to have time to play house. I appreciate the information though. Thank-you.

@Marcella – thanks for posting that video. I had seen it before but it’s just beautiful. Whoever made that did a great job.

No one of any importance @ 11/17/2013 at 9:20 pm

After Overexposed dropped they toured Asia, Australia and I think South America well before the US tour…. They played Sydney in Melbourne in October 2012. I suspect something similar will go for the next album… so not touring the US does not necessarily mean free time because they are still touring to do concerts for those of us who don’t live in the US.

No US tour until 2015 does not mean no touring at all it just means no tour of the US.

They were here in Brazil at the end of August/2012. Made a gigantic show, more than 30,000 tickets. Adam was super nervous at the beginning, in the middle of the show he stopped and talked to the audience and said he was nervous and excited, because throughout the career of M5 they never sold that amount of tickets for a single show. After that he returned to the Adam we are accustomed, he wore the shirt of the Brazilian team that a fan gave it to him. And then a girl took a sweater for him, when he saw that he had put a phrase in front asking for him to be the father of her children. I assume they should come to Brazil or South America sometime in 2014.

Changing the subject to what I hope will be a lighter topic: Adam’s hair. I don’t particularly care for his current hair style. To me, it makes him look older. I preferred the spikey hair with the fade that he had last year. How about you?

Nor am really enjoying this style of hair, he looks like a snob. I do not know if you will be able to open this photo. But he combines much with the shirt of the Brazilian national team and I love this photo with Ivete Sangalo, he quite naturally. Is like a naughty boy.

i hate it too, the comb over thing is soooooooo weird, in the kmart pics it looks sooo weird and off he needs hair cut…

Guess I am in a minority here, I like it, makes a change from seeing him so scruffy. But that’s maybe just me.

Yet another new thread about AL, this should be about the band.

Okay, so I havent read the comments here yet but I wanted to comment about the interviews. First of all, Michael TOTALLY new BP is his fiancee. They showed a pic of her in the wings and Adam said, and not in a proud happy tone, “that’s my…………………………fiancee.” Once again, he had the opportunity to be proud he is engaged and once again he failed to mention her name or fully express he is happily engaged. He commented that, where he was sitting, all the models butts are right there in his face and so he would watch then look away then watch then look away. He didn’t talk about BP. They asked if the wings were heavy and he said they’re like 9 feet tall and she complained they hurt her back. Kelly said at least 7 times how the models don’t jiggle and Adam commented. He was keeping track! He sarcastically said her beauty is on the inside. I think he was trying to act like he was being sarcastic when he agreed it was a shame about her looks. No, they never specifically stated how beautiful BP is.

As for height, it depends on the picture. In some, he is taller. In reality, he is 6 feet and she is 5’11. I am 5’10. There are days when I don’t stand up straight and look 5’7. There are days I stretch out and appear 6 feet. It’s a photograph. It’s subjective. You know what they say? A picture is worth a thousand words. These pics of them are totally staged and obviously so.

As for apartment hunting, why is it every time they are spotted in NY for the last 4 months they are apartment hunting? Why would they be? Adam has stated he is NOT moving from LA. Why do they need a new apartment in NY? Shouldn’t she be moving to LA?

@just me-I almost died laughing! An apartment for Shawn!

@Jaimie-If you’re keeping a tally, I vote PR

@Anka-Good point! Why is he staying at a hotel and not with BP?

@Pulease-Ha-ha! Date Marcella! I think maybe me, you, and Marcella are triplets!

I have a theory-what if this time, Adam called the paps and that’s why he’s smiling and she’s pissed. He played her game!

Hey guys, we’ve moved up to the new story.

It Seems... @ 11/18/2013 at 5:03 pm

@Cheri: I thought that same thing about the paps on this one! LOL!

@Cheri: I noticed the same things in the K&M interview.

@Cheri- Thanks for your vote! I agree with your theory too.

i wanted to add, i do think genuinely michael was asking him how he was attracted to her, im not trying to be mean but when i saw the snippet of it on e! it looked like he was serious about his question because adam and audience took it seriously and thats when adam said his semi (?) sarcastic answer even though i think adam was trying to be nice when he said its on the inside… it would be nice if he specified what exactly he finds attractive about her… i vote mid life crisis…

i meant adam and the audience took it as a joke, laughing like did he just ask that? but i think michael was serious…

I didn’t see the K&M interview x but my mom and she said it was awkward. Like Michael was calling him out. My mom and I love Michael, such a sweetie but she was like it was so strange to her and she really doesn’t know all the back story. All she Adam from the Voice and M5

Interesting... @ 11/19/2013 at 2:09 pm

I did some research bc I was curious about work visa’s and when someone loses theirs due to being fired from their job. All the websites I looked at said if an alien (non US citizen) loses his/her job through a work visa in the USA, he/she will have 60 days to find another job and renew the visa. If that 60 days comes to an end and still no work, the person is made to go back to where they are originally from. If they don’t leave, they will be arrested by INS and made to leave the USA. If she does lose her contract through VS (which is a HUGE company that most models hope to work for), it will be very hard for her to find more work and renew her license in Europe w/in 60 days.

@Interesting…: Another path to getting a greencard would be finding someone willing to sponsor you. This usually happens if you have a sympathetic employer who has good resources. I wonder if Anne had someone to sponsor her? I could see it being very easy for to someone willing to go to bat for her. Bee? Not really.

Bee has to go to London to renew her visa. She can’t renew her visa in the US. Not to my immediate knowledge, unless the requirements have changed. She’s from an area of the world that has seen a lot of political unrest in the recent past. The US is skittish about handing out visas to people who might pose “problems” here. An exception would be if she were applying for political asylum (ha!).

@adiane: why is that I was using this user name and yet you continue to post comments under it? First Unknown, then the real unknown, ok you really need to stop and use your own name, because when I posted something someone jumped me and I haven’t been on here in weeks. So please find your own identity and quit using mine a couple of others.

As far as Adam is concerned, the sooner he hits rock bottom, or get his head out of his behind. But like many of his family and friends are saying, if he is that stupid then he deserves what he gets.

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