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Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Hold Hands for Apartment Hunting

Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Hold Hands for Apartment Hunting

Adam Levine and fiancee Behati Prinsloo hold hands while doing some apartment hunting on Friday (November 15) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 34-year-old Maroon 5 front man promoted the fifth season of his hit show The Voice during an appearance on The Today Show, where he cradled a cute puppy.

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“It would be an interesting idea… I know nothing,” Adam shared during the Today Show appearance about rumors that he is People‘s Sexiest Man Alive, which will be revealed next week.

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289 Responses to “Adam Levine & Behati Prinsloo Hold Hands for Apartment Hunting”

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  1. 151
    Anka Says:

    Until we see Adam stay at her apartment while in NY, it’s hard for me to believe this boat shum. He is always at the Mercer while in NY. We saw on her fathers FB that she lives in a tiny hole. Why does he never stay with Bee? Is it about security? It was painful watching him this week. The re-course is going to be a disaster.

  2. 152
    heeyyy Says:

    ok good i didnt want the comments to stop either! i just hate those ppl that come on here and say we’re haters blah blah blah…

  3. 153
    justme Says:

    pretty sure molly is engaged, bee. she’s not living with you.

  4. 154
    heeyyy Says:

    maybe theyll all get a big communal house or a compound, shawn on one side adam on another molly next door ali/james right across, since they all cant seem to live w.o each other…….

  5. 155
    jessica Says:

    I will be happy when they get married, so the adamtina fans will stop. christina aguilera is way hotter than behati, trying to be something she isn’t. adam levine is only with girls half his age cause he likes to control them. he can’t handle real, classy, talented and strong women like xtina, cause he is a douchebag!

  6. 156
    Marcella Says:

    I found it interesting. Wanted to share!

  7. 157
    Marcella Says:

    I got it wrong or B updated the IG criticizing Anne V?

  8. 158
    heeyyy Says:

    omg cmon, what is wrong with her, ppl also commented saying this must be about anne, in the kissing pics the one with bp is still nasty the one with anne is not as bad cause it looks like hes grabbing her lips not her nose…

  9. 159
    Kayla Says:

    @Marcella: Yes. Anne got her US citizenship yesterday. Bee just totally dissed her. @Jinx if that was you who told her off on IG, bravo. What a ***** that girl is. And so stupid. She doesn’t even realize that without the “American Dream” her ass would still be sitting in Africa, not parading around in Lingerie for a million bucks a year

  10. 160
    Marcella Says:

    @heeyyy: Does it make the victim for Adam? Being attacked by fans. The IG is full of comments criticizing her. I do not put it in because I have no IG IG. If the post is for Anne, she is worse than I imagined.

  11. 161
    heeyyy Says:

    marcella- oh you couldnt see the comments? yea some attacked her, some were like w.e about it, i hope its not a dig at anne but thats what some of the posters were saying on her pic, shes just weird and low class

    i HATE when ppl say bp won, won what??? she hasnt won anything shes still in annes shadow (apparently) and her dumbass fiance still doesnt say her name or anything specific about her in public and her engagement ring cost less than an xmas present for that ex…. so how did she win???

  12. 162
    Marcella Says:

    @heeyyy: I can read the comments, I just can not comment. I do not know what she gained, thousands of people do not believe in your relationship. Serving puppet on several occasions. Chasing the man, when he has free time traveling with friends instead of staying with her. If it accesses any website you can post a photo of her comments, I’m sure that 90% are critical. She earns daily scorn of many people, after this update in IG she earned the scorn of many more people. She is messing increasingly her image. When it falls, it will be a huge tumble. Not tenmho nothing against her, I do not wish to harm her … but she is very ordinary.

  13. 163
    Kayla Says:

    Unfortunately, the issue is lost on Bee’s incredibly stupid fans. They think whatever she says is the coolest thing ever. She could say “I love Hitler” and they would agree with her. That is the most shocking part about it.

  14. 164
    Jaimie Says:

    I don’t care much for Bee. I think she epitomizes the stereotype of a dumb model. I don’t think that everything she does is to spite Anne. The American Dream is one of the worst myths perpetuated in the US because so few will ever achieve their American Dream. It’s lip service. Nothing more. Maybe Bee actually knows what that sign means and wanted to share it? The other part of my brain thinks it’s way too coincidental that she posted something with the word “American” in it the day after Anne becomes a US citizen. Maybe she’s jealous of that? A quick look showed me that Bee follows Anne on Twitter, so she would have seen the US citizenship tweet.

  15. 165
    oneday Says:

    Of course that pic was a diss at Anne. B thinks she “won”. She doesn’t realize that she didn’t “win” anything. And this makes her look just plain mean and spiteful. I remember someone saying they saw her at some event and she and Ali were acting like Mean Girls. I’m sure that would be true. But the worst part to me is that so many of her fans “liked” the pic. And then on comments, some say that it’s just a pic she likes, others say that critics are too shallow and don’t get the deep meaning of the pic, and still others say nothing more than “B is so cool” or “I Love You B”. Proving none of them have a clue. It actually makes me sad to see so many ignorant people just blindly following someone. Maybe ignorant is too harsh. Maybe it’s just uneducated and naive kids.

  16. 166
    queen bee foreva Says:

    go and fickle urself haterz cus adam luvs queen bee and they will marry even if ya all hatin on her cus ya wunt to be her and she has the best of hisworld and he ccheated on anne with her cus shes his queen thats why he wunts to marry her and he bought two apts in ny fur her BOOM stuped trollz go cry fur queen bee like adam the old bug cus shes on top of the world and ya all eatin her leftoverz mothersuckass ya all didnt believe about the kissin when we said it and BOOM queen bee and adam prove rite cus they were kissin with tongues and touchin and everything we say its tru cus he luvs her like a maniac suckasss

  17. 167
    oneday Says:

    One more thing – Anne earned her citizenship. B is just trying to marry hers. I know who gets my respect.

  18. 168
    Kayla Says:

    Just what Adam needs: Mr and Mrs ” I hate this country”.

  19. 169
    oneday Says:

    @Kayla – Good one!! Hehe.

  20. 170
    heeyyy Says:

    if thats so they can just pack up and go to africa!!! im sure her parents would love that

  21. 171
    queen bee foreva Says:

    trollz gettin mawd about anne but adam throw in the trash two yrs like horse crap and nubody wunts her and all his exs are taken and jess is dead and ya all trollin cus he luvs queen bee cus shes on top of the world cus haterz are sccums stuped suckas

  22. 172
    Hmm... Says:

    @queen bee foreva: did you guys see her recent IG pic of the homeless person and the sign that reads “sexy and homeless”? I wonder what that means?!!! Did B lose her contract AND Adam break it off with her? Idk.

  23. 173
    Oneday Says:

    Nah. The person carrying the sign was not as skinny as B – and dressed better.

  24. 174
    queen bee foreva Says:

    @Hmm…: ya all say that stuped rumor when they went to eat out after hallowen party that he broke up with her and he wus at the fs and kissin her with tongues and her last ig pictur is fur haterz like u cus ya all think your sexy and ya are trollz with nuthing like homeless BOOM

  25. 175
    Oneday Says:

    Well, if she ever is homeless, she’s always got her cats to keep her warm. Oh wait – they are hairless. I guess they can’t keep her that warm after all. Bummer.

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