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Olivier Martinez Fills Up his Car in Los Angeles

Olivier Martinez Fills Up his Car in Los Angeles

Olivier Martinez waits at the gas pump while filling up his car on Tuesday (November 12) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actor chatted on the phone as he waited for a full tank in his vehicle.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivier Martinez

Last week, Olivier was spotted riding on his motorcycle after visiting the celebrity hotspot Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood.

Be sure to vote for Olivier‘s wife Halle Berry – she was just nominated for Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress at the 2014 People’s Choice Awards for her role in The Call. You can vote for Halle right now!

FYI: Olivier is wearing Levi’s jeans.

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  • kel

    Is it filled with baguettes?

  • wendy

    What happened to Halle – has he been keeping her locked up in a cave or something. Gotta come out for air sometime.

  • Ha

    I wanna see what their son looks like.

  • Shannon

    Yes, please. Mmmmmm.

  • lol

    Meal ticket is born. Goldigger can’t go back sitting on his ass, buying baguettes and not watching his filthy pants.
    @wendy: Halle probably won’t show her face until she loses the baby fat. That’s the last trend in Hollyweird : pretend you were never pregnant and fat.

  • lol


  • Lena

    Disgusted by this man, lousy actor and a violent thug. He deserves to be behind bars. His arrogance makes his awful films unwatchable. Halle keeps picking losers. They made that kid so that he won’t be deported if he beats someone else to a pulp again.

  • stella

    Lena, your miserable self will continue to hate while they enjoy their life.

  • ShelbetheGreat

    Millionaire Olivier looks good everyday, that’s why he is still the face of L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent since 2009 . Diversity is this man’s middle name, acting, modeling and owns a restaurant that would cost you over a $100.00 to eat at. Love a man that can support his family financially.

  • ShelbetheGreat

    Yeah, I want to see little Maceo too, bet he is as gorgeous as his father.

  • yeh yeah

    I didn’t think talking on your cellphone while filing your car, was advised?

  • Halle’s car

    Halle’s car

  • just saying

    what’s a dirt bag

  • kayla

    Come on , What has he done? I mean give the guy a break he and halle are married and both have money and fame, do we?

  • Bob’s Your Uncle

    That bonehead doesn’t know he shouldn’t be using his cell phone whilst filling up the car? What an idiot!

    And the stupid photographer couldn’t be bothered telling him either?

  • stella

    Haters gonna hate. Olivier is rich, and all your broke asses can do is hate. So what if he is driving his wife’s car? Real couples do that.

  • just saying

    @stella A lot of these so called movie star make a lot of money off us broke people who spend of hard earned money to go to see those fool act, and end up being broke that us broke people. By the way are you his accountant?

  • Shelbethegreat

    Halle and Olivier are married so that is their car. Guess he didn’t feel like driving the Aston Martin today. People are so jealous of this man and his wife. They know he was rich long before he met Halle and it eats them up. Anyone can see he was smart enough not to blow his money. Olivier is hot, lucky Halle.

  • stella

    Just saying, you are the one who keeps talking about how broke he is etc. I’m not his accountant, but I’m not a hater either. Can’t wait to see their baby.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @stella: Just saying just upset that Olivier is rich and her golden boy Aubry is the one living off child support. She can’t accept Aubry is the broke one (even tried selling some of his stuff under Halle’s name to make extra money with the Montreal Auction House, till she put a stop to it). She’s just trying to bring Olivier down to his level.

  • This Is A News Story Because??

    How fascinating.
    Some french actor pumping gas.
    Some french actor who I can’t even name a film he’s been in.
    Some french actor whose only notoriety is that he’s hooked up with that troubling making nutcase Berry.

  • just saying

    @stella @Shelbethegreat we all know you are the same person so shut up. by the way where did you see me talking about his money wasn’t it you that was talking about he is rich how do you know?

  • Shelbethegreat

    @just saying: I’m not Stella, your the only one using multiple names. She’s a fan just like me.

  • Wurry

    He’s not looking well these days. Halle drains souls.

    Why are people still harping on and on about money?? Gabriel was worth millions before he met Halle, is in EVERY fashion season’s ads still and I don’t think this guy is poor even though he doesn’t do movies anymore but some tv. Halle, despite being dramatic and vindictive, is a VERY attractive woman and is probably exciting ….that is why men want to be with her. These aren’t deadbeat men just because she tries to paint them that way when the relationships die.

  • just saying

    @Shelbethegreat just drop it we know your are stella so just stop it good day god love you

  • stella

    I’m not Shelbe. We both happen to be Halle fans. I just think you’re a hater.

  • Shelbethegreat

    Gabriel is broke or he wouldn’t need child support to keep his daughter in the lifestyle which she is accustom. Millionaires can afford to take care of their own child by themselves, and a man should, lousy gold digger. Hurray for Olivier who pays for his own child’s needs.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Wurry: Olivier is still doing movies and you can see him next in The Physician set for release the end of this year. That’s right, making money.

  • Karen

    He looks old and smelly, poor Halle this is her husband, lol, looks dirty, short and poor.

  • stella

    Karen, why are you worried about Halle’s husband? She chose him.

  • Wurry

    Shelbe/Stella must work at the publicist’s office for Martinez. According to his IMBD, he barely does any movies. Until that bomb with Halle, he hadn’t done anything for years.

  • stella

    Wurry, I’m not Shelbe. I don’t work for Martinez, but I’m not hater like you. Haters gonna hate.

  • Wurry

    If you would have actually read what I said, I am not hating anyone, particularly not this guy. Halle is toxic in relationships, she has problems …..just stating that.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Wurry: He spent those years your referring to taking care of his sick girlfriend who had cancer Kylie Minogue. The man is a saint and the right one for Halle, lucky woman.

  • Just saying

    @ Shelbethegreat you jump into everyone fight stay out will you. @
    stella you should take you own advise and stop be a hater on Gabriel. It is true Olivier hardly work he made The Physician two years ago and only now it coming out another flap check your fact Shelbethegreat.

  • Guest

    He cheated on Kylie while she was having treatment, well known fact. An interview with the other woman confirming this is available online. He is scum in my opinion, Kylie may have forgiven him but he will always be an ***hole for doing it.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Just saying: He’s rich so he don’t have to work everyday. He is still the face of L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent, look it up. As for the Physician yea he did that last year so what! He made money on that, not child support like that sorry Gabriel.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Guest: He never cheated on Kylie your making that up. Anything to hate on the man, go ahead and hate but stop lying.

  • cheating rumors#1
  • Aubry modeling 2000-2013

    3 pages
    Back Hugo Boss Spring/Summer 2011-2013, Fall/Winter 2010, 2011 ,prior
    True Religion F/W 2011. S/S 2010
    Louis Vuitton F/W 2010, S/S2010
    Gap S/s 2010, F/W 2010 , prior
    Uniqo S/s 2009
    V man 2009
    Calvin Klein Holiday 2008, F/W 2008, S/S 2009
    plus Tommy Hilfinger, DKNY, Versace several years etc. (partial list up to 2010)

    The man doesn’t look unemployed and in fact was quite busy working while with Halle which she commended his work ethic and integrity on The View, Oprah, Harper’s Bazaar, Essence etc. and the man was able to still find employment during 2010-2013 while Halle kept taking him to Court.

  • Guest

    Deal with the truth – I do – You Don’t.
    What I say goes against the fantasy world you live in but hey that’s too bad. HE CHEATED and that’s a fact so STFU accusing others of lying.
    Please look up the meaning of the word hypocrite because its what you are.

    And quit writing under multiple names on here – its so obvious.
    Stella, Nell to name but a few. Its sad you try and imply others like this creep by posting your mush under different names. It doesn’t say much for him either.

  • cheating rumors#2 (re-post)
  • cheating rumors#2 /more

    @Guest: posted three saying he did. Also rumored, here, PH or TMZ that he was cheating on Halle during the French Film festival etc.

    Shelbethegreat (her twitter handle) posted 10x as herself and 4x as Stella.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Aubry modeling 2000-2013: If Gabriel was making all this money your talking about then he wouldn’t need child support to keep his little girl in the lifestyle she was accustomed too, now would he. Think will you, does that make sense. The boy is broke, if modeling paying him that much why would he need support. Besides Olivier does modeling for chrissake, been the face of L’homme by Yves Saint Laurent since 2009! Lets talk about who is getting paid here! Gabriel doesn’t contribute a dime to the support of Nahla, but Olivier is supporting his son.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @cheating rumors#2 (re-post): Yeah, I read that post that said Olivier was a womanizer but it said nothing about cheating you liar. I have taken an excert from the article YOU posted: The French actor reportedly dated Minogue during her battle with breast cancer. Throughout her operations and therapy, Martinez stuck by her and missed out on movie roles. Even the singer’s family was also ready to welcome Martinez.

    Olivier would be more than ideal as a brother-in-law. He has been incredible. He makes Kylie so happy – the happiest I’ve seen her, Minogue’s younger sister Dannii told the Daily Mirror

    As you read from your own posting he is quite a man, twice the man that fool Aubry is. Halle got lucky marrying that frenchman and she would be the first to tell you.

    Has he dated alot of women, darn straight, who could resist him, but nothing wrong with that he was single.

    And if you are pulling articles from the rags Paris Hilton and TMZ you really are scratching the bottom of the barrow. Neither article says that he cheated it was just a rumor. See if you find this information anywhere else cause you won’t. Olivier is an honorable man who takes care of his woman and his child. And Gabriel is a leech.

  • Guest

    @ shelbethegreat – you really twist the truth to suit your fantasy.
    The courts awarded him the support because Halle tried to use his financial position against him. Olivier Martinez does not have her wealth either and there is no shame in that. She is far wealthier that either of them and demanded that he provide exactly what she could and it backfired on her. That’s the truth Shelbe and you can twist it all you like but you cannot change the fact. If she had no problem having a child with him then she will have no problem paying for the lifestyle she now demands for their child. What you are saying is that he needs to earn the exact same money as Halle Berry? are you serious?
    If that’s the case then Olivier Martinez needs to do the exact same and he cannot either so think about that will you. You have no idea what money these people have in the bank so quit the C**p pretending you do.

  • Shelbethegreat

    @Guest: Gabriel asked for child support, you have to ask for it or you don’t get it. I never said that Gabriel had the money that Halle did or expected him too. But it doesn’t take $20,000 a month to live at the Broadcast Center. Look up the prices and that is were Aubry lives. If your a millionaire you can easily afford that. It’s not like he is in a mansion or something. Bottom line is a man supports his child, period. And while your at it think about why he would want to sell his stuff under Halle’s name to the Montreal Auction house if he had money, just think. He’s broke and he needs the money. What ever modeling he is doing isn’t paying the bills.

  • Guest

    Again with the twisting of the truth – you really should stop.
    I’ll put it plainly for you this time – Halle Berry demanded a certain lifestyle for her daughter, one she knew he could not afford. Both he and the judge saw through her scheming and insisted she pay. Bottom line Shelbe is that Olivier Martinez will never have her wealth either. You do not know the financial position of any of these people so stop pretending you do – Why do you keep fooling yourself.

  • Twitter OMG UUR really on it

    Shelbethegreat or Shelbe Hill on Twitter Halle Berry doesn’t have an official Twitter page as of yet

  • Thank you Guest

    Thank you Guest for one more attempt to explain to Shelbethegreat why Gabriel gets $20K /mo.

    Shelbethegreat it has NOTHING to Gabe’s work schedule nor does it mean he didn’t contribute or has never contributed a dime to Nahla’s well-being. The money goes specifically to Nahla not for Gabe’s personal use.

    Once again, Halle got her nigger wake up call by the Family Court and that Halle never had an agreement set up in place because she didn’t think she had to and that he’d stay to be a part of Nahla’s life.

    Guest Shelbethegreat/all her aliases project her personal relationship issues onto Aubry.