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Marion Cotillard: Greenpeace Protester for Arctic 30 Release!

Marion Cotillard: Greenpeace Protester for Arctic 30 Release!

Marion Cotillard holds up an “I am a climate defender” sign while standing in a cage with Greenpeace activists on Friday (November 15) in Paris, France.

The 38-year-old actress participated in the demonstration, which was held to support the 30 people jailed in Russia after a Greenpeace protest in the Arctic. The jailed people have been named the Arctic 30.

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It was recently announced that Marion will join the jury for the 2013 Marrakech Film Festival, which runs November 29-December 7.

20+ pictures inside of Marion Cotillard joining a Greenpeace demonstration…

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marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 02
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marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 14
marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 15
marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 16
marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 17
marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 18
marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 19
marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 20
marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 21
marion cotillard greenpeace protester for arctic 30 release 22

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  • lol

    She suddenly stopped wearing tons of make-up for her stunt for Greenpeace? Phony ass bitch also thinks 9/11 was an inside job. She looks better with her mouth shut.


    No.1; Ditto. Plus she does not have a clue that the climate has changed for the worse because the white people of God have changed for the worse. What goes around comes around. Just ask Geoge Clooney, et al.

  • Alaia

    @lol: I thought those quotes were taken out of context?

  • lol

    @Alaia: They were not. Footage available on YouTube show her questioning the New York terrorist attacks, and the 1969 moon landing. “I think we’re lied to about a number of things,” she said, singling out September 11. Referring to the two passenger jets flown into the World Trade Centre, she said: “We see other towers of the same kind being hit by planes, are they burned? There was a tower, I believe it was in Spain, which burned for 24 hours. It never collapsed. None of these towers collapsed. And there [New York], in a few minutes, the whole thing collapsed. Very strange.”

  • AHB

    @lol: Your opinion will matter once you do something other than sit behind the keyboard and comment on others.

  • QT

    @lol: LMAO! Two of the most absurd conspiracy theories of the last half century and she believes them both. You wonder how people like that can even organize their lives or win an Oscar. She probably believe Elvis is alive somewhere in Idaho… She should stick to scripted work.

  • lol

    @AHB: Isn’t that what YOU do? Of course non famous people shouldn’t have an opinion about anyone or anything, right?

  • Sarah

    @lol: @Alaia: Yes, her interview was taken out of context! only stupid americans who can’t understand french and only read the english translation (out of context) and can’t think for themselves believe in this “Marion in anti-american” B.S!
    Btw, lots of people outside and INSIDE of USA don’t believe in all the B.S the american government said out about 9/11 and the so-called “war on terror” that killed lots of innocents ONLY BECAUSE they were muslims! Marion is not the only one!!!
    Oh, and @lol here goes something new for you: a russian was the first man to walk on the moon, not Neil Armstrong! OMG! I guess I’m anti-american for saying this, right? LOL
    I love how americans love to call their country as “free” and defend their so-called “freedom of speech” – they can say whatever they want about everyone and every country of the world, but a foreigner can’t say anything bad about them! It’s hilarious!
    Freedom of speech my A.S.S.!

  • Penny

    Well I never thought America had a monopoly on looney actors … if Cruise and Travolta can rake in mega-milliions, there’s no reason a French flake can’t too, is there? It took the vast scientific knowledge and propulsion expertise of a beautiful show-biz professional to make me take a second look at the lunar landing. I like to base all my thoughts and opinions on the wise words of beautiful show-biz people. They just know. Where does Hollywood find these idiots?

  • gratayua5061

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  • Oliver

    @QT: So do you really believe that a man walked on the moon in 1969? because it was taped? or because you were there? you have no proofs to believe in it as much as Marion!
    The same with 9/11 and all the crap the americans made out to make muslims become the worst people of the world.
    You have her opinion and Marion have hers! Where is the freedom of speech?

  • lol

    @Sarah: Well excuse me but I’m French myself and watched that program on French TV (Paris Premiere). She was asked about it, she spoke her mind then apologized when footage went viral during her Oscar campaign. No ‘out of context’ BS. If she also believes the Oswald single-gun theory, that’d make 3 strikes against her. With an education like that, she’ll go far in Hollywood.

  • piratz

    At least she looks good.

  • Chris

    Americans and their xenophobia: a french person can’t have a different opinion of mine! he/she is not allowed! But I can say what I want about other countries because I’m american, better than everyone else and I believe in everything that Clinton, Bush and Obama says and if you think otherwise, you are wrong! =D
    Shocking news: Elvis Presley didn’t invented Rock&Roll! Santa Claus doesn’t exist! neither the Easter Bunny!
    Holly sh!t! I just broke the american dream! I should go to jail!

  • QT

    @Oliver: A few years ago, high-definition photos taken by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) of the Apollo landing sites have captured the lander modules and the tracks left by the astronauts. Last year, images were released showing the Apollo flags still standing on the Moon. You have your proof bloody moonbat.

  • Reba

    The conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11 are also believed by Americans, not just foreigners. Our government has done so much s*it throughout history that it’s not stupid to questions it’s actions–our mistreatment of Native Americans, the nuclear attacks on Japan in WWII, Vietnam, etc. You can’t hate someone when they question things or hold a different opinion.

  • Alice

    @lol: So you are just another jealous french, right? You’re just mad because of her sucess!
    That interview didn’t become viral during her Oscar campaign! it happened few days AFTER she won the Oscar, americans (and jealous frenchies like you) couldn’t accept her win and made such a drama about it saying that she should give back her Oscar because she wasn’t blind like them, people who believe in every sh*t they watch on TV and don’t accept a different opinion!
    I guess that in your next comment you will say that “everyone in France hates Marion” right? you are the same crazy who came to every thread about Marion to say the same things for years!
    Maybe you would like Marion if she was racist like Brigitte Bardot!

  • crazy

    @Reba: However, you could give major side-eye to someone who’d really think US Government would kill thousands of people over buildings being too old and expensive to handle cause that’s her explanation, not terrorists, legit reasons to declare war or anything just old buildings falling into ruins.

  • Oliver

    @QT: Right, and the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter is owned by who? NASA! the same agency that “sent” Neil Armstrong to the moon! nothing suspicious! You really think that Nasa would prove otherwise?

  • Reba


    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. The truth of the matter is that Americans are never asked to be held accountable for the horrible atrocities they have committed against other people. It’s a two way street. We were the FIRST and ONLY country to ever use nuclear weapons! Then we went ahead and forced the Japanese that were living in the United States in our OWN internment camps.

  • Melanie

    @Reba: Well said!
    Everyone should be entitled to have their own opinion and question things without people calling them terrorists, anti-american/whatever!

  • lol

    @Alice: Wow, that escalated quickly! When did I say I hated her? You crazy. Me disapproving her behaviour/thoughts have nothing to do with jealousy or being French, WTF? Not all French are just as dumb, insensitive and nuts. Marion happens to believe “in every sh*t she watches on TV”, what does it say about her? C’mon, her views were mostly based on shady documentaries about conspiracy theories she had been watching.

  • QT

    @Oliver: There was absolutely no way to fake it at the time. Even the cameras/computers/photoshop/whatever needed to fake it didn’t exist back then. Huge numbers of detailed pictures available. I thought the best proof was the radio telescopes some scientists pointed at the moon listening to the crew transmissions. Light sources, errant shadows and so forth, are all based on how light behaves in Earth’s atmosphere. The moon has no atmosphere to speak of, so refraction and reflection will be slightly different. 382 kilograms of moon rocks, which were brought back to Earth for analysis, are universally acknowledged as being Non-Terrestrial. There is so much money to be made by the person who definitively proves the Moon landings were faked, that someone would surely by now have tried to capitalise on that. The fact that no one has suggests that there is no hoax. Also, The Soviet Union did not dispute it, if there had been any way to discredit the United States, you can be sure they would have found it.
    “We have been to the Moon nine times. Why would we fake it nine times, if we faked it?” – Charlie Duke

  • Cindy

    OMG! so much jealous and nonsense around here!
    Marion doesn’t think like you, so what? GET A LIFE MORONS!
    So boring to see people whining about an interview that happened 6 years ago instead of talk about the people who are in jail because they want to protect the Earth! Why don’t you blame Bush and Obama for lying and killing innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan? instead of making such a drama about someone with a different opinion of yours!
    At least Marion is doing her part to make the world a better place! and you? what have you done? spreading lies and hate on the internet! that’s so much better…

  • Alaia

    It really does roll my eyes when people call others anti-American because they don’t believe in their ideals. Wake up and smack yourself out of that deluded 1950s American dream.

  • lol

    @Cindy: “spreading lies and hate on the internet!” What lies? You really think those were not her actual words or you need to pull that ‘out of context’ lame excuse again? Marion ain’t doing sh*t to really get them outta jail, just cheap PR.

  • Cindy

    @lol: Like I said: GET A LIFE!
    Why do you waste so much time with someone you don’t like? your life must be very sad! I feel sorry for you!

  • Kelly

    @lol: I’m sure she is doing more than you are sitting in front of your computer!

  • Jamie Yearout

    @VODKA’BLUSH ANYONE?: Oh please, like we control the weather? I am white and 65 and we had a bit of rain in my part o=f LA, but we need a lot more, last
    year we only got about 5 inches of rain.

  • Nata

    @Sarah: A Russian man? Where did you get that piece of information? I would like to see some form of documentation to confirm your claims because at this point it’s making you sound highly ignorant (And I’m not an American by the way.) Also, your comment about the 9/11 attacks, it’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It’s hard to believe the US government planned the attacks, not only would that be highly stupid but also Al Qaeda took responsibilities for the attacks, so please forgive me if I’m a little skeptical to believe your claims. Do you have proofs to support your claims regarding 9/11 because if you don’t, don’t say anything.
    As to criticizing Americans for being offended by a foreigner talking shit about their country, tell me who isn’t the freedom of speech does not consist in people taking offend of what you say, it consist of being given the space of saying something highly stupid without any legal repercussion. It doesn’t mean that people cannot speak their mind when someone says stupid and ignorant things. And coming from a French person, if you are one, I find your comments highly hypocritical because France does lack freedom of press, French are one of the most chauvinistic people in the planet. So if you are going to talk shit, please have the proofs to support your stupid claims because it makes you look ignorant.

  • Kelly

    @Nata: “French are one of the most chauvinistic people in the planet ” – more xenophobia! very nice! and I’m pretty sure you are american just like@lol, otherwise he/she wouldn’t care so much about someone else who doesn’t believe in every sh*t the american government said about 9/11 and everything else! even americans don’t believe in those things!
    Btw, where are the so-called nuclear weapons in Iraq that was never found? and the body of Bin Laden? do you really believe that what happened in Zero Dark Thirty was true? LOL
    Americans are always intruding in other countries business – just look at how they want to invade Iran (alongside Israel) using the same old excuse of “nuclear weapons”. They can spy other countries with the excuse of “protection against terrorism”, but nobody can dare to question what they say and do, otherwise they are enemies and terrorists!
    Yeah, I really believe in every B.S. the american government says since always! ¬¬

  • Rob

    It’s so funny to see butthurt Bush/Obama believers!
    Way to go!

  • living in a box

    never mind me, i’m just enjoying my popcorn.

  • Rob Dekker

    This oil rig that this is all about, called Prirazlomnoye, turns out to be a 30 year old decommissioned North Sea rig (the Hutton TLP), mounted on top of a 25 year old rusted chassis. It had to be towed in place in 2011 (even though it was only half finished), since in 2012 the design would no longer pass international and Russian safety regulations.

    And judging by the pictures the BBC took just a month ago
    the original 30 year old well-head is still in place, but this time enclosed for additional ‘detonation’ effect in case of a blowout.

    To make matters worse, this joke of a rig is mounted on 120,000 ton (close to a million barrels) oil container, so Prirazlomnoye is not just in serious danger of blowing itself up, but since it is located in the Arctic it has the potential of causing the largest ecological/environmental catastrophy this planet has ever seen.

  • lol

    @Kelly: Honey I am French. Pourquoi diable tu ne me crois pas? So you say I shouldn’t care about 9/11 or Moon landings because I’m not american? Shouldn’t be offended by offensive crap coming from an ignorant overrated celeb? Seriously? You sound like a paranoid freak/fangirl. In your delusional mind, terrorists never took credit for the attacks, we never set foot on the Moon, Bin Ladin is still alive and Iran, Irak & Afghanistan never planned nuclear attacks/terrorists threats on anyone. Hmm okay, please take your damn pills.

  • lol

    @Cindy: Your life must be even sader than mine for you to care so much about mine or what I have to say about your beloved perfect idol. B!tch, follow your own advice then come back at me.
    @Kelly: How do you know she’s doing more than me? Should I get press every time I do a good deed?

  • Pam

    I agree Cotillard’s quotes makes her look so naive, anti-American and uneducated. She lost me at “I watched documentaries”. Good one.

  • guest

    I tried to think of something funny about her being so stupid, but I got nothing. It’s always a little sad when you find out that a public figure you find interesting (read: attractive) harbors such idiotic, far fetched beliefs.

  • Julien

    @Nata: Please don’t do this. I happen to share the same nationality as Miss Cotillard and those “anti-American sentiments” and conspiracy theories are NOT shared by the majority, at least in France. Cotillard is just another famous person, good at her art and not much else. The only reason her “thoughts” on 9/11 or the moon landing are echoed, is because she’s famous so don’t put this on her countrymen as well.
    Thank you.

  • ted c

    @Kelly: I don’t even believe that the moon landing happened. I don’t think the moon exists. I think that they never built the twin towers…they faked the attacks on the moon landing set and put a CGI New York (which also doesn’t exist) in the background. Oh, and the Holocaust was actually the world’s largest Twister tournament–no gas chambers, just a free bar that got out of hand!
    No seriously, I’m a great proponent of critical thinking, but as a culture, we have to be able to point fingers and laugh at people who are skeptical of easily provable facts. Otherwise, we won’t be able to come together in unity and find the missing frames of the Zapruder film to discover which CIA agent killed Kennedy!

  • Carriexx

    @Alaia: Sadly, she meant every word. She made the same statements in french newpapers or magazines. When it finally backfired across the pond, she claimed it was twisted and taken out of context despite the fact there’s actual footage of said interview that will live forever and beyond on the internet.

  • Mcfaden

    Somebody so beautiful had to have some major drawbacks. Who’d have thought that it would have been straight up mental retardation? In all seriousness though, I just felt such deep shame and revulsion for the human race whenever anyone opens their mouths and says crap like this.

  • DD

    Wow, this kinda took her down a couple of notches in my book. Didn’t think that was possible. Sad.

  • AHB

    @lol: Nope, because I commented on your actions and not hers i.e. one keyboard jockey to another. By the way, it has nothing to do with being famous or not but doing something or not.

  • Trevor C

    “Cotillard, the star of award-winning movie “La Vie en Rose” about French singer Edith Piaf, briefly caged herself with a group of environmental activists in Paris.” Briefly caged herself huh? I am sure that would go a long way, but about as much effort as warranted. .

  • Kate

    OMG! @QT/LOL/all the other nicknames is so dumb that he/she had to copy and paste an old comment from Huffington Post:
    Hysterical! Two of the most absurd conspiracy theories of the last half century and she believes them both. You wonder how people like that can even organize their lives.
    3 Mar 2008 7:20 PM
    Americans are too lazy even to post their own opinions! LOL
    Then you wonder why people hate americans… Dumd and jealous americans like you are destroying your country’s reputation!
    I watched the show where Marion talked about 9/11, I didn’t read an excerpt that was taken out of context and published in a gossip site by jealous americans like you lazy people did, and SHE NEVER SAID such things like “9/11 was made out by the U.S. government, it was an inside job” or “those people deserved to die”, those words NEVER CAME OUT OF HER MOUTH! she said she doesn’t believe in everything that people tell her, she has doubts like everyone with brains should have!
    But @LOL/QT/whatever is too busy spreading lies with multiple nicknames in gossip sites to use her own brains and understand that!
    Jealous is a b!tch!

  • Jane

    @Mcfaden: The only person with mental retardation is you with your 2783754 monikers! You clearly have an incredible free time to spend hating on the internet!
    Go search for a psychiatrist, maybe it will cure your empty life!

  • Julie

    Jeez! so much hate, jealousy and hypocrisy coming just for one person…
    You must be very mad because Marion has a sucessful life and career, while you are just a pathetic, sad and lonely troll!

  • Tom

    These comments going so far off topic. Firstly 911 was planned by the government itself. The building was rigged with explosives and they used thermite to totally remove the structure, how would a group of non Americans have time to actually place a full demolition on each building when their is security measures in place. The answer is they couldn’t, it was a inside job, especially since on 9/10 the government was going to be put under investigation for the 3.3 trillion dollars that disappeared, now they had a reason to officially blow up both buildings. Eye witnesses even claim those airplanes were not commercial airliners, people inside the building survivors heard explosives go off in the stairways, the plane never caused the collapse all the demolition that was placed there for the past few weeks did. And America forgot about that 3.3 trillion dollars because hey it’s a war on terror.. Let pick a name in our wanted criminal list and pin it on them, that’s what the gov said.

  • Tom

    @Tom: oh and I am American. Corrupt govs stay in power, not govs for the people.