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Alexander Skarsgard: South Pole Challenge Tranining!

Alexander Skarsgard: South Pole Challenge Tranining!

Alexander Skarsgard takes a brief break while recently training for Walking with the Wounded’s upcoming South Pole Allied Challenge in Norway.

The 37-year-old actor will head up the U.S. team, while Prince Harry leads the U.K. team and actor Dominic West races with the Commonwealth group (Australia and Canada).

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Alexander Skarsgard

Walking With The Wounded is a UK-based charity, which funds both the re-training and re-education of wounded servicemen and women with the aim of helping them find long term employment after they have left the Armed Forces.

The teams will trek around 15km to 20km per day, endure temperatures as low as -45°C and 50 mph winds, all the while pulling their sledges toward the southernmost point on the globe.

40+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard training in Norway…

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alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 01
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 02
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 03
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 04
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 05
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 06
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 07
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 08
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 09
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 10
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 11
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 12
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 13
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 14
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 15
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 16
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 17
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 18
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 19
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 20
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 21
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 22
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 23
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 24
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 28
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 29
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 30
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 31
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 32
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 33
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 34
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 35
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 36
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 37
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 38
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 39
alexander skarsgard south pole expedition training 40

Photos: Walking with the Wounded
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  • GoSkarsgard&allteams

    Great cause. Thanks to everyone involved. Worth donating to:

  • Cafélady

    …-45°C?…wow…I guess compared with our +5°C here in germany, it’s almost warm.
    And btw; was there someone in one of the previous posts who claimed, that alex wouldn’t be fit enough to pass that challenge? I’m sure he (and his team) can do that!! Go for it alex, and team US!

    Aside of that and aside of the sporty challenge, (to me) is everyone who is involved in any sort of way, is a winner – the whole event is a good thing.

    But nevertheless, it will be interesting to see who will be the first one at the finish-line…

  • Poor taste in women

    Still shagging chateau marmot girl kathrina damm,
    poor taste in FAMEWHORES think about Kate bosworth-polish who u are still INLOVE with ….

  • Laren

    WOW! K-Ho dating Alexander Skarsgard, omg! BIGGEST HW DOWNLOW COUPLE! They have been out in public too. First the Calvin K NYFW show, then late dinners and now movie together. mmmh, girl getting some now. Finally she can stop the female body rubs and clear her cub webs. haha. So, George Clooney is out and Skargard is in.

  • yeh yeah


  • laura

    How gross that those dumbasses who can’t even spell would ruin a post about a good cause. Go crawl back into your cave you creep.

  • Lilly

    @Poor taste in women:

    Wow Alex is doing a really good thing for charity raising money, working really hard on his film career putting all the hours in for training
    and all you could think about or come up with are two skinny no good talentless thick idiot twigglets who only think about how many famous men they can get there undies off to and spread the word to gossip sites I don’t see them doing charitable deeds in cold harsh wheather ? Do

  • Kara

    @Poor taste in women: isn’t she Jared Leto’s ex? I don’t remember reading about Alex hooking up with her…

  • Ex’s

    She posted a pic of her with her leg over Keith and Alex on the other side of Keith holding his face and was also seen getting into his lap in a video after leaving the whorehouse, oops I mean the Marmot. If nothing else she implied that they hooked up, not sure if it included Keith.

  • laura

    @Ex’s: Wow you sound like a fat loser from the Midwest. You’re probably also 45 yeas old. Go away.

  • seconds

    Keith probably got the friends of the hot one, like always? At his age its kind of sad, but at Alex’s age it isn’t much better.

  • Ex’s

    she did post that picture, and if nothing else it does imply that she slept with him!!

  • laura

    @Ex’s: No, it implies that they know each other. The end. Now go the hell away you cave creature.

  • poorman

    He’s doing more than raising money. By challenging weather conditions over there, he’s actually doing the most human thing one can do. I don’t plan to post in JJ anymore, but only because of this cause. I AM DOING THIS BECAUSE I WANT HIS GOODNESS TO DOMINATE HERE, as the post says. The ones who have the guts to speak about his personal life maybe should exchange phone #s w/each other since they seem to have no personal life for themselves. He owes his personal life to nobody, & his choices are his choices! He looks great in pictures, by the way. BEST OF LUCK ALEXANDER, and COME HOME SAFE!!!!

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: I think in one of Inge Solheim’s Instagram pics from this training in October he mentioned that Alex has a strong back.

    And the rest of the teams are on their way to Cape Town, where they’ll meet up with Alex and then leave for Antarctica on the 19th:

    The three seven-man teams from the UK, Commonwealth and USA – each with four wounded team members – will depart London for Cape Town on Sunday 17th November.

    They will then fly from Cape Town to Novolazarevskaya Station, Antarctica on 19th November where they will spend a few days acclimatising to the Antarctic temperature. Once acclimatised, the teams will fly to 87° south, where they will spend further time acclimatising to the altitude.

    The expedition to the South Pole will begin from 87° south on 30th November, with the teams hoping to reach the geographic South Pole by 16th December.

    And a general request: please stop trying to reason/respond to those who don’t want to be reasoned with, they want to troll, fine, you don’t have to play with them.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks, ladybug for the update (and the link). I was wondering anyway, when they would start the ride anyway. I mean, since he was still in SA, up to. Isn’t this a bit big climatic difference? (I don’t know when it will be winter times in SA) Sure, they make this break, to acclimatise – but anyway. And only 16 days for reaching the finish-line…not much. I mean, under the circumstances they will have there.
    Did he ever something like that before? At least, I have no idea.

    As for Inge’s statement about alex: I’m sure he is right with his assessment regarding that alex has a strong back. But it’s still a challenge – especially because the climate conditions. But like I said: I’m sure they can do it!

    Agree, because the troll-thing: it seems as should it be better to just ignore them. As we know: otherwise it will encouraging them constantly to go on with this sh*t.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Late spring in SA, and Antarctica. But they’ll apparently have about 10 days to acclimatise to both weather and altitude. He’s never done anything like this, but neither have most of the other team members. Harry did five days in the Arctic in 2011 for that WWtW trek. At this point it’s time to just do it and see what happens.

    Here’s a pic of Alex on set this week, supporting the campaign against child labor:

  • sexy pants

    New Alexander thread yaay so over dued, New WWTD thread Yaay and finally its about time as for the rest I would say get a life but that is useless to you isnt it like also get a life beside his own. Anyways and most importantly Alexander is in sexy pants ok ski pants but its sexy so yaay for that and these pics are beyond gorg and beautiful even though it is probably cold as hell in saying that Respect to Alexander and all the others for doing this I am sure it will be hard but he can do it and he gets my full support and I will be cheerleading for him but I also wish them all a safe trip and hope the weather is/will kind to him/them wishing them a great experience and in return success in getting attention for the causes and the people in need of it that is what is all about. This is NOT THE TIME for BS lets be positive for once and send Alexander and all involved a positive eventful and most of all safe trip/return

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks, for the link. That’s also a important thing/campaign. I wish, I could look more onto that, where and how (and by whom) some things are produced, when I buy them. But often it’s a question of the personal financial (monthly) budget.
    I have -for instance- an old oriental carpet. But today, with the knowledge which I have meanwhile, I guess I wouldn’t buy something like that – not for an low price, which is often made by child labor.
    And so one could continue the list. Not only because child labor – but also bad working conditions in the most parts of the world, in the industrial production (also for adult workers). It’s a dilemma. And for the most of us a devil’s circle, who is difficult to break through.

    But it is great, that he supports this campaign.

    As for the wwtw: Harry was only five days with the group in 2011? I thought he had more experience with that – respectively that he did this more often already.
    But so the chances for all groups are more equal, then.

    Somehow funny; did you know that ‘Inge’ is an female name here in Germany?
    To me, it sounds always a bit funny (in a friendly way) and unusual, when I hear the name ‘Inge’ for a guy.

  • sexy pants

    I offer my place for him to come and defrost his toes or anything else that he would like to defrost he can get more than chocolate milk and cookie just putting that out there.

    I hope he has a happy place to go to keep him warm and happy when its gets really cold, rough and tiring, He will probably have Cut Copy on instant rewind in his head anyways so at least he has some happy songs he will be just fine he will make it through.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: IIRC, Harry did only five days in 2011 because of prior commitments. Apparently this isn’t a problem with this trek.
    I knew that Inge was a female name in German, when I saw that there was an Inge Solheim as a guide for the trek I thought ‘cool, a female guide.’ But no!

    Regarding the child/slave labor: it’s hard sometimes to make sure that what you’re buying is ‘morally’ produced.

    @sexy pants, he does look nice in the Trek attire:

    I do wonder if they’ll have any music players with them on the Trek, or will they have to go with their their mental songlist.

  • sexy pants


    while they may start off with a player the rest of the trip will be more of a mental songlist that keeps the newbies goings or maybe they got VIP hook up it does say Virgin Money on the attire.

    As for the child labor its hard for us as people to make choices when people with power keeps turning their eyes to the problem and feed us lies. Child labor is not a secret nor child prostitution or child starvation child cruelty the list goes on and on but its great when celebs who people follow ask their flock to be active human being and it even better when said celebs act or do more than just say do something someone as to get it out there to the blind masses and the blind masses needs to be
    proactive citizen of the world

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: I guess, (regarding Harry’s prior commitments he had 2011) he, alex and dominic will be anyway more needed for getting more attention for the thing and (in following of this) to get more donations for the fund.
    And this is also a great thing. Plus; showing support for the people who became injured in military service – and disabled persons in general.

    A female guide? Yes, I thought first the same when I heard the name – and this would have been really cool! :)

    @ladybug; @sexy pants: I guess, if they can take I-pods or something with them during the trip, then they probably prefer music who will give them ‘power’ and motivation. :) (Not that cut copy would be a bad choice!)

  • Macy

    Great cause for both Alex and Harry to participate in. I’m sure it will be tough but they’ll both have a good time and raise lots of money for the charity. -45 does not sound very fun though, I must admit!

  • yeh yeah

    I don’t want to reignite what happen up thread, but seriously who is K-Ho? My mind is drawing a blank?

  • Liz

    Great cause! I wish everyone involved good luck. I should probably go look for Alex now that we’re finally in the same country….

  • ladybug

    Alex’s scenes from Eastbound and Down:

    Nice wig.

  • Hmm

    @yeh yeah:
    Must be Katie Holmes, I guess. Didnt know they have been out dating.
    Just another troll-post. Forget it.

  • sexy pants


    haha Dead thanks for the clips I love him he gives the best faces. He really does the best faces, there were so many great things happening in those short minutes glorious, he needs to get on a comedy role fast I would love one with him and Kenneth – Jack M I know it would be beyond funny.

    That dry Jerry Curl needs its own agent and show it made him or he made it either ways WIN.

  • ;)

    will we see alexander now at the Scientology Church ;)

  • ;D


    I don’t think so. He’s an atheist and the only thing he believes in is sex, according his own words in some old interview ;)

  • ;)

    he believes in seks ? alex fares fares Keith and a skinny blonde girl cozy in bed ? ;)

  • Cafélady

    @;D: That isn’t totally right – he said he would ALWAYS believe in sex…and not that he would ONLY believe in sex. And this was his reply to a fan-question, whether he believes in sex before marriage… ;))
    But I guess, I know what you wanted to say in this case… :))

    @;): I could imagine that he isn’t religious in an traditional way – but if I’m correct, then he said once (in a interview); IF anyway, he would believe in mother earth and father sky or something similar. ;)
    So I doubt, that scientology would be attractive to him in some sort of way. But that’s my personal presumption – based on most of his interviews.

    Even when it seems that scientology apparently has an bigger influence onto the HW-industry or at least a lot of artists have an interest for it. So I presume, sooner or later, you will come in contact with SC believers, when you work for a longer time in HW. But that’s surely also the case with buddhists, kabbalah-followers etc. etc. HW is full of different spiritual directions – SC is one of them.

  • STOP messing around Alex&co

    Isn’t katarina damm? Whatever her name is really young like 18 20 isn’t Keith and Alex like 40 ? WTF r they thinking grown a@@men messing around with high school girls bearly legal age 2 go drinking wronge plain wronge .. HEneeds to grow UP he is now longer a young tween get a women close to his own age 30+

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Yeah, the wig is the hit. :) He definitely has comedy-talent. That’s a further plus to him as an actor – he can do both: comedic AND serious roles. We haven’t seen him in a comedic role anymore, since a while. Not since Dog Trick and Zoolander – perhaps it is actually time for another comedy. But to me, it must not be necessarily a rom-com. Even though I’m sure that he also would be brilliant in such a film.

  • NoSC

    At least Alex and Fares have careers, what does Keith have? The ability to follow? What will he do if Alex left LA, or gets married? He is older than Alex right?
    That pic katarina damm posted has sure meant that she has gotten some free press, that situation has worked out well for her! Did she get with him ? She sure wanted it to look that way. It didn’t really make Alex look very good or Keith. And the other one with the ‘boys jacket’ wasn’t much better. You got the feeling from his time with Kate he wanted privacy and then those pictures came out.
    Has been single since his breakup with Kate?
    Also were is Bjorn at?
    I do not see him having anything to do with scientology.

  • yeh yeah

    Thank you. My mind drew a total blank. I don’t see them together at all.
    Lindsay looks rough!

  • yeh yeah

    Does anyone think that his parents divorce has made him slightly scared of marriage or something? I don’t think he has spoken much about it but maybe it has influenced his decisions? Or perhaps I am over analyzing his situation?

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: The wig was great. We know he needs to do more comedy. He has said he wants to do a comedy. Last spring Bullies was rumored, with Danny McBride and Jason Sudekis. But nothing happened with that.
    It’ll be interesting to see what happens in terms of the type of film offers he gets, and is able to accept, once TB is finished filming next year.

  • The REAL Keiko

    @yeh yeah:

    Yes, you are over-analyzing. The divorce happened when Alex was grown, already in his 30′s. Seriously doubt he’s scarred by that.

    But he’s likely scarred from being a spoiled brat who was allowed (as he has said himself) to “do whatever you want” (his father’s direct words) while growing up (well, “growing up” is a loose term since he really never had to grow up and still hasn’t grown up). He’s never had to be committed to anything in his whole life. If something bored him or tied him down, he would just leave. University, acting classes, military, jobs, girlfriends, whatever. He won’t ever marry either, and if he spawns a child it’ll be by accident and it’ll only be once. Mark my word.

    Even since being in the acting business for many years he can’t carry a movie because he lacks the skill set (thanks to never completing drama classes) and lacks the self-discipline to really hone his craft (he can’t even change his facial expressions, his speech pattern, or the way he walks — he is always *Alexander Skarsgard*) — because he’s too lazy and un-disciplined to do the heavy lifting it would take to be a bona fide film star. That’s why he keeps getting minor parts in movies and then tries to pass himself off as an “artist” who just loves doing independent movies. The only reason he’s been able to last on True Blood all these years is because of the sex and nudity. That’s the only thing he’s able to commit to — sex scenes, nudity, and getting wasted.

    He’s not an artist. He’s just a bored guy with commitment and self-esteem issues who keep running from one project to another to keep himself busy and try to look like his life has some purpose and meaning. Like this “charity” (LOL) event he’s doing in the snow. He’ll probably win, too, because every 10 years or so he has to show some cajones. The last time he showed some cajones was when he did Generation Kill, so he’s over-due.

  • The REAL Keiko


    He does look amazing in these photos.

  • U r vile

    @The REAL Keiko:

    God you are a toxic vile cockroach you are not a being sitting there behind your screen to make judgement about a man you dont know or probably not met does he issues sure just like everyone else has he figured it all out no. Mark my words you are vile and disgusting but you already know that dont you.

  • The REAL Keiko

    @U r vile:

    #42 LOL, I live for the fangirl drama on here. You know, I like how you admitted that Skars is kinda screwed-up. You’re just angry that I spelled it out.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Yes, I guess that’s always the point for an actor – which role offers he gets.

    I think, we have to wait and see what the next year will bring him – regarding further movie projects (aside of ‘tarzan’ and then there still is this ‘viking’ project, I suppose).

    At least, tonight (it’s late) I don’t have any suggestions anymore, with whom else of his actor colleagues he should shoot a comedy once.

  • Mel

    @yeh yeah: I think it has more to do with how his father is, he’s always done whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted, while his wife did everything and his “life is just one big party” attitude, like even now that he’s in his 60′s and has little ones under 4, but he’s still going out to bars all the time getting drunk and partying and he seems to work non stop and not really having much to do with their raising either. I think growing up with that as your role model has a lot to do with why he is the way he is.

  • The REAL Keiko


    And doing his “O face” and bragging about sex/nudity/I’m Swedish for his new p0rn movie for Lars von Trier. It’s pathetic really. Alex is only his father minus 25 years.

  • The REAL Keiko


    “I think growing up with that as your role model has a lot to do with why he is the way he is.”

    Absolutely, and like I said already: Daddy told him “you can do whatever you want” and that’s what Alex has been doing for 37 years.

  • ;)

    I think it is time for alex to think what he wants in life .Now he’s fun and sexy but in ten / fifteen years, he is a pathetic man if he does not change . and Keith is totally a loser .and I have not seen fares for a while maybe they see each other less

  • yeh yeah

    And has perhaps influenced his choice of friends. As I understand it none are married and they are older than him.

  • d

    @The REAL Keiko:

    Again with the utter bull. Man are you jealous or what. His acting is very good. His facial expressions he has many. Please do get your eyes checked. Why are you even on here except to talk crap about him all of the time. It is Alex’s life, how he chooses to live it and with whom is HIS business. Surly not yours, no matter all your bluster and bad mouthing. Now crawl on back to your hole in the ground, go on, git.