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Henry Cavill Gushes Over 'Man of Steel' Personal Trainer

Henry Cavill Gushes Over 'Man of Steel' Personal Trainer

Henry Cavill buttons up his sport coat as he leaves Scott’s restaurant on Saturday evening (November 16) in London, England.

The 30-year-old actor hopped into a car, where he waved to cameras while settled in the backseat.

Henry recently chatted about his Man of Steel workout regime with his trainer Mark Twight.

Mark is probably one of the most incredible people I have ever met,” Henry told MTV. “The things he has helped me achieve – I can only speak for myself, really – but he has opened my eyes to seeing past what I thought were my limits, the ability the crush me in the gym just enough that I can’t walk out properly and I feel horrible and feel a little sick, but I still want to come back.”

20+ pictures inside of Henry Cavill leaving dinner…

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  • HCfan

    adorable! <3

  • Angela

    I just love this dude!!

  • Ale

    Nice to see some candids of Henry, love that scarf.

  • Pam

    Why doesn’t he dress more age appropriate? I suppose that’s why Englishmen are often mistaken as gay or highly mannered. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

  • cutie

    We need more Henry and less Kaley!! Superhot where have you been?

  • my man

    Fact: I would sex the shit out of that man any day.

  • Roxanne


  • Matt

    Cavill is this generation’s Reeve. He’s sincere, humble, honest, and all around a great guy.

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    Asians all together can hear, and see what you’re visually thinking.
    THIS IS NOT A JOKE OR A MEME! This is the absolute complete truth!!!!
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    Asians also segregate, and are untalkative to avoid accidentally saying things that are similar to what people are thinking and going to say.
    All Asians are keeping their mind reading abilities a secret, they don’t want ANYONE to know they can read minds!!! They are trying as hard as they can to hide it!
    Try thinking, and visually picturing things as wild as you can when you are around Asians, and look for Asians who give people dirty/particular looks for what appears to be for completely no reason, it works if you try enough!!!

  • Maria

    Hello Handsome ……

  • Batman only character

    By the way people Ben Affkeck’s Batman is a very small role he is
    The only character no Butler or other characters are Superman’s
    Perry White Louise Lane His parents Mr and Mrs Kent and of coursE

    Not only Asians how do you think Middle Eastern people terrorize!

  • farila

    in Englishmen ! :)
    I don’t think it’s his suit, it’s just his way to walk.
    i LOVE hENRY FOR THAT, HE’S ELEGANT!! (It’s confusing, but it’s NOT GAY)
    Don’t change ♥ I dislike the way some American people walk, like beefs xD (machos)

  • pup


  • Amy

    I am curious why his star power is not bigger than he is. He ticks off all the boxes but for some reason, people just don’t seem that interested? Is it because Superman didn’t do as humongous as people thought it would? Or is it because he’s somewhat bland? He’s neither edgy nor super wholesome. Somewhere in the uninteresting middle. Poor guy.

  • maria

    I would love to have his babies!!! At least 10 little Henries, no fewer than 10.

  • Alice

    Such a beautiful man but a mediocre actor! his performance as Superman was very bland! nothing impressive at all!

  • James

    @Amy: Maybe because he is not that good of an actor? He was certainly great in The Tudors and perfect as Superman, but the guy just loves to party (drink) a little too much. Maybe he should consider less drinking and getting some acting classes/theater stage work in between his movies. Before his current movie Man from UNCLE and Man of Steel he was out of work for a year and a half! This huge gap is not going to help his acting skills.

  • James

    @James: Correction: I meant “between” instead of “before.”

  • leelee

    I ship Henry and Mark

  • Sayer

    He looks so much older than his age. And the outfit does not help, either.


    @Pam: This one isn’t “mistaken for gay”. This one IS GAY, just like all the others, and they’re anything but “highly mannered”. HAHA

  • wawa

    The only reason his star power is not bigger is because he did not appear in decent movies, he spent way too much time auditioning.

  • Erica

    @ASIANS CAN READ MINDS!!!!!!!!!:

    It’s true all right! I found out an Asian girl could read minds then saw your comment, and then have tried that out with many Asians and over time got many results!!!

  • Roxanne

    @Amy: hes hot so its doesn’t matter

  • Hawt!

    Isn’t that his brother, Simon, behind him? What a tight knit family! Lovely!

  • RIO

    I’m so jealous of frieda pinto right now. To be that close to this man.

  • Nikki

    Could Henry be any more handsome and perfect? It’s almost painful how good looking and down to earth he is!

  • Nadine

    @James: maybe he needs to hire a big Hollywood pr machine to send people like you and Amy to troll websites and disparage him. MM HMM.

  • Anna


    Wait till you hear the rumours about Natalie Dormer.

    Anyway,i think his starpower is strong.He had his breakout film 5 months ago…what did you expect?This is the guy that will lead the most anticipated franchise ever ,Justice League.He already has comic book fanz worshiping him snd that’s the toughest audience.He will also lead another franchise Ritchie’s UNCLE and after MOS his names is into serious consideration for many coveted roles in many tentpole movies.There is aldo a lot of demand FROM THE AUDIENCE for the guy to appear in movies.So yeah i think he is on his way to the big Hollywood ranks.Let’s not forget he brought the most iconic character to life and he was universally praised…that’s not easy.

  • Nadiap

    Henry is amazing in the Tudors and fantastic as Superman, MOS is the first grounded film of that franchise. I thought the editing was poor especially the 3rd act, but it was still good.
    Just bc Henry does not walk around full of himself like a lot of Hollywood celebrities, people say he’s bland. I hope you never change Henry.
    Acting is subjective. Movies are subjective. Critics (aka mostly middle age white men) liking a film does not mean anything to me. I decide whether I like a film or not period.

  • Chloe


    Aggreed.After i have seen countlless interviews of him,it’s obvious thathe is vey charismatic,charming and down to earth.He is also always nice with everyone.And sooooo H-O-T.Perfection.

  • Nadiap

    @Alice: I thought his portrayal of Superman was on point base on the direction Snyder wanted to go with the movie.
    Prozac aka Oscar season is about to start with the barrage of super boring super depressing super overacted films coming down the pipe.

  • Chloe


    That’s why i’m rooting for Sandra Bullock and Gravity to conquer the awards season and ultimately the oscars.Blanchett wad amazing…she is Blanchett,but i feel we have seen what Blanchett did countless times.Meanwhile Bullockhad a much tougher work and gave this amazing performance under really difficult circumstances.There’s no gravity for Bullocks performance IMO.Last time i was so excited for an oscar win was because Heath Ledger’s monumental performance onTDK.I love it that these 2 roles are the complete opposite of an oscar bait role.Plus Sci-fi actors never won before so it’s time for oscars to write some history for a change.

  • Shamu

    Ooooooh, Henry. Forgot what I was supposed to write…*thud*

  • Claire


    Remembering what i want to say about Henry is the easy part since there is not one day i’m not praising his hotness.

  • Stella

    @Hawt!: Yeah it’s his older brother Simon, the one who still lives in Jersey. I think there are all married with kids except these two. Who’s in for a double date?

  • Amaretto

    Henry’s brother Charlie and his wife are in London too so We will see soon new pictures

  • Jane


    I am BUT yoou have to settle with Simon since Henry is my future husband.

  • Stella

    @Jane: You kidding, right? Henry is more my type. He is the epitome of male perfection. Sorry but to me Simon is about as appealing as a potato, you can keep him.

  • zoey

    I like that Henry Cavill does not jump from one woman to the next just for PR anymore. He might not have found the right person yet. People should not fault him for that mess of a “relationship” with Kaley Fameho. They were paired up by Warner Bros studios and it backfired. I’m sure it won’t take long before he meets the woman of his dreams and settles down.

  • Tiffany

    @zoey: His dating life is such a giant PR flop. His latest relationships were all a studio set up from the get go. Good thing he’s taking some time by himself for a change.

  • Maya

    @Anna: Natalie Dormer has a fiancee, same guy she began dating before The Tudors. They never hooked up (barely had scenes together), nothing but lies and wishful thinking.

  • Maya

    @Maya: When he was shooting the tudors in Dublin he was seeing a girl named Susie Redmond who worked on set then he dated Ellen Whiteker for 3 years…. nothing ever happened between Dormer & Cavill.

  • Laura

    I see nothing have changed on this comment board. Just Jared is not that great on their website. It seems that the same old people is still coming here on Henry Cavill displaying their ignorance. Do everyone a favor and give it up. The jokes and nasty comments has ran out and old about him being gay and his popularity. Henry Cavill is the most charismatic person i have seen. He truly is a great guy, no matter what people say about him and his performance in MOS. He definately worked his butt off to transform himself for that role. He owned that role. To me, he gets my respect. So haters be damned.

  • Anna


    I’m sorry but i don’t think Ellen and Gnina were staged.It does not make sense.Henry Cavill is a heartthrob.When you have a heartthrob that was just got the most coveted role in Hollywood you don’t stage a relationship and have him engaged to someone.I would only understand if they said that she was just his girlfriend.But she had his fiance.And Gina…well there was this blind item that suggested that he was ready to propose but he didn;t do it because of all what’s happening at the time (superman,fast and furious etc.).


    This is why i said “rumours”.I didn;t say it was fact.And i think between Ellen and Suzie he dated a waitress.,,,or was it before the tudors?

  • Malu

    Gosto dele, por mais estranho que possa parecer, entendo o fato de não assumir alguém publicamente, as vezes somos mais intensos do que se imagina.

  • Jane


    And what makes you think that the epitome of male perfection is not my type?Anyway,here’s a plan…we clone him.That way everyone wins.

  • Martha

    @Anna: Three arguments why it was a WB ordered showmance. He wore Superman’s colors when grocery shopping with Cuoco, red t-shirt, blue jeans. Secondly, WB which owns Henry’s MOS and Cuoco’s BBT and is essentially the employer for both HC and KC, was expecting a billion according to the ex-CEO, not a third less the movie made. Thirdly, KC tweeted a pic of herself mouth wide open/drooling under the MOS poster, urging her BBT fans to go see it.

  • Anna

    To begin with,i didn’t mentioned Cuoco.But if you want to talk about Cuoco…let’s.IMO there was genuine interest from both of them and INITIALLY it was not staged.The went out a couple of dates,someone saw them,reported the story and then the PR teams took control and butchered the relationship.The fact that he was wearing the Superman colours does not mean anything to me.Maybe it was a coincidence.Also the ex WB CEO is EX because of the stupid things that he said.Noone in WB ever believed tgat MOS would reach the 1B mark.That was Robinoffs and fanboys’ dreams.Proof? Way before MOS was released a WB exec saud that if MOS would be as successful they wsnted it to be,the franchise would lift on its shoulders the entire DC universe by introducing the pivotal DC characters and ultimately leading to the Justice League film.Now in the next MOS movie we will be introduced to the new Batman and rumour has it that Diana Prince (wonder woman),Barry Allen(The Flash) snd Dick Grayson (Nightwing) will have cameos.BTW if they were so dissapointed by the movie 1.a direct sequel to the movie would not be coming in 2015 and 2.They would take such a bold choice,casting Affleck as Batman.Look,i’m not saying thay Cuoco and him were not staged (they obviously were),i just don’t think it started as people say it started.PR teams were involved but not from the get go.The only truth is ,that none of us will ever know whar trully went down.For me,is just not worth it anymore so i will just appreciate his looks…uuuuggghhhh the jawline.

  • marianna

    I LOVE him, he’s a real british gentleman! ♥♥