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Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Madame Figaro' Style Issue

Jennifer Lawrence Covers 'Madame Figaro' Style Issue

Jennifer Lawrence looks stunning in Christian Dior on the cover of Madame Figaro‘s special style issue, available now!

Here’s what the 23-year-old actress had to share with the mag (translated):

On wanting a normal life when off screen: “I want my life is as normal as possible. One of the dangers in the film industry is that things are too fast, aging and depriving have lived. I do not want to burn the stages of my life. I want to keep it simple, you see, I do not have an assistant. One that helps me is my best friend. At the end of a day of shooting, I can go home and hang out with her, do what we do in 22 years…and not share time with someone who works for me.”

On her childhood: “My nickname was ‘Nitro’ as nitroglycerin. I was hyperactive, curious about everything. When my mother told me about my childhood, she always told me there was like a light in me, a spark that inspired me constantly. When I entered the school, the light went out. We never knew what it was, a kind of social anxiety. But I had friends.”

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Bigger cover inside…

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  • Anna

    My god. Who translated this?

  • The Dame Intl

    Why did they have to go an Photoshop her so much? Damn media, so unnecessary.

  • Lou

    Have you read the right interview? What is different?

  • Josephine


    It’s not about what she said but about the grammar. I’m not a native speaker but even I can recognize that the sentences like: “(…) that things are too fast, aging and depriving have lived.” or “(…) do what we do in 22 years” are not a proper English.

  • anima

    She has got to have one of the best PR teams. I have no idea how people can fall for and admire someone so fake as she is. And her acting … there is no acting it is her over and over again and again. I hope she goes away after THG, but i bet she lied about that too.

  • Elizabeth

    haha nice google translation

  • Stella

    She sounds cool and grounded. I hope she’ll stay that way.

  • maeo

    Kinda of a butterface. I don’t like her new haircut either, it has aged her deeply. Oh and btw that translation sucks.

  • Maggi

    @anima: Finally someone who sees her for what she is, a product of very good pr.

  • Chick

    @Maggi: I agree….and I’m getting sick of seeing her everywhere….sorry Katniss fans.

  • blabla

    Girl, someone should tell her that claiming 24/7 to be different and a special unique little snowflake misfit is the the very definition of mainstream now.

  • Jessie

    She’s too young for the some of the designer clothes she wears. Her image is not of a fashionista, so I don’t get why they’re trying to make her one. She’s an average looking young woman who’s been incredibly lucky. I think she is a good actress, not great. The accolades she gets is more than what’s due for what she does. I still don’t know how she got an Oscar for Silver LInings Playbook. Someone has to be the ‘it’ girl and I suppose she was the one chosen by Hollywood insiders. They tried to do it with K. Stewart, but she mucked that up, now it’s Lawrence’s chance.

  • Cate

    What a terrible translation. Was this just put it through an online translator and copied and pasted?

    @Jessie: I agree with your comment.

  • M

    What idiot translated this? What a moron. FYI Google translate isn’t perfect. Quel idiot.

  • Roxanne


  • Roxanne


  • Fercat

    @The Dame Intl:

    God knows how horrendous she looked before.

  • Nikki

    Don’t dig this cover, sorry. I love Jen! But the way they made her look here…. don’t like it.

  • ugh

    Yay I’ve had enough of this girl that I argantni, and her acting much, I do not see how she could win an Oscar, I’d give it a much more talented actress than her, and her face

  • What’s next

    Surprising.. no talk about her weight.

  • sweetness

    there’s alot of bitter and very jealous commenters on this JLaw item posted today…which only means she’s doing something right. Lawrence has millions of fans who thinks she looks fabulous and has the best personality of any actress out there. Accept it haters she’s here to STAY.

    Dior does not allow it’s haute couture line to be worn by any passing fancy. The house of Dior is a fashion icon. They certainly don’t need Jennifer Lawrence ..they WANT her representing their fashions. And as for her weight…once again..btw, Dior NEVER has a person who is overweight representing their clothes in any campaign..

  • ugh

    @sweetness: Maybe he has millions of fans but they are a bit crazy, I let interested about this actress what’s so interesting to the council to talk about himself?? wants to be famous, I do not like such an actress arrogant

  • Anonymous

    If Kristen Stewart only had Jen’s PR team, trust me, she would
    have won an oscar for that Twilight thing !
    How can it be that an amazing actress like Julianne
    Moore, for example, never ever won an Academy Award and
    Jennifer Lawrence already has one(and going to a second) ?

  • Roxanne

    @sweetness: well then she better quit with all her shit about being normal and trying to be the same as us normal ppl because its not ganna get her far

  • sweetness


    First off, if her millions of fans are crazy then I like that crowd than unaccomplished haters hiding online who are seething with envy. Because it goes without saying if you had accomplished a third of what she has done you would not be hating on her.
    Second, if you aren’t interested in her..why did you even comment about her?


    Kristen Stewart has wayyyy more $$$ and can afford the best PR in the world than Jennifer. But Kristen Stewart has a personality that is sour and angry. No one in their right frame of mind gravitates toward a disgruntle actress who is her own worst enemy. She had plenty of support when Twilight first came out, but then Stewart became the angry actress…people in the industry don’t need that. They want fun, lively actresses who make people WANT to see their films.

  • Roxanne


  • ugh

    @sweetness: It is seen that you are crazy fan Jennifer, I have to agree with Anonymous Kristen should match long had an Oscar, and Jennifer does not understand how it could get you crazy and obsessed with going to heal, and something every normal person understands why Kristen Chobe upset when it Foti paparazzi and screaming vile things, but it probably will not understand, jennifer is not very good actress, I do not see what everyone sees her, arrogant, etc. ..

  • ugh

    @sweetness: And even if they did not want Kristen would not record another film, has over 30 films, I call this a bad actress? Oh, please’re crazy and stupid and ridiculous, anyway you have any pubetacka, you’re embarrassing Me as an actress Kristen I LIKE, jennifer thanks to someone won an Oscar, so what I’d Oscar gave much more talented actresses, I do not like her,

  • pika

    im glad im not the only one that doesnt fall for her. she seems nice and all but i just dont “dig” her like everyone else does. shes a great actress but cuz she is praised so much i can see her slacking in the future. you know just slowly thinking “Im amazing and irreplaceable” when its the opposite. she is great but the industry revolves around new buzz – she better be prepared. because she is still young she has so much time to keep doing movies so shes lucky for now.

  • Alice

    @Anonymous: Jennifer won an Oscar because she had Harvey Weinstein, it wasn’t her PR team who bought that for her, it was Harvey!
    I’m sure Kristen Stewart or any other talentless actress can win an oscar with Weinstein’s help, just look at Gwyneth Paltrow!

  • Anna

    What rude comments on here today! What about her seems fake? Nothing! Good PR has nothing to do with it, she is just a nice person and some people can’t accept that because she is so famous. Just because she is famous and has money doesn’t make her a bad person, that is a disgusting judgement of someone because of a stupid stereotype. She is a funny girl, who seems to care a lot about her fans and has a good head on her shoulders. Anyone who can’t see that is either blind or stupid. She doesn’t have bad press for a reason and its because she doesn’t do anything to provoke. All of you haters on here, get a life. If you don’t like her why come on this article in the first place?

  • Romy

    Standards are so low these days, it’s sad. Is SHE really the “best” Hollywood has to offer? White-trash gone Hollywood.
    I hope the whole hype blows up just to shut up her dumb American worshippers.

  • mer


    It’s not about her being rich and famous- nothing wrong with that, it’s about the fact that she talks so much shit, nonsense, lies, contradicts herself all the time and is rude. Yet no one calls her out on it- brilliant PR.
    Funny girl? Yeah fart jokes, and rubbing your a** on rocks is hilarious. I suppose it works here in our gloriously vulgar US.

  • GFW

    God-awful cover. Appalling. Gaping mouth? Really?

  • Cory

    @Anonymous: Kristin Stewart has the personality of a potato.

  • Kyle

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    End the ethnic Bullying and Institutional Racism perpetuated by writing to COCA COLA, and your Senator or Congressman to strip the NFL from its tax exempt status. As Taxpaying citizens of the United States, we demand that our government end financial benefits to organizations that promote Institutional Racism, Bigotry, and Ethnic BULLYING.

  • Roxanne

    @mer: true she even said in an interview with Vogue that her Publicists tells her what to say and not to say all thew time

  • Roxanne

    @Anna: no one ever said anything about her NOT being nice or even her money……she is fake!!!!!!!! every thing she tries to be normal and acts relatable with ALWAYS that bullshite of working out and blah, blah,blah .then she says in another interview how shes exercising and alll ……she then goes on saying how young sex sells, when SHE did a shoot for Esquire, HER LOOKING ALL HOT AND ALL, then she puts on a dress with her boobs hanging out …….oh and then she dares say how she wants to “calm down” and keeps getting roles….she is a nice, funny person and I’m sure shes nice to her fans but she needs to stop saying things then doing the opposite, and PLEASE enough with the
    ‘I’m not ganna lose weight and all because it’s getting quite old…. because there are pics of her going to the gym and its noticeable thats shes lost weight……

  • dane

    harvey chose her to get the oscar, its not even the oscars anymore, its the weinstein awards. bradley outshone her performance in SLP, he deserved the oscar even more than daniel day lewis’s boring ass performance of abraham lincoln. hmmm i wonder why he didnt get it but jennifer did, its definitely not because hollywood is biased *eye roll*

  • WowjustWow

    @ugh: If you truly feel what you posted then why are you here?? Jealous?? Many of the posts here come across as bitter and jealous. I think she’s a good actress, only time will tell if she’ great. Meanwhile I enjoy her films and she strikes me as very down to earth. BTW, I have friends who go get me food, maybe some of the posters here don’t have friends like that because they aren’t very nice. I will say that I don’t like the outfit that Dior set her up in. The shirt looks like a napkin wrapped around her throat. Bad choice on Diors part, perhaps that outfit would look better on a Chihuahua.

  • maria

    I am just so tired of seeing her everywhere. I used to like her, but she is so overexposed now.

  • Anonymous

    Actress who should have never won an Oscar
    Sandra Bullock
    Julia Roberts
    Kim Basinger
    Gwyneth Paltrow
    Jenniifer Lawrence(Talented, but too soon !)
    Actress who should have
    Julianne Moore
    Naomi Watts
    Michelle Pfeiffer
    Joan Cusack

  • Isa

    I don’t recognize her !
    La parenthèse Enchanté

  • dana

    I’m already tired of it, I still can see, it seems to me arrogant, I do not see well in her actress mediocre, do not know what everyone sees it,

  • dana

    @Cory: Seriously and that you say? How do you know what my personality, it says someone who sits behind the COMP and criticizes hahahaha,

  • jerseymark

    Well you must know her pretty well to make such a comment about how fake she is. Of course you don’t so you are a know nothing idiot to make that judgment. As far as her acting is concerned, a reality test is to compare what you think to the overwhelming societal consensus and when you are so different it is probably time to seek help.