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Lady Gaga Pokes Fun at Madonna Comparisons on 'SNL' (Video)

Lady Gaga Pokes Fun at Madonna Comparisons on 'SNL' (Video)

Lady Gaga pokes fun at the comparisons of herself to Madonna in this funny sketch from her appearance as the guest host on Saturday Night Live!

In the skit, the comedians on the show portrayed different singers who were performing versions of other artists’ songs for a compilation disc.

When Gaga was introduced to be performing a version of Madonna‘s song “Express Yourself,” she actually just started singing her hit song “Born This Way” instead. When Gaga released the song a few years ago, it was instantly compared to the classic Madonna song.

Lady Gaga Pokes Fun at Madonna Comparisons on ‘SNL’ (Video)
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  • yaasssssssss


  • heidi montag

    well her album sales is flopping, so there’s that. slay a bit flop queen!

  • BabyDoll

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess she finally realised poking fun at herself was the way to go, two years and a half years too late sweetheart, but keep flogging the dead horse… Just a few days ago she was bitching about how she didnt think the songs were similar lmao

  • Larf

    As if Madonna s the only one she emulates …..

  • Robert Alan

    y’all act so stupid and political over Lady Gaga and Madonna.. get a damn life you weirdos!

  • SB

    @BabyDoll: Um…you know she doesn’t write these skits.

  • leelee

    She’s like Madonna if Madonna got hit in the face with plugged iron.

  • K.C.

    She has always been able to make fun of herself. Even the Madonna/Gaga skit on SNL 3 or so years ago was a jab at their supposed rivalry at the time. Apparently Madonna didn’t get the damn joke.

  • XrebelX

    lol madonna cant say a damn thing about this. gaga is slowly dragging people that mocked her during born this way era. perez, madonna, who’s next? she gets more famous and everyone can just sit and watch gaga reaches her success. anyway..where’s madonna now? lmfao has she died or something. who cares anyway.

  • Britney

    Justice For Bionic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paulie

    “she gets more famous and everyone can just sit and watch gaga reaches her success.”

    Her new album is expected to sell less than a third of what her last album sold and her tour was canceled due to poor ticket sales (let’s be honest). How is Gaga getting more famous? She peaked with Bad Romance. It’s all downhill.

  • Scott

    I don’t know about the MAdonna comparisons. But I loved the 2 songs she sang tonight. I’m gonna buy Do WHat You Want on iTunes and maybe the album.

  • nev


    SIT DOWN. you sound like your afraid of Madonna. hahahaha


    GAGA The GREAT !! We all know Madonna is a old bat and her new pop music she’s bringing out has no juice to it or life to stay on the radio or for the stations to play it. With that said, This skit was hilarious because all I thought of was the old botox face Madonna. You guys don’t get it. This was a jab at Madonna. When the guy in this skit said you should live in the present not the past, this was for Madonna and her fans. Madonna is not the Queen of Pop and she knows it. It’s a nice title but deep down inside everyone knows the NEW QUEEN OF POP IS LADY GAGA. The obvious reason is how hard Madonna and her fans are aiming for Gaga. I’ve never seen Madonna act this way towards any of the other young female pop artists. The news media is obsessed with Gaga’s every move. Gaga you did a great job on SNL.


    @XrebelX: GAGA The GREAT !! XrebelX, I agree with you. Madonna started it and Gaga finished it. The NEW QUEEN OF POP LADY GAGA put Madonna in her place with the HOWARD STERN INTERVIEW ON 11/12/13. Gaga shut her down. JUSTJARED will you please post the audio for the Howard Stern Interview when she was asked about Madonna and Perez Hilton. For you dumb Madonna fans. Gaga is being asked about Madonna in these interviews and she’s answering the questions she’s being asked. Madonna was going around last year bringing up Gaga’s name every chance she got and even singing BORN THIS WAY at all of her MDNA Concerts which was really creepy. Madonna loved singing Born This Way and pretending to be Gaga by doing the Born this Way choreography. Madonna was and still is obsessed with Lady Gaga.

  • nok thailand

    Cant see! but watch this pic i think so funny. 555

  • birds

    GAGA is way better than Madonna, more original and creative.

  • Loc SF, CA

    People, people, people! Don’t get mad at Stefani Germanota. It’s not her fault. Lady Gaga is nothing more than her record company’s creation and Stefani is just a meer puppet. Blame her idiotic, mindless and repetitive shenanigians and awful, boring, and no longer fun music on the “creative” teams her record company set up for her.

    Once this Lady Gaga project no longer proves financially viable, Stefani will be let go and free to do whatever she wants. One thing for sure, she’ll be a good actress, considering how well she takes instructions like a trained poodle.

    Her record company should’ve abandoned the Lady Gaga project after Bad Romance because it has gone downhill since then.

  • J morales

    There’s only ONE Madonna, and no one can take HER place. Gaga is a joke. She began coping Madonna since day one. If Gaga would have never copied Madonna, she would be another surviving musician playing at low cheap bars. This woman is pathetic.

  • Frank

    There´s only one queen. She is MADONNA.

  • Mindless Minute Monsters

    Supposedly ArtFlop is flopping so badly that Interscope is losing $25 million with this album.

    This is great news because soon there won’t be anymore Lady Gaga! Good riddane to baaaaaaaaaaaad rubbish!

  • Mindless Minute Monsters


    Do you bird brain too?

  • Danielle

    Never got the comparisons tbh. One is about making a man express himself how he feels about you, and never settle for not other than real love. And the other one empowers acceptance, self love, and being brave. “In the religion of the insecure, I must be myself, respect my youth….I’m beautiful in my way.’Cause God makes no mistakes. I’m on the right track, baby, I was born this way. Don’t hide yourself in regret. Just love yourself and you’re set. I’m on the right track, baby. I was born this way”

  • Steven Whitehead

    This b*tch needs to give up. Boring!!!

  • Steven Whitehead

    @birds: HA ha ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha bonk. I just laughed my head off

  • rashiqua

    girls, gaga can ACTUALLY sing and even act – just sayin’ )

  • lola

    Poor gaga , this is the end , next !

  • nev

    she will always be copying Madonna..hahahahahaha

  • stevefree
  • Kyle

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  • Petrona and sons

    ok gurls… u need to calm down,,, Madonna is old she will die soon… so LADIES AND GENTLEMAN MARY JANE HOLLAND

  • Marine

    Gaga showed 3 things she can do that Madonna can’t:

    1. Sing
    2. Play an instrument
    3. Act

    Madonna wished she had the sliver of talent Gaga has. Madonna has only remained current due to gimmicks, shock value and great marketing, it’s not talent. The woman barely won any Grammys until 20 years into her career.

  • Josh


    Do some research Madonna was asked about that wanna be Gaga and she never said anything bad about the woman, Gaga is the bitch here not Madonna

  • Josh


    NO way is Gaga ever going to be the Queen, MDNA sold more than ARTPOP and Madonna’s tour was far more successful, Gaga promoted that album relentlessly Madonna did almost no promotion for MDNA, whcih topped the charts in over 50 countries worldwide, how many did Artpop? Thats right Madonna kicked her ass without even trying