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Alexander Skarsgard & Lindsay Lohan: 'Eastbound & Down' Series Finale Guests!

Alexander Skarsgard & Lindsay Lohan: 'Eastbound & Down' Series Finale Guests!

Alexander Skarsgard and Lindsay Lohan guest star on the series finale episode of Eastbound & Down, which aired last night (November 17) on HBO.

While Lindsay‘s appearance on the show was widely known, Alex‘s guest spot came as a surprise to viewers!

The duo played brother and sister, the children of Danny McBride‘s character, who is a washed up baseball player who returned to his hometown to teach phys ed at a middle school.

In the series finale, Alexander and Lindsay were featured as his children in a flash forward sequence that showed what happened in the future to the character and his family.

Alexander Skarsgard and Lindsay Lohan on “Eastbound & Down”
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alexander skarsgard lindsay lohan eastbound down finale guests 01
alexander skarsgard lindsay lohan eastbound down finale guests 02
alexander skarsgard lindsay lohan eastbound down finale guests 03
alexander skarsgard lindsay lohan eastbound down finale guests 04
alexander skarsgard lindsay lohan eastbound down finale guests 05

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  • Serena

    Wow. She looks like a 45 year old bride that has problems with plastic surgery. She just can’t act.
    I wish her the best. But she really can’t act.

  • sexy pants

    Another Alexander post awesome! This bit was great I have watched it now a couple of times and I can’t choose a fave T Powers but I dont have too they all made me laughed out loud hard whether it was grad, wedding OMG my dad is dead Powers it was all made great by that hair OMG skarsgard with Jerry Curls has lifted me so high haha dead he should do more cameos because hair and all he does give the best face and that is why I love his face because it is he best. ED cameo was great welcome of laughter that I need.

    I did love the OMG my dad is dead face it was the best ugly face cry loved it even more him getting the ladies to grief with him haha the best

  • Lydia

    I can’t wait to get home and see this episode. Love that Skars has such a great sense of humor

  • Keiko


    I think that video is it.

  • Raven

    Skars is so funny, glad he did this! Lindsay is just sad.

  • The REAL Keiko


    He’s not funny at all in this video. What’s funny?? His clothes, wig? Those are props/costumes. He doesn’t actually DO anything in this show.

  • sexy pants

    @The REAL Keiko:
    You know what is predictable you bitter a$$ trolls who pop out of your cesspool that you call life to sh!t on the dude when he does anything positive but better yet and still when there is no drama you crawl and troll to create some change of your game old and tiresome is all you are. Praise his light that you are in no way shape or form in control or contact with his life or happiness and praise green grass that you are NOT in Control of funny or to tell us what is funny.

    I would say GET ALOT OF THINGS but why bother keep being Sad and miserable that seems to working wonders for you.

  • The REAL Keiko

    @sexy pants:

    Praise his light?


  • cc

    saw the episode = the whole thing was really off/horrible and i love eastbound and down. lohan looked bloated and old she had no speaking lines

  • d

    @The REAL Keiko:

    And your constant raving about him comes off a pure jealousy. The cameo was adorable in all of its dorkiness, the hair just topped it off.

  • pretty kitty

    it was shot 5 mins after she was out of rehab for 3 months of eating, no drugs, Adderall, drinky, drinky. of course she’s puffy!!

  • sandra

    what is so much fun about Skarsgard ? the wig or that he draws faces if he is a retard . he has in his career played three good roles . okay he sexy and f.ckable .for me he is a pretty boy who acts and not even very good .that is my opinion and there will be others who think differently

  • @Sourpuss Keiko

    @sandra: Ok keiko eh I mean “Sandra”, you’ve seen all his films and roles in different series, in Scandinavian and US? I’d say you are quite dedicated considering you are not even a fan :)

  • @The Stalker “Keiko”

    Psychiatrists have developed several stalker profiles:
    The rejected stalker. This person was rejected in a relationship, and they perceive it as an insult, they feel wounded, and they are seeking vindication.
    The resentful stalker. These are self-righteous, self-pitying people who may threaten, but they are the least likely to act on it.
    The intimacy-seeking stalker. They believe they are loved or will be loved by the victim. Often they focus on someone of higher social status. This person is mentally ill and delusional.
    The incompetent. This person is socially backward. He doesn’t really understand the social rules involved in dating and romance. He doesn’t mean any harm.
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    The rejected and predatory stalkers are most likely to assault their victims.

  • The Nut is loose

    @The REAL Keiko:

    I see the nutcase that is Keiko is loose again or her meds wore off or she broke out of her strait jacket or what ever its this time. This happens when she sits at home alone and watches tons of Alex movies and stare for hours at his pics and then realize she will never have him and that is hard for a stalker she puts alt of time and imagination so she lets her crazy free on JJ check all his Threads she is on most of them with her self diagnosed nonsense

    Staring and watching his movies for weeks or hours doesn’t meanyou know him Keiko or Sandra whom ever she is posting as now you can tell which one she is the one that post the sad sour comments.

    Let her rant it will only remind her that she will never have him and plus he would never want her anyways.

  • thestarksRdead

    @@The Stalker “Keiko”: oh , you already posted that ,twice already . it’s boring now.

  • sandra

    wow I’m not keiko

  • ladybug
  • Macy

    @ladybug: Good for them! I hope it goes well for both teams.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Three teams! Don’t forget the Commonwealth team with celebrity ‘mentor’ Dominic West.
    Here’s a short report on their arrival, it’s where the gifs/stills were taken from. It focuses on Harry, but Alex does show up around the two minute mark, helping Ivan Castro up the stairs.

  • sexy pants


    Ok so I finally peeled my eyes from off those gifs of him walking onto the bus they are so mesmerizing you just cant stop looking at him he so much better in slow mo its great for focusing on the important bits.

    His pecs are asking for a very intense hands on inspection – squeeze so Thanks for the videos he looks sexy, more so in those ski pants he makes ski pants sexy of course he is would and of course he would be wearing a Hammarby hat adore him, it would complete my life if he had on matching Hammarby underpants at least you dont have to ask who that is you know is is Alexander.

    Love him and hope that was the worst of the weather but over there it is so unpredictable got to be mentally all there and totally focus, mind over body this is what this trek really is I hope he is holding up fine, hope his precious bits are warm and keep warm, good luck, great adventure and most of all hope pole and the cold are kind to them all but enough to get a great experience. Great cause and great people nothing but positive, sportive good vibes for all.

  • Macy

    Oh yeah! I completely forgot about the Commonwealth team.

  • ladybug

    @Macy: Hah! Funny thing is, most of the news reports out of the UK have focused on Harry, of course, but then the Commonwealth team. The US team is barely mentioned.
    They were supposed to leave today for the starting point, but have been delayed by weather. The teams have been trying to get some skiing in, here’s a pic from yesterday of the US team and three members of the UK team (Team Glennfiddich) out in the lovely weather. I think that’s Alex at the front.

  • New love 4 tb7

    Eric gets an new love Intrest for tb season 7 casting call french women must be French in her 20s and gourgous
    well you know Alex is going to try an date her and shag her likes his costars young 2 date becus he is too lazy and stuckup to find someone outside the biz
    Will bet couply shots of em next yr in Sweden &france

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: I couldn’t imagine to be out there – under these climatic conditions and with these extreme temperatures! I already freeze when we have only -2°C here, and wear already my winter coat…LoL…I fear I wouldn’t be the right person for such a trek (not to mention, the neccessary physical condition). I have big respect for all involved people, who do that! Alone if I look onto this pic – it really looks like very difficult conditions. Sure, it’s the Antarctica – but anyway. I mean, we knew all it wouldn’t be an walk in the park – but I guess, it’s one thing to know this by intellect, and a other thing to experience that for yourself.

    Best wishes for alex and the team US!
    (And of course also for all the other involved!)

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: A little too harsh and windy for me.
    Here’s a short video of the pre-flight briefing, before the teams left Novo for the starting point. Alex is shown briefly at around the 53 second mark:

  • stillfighting

    @New love 4 tb7: OH’ DO SHUT UP.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks for the link. Indeed; harsh, windy and – first of all: cooold! LoL I already begin to freeze if I only see them walk in that snowy field (the pic). I guess it’s strenuous to come forward there – also with ski.

    I also think, the most important thing for them all is; doing this anyway. Independently of this “contest”. That’s really something special – to make such an experience. So I presume, they ALL feel more being like a big team than like (competition) opponents.
    (The vid gives a bit this impression – and if I remember correct, then one of the involved mentioned something similar in an interview.)
    The journey is the destination – so to say. In that sense – they are all winners in the end. :)

  • sexy pants

    Awww look at the cute adorable pupil in class. He is so adorable love him precious swede thing and I bet you can teach him alot of things and he will not only remember all he has learn but to be the best pupil he would go the extra mile too to get that A. I have alot on my to do list and he is on top of it his cute ears that stick out to pick up all information I love his cute ears and his face His swag in his ski attire is desirable. He will be and do fine on his trek I am sure they went over the necessary life surviving info and he has them mentally down and he is smart enough to find his way out if needs be. He will have his little adventure he seeks and some scares but he will be fine as the saying go seek and ye shall find wishing them a safe, warm ad sportive trek an a safe return home to their families and love ones.

    Now I will go back and look at those gifs and short clips longer than one should but what I will be doing.

  • ladybug

    The Trek is to start on Sunday, December first, and has been shortened by 60 miles:

    Noom ‏@Noom 3h

    #SouthPole2013 will start Sunday and be 60km shorter than expected due to unexpected extreme weather

    More details from this blog by expedition manager Victoria Nicholson:

    “They had seven days of non-stop driving they were going for forty-two hours stretches so they could get to 87º in time to meet us. They also had to get to 87º to search for the runway ahead of the Baslers landing. The Baslers don’t take off from Novo until somebody is at 87º to okay the weather. It’s a six-hour flight from Novo to 87º. So our vehicles had to firstly identify a flat area, which was suitable for the Baslers to land. When they got to 87º they then have to spend a further good four to six hour identifying a suitably flat place. The only place that they could find for the Baslers to land was located 60km from our previously identified start line. So three Baslers landed, the party was all reunited and we were all together but we were dropped 60km from our start line.”

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks for the link. That sounds like still a lot of work is to do until the race can begin. I guess, under this special weather conditions is it super extra difficult. But it’s often like this: the best plans can be thwarted through unforeseen events (like the mentioned storms). I would like to hear how they do that in an every day rythm. I mean, how does it work – with eating, sleeping and so on (under that special circumstances).

    I guess, this altitude sickness is an additional problem. If I did understood it correct, then the teams coped this altitude difference in a quite short time. I heard once, that if you have this altitude sickness, then you have to break off the trip usually. For medical reasons, as far as I know. So I wonder how they could go on, then?

    Like I said; I have big respect for everyone who is involved. That’s obviously really an special challenge – this entire thing. And the report of Victoria also sounds like that. And obviously it’s neccessary that they help each other.
    Hope all expediton members will be fine and stay healthy.
    And hopefully the other vehicles will also arrive soon!

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Regarding the rhythm of the race, somewhere I’ve read there is something of a schedule, two hours skiing, ten minute break, six hours of sleep, day of rest, something like that.

    Regarding the altitude sickness, if you read the Trek doctor’s voice blog, they had one person he was nearly going to evacuate back to Novo, but didn’t have to. So apparently they’ve all acclimated.

    Per Ed Parker, they are due to start racing on Sunday December 1 at 1300 GMT:

    “It’s Saturday evening, we are hoping that our final two vehicles that have really struggled to get here because of mechanical issues and also the weather, are going to be arriving at the old start point in the next half-hour.

    The remaining eight skiers, they will then be driven to the new start point, which is 280km from the pole.

    We had to shorten the race a little bit because of the difficult conditions we have faced from the weather and from the difficulties the cars have had. We can’t start without the cars because they have ten of our pulks with them. So half of the expedition team so far have just been living out of the bags that they had on the aeroplane that flew us up here.

    But things are now looking much more rosy.

    Tomorrow morning everyone will have their pulks. They will get them sorted and we are hoping that the race will start at 1300GMT tomorrow and will have a shortish day – a five hour day – and will see people covering about 12km.

    Finally, it means we will be skiing. Every little ski forward means we are closer to the Pole and closer to our goal and actually doing what we have come here to do.”

  • ladybug

    Here are a couple of more videos from Tuesday’s departure from Novo base in which Alex makes a brief appearance:

  • ladybug

    Here’s a pic of Alex from today, at the start of the Trek:

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks for the several links. Unfortunately, one of it doesn’t work here (the hugging of harry and alex) – I have no idea why. Always if I try it to play the vid I get an error report. :(
    That’s interesting, what you have said about this schedule. I guess, with these cold temperatures it’s only possible to go just a few hours/km per day. But to say “only a few” this is relative. Of course – under that difficult circumstances.
    And I have also a lot of respect (anyway for all expedition members) but especially for the one (Ivan) who is blind. That’s really an special challenge for him, I think. And so also it is for the other wounded members.

    I presume with this sort of storm they have there, it’s no wonder that they were forced to shorten the trip a bit (the mentioned 60km).

    How do they motivate oneself – under that conditions (temperature, storm, wind etc.) and of course the conditions how they must live in their tents?

    Regarding the altitude sickness: I forgot to add, that I meant also, that I heard once that an higher altitude difference is to cope slow. So may be, they (the sick people) hadn’t enough time to acclimatize – respectively they coped the altitude difference too fast? Usually, if you do mountain climbing for instance – you must keep an eye onto that.

  • sexy pants


    Thanks for posting these links great to see everyone in high spirits heres to hoping it carries on for the rest of the trek. He looks good, Bless his Hammarby hat wishing them a safe and sportive trek. Godspeed god luck the sun is out that will keep them going even though it is cold as hellz there. Good vibes to all especially my Swedish Vanilla.

  • ladybug

    @Cafélady: Regarding the altitude adjustment: they originally wanted a week at the starting line, to give everyone plenty of time to adjust. Per the Trek doctor, those who had symptoms had them within the first 24 hours of arrival. If other symptoms develop during the Trek there are medical personnel following along.

    Motivation? I think in the beginning motivation isn’t a problem, they all wanted to be there and to me that indicates pretty strong self motivation. As for what happens a week or so into the Trek, when they’re really sick of the cold and the ice and being on their feet/skis 12 hours a day, that’s when they figure out what else motivates them. And that’s another reason they’re on this Trek, to push themselves.

    Ivan: from Victoria Nicholson: Team Glenfiddich were leading for the first few minutes, with the Commonwealth (Soldier On) Team close on their heels and the US (Noom Coach) Team behind, weaving their way through the sastrugi, trying to find the flattest route possible for Ivan. It is a huge challenge for him – he is one-hundred percent blind and is led by Inge in front with poles attached to Inge’s sled. It is a real challenge for him (Ivan), so Inge has to take the flattest route possible. The sastrugi is really challenging – we don’t know if it is going to be like this all the way to the Pole but the teams are all happy and raring to go!”

    I don’t know why the Harry/Alex video won’t work for you, but here’s a link to Marvel and Whimsy’s Tumblr, she’s done gifs from the videos:

  • ladybug

    Here’s a pic of Team Noom Coach from yesterday. You can spot Alex by the height and the fact that he has a Hammarby flag on his pulk.

  • Cafélady

    @ladybug: Thanks for the links. The hugging is funny. :) And the other pic (the second link from flickr.): you must have eyes like an lynx…I can’t spot a hammarby flag (not in that pic, where you see them from the side and walking in a row) but could see it then in a other pic. And it doesn’t surprise me… :) I guess, hammarby is surely some of the most important things to him (personally). Like he apparently said: “Hammarby is my mistress. I can not stand to see her suffer.” :)

    Regarding the altitude: If they had really enough time to acclimatize – then usually it shouldn’t be a problem. But not everybody acclimatize fast in an unusual environment. I guess, it depends on it, how often (in a year) you change climatic, weather and time zones and how much your body is used to do that. There are people who not even suffer with jet lag after a long-haul flight (for instance)…and others are totally down after that…Of course; no comparison to something like this trek – just as an example…

    Yes, the real challenge will come with the every day routine, when they walk every day their quota km’s and see all the time the same around them (the snow desert…) having every day the same rhythm etc…. not to mention the physical effort they have to go through.

    But it seems as if they at least have enough to eat there:
    “Breakfast is also a hugely important part of the team’s calorie intake. Their 1400-calorie meals include cheese, deli meats, oatmeal, butter, toast (whole-grain!), and jam.”

    They report, that they have to take 4000 calories a day (everyone)! I guess, the physical effort is stronger than I thought…. :)

  • Keiko FOR REELZ, YO

    Hey, I didn’t know where else to post this: Who’s Alex having sex with while he’s out in the snow? I mean, he can’t possibly go 2.5 weeks without it. There has to be someone. So who? Any theories? A polar bear maybe? Or maybe he’s pulling around a midget in that snow luggage? Thoughts?

  • sandra

    he has a inflatable Lolita with him ;)

  • sexy pants

    @Keiko FOR REELZ, YO:

    Hey, I didn’t know where else to post this: HOW ABOUT UP YOUR ARSE, put sh!t where sh!t belongs I say. Ugh trolls

    @ladybug Anyways back to more important things Alexander & WWDW folks, thanks for the updates and info about the trek. LOVE It and him for taking his Hammarby flag with him he can be effortlessly adorable and sweet and it is very endearing quality of his that is uber charming that and that he is lovely and a team player which also show his better quality.

    Love the winter snow bromance that is taking place between him and his trek mates and Hot Harry hug that was sweet even tho it was brief. Hug it out I say hugs are great especially when you are at the coldest place in the world.

    Also good to read that the sun and its heat has been kind and warm to them here’s to hoping that continues like that for them because as this man says: Life could be worse, life could be warmer but could be worse! lets hope it gets warmer and not worse.

    Positive sportive and warm vibes to all and alot of spirit boost. Sending virtual warmth and heat to Alexander tent.

  • Do Your Research

    @sexy pants:

    Hey a**hole, two of his trek mates are women, did you even know that? Show some respect and don’t refer to his “bromance” as if they’re just a gang of guys, because they’re not.

  • sexy pants

    @Do Your Research:

    Ugh trolls on the patrol no surprise here, Ha do my research?! Do yours troll I was responding to LB links and post of Alexander interacting with his MALE trek mates I would say Use your god damn eyes and learn to read then respond it goes hand in hand such as get a life go out and be a proactive citizen of the world and not an internet a$$hole. I don’t need to do a research it was pretty much stated months ago who his team/ trek mates are and I know there are women involved and I also know women are more than capable of doing other things and being superior in it other than make babies so get off your soap box and preach that sh!t to someone else but of course for you trolls (women team mates its like bullets in a gun to take shots at him (yes i did chose this reference on purpose) and your welcome I gave you human interaction something you are lacking….

  • ladybug

    Thanks goodness for that Hammarby hat:

    And the Trek has its first medical casualty:
    From the WWtW news site:
    On Day 3, the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge claimed its first medical casualty as Team Soldier On‘s Polar Guide Eric Philips was pulled out of camp overnight by expedition doctor, Dr Dan Roiz de Sa for closer assessment and treatment.

    Eric had been suffering throughout the day with the altitude and breathing problems. Dr Dan Roiz de Sa‘s immediate assessment at their overnight camp found that Eric had fluid on his lungs, which, if left untreated, could be very dangerous.

    He should, however, make a full recovery and hopes to re-join his team on Day 4.

    He will be closely monitored by Dr Dan Roiz de Sa who continues to make sure that all the team members’ health is not compromised throughout the race.

    Hopefully he’ll improve and be able to rejoin the Trek.

  • sexy pants


    Thanks Lady poor Eric but what do you expect the Pole is still uncharted and very unpredictable territory but I hope he recovers well and soon. Here’s to hoping Alexander fair out better for the rest of it but he look so beat and tired and he still have so many more days to go bu he can do I know he can he will pull through and push on he has got that in him in spades. Mind over matter or in this case body he needs to go into his reserve tank and find extra to keep going.

    At least he has some comfort and Hammarby will help him get through and good for us we can spot him from the rest also the clear bright sun/day will give them a boost to go out and get on with it much better than a grey stormy day.

    I am having a great happy day today sending that extra positive shiny vibe his way as extra boost to his day. They are all doing great in all respect wishing them good sportive and warm vibes for the remaining of the trek FORZA Bajen/WWDW!

  • ladybug

    @sexy pants: The odd thing is that Eric Phillips is the polar guide, he’s be doing extreme location stuff for over 20 years. This is something like his 12th trip to Antarctica. So of all people to really get sick, it’s the one person on the entire Trek with the most experience of where they are. So yes, it’s brutal.
    But apparently he’s back with the team:

    Eric Philips, #WWTW Commonwealth team guide has been given the ok to rejoin the South Pole Challenge @supportthewalk

    And today’s a rest day so hopefully everyone will get some recovery time, sleep, etc.

  • ladybug

    A pic from Thursday of Team Noom Coach and some British royal person:

    And the race aspect of the Trek has been called off, but they’ll still be skiing to the Pole:

    On Day 5 of the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge, as the teams arrived at their first Checkpoint, it became obvious that underneath the concrete determination of all the team members, the harsh reality of the Antarctic was starting to take its toll.

    With the safety of all those involved at the forefront of Expedition Director, Ed Parker‘s mind, the following decision has been made going forward for the Virgin Money South Pole Allied Challenge:

    “We always knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, but that is what makes the challenge so exciting. Our aim was to show that despite injury, young men and women from our armed forces can still achieve great things.

    Until now, the three teams have been racing against one another across the Antarctic plateau, but yesterday I took the decision to suspend the race.

    The reason for this is entirely simple – safety, which remains the core principal of our expeditions.

    While all three teams were progressing well, it was becoming evident that there was a higher degree of stress imposed on the team members, due to unprecedented terrain on the plateau.

    With careful consultation from our doctor and race team, we have put the race on hold. This does not mean that the expedition is over. Far from it. We came down here, determined to get 12 men and women, all injured in conflict, to the South Pole, and so we will.

    Tomorrow we start the last leg, 112 km, to the Pole, with no stress being placed on the teams, and with the new race format enabling them all to do this in their own time. Each evening, the expedition will be camping together, all able to enjoy and share each other’s experiences. By Friday or Saturday next week, I strongly believe that every member of the expedition will be standing on the South Pole, celebrating what will have been the most extraordinary shared journey….
    (from the WWtW page)

  • Fancyfair

    Autumn Vienna Soleil Harmon, Patience Harmon-Quinata’s talented daughter, had her first ever principal audition for a meaty role in the feature film, “Diary of a Teenage Girl” starring Kristin Wiig (Bridesmaids, Despicable Me, SNL) & Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood).

    What is Alex obsession with this kind of role we now he Goes on and on about lolita so we know he is obsessed with it and in this movie he is going to play the dude who is not only f***ing the mother but also the 15 year old daughter sounds familiar yes it does. Will pass on this film thank you. He starts filming in January I am surprise it hasn’t hit the HWR or deadline since he has sign on it and starts soon so he Goes back to LA straight after WWTW to prepare for this.

  • gaja

    I thought he wanted not to be a stereotype again a romantic movie bah