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Olivia Munn Covers 'S Moda' Magazine November 2013

Olivia Munn Covers 'S Moda' Magazine November 2013

Olivia Munn takes a hold of her hair on the cover of S Moda magazine’s November 2013 issue.

The 33-year-old actress was photographed by Mathew Welch for the mag and styled by Cristina Perez Hernando.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Olivia Munn

It was just announced that Olivia‘s new film Beware the Night was given an earlier release date! Jerry Bruckheimer’s paranormal thriller will now debut on July 2, 2014 as opposed to the originally planned January 16, 2015.

Beware the Night also stars Eric Bana, Joel McHale and Edgar Ramirez – be sure to mark your calendars and check it out!

For more from Olivia, visit S Moda magazine!

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40 Responses to “Olivia Munn Covers 'S Moda' Magazine November 2013”

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  1. 1
    living in a box Says:

    God, this girl is gorgeous!

  2. 2
    Scott123 Says:

    As someone who has followed her since her G4 days, what a delight it is to watch her blossom professionally. Go Get’em Girly girl! ♥

  3. 3
    vy Says:

    She’s so pretty. She has that youth but mature look at the same time. Shame she can’t act.

  4. 4
    Keiko Says:

    I know a lot of people don’t like her, and I don’t have an opinion of her since I’ve never seen her in anything, but she does come across as very self-obsessed and arrogant, BUT she is very beautiful. This can’t be denied. She’s natural and has a great figure, gorgeous eyes and hair. She looks really good in this photo spread, especially the first one in the sweater and skirt (perfect!).

  5. 5
    Keiko Says:


    She “can’t act” but she keeps getting work well into her 30′s, so someone must like her. I’d guess it’s more than she does one thing and one thing well, rather than “she can’t act”. You know, lots and lots of actors/actresses have long and lucrative careers on very little or one-dimensional talent.

  6. 6
    Cara Says:

    Thanks for new story. I still want to comment on him. Did you see the instagram pic on the JJ story? This is the first time he looks happy with her. There were fans too and he is always happy with them.

  7. 7
    dog Says:

    Raaf!Raaf! The helicopter she was in was the one Emma Stone and Bradley used. She posted all the 2 videos from there. Tramp!

  8. 8
    Cara Says:

    Actors are so short. Bradley looks tall with them when he isn’t. She is not wearig heels. When she does she is the same height or a little taller. He looks short here.

    Do you still think last time she was in LA she went to Hawaii for 2 days? I don’t. Can’t you see how she is posting sooo many pics to show she is there. She did not do that last time. She was in LA looking for jobs.

    She is wearing the same shirt. Was Bradley in one of the videos? lol

  9. 9
    Brian Says:

    The set pic with Bradley and Emma wasn’t in a helicopter. It was a plane. In the Instagram pic the guy mentions they used one of his Dad’s planes in the film.

    He was smiling for the fans in the Instagram pic. Notice how he needlessly took off his hat and held it in his hand to avoid touching Su”".

  10. 10
    dog Says:

    @CaraWas Bradley filming? I am losing all respect for my master. He is acting like a fool. Bradley has always wanted to be Leo.

  11. 11
    Cara Says:

    She always posed the same way open thigh. Boring and ugly.

    @Brian: Missed he took of his hat.Maybe it was to avoid touching her. Do you still think she is not staying with him in Hawaii? I think she is staying in the same building. We’ll never know if it is the same apartment or bedroom.

  12. 12
    bag Says:

    Bradley is happy for the fans. If she wasn’t there, would he be smiling?

    dog My friend we still do not have the whole story. What IF she told Bradley she was going to Hawaii on vacation to get away from the cold and could he get her an apartment in the same house or stay with him? Bradley can’t run away like he did in New York, he is filming there.

  13. 13
    bag Says:

    Brian Glad you are here. Posters falling for her little games. Not me. Bradley has not taken PR pics for awhile. She has to do her own PR pics + videos to show she is in Hawaii.

  14. 14
    Brian Says:

    @bag: I agree.

    It was said that he allowed her to come to the after party in New York as a friend. This could be another example of the same. When is. AF” posting again? It”s been over two weeks and clearly some explaining is in order.

    Did Bradley still see AmFr? What does she think of Bradley’s little friend continuing to hang around? AmFr must have the patience and understanding of a saint.

  15. 15
    Huma Says:

    The Italian is Bradley’s friend, not girlfriend. She is Jennifer2, she does not like Bradley for romance. Bradley sees her as a friend.

  16. 16
    Lucy Says:

    @dog: Thanks for article.
    @brian: What an eye! The baby and the hat! Why is he standing very close to her?
    @Huma: I don’t believe you.

    Does anyone know what the hand sign is? Is it from the A team? He did it with the female fans too.

  17. 17
    Brian Says:

    @Huma: You’re wrong Huma.

    I’m sure AmFr likes Bradley for a LOT more than “romance.”

    You know how sexy and passionate Italian’s are. :)

  18. 18
    Bradlifer Says:

    I am confused for several reasons about al of this..
    She dosent make him happy, we know that. We have seen pic evidence and it is so obvious it hurts. But if she makes him unhappy why is she around right now like this…
    What is there saying they actually are living togehter? Nothing. Huma said Suki said on her private board he leaves early in the morning and comes back late at night..that dose not give them much time togehter. Maybe she is just staying in the same area but in a different appartment…
    Huma also said she was very upset about something the other night..she posted the words “every rose has its thorn” and it was from a very sad break up song…now she is saying she is spending their birthday togehter? LOL makes no sense at al…
    And the latest new pic sends different signals…he looks happy, could be for the fans…but he standing really close to her…and at the same time he took his hat off in order not to have to touch her…nothing makes sense to me anymore about Bradley..i barely recognize him…he was this good guy of Hollywood, lately he has turned into this creapy old man…i looked at the videos and cant see him in any of latest video at the end you see a helicopter take off, maybe they went on seperate tours. She went up took her tour and then it was his turn. If i am not wrong those planes take two people at the time..

  19. 19
    Huma Says:

    @Brian: Su is not Italian. She is very very passionate. I think AFT said they are not dating. Is Italian still “trying to get to know him”? It is 8 months to get to know Bradley. He has Su who knows and loves him.

  20. 20
    dog Says:

    @Bradlifer: I am confused too. Maybe Bradley pretended until he got to be A list status and now he does what he really wants to be with a tramp but he does not looks happy with her. Maybe they had a fight the night she posted song.

  21. 21
    Brian Says:

    @Huma: Su is not very very passionate, she’s very very desperate. BIG difference.

    She also doesn’t love him, she’s simply using him for media attention she’s not able to gain on her own name.

    Yes, AmFr has spent many months getting to know Bradley. You’ll notice in all that time she has NEVER used Bradley’s name to draw attention to herself.

    That’s the difference between AmFr and Su. AmFr respects him. Su uses him.

  22. 22
    Beth Says:

    @Huma:There is a bit of truth in what you tell us. Amfr might be more th a friend. @Imogen said she was his cousin. Now you are both saying friend.
    @Lucy: Because he likes she makes herself available to him he stands close to her. I don’t like Su does not mean I can’t admit what is happening. Amfr has a job. Su has nothing to do for weeks except follow Bradley everywhere.
    @Bradlifer: She was upset but she needs him to be famous. When you need someone, you let them treat you the way Bradley treats her.

  23. 23
    Imogen Says:

    Italian does not like Bradley. AFT will tell you this next time he comes here.You saw a pic where Bradley shows love to SW you pretend he is not because he is holding a hat?

  24. 24
    Imogen Says:

    @Unknown Sister @Seb: Where is Italian today and next week? SW is still with him today in Hawaii. They can go for a quick trip to London this week.

  25. 25
    Brian Says:

    @Imogen: In that pic Bradley was showing his love for his FANS. Su was trying to touch Bradley, while he held onto his hat to avoid touching her. Do you need glasses?

    Still begging to know where AmFr will be? You just said yourself that AmFr doesn’t like Bradley, why do you keep begging to know where she is?

    You don’t even realize you’re contradicting yourself.

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