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Adam Levine: People's Sexiest Man Alive 2013!

Adam Levine: People's Sexiest Man Alive 2013!

Adam Levine is suave in a white tee on the cover of People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2013‘s issue, which hits newsstands on November 22!

“As a musician, you have fantasies that you want to win Grammys, but I didn’t really think that this was on the table,” the 34-year-old Maroon 5 singer shared. “I was just amazed and stunned and it almost seemed like they were kidding, but they weren’t, so that’s cool.”

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Adam Levine

He added about his upcoming wedding nuptials to fiancee Behati Prinsloo, “I didn’t think marriage was for me for a long time. I was ready when I was ready. That’s about as simple as it could possibly be.”

Bigger pic inside

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# 1

BEFORE YOU PEOPLE BASH HIM LET ME SAY HE TOTALLY DESERVES THIS!!! HE IS GORGEOUS. If you disagree just turn on The Voice right now and see for yourself! He was all shy and adorable about it too!!

# 2

Perfect Choice, Perfect man. YOU GO PEOPLE!!!!

# 3

OMG I need to buy this issue… I NEED that picture!!!!

# 4

Now all he has to do is announce his undying love for Christina Aguilera and everything will be perfect. lmao.

# 6

Yes he was “shy and adorable about it” on the show. I love Adam dearly but I don’t know if he totally deserves this. I agree he is sexy and gorgeous at times but maybe not the cover of it, just a spot in the issue.

# 8

Good looking man but definitely not the sexiest. A bit of a strange choice considering they usually only pick actors. I used to love this issue but the past few years choices are a bit bizarre. I feel like the celebs agents campaign for them.

# 9
premium cookie @ 11/19/2013 at 9:52 pm

More like stupidest man alive. He doesn’t deserve this title. BAD CHOICE PEOPLE.

um yeah his pr bought this. of all the movie stars they pick a judge from a nbc singing show.

BOOOOOO!! Sexy is about attitude also. Adam may be handsome and funny but he is immature for his age. Breaking up with a girlfriend via text message is really lame. He shouldn’t get the cover. I bet money him and his fiancé never walk down the aisle. Hugh Jackman or Chris Hemsworth would be a better choice. oh well

So they quote him in the magazine. Means he knew about it ahead of time. And I assume inside are new pics from some photoshoot they did for this issue. So he wasn’t surprised. Of course he acted all shy and humble. What’s he supposed to do. I think it’s part of his schtick. I don’t think he deserved this at all. I think it was bought and paid for. JMO though.
Let the attacks begin!!

Not really @ 11/19/2013 at 10:00 pm

This guy, sexy, really?

He’s gross. People needs to end this title. It’s officially dead. This guy is sleazy. Did Ryan Gosling reject them, again? Was Henry Cavill not available? Gross.

I’m happy for Adam!

I was expecting a comment in this (bought & paid for by PR) issue about how BEHATI made him change his mind about marriage. Generic and boring.

living in a box @ 11/19/2013 at 10:18 pm

this is the reason why i never read people magazine. full of crap!

awe yay i love him. well deserved!!!!

I KNEW IT…………………………………………………………….

This is a joke. And this title bestowed upon him only proves how utterly ridiculous it is…there are a slew of hotter sexier men in Hollywood and this rail thin bone is not one..the editors of this magazine must be women stuck in tween mentality.

It is time for People to give up this designation if Adam Levine is considered sexy. Love his music; but sexy he is not.

But he isn’t even good-looking. He has no sex appeal at all

Eewww……You’ve got to be JOKING.

Firstly the rest of the WORLD would hardly even knows who this guy is, being a judge on the AMERICAN version of the Voice ONLY makes him well known n the US!!!

Maroon 5 had one hit a few years ago but that STILL didn’t make HIM a household name around the world!

In what universe is Levine sexier than Chris Hemsworth????????

People magazine should just rename it “America’s sexiest man alive” as the majority of people would be asking WHO IS THIS GUY????

Whereas Chris Hemsworth has been in back to back hit movies.
Thor, The Advengers, Snow White & the Huntsmen, Thor 2, the dark world & the critically acclaimed film Rush.

Plus he’s incredibly handsome, talented, charismatic, has the hottest body on the planet, is funny, down to earth AND a nice guy!!!

Levine over Chris Hemsworth….Pfft.

hahahaha People Mag is a joke
their choice is so stupid it’s funny

Is this a joke? @ 11/19/2013 at 11:08 pm

It should have been CHRIS HEMSWORTH!!!

It’s all about PR.

Just like when People named Qwenth Paltrow the most beautiful person in the world & EVERYONE knew it was BS.

Adam Levine is AVERAGE looking & has ZERO sex appeal and there are far sexier guys than him on every level.

An NBC judge on a singing show is sexier than the God of Thunder…

Levine is so gawky looking & not in the least bit “sexy”…so wrong!

Ok, i having doubt. This voting only Amuricans? or for all too? I like David Beckham and Hugh Jackmann. They both very very sexy. Adam is cute, but Beckham more sexy.

Great publicist…… ***** no talent.

How much did it cost him to buy this Title? Wonder if i can buy it for my boyfriend next year, as a birthday gift.
He employs a great PR firm.


If you zoom into the magazine cover it says “photographed exclusively for People in Miami”. When was he in Miami? We know he was in NYC Wednesday afternoon to Saturday night. And in LA doing the Voice Monday and Tuesday before that. So did they take these pics awhile ago? His hair does look longer to me than in the last 3 JJ stories. How long has he known about this award??

The People website is pretty much filled with not so nice comments about Adam getting the cover. I don’t think the cover is all that bad looking. I am curious to know more about what he talked about with people and what they exactly ask him about his relationship with Behati. I don’t know if they will glaze over the fact that he’s been with two Victoria’s Secret models. We all know that they very well could bring up Anne and or reveal the picture of him naked with her hands covering up his goods. That picture could be in that interview or the one that Behati shot out over Instagram. I am banking that it will be the one BP took.

I don´t even know who he is. A musician apparently, but I have never heard one song by him or seen pictures up until last week or so, when JJ went crazy posting about him. So sexiest man alive … hardly !

I wonder how they decide who will get this “award”. There is no vote by people that read the magazine or anything. People Magazine itself just decides I guess. So it has to be some sort of deal. Publicists and PR people must campaign for their clients. But remember what someone said on another thread. Time Warner owns People Magazine and CBS. VS fashion show airs on CBS. Adam was at the FS putting on his own show “to support his fiancee” which brought in a lot of press for VS and probably viewers when the show airs in December because people will now want to see Adam in the audience. So like I said before, this all seems too planned. Bought and paid for.

People Magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow most beautiful
and now names this guy a lot of people do not know the sexiest…
The next thing will be name Kristen Stewart or Sandra Bullock
the greatest actress of all times… Watch everybody and you’ll see !
End of times !

People Magazine named Gwyneth Paltrow most beautiful
and now names this guy a lot of people do not know the sexiest…
What comes later ? Kristen Stewart or Sandra Bullock
named the greatest actress of all times !
Very sad !

what a joke!

Hahahaha what? Is it April yet?

@Oneday: This photo shoot was done some time ago. They usually do them about several months in advance but after they have conducted their photo shoots of all the men they have listed they go through all photographs to determine at a later date who will be the person for the title. This issue usually takes a lot longer. It is somewhat similar on how they conduct their SI Swimsuit issue. The head staff then sits and debate and discuss on who should get the title. You can tell this issue took some time.

wow people mag has gone so lowwwww

I agree with all who said it should have been CHRIS HEMSWORTH!!

@Oneday: It was taken when he was on tour in FL this past summer. He’s known about it for a while!

@I wonder and @Beck. Thanks for the info. That’s what I thought. Those pics had to be from a while ago.

Seductive? ???

@Beck: People magazine always has the most sexiest issue fall on either a November issue or a December issue. They don’t make their decision until sometime mid-September or sometime in October on who is in the running for the cover.

@I Wonder: I’m pretty sure it doesn’t ALWAYS happen during this time frame. I’m almost 99% sure it happened while he was in Florida over the summer because him and the band had a few days off between their shows and Adam was spotted in Miami during that time.

M5 also did a concert in West Palm Beach Florida in mid-September which fits the time-line.

@Beck: No, the photos were taken when he was on tour, you are correct on that.

There is no such thing as the sexiest man alive. Today he’s on the mag cover, next year it’ll be someone else who’s been around for a long time. They didn’t suddenly get sexy or unsexy. It’s just another thing to keep people buying this magazine. Each person’s definition of sexy is different and they’re not all going to agree on one person. The only reason they keep putting out these stupid fake honors is to sell something. Even the title is stupid: Sexiest Man Alive. lol Jennifer Aniston is the sexiest woman of all time according to one magazine. I’m still laughing at that.

He doesn’t even come close to the past winners;
Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Bradley Cooper, Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey.

He is not even in their league

Well if he knew about it beforehand all it really tells us is that he is a good liar and a better actor than anyone thought.

Good for Him! @ 11/20/2013 at 1:37 am

I watched Adam on a late-night show recently, and I found him to be extremely funny and charming.

People Magazine really have no taste.
First Gwyneth and now Adam Levine

anotherlurker @ 11/20/2013 at 3:03 am

We all have our own definition of sexy … I’m good with People’s choice this year … I’ve always found Adam to be gorgeous and sexy.

More like Grossest Man Alive. Such a dbag as well.

He’s cute but definitely not the sexiest man alive, he’s too skinny & girly for that.

Im surprised too. But is it safe to say that Tom Hiddleston woulve been better? Hiddles ♥

Jokes apart, they chose this jackass over Hiddleston, Hemsworth and a host of other people who could have fit the bill? Actually, it is a joke.

BOOOOO!!! He has a sexy voice, but I don’t think he is that sexy in the looks dept. to earn this award. Skinny and all tattooed up just isn’t attractive. He sort of looks like Don Adams from the 60/70′s show Get Smart and that guy really wasn’t that attractive either.

Hmm sexiest? Really? I guess he’s ok looking and mildly charming but I just don’t see it.

I don’t know who makes these decisions. It has to be a political favor of some sort I bet. No way is Adam Levine the sexiest man alive. His body is scrawny and he doesn’t have much of a masculine look about him. =>

premium cookie @ 11/20/2013 at 4:15 am

He can’t be Americas sexiest man alive, he hates this country remember lol. J/k I’m still blown away. Popsugar reported people have been very vocal about how they disagree with People mags choice. They also said being with behati sexys him up but the pic of the two of them looks horrible.

Well the thing is he’s got it now.
Why didn’t they put a picture of Adam on the front of the magazine instead of one of the boys from One Direction,?..

Is this another bad joke? People is f-cking blind and delusional as always. They want to makes us believe this guy is sexier than Cavill, Fassbender or Gosling??? C’mon!?

ew.. just ew. He is so annoying and definately not sexy.

@I Wonder: You are absolutely correct. The photo shoots for all the candidates for Sexiest Man Alive are done a few months in advance. His was likely done in September while he was on tour. That DOES NOT mean that he knew he had the title in September, just that he knew he was being considered. Then all the publicist for each candidate lobby People Magazine to get the top spot. Adam’s publicist no doubt threw a lot of money and resources into getting this title for him. It is likely that he knew a week or so in advance, but was contractually obligated not to reveal anything. The public just needs to realize that this is how the game is played. I’m happy to see him have to title, although it may backfire on him.

I was dying to talk about this Access Hollywood interview yesterday, but I didn’t want to detract from the conversation about Maroon 5. Anyway, toward the end he’s asked about a bachelor party and he bascially says he’d rather go on a golf tour.

ahahha. There is nothing sexy about this effeminate loser.

Chris Hemsworth should hold this title. Idris Elba or someone who is an actual man.

People has jumped the shark. They did when they named Fishsticks Paltrow the most beautiful woman.

April Fools’. Ah, wait … we are in November? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Great joke, People. Now give it to a REAL SEXY MAN, please.

@Huh, thanks for that.
What is the point of this award then if it’s left to stars publicists to lobby People, how does that work?, what do they do?, is Jordan Feldstein, Adams manager, also his publicist?.

@Pulease: The point of the Award is to 1) sell magazines and 2) get a lot of media attention for the star, which will hopefully lead to more business opportunites. No, Jordan is not Adam’s publicist. I think his publicist is a woman. Jamie or Kayla who post here probably know.

@Huh, thanks but how do they go about securing it for the celebrity that’s what I don’t get.


@Pulease: I don’t know the inner workings of the game. I just know it is a game. You follow celebrity crap long enough you begin to pick up on a few things.

@Huh: I also saw it … never seen a man so excited about anything about marriage (I’m being ironic). The animated Cee it was also exciting.

I spoke at some past post, that the life of Adam a while back here suddenly changed. Became a brand. This happens when some “powerful” chooses and works hard on the artist. When the famous starts appear anywhere, you can be sure that he is the “chosen” of the time. While you payback, advertising remains. This also happened with Channing Tatum. The magazine did not pick the winner to give a “raised” in fame, they choose someone who is on top. Adam may not be as sexy, but he has a good sex appeal and his face is everywhere. In our world it is just a label, in the celebrity world title this is gold. He deserves as an artist he has the complete package.

@Huh, I know I am being really dim but I just don’t see the point of it all. Loved the golf tour comment.

@Pulease: Oh, you wanted it to have a point!

His picture on the front of the magazine has been photoshopped to death, had they left him alone I might!!!!!!, have seen their point but they’ve made him look eligible for a boy band , young enough to pull a 24 yr old even.

Go to and watch Adams new commercial. Very interesting.

@Pulease-We expected this, didn’t we? Isn’t this what the whole BP thing is all about? Adam is plastered all over everywhere and she got to do the VSFS.

As for sexiest man alive, I happen to think he is very sexy. As for Clooney, YUCK!!!!!!!!!! Brad Pitt is not good looking to me and George Clooney is one of the ugliest men in my opinion. Not to mention, he’s more cocky than Kobe Bryant! I can’t stand Clooney! But I’m not going to call people idiots because theylike him. It’s their opinion and they’re entitled. People are attracted to different people.

There is nothing saying Adam knew ahead of time and I don’t believe he did. I think he knew it was possible but not in the bag.

Don’t believe everything you read. We’ve said many times how these sites take something and twist it into what they want it to be because it sells. Just because the tabs report he broke up with all his GF’s via text, doesn’t mean it’s true. Just because they say BP changed his mind about marriage doesn’t mean it’s true. Maybe Adam isn’t quite the DB people think he is. I’m not saying he’s an angel and God knows there are things he has said or done that I’ve seen and heard straight from the source that made me want to slap the ever loving bat poop out of him but nobody is perfect. Unless anyone here really does know him personally, we shouldn’t be judging him by every stupid little thing hte tabloids say about him.

I still don’t believe it was his rep that leaked the engagement news. I still don’t believe that the engagement is real. I don’t believe he loves BP and I don’t believe she loves him. They are equally guilty for this charade because either of them could have said no. He isn’t perfect but let’s stop bashing him like he committed murder!

Okay, Hemsworth is gorgeous. I would’ve supported that decision. Maybe he’ll get it next time.

As for watching the Voice last night, did anyone else notice the little jab by Blake? Adam knew it too. You could tell by the look on his face and how he got up to go hug Blake. Blake said, “I think your sexy on the inside”. It was a total slam to Adam regarding his interview with Kelly and Michael.

BP hasn’t been mentioned on the Voice. There aren’t a million photos or stories about her being at the Voice. He doesn’t stay at her apartment when he’s in NY. I think this is going to end soon and I think it’s Pulease who said they’ll make up some story about being apart made them realize it but they’re still friends.

Okay, I’ve had 3 shots of espresso this morning and I’m still trying to get rid of that flea I got from Patch so please forgive the rant.

@Marcella: Yeah. A bachelor party is a rite of passage. It’s supposed to be something you only enjoy once in your lifetime and it didn’t come across to me as something he was looking forward to having.

Bee was at the Voice on Monday night. There were tweets about them kissing during the commercials. She was not there last night. She is in St Barts. At the exact time Carson announced Adams title, Bee posted her latest IG. A dig maybe?

@Cheri, Go Cheri, yes of course all this nonsense was expected but you have to laugh.
None of the ones you mentioned are my type, now Jamie Dornan mmmmm, that could of course just be the Christian Grey effect.
Naughty Patch no more treats for you.
That Blake quote is really funny don’t you just love him, now there’s a thought………..

@Kayla: Loved the video. Is it me or are still working the image of man “just for one night”? I loved the bid of scattered clothes, to define his style. I see it happening every day.

Ebonyza Stooge @ 11/20/2013 at 10:03 am

He’s too stupid to be sexy. Not the sharpest tool in the shed. UGH.

I was just reading that Bradley Cooper broke up with Zoe Saldana a few weeks after he was named SMA and Ryan Reynolds announced his divorce one month after. The committed relationship is part of the SMA package, but once the title is bestowed it can just fade away quietly.

@Huh: Marriage is not only the ceremony. The bachelor party is a part. You can do alone or with friends. But it’s important. It’s celebration for failing to be single and have found a woman to share his life and not regret being married.

@Marcella: Adam loves being portrayed like that. Leave the girl in bed. Don’t even kiss her goodbye!

Yeah great video, what a charmer, and he wrecks your apartment before he leaves.LOL

It is true. If the movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” is successful, this title has already the winner (Jamie Dornan).

I adore Adam. I’ll make no apologies for it. Last night I was jubilant for him. It’s nice to see him get something that I’m sure many of his fans knew that he wanted. But now it all seems bittersweet. The phrase, be careful what you wish for, comes to mind.

LOL this becomes a bigger joke every year. If they weren’t going a big movie actor type then Matt Bomer got robbed…he is sexier than this fragile guy.

Oh Matt B is a honey.

@Cheri: I love your rants!

OMG! Matt Bomer is wonderful, it is the Christian Grey in my dreams. Unfortunately, there is still a lot of prejudice in the world. Can not make the film for his sexual orientation. Holy ****, at least he is proud of what is and is not hiding in the closet.
@ Kayla is because he has that image. But I can not get that image of him, for me this picture is “crafted”, is not what he really is. I may be wrong, but that’s my opinion.

Matt Bomer is a hottie. I wanted him for Fifty Shades of Grey. I had women actually tell me they didn’t want him for the part because he’s gay and it would ruin the fantasy for them. I say, they have a very limited imagination cause I can imagine doing all sorts of naughty things to him!

If there are women out there that can’t see past his sexual orientation they don’t know what they are missing@Huh.
Oh and Stephen Amell, he would have made a great Fifty.
Send Patch I am off at a tangent again

@Kayla: I enjoyed that video! I’m not sure why the article titled it as a one night stand when clearly his clothes are all over the place as if he lived with the woman. It showcased his clothing line well and worked well with his image, such that it is.

Silent no more @ 11/20/2013 at 10:33 am

@angel- I adore him too. The look he gives the girl who’s hand he kisses in the video on is why I 100% agree with this title. I just hope that people don’t attribute this to his engagement. I know others disagree but I think BP has done nothing positive for his image.

Excuse, but… WHAT?!?! Tell me this is a joke. If this is the sexiest man alive… pfff -.- People couldn’t find another option? No one better than this guy? C’mon…

@Huh: Glad I’m not alone in this. Imagine doing things very, very spicy with him. When I watch the white collar, you can be sure that the things that go through my head are not suitable for under 30s. He is delicious. My imagination is also improper to Adam, I feel like this video cause it and then it is delicious. I’ll stop talking because I will look sexual freak. hahahahah

@Silent no more: Wait did you see the whole commercial? I just went back to it and they were only showing the making of the commercial. In the finished product, they cut out him kissing her hand. He just takes the keys and leaves. LOL.

@Marcella,@Huh I am out of here for a few hours thanks to both of you I can’t concentrate any more x.

Here’s the whole commercial. And BTW what is that S and M toy he pulls out from under the couch????

@Pulease: Patch is off dry-humping a picture of Matt Bomer. Sorry, I won’t fetch him for you.

@Kayla: Subliminal message to the new trend BDSM. Calls people’s attention, does not go unnoticed. What was the first thought you had to see Adam with him?
Pulease @ @ Huh that was started. Now I get depressed because I’m not as overflowing energies.: (

@Kayla: Those are Nunchucks. It’s a martial arts weapon.

Ok, it’s a martial arts weapon. Who has read 50 shades of gray, which was the first thing that went through my head? I love the part of the door when he takes the key. If I open the door and find it with this look, you can be sure that wore this jacket to pull him into the room. He would have to pay a very high price to recover the keys. The schedule be damned;)


Adam Levine is a great musician and an all around cool dude. “Love Somebody” is one of my favorite songs.

Silent no more @ 11/20/2013 at 11:20 am

@Kayla-Thanks for the whole commercial, I can’t believe they cut that part out! New reason is the smile he gives the girl when he picks up his keys!!!

The sad thing is that during thi minute that i paused and thought “what the hell is this?” …i thought of at least 50+ guys way hotter than Kevine.

I mean…Bommer,Ackles,Somerhalder,Amell,Wesley,Cavill,Hemsworth,Hemsworth 2,Evans,Irvine,Dornan,Clooney,Pitt,Jackman,Fassbender,Hammer,Walker,Booth,Bloom,Gosling,Dicaprio,Brolin…even Brolin.Yes beauty is on the eye of the beholder BUT THIS?This is justt ridiculous.



you gotta love blake that was a funny jab, i think those tweets about them kissing or w.e or her always being there have to be made up by some crazy fan

@marcella- where did you find that pic?! that was the oddest thing ive ever read ! although maybe some parts are true, i can believe it, but it was weird…

@Kayla: Where’s your proof if them kissing at the voice?

It shows all the tatoos and explains each one, not only speaks of the new tatoo “you’re so cool.”
@ Heeyyy also found strange. It was a tumblr that is dedicated to Adam. But until we have something that fits.

i wonder if the person took that paragraph from someone else or somewhere else cause she says “what the actual f?” after the paragraphs so who knows….

Honestly, I like Maroon 5 but this People Magazine thing for Adam???

Good grief there are 100′s more guys who deserve this more than him!!!!

@Hmmm: This is one. I can’t find the other one but it actually said that Behati kept kissing him during the commercials.
Cristina Collins ‏@CristinaaRose2m
Went to a recording of the voice. Adam Levine makes out with his girlfriend a lot & usain bolt was literally a foot away from me.


It should have been Hemsworth!

People magazine seems to measure the “sexiness” of men in Hollywood based on their success. eghh

@Marcella and @Heeyyy, if you click on the pic you will see all the other people it came thru, I am not going to name them but it’s clearly fanfic, teenage stuff

@Marcella: It’s fan fiction.

@Kayla: I was much happier not knowing about the kissing. I guess I shouldn’t care. It’ll be a train wreck regardless.

@Huh, the kissing things good, if this woman could see them so could everyone else, so they are still doing the whole , let’s convince the public, if he’s got time to kiss her he’s got time to take it to the dressing room.

Bee has been in St. Barts. She wouldn’t have been able to go The Voice.

Sounds like she was there Monday.

The Voice mentors gave an interview to Access Hollywood minutes before the live episode of the program on Monday, 18.

PS: That was the day that B was seen on the sidelines? That explains her presence.

PS 02: Thanks @ Pulease. I run fanfics, I’m traumatized. My niece made ​​me read all fanfics twilight for her.

Just Sayin' @ 11/20/2013 at 1:38 pm

@Huh: If you watched the RECAP from Monday Night, prior to the Voice LIVE Show, Adam was backstage in the room with all the artists from the Voice, NOT with Bee.

BP IGd from St Barts but I checked the timings and ther is no reason she couldn’t have been at the Voice on Monday and flew from LA.

@Marcella, some of these fanfic writers have a vivid imagination I just wish they wouldn’t tell anyone else about it, that was a very strange one!.

Silent no more @ 11/20/2013 at 1:50 pm

What do you guys think Christina thinks of BP?

i couldnt find the tweet or the acct, but why is usain bolt there? hes a Jamaican soccer player….?

@Just Sayin’: You know how it works, if one person out of hundreds of audience members tweets that it happened, then it must be true. ;)

Does anyone else think it’s odd that she hasn’t mentioned anything about it at all? She has obviously had time to tweet and instagram pictures of other guys…but not to mention Adam’s new title or even tease him a little? If he was my fiance I would be all over that!

Bee was at the Voice Monday. She went to St Bart’s Mon night or Tues. She IGd right when the Voice started Tues night. So 9pm ET.

Just Sayin' @ 11/20/2013 at 1:58 pm

@Jaimie: So you are thinking what I’m thinking and it’s just another stupid stan comment to get all the stans rolling again?

@Heeyyy, Usain Bolt is regarded as the fastest man on earth. But I have no idea why he was at The Voice.

The acct is there. The tweet is there. She seems to have no connection to Bee whatsoever. Not everyone is a Bee Stan.

@Awkward, it is odd but so is this re.atop ship but you’re right a jokey quip would have been appropriate.

@Just Sayin’: Isn’t that always the case? The stans do read this site. The tweet at each other about it.

@Kayla: The photographer she taged has been St. Bart’s since Monday.

@Pulease: Usain and Tessanne are both from Jamaica. It’s a huge deal for Jamaica that Tessanne is on the show.

@Awkward re.atop ship? But you know what I mean.

@Hmmm: I’m sorry I just don’t think he would make out with her in front of an audience. No pics?

My last comment was meant to @kayla

@Hmmm: People always demand proof around here, but they don’t seem to need proof that Bee was actually there. Only one person saw this happen?

This sounds like the beginning of one of those arguments where nobody can definitively prove their case to anyone’s satisifaction.

Does it really matter if she was there or not, or is it only me that doesn’t care?.

Just Sayin' @ 11/20/2013 at 2:23 pm

@Huh: My thing is this: One tweet from among all those people, yet no pictures?

kayla and huh- ohh thanks! i didnt get her name right i put the “2m” after her name so i didnt get it, but it doesnt matter much i just couldnt find it , i wonder why they havent mentioned usain bolt …. i think stans come is all shapes and sizes so we nvr if she is one she could be!

Don’t know who is demanding proof on here but it ain’t me. I don’t want proof, I want to speculate and build scenarios and yes gossip, shocker. So if anyone has any proof of any kind could they keep it to themselves please as it will ruin my fun.

@Just Sayin’: I think @Kayla mentioned more than one tweet. Not that additional ones would make a difference. There are no pics putting her in St. Barts on Monday either. So @angel has a point. We’re just spinning our wheels here.

@Pulease: Well, I have a preference. I’d like to believe that she wasn’t there. I don’t think it matters all that much one way or the other though, so why argue? There’s gotta be something fun we could dish about!

@Angel I have a preference as well but it’s never going to be proven one way or another you’re right. Adams pic on People was too Photoshopped, they should have gone for the rough and ready, he really suits that and he does it soooooo well.

At least the photoshopping isn’t as bad as the Russian Vogue shoot where they edited out half his torso!

you guys have a point about the arguing but i wanted to say i dont believe her tweet, why would he be making out in front of the audience with her? thats gross and unprofessional unless the girl was backstage.. but it dont matter cause who knows whats real and whats not with these 2

@Huh-Your post about Patch made me choke!

I think at this point, that poor sheepdog has too many posters to chase down and he’s sleeping by the fireplace.

I think the reason people care is because if she isn’t there, why isn’t she there? Doesn’t that just back up our claims? I watched the pre-show and he was with his team. Someone else posted that they were at a taping and every break, the make-up crew come out and “fis” the coaches. You can tell CEE-LO is wearing makeup. His eyeshadow makes him look like a drag queen! They really need to lay off the make-up already!

This girl who posted this tweet seems like someone wanting attention. Read her posts if you can.

Bolt wsa there because he had to be in LA for a photshoot or something and he decided to stop by the Voice to support Tessaine. He said the people of Jamaica are trying to find a way to vote because they are super excited and proud of her.

Don’t you think Blake would be all over it if Adam were all over BP during the breaks? And what? You think she’s sitting in a hidden spot behind his chair so she can just hop in his lap every 12 minutes to make out with him in front of all those teenie boppers then hop back over the chair? Seriously????? She would be sitting in the audience like the contestants family members. The things people will believe!

Then again, who am I to talk. I firmly believe in the Easter Bunny, Cupid, The Loch Ness Monster, Santa Claus, and magic! (of course they’re all more plausible than this train wreck)

Breathe in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4 and in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4……..

Something fun to dish about? Hmmmm………I’m open to suggestion but I have none at the moment.

@Angel, that’s true his waist must have been about 12 inches in that shoot.
@Cheri, if she isn’t there it’s because they don’t spend any free time together, she’s with her parents , he’s in Vegas, shes in Hawaii, he’s playing golf, that’s probably because they aren’t in a relationship, haha.
If she is there and kissing him in front of an audience that’s because it’s the only time they they do kiss, a public street with the minders in tow, Hawaii, a Lakers game, maybe they need an audience, but that’s because they never seem to be on their own and without one.
And I doubt she’s behind his chair, he will have her tucked down between the armrest and the seat, why do you think she’s so thin, it’s convenience.
Send Patch immediately, i am like a dog with a bone.

cheri u crack me up…..

Images of the People Magazine article are all over twitter including the full text. Adam must have known about this much further in advance than I originally thought. He did have that knowing smile on his face when asked about it, but maybe couldn’t confirm due to contractual obligations.

Just Sayin' @ 11/20/2013 at 3:18 pm

@Cheri: I was just thinking the same exact thing. Blake would have ate that up in a heart beat!

@Huh, it’s his shy/coy sort of embarrassed look. That’s his tell when he says porkie pies .

@Pulease porkie pies! I love it!

@Angel it’s true, I’m going to watch all his interviews again where he talks about BP?

@Pulease-Patch is a little wet, I had to get rid of those pesky fleas, but he’s on his way! Let me know about those interviews and provide some links so I can see if I see what you see. Did I really just say that?

@Cheri, you didn’t hose him down did you, he hates the water.
Oh sure I can do links!!!!!! But I will let you know what I have watched. He also does this self deprecating thing , when he makes a contentious comment he always say, what do I know, I’m dumb, something like that, you would think it’s a lack of confidence but it’s really someone’s way of saying, don’t come back at me because if you do I’ll play victim, he is obviously a very clever guy and very aware of himself. You have to admire him.

No, didn’t hose him down. I used that no water needed flea shampoo. Yes, you have to admire him. Either he really is that shy and insecure (which would explain a lot) or he really is a lot better actor than people give him credit (which would explain a lot).

I think he has worked very hard for a very long time and is surrounded by very savvy people and he knows it’s all a game. I think Hollywood is a hugely incestuous place where the first question asked is, what’s in it for me?, and the second one is who do I know that can make it happen. They all know each other or know someone that knows the person they need to get in touch with. If you think about it it’s a small place in the grand scheme of things. We are just the people that pay the money, the end game .
don’t give Patch any lamb when you feed him, he hates it.

No thanks @ 11/20/2013 at 4:13 pm

He is not the sexiest, but definitely the cockiest. LONG LIVE MAROON5 and not the ego of ADAM LEVINE and Maroon5.

I can’t wait for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I wonder if Bee will post pictures of Adam and family or if she’ll let Michael do the honors? No one pays him much attention unless he posts a picture of Bee.

I’m noticing that all this publicity upon Adam, is diverging from the M5. They can record a new album, but the atmosphere between them is not the same anymore. I’m sorry that he was losing his identity … is increasingly stereotyped. After this title is that his ego will fit am somewhere?
On E! is packed with criticism of him. Is increasingly frequent in net claims it is not bemos fans. If true, it is unfortunate.

@Cheri: Your post cracked me up, especially the part about CeeLo.

@Awkward, you’re right it’s not very flattering, egads.

i hate the embellishment in their writing, bombshell? toned abs? sure….

@Marcella, it hasn’t been about M5 in quite a long time but that shouldn’t affect the bands real fans as long as they keep true to the music. Who knows.

Okay, send Patch back!

WTH????? Conflicting schedules? Theymake it sound like they’ve hardly had time to breathe and hell they’ve had time to, well I’m not giving them any ideas!

And what is this crap “he broke up with Agdal weeks”? Weeks????? People must not have the same calendar I have! I have 1 in my closet, 2 in my cube at work, 1 in my purse, and 1 on my iphone and they’re all showing the same dates and days so it must be me who has the defective calendar! That or they just don’t know a week is 7 days and weeks means more than 14!!!! OMG!!!!!!! WHY ARE PEOPLE SO STUPID??????????? Oh wait, y r pepl sew stuped???? (Okay, I just couldn’t resist) And toned abs???????? TONED??????????????????????????????????????? Funny they couldn’t show a pic of these so called TONED abs. Oh wait, that’s because they aren’t toned abs! They’re frickin skeletal abs!

WHACKADOODLE is an understatement! Nutballs is far more approriate!

And breathe in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4 and in 2,3,4 and out 2,3,4……….

Do not you find it strange anyone posting on twitter or IG anything about this award from Adam? Michael, Ali, Behati, James … anyone. The impression I get is that they are not supporting the current decisions of Adam.

@Marcella: Every website where the story is carried that has negative reactions in the comments and they aren’t the minority. As I said earlier, this could be one of those be careful what you wish for moments.

There are no pics from The Voice because you can’t take any electronics in. They search you and your bags before you go in. If you do manage to sneak one in, if they catch you with it, they take it until the end of the show

@Cheri have you been downing double espressos again!!!! The Nina Agdal thing just won’t go away, days it was days and no one can get around that. She doesn’t have abs, she has skin but then so do they all, excersise no chance they don’t eat enough to excersise. That photoshop of Miranda Kerr was a joke , is that why she wasnt in the VSFS show, not skinny enough.
Stuped, Wedd cherry mothersuckas, they can tweet and blog til their hearts are content , won’t change anything. What a load of baloney.
I am all of a kerfuffle here now , and breathe.

@angel: Sure. not always what is good for the ego is good for life. I admire Ryan Gosling for having refused, he wants to be recognized for their work and do not have a label like a piece of meat. For me I would give the title to Hugh Jackman for being different from so many other celebrities. Maintains a lasting marriage with a woman of her age and nonstandard hollywood, instead of having one hanging on the arm model with age to be his daughter just to fit the profile of Hollywood. People have to defend “their truth” regardless of the pressures. The sexiest qualities in a man, to me, is the determination and loyalty.

Kinda late, but Ali’s birthday was on Sunday. So if Bee had been around, then I’m guessing we would have seen a new picture of them celebrating together. Bee posted an old picture.

@Awkward: Notice no tattoo on her side?

@me-shell: Come to think of it, I haven’t seen ANY pics from inside the studio that were taken by audience members. So, it would seem that no one can prove anything one way or the other about something that really doesn’t matter.

@Hmmm: Not sure why my comment is awaiting moderation but if you look at the non-mobile US Weekly site & the pictures in her bellazon thread, you can see that Behati’s tattoo IS there still.

Adam will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.

I have not followed previous sexiest man alive comments but all over every site it is just negative by far. It does not seem like People is getting very good feedback for this decision. I think he has made a joke of himself and what he used to say he would never do. He sold himself out plain and simple.

@angel: I’ve been to a few tapings. The staff says you can’t but I have several times.

That theory makes more sense than People telling us a guy is sexy for cheating on girlfriends(Nina), humiliating exes (Nina again),, insulting women (GAGA) and children (BooBoo, adultery (a married Jessica Simpson)). Here’s a thought – How about honoring acting like a gentleman as sexy. Treating a woman as a lady who matters, really turns us on.

@Beck: I’ve looked through a few pages on Bellazon but didn’t see none.

her tattoo is still there u can see it in the US weekly article pics, but that doesnt hold much merit, and thats true about the phones ive been to voice tapings as well and if u are able to take it in and snap a pic and sneak out there isnt much they can do there are only a handful of security there vs the hoards of fans, but theyre more strict with the season finale…

good point about alis bday if she was there im sure they wouldve gotten a pic together…

Perfect choice!!! Adam is so freakin sexy!!!

The tattoos are the only thing about this relationship that I know is real.

yea but even that isnt big deal, ppl get matching tattoos all the time, bffs, siblings etc…

@Beck: Ok in this pic I can see it.

AAAAAWWWWWWW such “sweet” support from his fiancee.,,20315920_20758225,00.html

Also the comments on People below that article make me laugh. This title is having probably the exact opposite effect he and his PR wanted.

idk whether to believe she laughed or whether or not shes keeping him humble ….

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Another random observation…I just watched The Voice from Tuesday and realized how freely Adam throws out the word love. He tells his team he loves them, contestants not on his team, Carson he loves him, the other judges he loves them. Has anyone ever heard him use that word in reference to Behati? Ever?

There was a really hot guy who got this award many years ago and unfortunately is no longer with us ….JFK Jr.!!!

There are many men in different roles other than those who usually get this “award” who are much sexier than Adam. I am a woman, but honestly Adam must be embarrassed by this????

Dude have you seen the access Hollywood interview w the coaches billy douchebag asked him about the bachelor party his reaction was priceless like WTF?

Hey Sandra Roseli @ 11/20/2013 at 10:17 pm

Sandra Roseli you say you don’t read what is said on Just Jared? If you don’t read it then why are you always commenting on it? You are one of the many fraud fans who jumped ship the first time Behati and Adam broke up. You were also the one who was gaga over Anne until that break up too. You talk about everyone should be kind and not bully but you do it constantly with your fake accounts. It’s no wonder Mergirl ditched you because you are crazy

Really wondering how People Magazine named Adam Levine: People’s Sexiest Man Alive 2013. That was a BAD choice. I can think of several better choices. The first guy I can think of is Gerard Butler, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck

Michael fassbender,Ryan gosling,Henry cavill

Adam made fun of himself a little bit for winning People’s Sexiest on Jimmy Kimmel last night right after opening monoloque:

I love Adam. But after that title became clear how his image is damaged. Of course, no man will be given 100% approval, but in the case of Adam the number of rejection is huge. Tv shows are making fun of him. The fact that he only date models and much younger, worsening his situation. It’s time to rethink your priorities and begin to change their image. I’m sorry to say but the marriage will not help, will only sign the “death certificate” of his image. He has to earn the respect, and it happens gradually with gradual changes. Because everything he does or says turns joke or controversy. This is not normal. I’ve been talking about it in all the news about Adam JJ, has many things that can be done to improve their image and I’m not a “lay” I understand some of that business. I am sincerely sorry for him.

I posted something on the new thread on Adam’s Kmart collection because I wanted there to be at least one positive comment on the first page. I don’t know if this is the normal reaction to People’s choice of SMA, but it seems really negative to me. Also, I heard somewhere that Adam is FIRST musician to be given the title. It usually goes to actors. Why isn’t People highlighting that about their choice? Seems like that would be a big deal.

Have a look at the vid on eonline , he is asked a direct question and then talks about his buddies, and who is the woman in the background, when the crown is mentioned she motions towards him.

@Pulease: What link?

@Marcella, just go to e online and there is an interview with him, let me know what you think.

@Angel, I am beginning to feel a bit sorry for him, people always have their favourite and won’t agree and even though I think it’s a bit of an odd choice some of the stuff is getting really personal towards him. It doesn’t help the band either.

@Marcella: James Valentine posted that non-Adam Levine Maroon 5 article link via his twitter. It’s just a joke and I think the band must already be teasing Adam about it, which is a good thing.
@Pulease I don’t know. She has a badge of some kind so I’m guessing she either works for him (his publicist maybe?) or works for The Voice and is guiding him through the red carpet to each member of the press.

@Angel, i think it is his publicist but when he tries to say not a crown, it’s as if she thinks he is going to say something wrong and she moves towards him, just thought it was odd.

@ Angel was not james did , was the vanity Fair . He became a target of a joke and his band too. Joke between friends is acceptable, but the websites, magazines , programs … is a warning for an immediate change .
@ Pulease stou I feel sorry for him , because it must be hard . He is aware of the criticism , he spoke of Ryan Gosling in the program . He may be joking and smiling in programs , interviews … When he is alone , but do not have to pretend to anyone that should affect it . Turned into something personal , it is not well accepted . The program of the Chelsea spoke to his relationships . It’s unfortunate , because lately he has made ​​wrong choices and this will affect your band in the future . Small changes in your image , it will make a huge difference in your future projects . He has to change to be taken seriously . If not , everything he does will turn to speak or joke or controversy . Not even want to imagine what he feels or thinks when he’s alone in his room , must be difficult .

@Angierocks-thanks for the Access Hollywood video. That was funny! Based on the coaches attire, it was Monday night and the eonline video was Tuesday night so obviously he wasn’t making out with BP during the breaks like that tweeter posted.

I agree with you @ Pulease. It was odd and I think she is making sure he doesn’t screw up.

So does anybody else think this was a huge backfire? We have speculated that he agreed to the sham to stop being asked about getting married and now he is being asked twice as often and yes, much more personal questions!

@Marcella: We must be having a language barrier issue. James tweeted out the link to that story. I took it to mean he (James) thought it was funny.

What I find “interesting” is that all “friends” take advantage of the fame of Adam. But when he needs to be supported, none of them is pronounced. No one has posted anything on twitter or IG. Do they really want the good of the Adam? OR fame? Disgusting, I know it’s hard, I saw my ex-boyfriend through it several times. When these attitudes hurt him, who joined the “pieces” and helped it strengthen was me. When he was at the peak, everyone stood around trying to get something out of it. I saw it, and revolted me. When problems arose all moved away, only those who stood beside him, and I was his mother. Today he learned and who really wants to know him well. Delay, but one day the truth comes out. I hate people diggers, hunters fame it is the lowest that humans can reach.

Did anyone notice who he didn’t thank in his acceptance of the SMA on Jimmy Kimmel?

@angel: It is an article of Vanity Fair …They are taking the “joke” … at the moment is the best they can do. Pretend you are not being affected. Nobody really knows how they are dealing with all this. I do not like to be laughed at.

@Cheri, I wonder what she thought he was going to say, itnwas sort of not a crown that’s…… Very odd.asked about what his fiancee thought he blurbs som White noise and mentions buddies, what is it with these two.
Huge backfire, huge mess and I do feel a bit sorry for him, the worst I have read so far is the
And why isn’t BP coming to the rescue, she could have posted that she thinks he is the SMA but she won’t let it go to his head, but nothing.

@Pulease: I’ll tell you my point of view. When he began to feel uncomfortable with the questions, he exchanges glances with her. Reading between the lines, for the interview be stopped. Must be some code.

I would only make a show of supporting him if I was one of those “friends” taking advantage of his fame. Maybe they’re supporting him privately or they don’t agree with his choices and don’t want their views on the matter to be public.

@Huh, I didnt see it but I am assuming his fiancee?.
Marcella, he never looks comfortable, he jokes about everything, sometimes I don’t even think he listens to the question just has a list of prepared answers and hope one of them fits.
I am of course doing a completely unscientific study of his interviews of which I am completely unqualified to do, I shall prepare my thesis and summarise the results on JJ.

At the time, what he needs is a show of support. Someone coming in “defense” of him. The bride did not comment. Sorry, in her place, would show my support for the world to see. Do not give importance to those who think I’m with him for fame, what care is show support and loyalty to him. Can you understand? He did not need to ask, who is not self-centered, know how to read the situation well and pronounce. In the world of famous relationships are cold, self-serving. Always wanting something in return. So many of them, take refuge in alcohol and drugs. For lack of support, affection, friendship, love … not bought but earned. They are the people most in need of affection.

I agree with Marcella, he amount of stick he is taking his friends could be coming forward and saying what a great guy he is and he deserves any award that’s going, they don’t need to specifically reference this one.

Pulease: And Bingo was her name-o. At this point, I honestly don’t expect her to do anything.

@Pulease: Thanks @ Pulease. I have this need to always be protecting and everyone is fighting for. As they say in Brazil, I slap on my face for whom I care. I’d rather be criticized than to see who I love being criticized. So I this strange behavior of people close to him. Really, I thought I was talking nonsense.

@Huh, I won’t get that tune out of my head now, don’t thin shell do anything either now, too late. Even if she had said, I don’t need People magazine to tell me that.

I guess I wasn’t expecting anyone to say anything. I don’t know how to gage whether this is a legit backlash or just a typical response. Maybe if it continues we’ll see someone step up.

He’s okay. People magazine doesn’t know about Doyle Bramhall II????! Maybe next year?

He needs new advisors, preferably ones that are aware the Internet exists and that everyone has an opinion that probably doesn’t agree with their mad ideas. Although I hate to say it, the only way to start repairing this new image is to get married to BP, he looks like a phoney and people won’t buy into you if they think that.

I may joke about Adam’s predicament, but I don’t wish a failed marriage on him. I think it would do more harm than good.

But if it’s genuine it shouldn’t fail and if it’s not would they care because they would have done this for all the wrong reasons to begin with.

Do you believe its genuine? If this is a pr strategy that has backfired, best to make a clean break and start fresh rather than drag it out for another year or two.

I think its PR but that’s not what they are telling people, I genuinely believe his reputation has been harmed by all of this, starting with the engagement. I would rather see him try to get it back by marrying and just maybe making a go of things than proving lots of people right and ending it now. If this is PR I hope they both learn a very hard lesson and learning it together might not be the worst way. Tough love and all that.
Sorry don’t mean to preach.

@Pulease: I would actually respect him more if he had the guts to break it off. If he got engaged in order to get SMA then whatever, he got it, now move on and find a decent woman. Most fans will not hold it against him. Why would they? They’ll be happy he’s single again.

With all of his insecurities, I think a failed marriage would definitely take a huge toll on him. I imagine he may still have issues from his parents’ divorce. And can you imagine if they have kids? I think Adam would be good with kids. But if she walks away and takes them from him? I know that’s a possibility even if they believe this is for real, but to go thru with it just to save face? Nope. Best to use the conflicting schedules or grown apart excuse or whatever and let it go. Unless he really never wants to be married. Then they can have a short marriage, break up, and then he can always say “nope – tried that once. Never getting married again”. But no matter what their decision is, they should do it soon and move past this. It’s all just become such a joke!!

@Kayla, I agree with you but that’s us, the fans, what about all the people that are currently pulling him apart on the internet. I don’t know if they would care enough but it could cause damage to his reputation and M5. Whatever is going to happen I hope it happens soon, I am not a huge fan of Adam but I can’t bear some of the comments being made, I would hate it to be my brother or a close friend and it must be hurtful.

i used to think that he would marry her to save face but even if he does ppl will say oh yea he did it to save face hes barely now talking about her in the public but barely nothing specific just generic answers, and because no body believes this i think if they broke up ppl would be forgiving , the general comments about them is shes too young and hes too immature so if they broke it off i think ppl might see it as a mature decision that theyre not ready, not right for each other and instead of going ahead getting married then divorcing like typical hollywood they decided to part ways which was the better decision blah blah, in the E! video he looks soooooo tired and old like omg, he needs a breather

I think its easy to overreact in the moment. This will all blow over.

I hope you’re right @Huh, but it just seems to be one thing after another and it’s all bad.

@Pulease-OMG! The way that was written and the responses almost killed me! I LOVE that she wants to **** him and then kill. Is that so wrong?

If I were dating Adam, I would have been all over this the minute it happened! My twitter would have blown up! Yep, that’s my man! Sexiest man alive! Sexiest man on the planet? Hell no! Sexiest thing in the entire universe! Of course, I didn’t need People to tell me because I’ve known since the day we met! It’s okay, you don’t all have to agree. I’m the one sleeping with him therefore only my agreement counts! Isn’t he just the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen? (and no, I don’t mean the pupp) See that precious smile on his face? I wake up to that every morning.

Okay, so I could go on. Then again, if I were dating Adam, I wouldn’t be kissing Ali or spitting water at the camera or raising my shirt in public to lick myself, or any of the other nasty things BP has done.

Heather Locklear used the excuse the wedding planning was just becoming overwhelming and too big to call of her relationship with Jack Wagner. People really thought they belonged together and they accepted that answer though they were like, Huh? Is that really a reason to call of a marriage? Still, it blew over. Adam and BP need to call this off quick and they can use any excuse at this point. I think if they came out and admitted it was to get him SMA and her the VSFS, people would be angrybut they would get over it.

@Cheri, I KNOW but that is all out there and it’s not wrong but he’s out on a limb and dealing with this on his own, support , anyone, helloooooo.
She should try backing him up instead of posting pictures of herself, she can’t even wish anyone a Happy birthday or congratulate Candice on the glitzy bra without being in the pic herself, she can post a pic of a homeless person on their own , but hey that’s okay despie the fact she looks like one. Honestly, you make me rant Cheri, so it’s all your fault and if Patch isn’t round here immediately you are in big trouble.

@Pulease-Didn’t mean to make you rant. I was actually agreeing with you! I feel sorry for him and I’m pissed the she isn’t supporting him AT ALL! Then I go and read these comments and the articles are just as bad! One says he has a Golden named Frankie. No, he doesn’t! Frankie died a week before his birthday and he wasn’t home when it happened. He now has a puppy named Charlie.

Too bad Adam is married. No, he isn’t He is supposedly engaged but he isn’t married. They took this from his statement that he was ready when he was ready.

I had to stop reading. I really want to go hug Adam and smack BP! Okay, so I would smack Adam with a “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU” just after the hug but I still want to hug him.

Patch should be there by now!

@Cheri: I’m with you! I’d be so proud of him and everyone would know it!

@Cheri, @Angel @ all of us, we are All on the same page. But this is excruciating , worse than a bikini wax. Why can’t he see this , why is he listening to so called advisors . He should listen to his fans . If this disaster doesn’t make him take heed nothing will. Even I want to hug him and he’s not my favourite person, was all this thing with BP do e to make him look sexier cos it obviously hasn’t worked, she’s in Seventeen mag, she’s 24, is it all about trying to appeal to a younger Market and sell your wares.
Patch hurry up.

@Cheri: I agree with you. Will I have is to take care and make it look good. Protect him from criticism. People may not agree with the title, but he does not deserve it. It has its values ​​at the moment I feel he is going through a bad time, but it will pass. When I saw him talking to the B laughed when he learned of the appointment, if this is true, I was amazed. She is a monster. She’s just having all this coverage because of him, the least he could do for him is to support him. Declare his admiration, his love. He needs a hug and several kisses, if I had the chance I would do it for him until a huge smile on his face. That wonderful smile, a trademark of Adam.

@ Pulease You are cracking me up! worse than a bikiin wax! I wouldn’t know, I’m too shy to have ever had one and I just know I wouldn’t be able to do it myself. Especially after that story that went arount the net a few years ago where the lady tried and sealed her who-ha shut!

Patch is getting tired. I’ve found us a second sheepdog. His name is Doodle. It’s in honor of Angel and Whackadoodle.

Oh, and I’m still laughing at you being all kufluffled, was it?

@Cheri, go on have one, you will never ever forget it and once you get over the first it’s fine, you can do shapes and things for special occasions like Christmas trees and hearts,just don’t go in a hot bath afterwards.
Oh I love that Doodle thing and Angel deserves that. patch is a little B anyway.
It’s kerfuffle, and now you have me in one.

I’m looking at my twitter feed and from I can see the fandom is still very much excited about his SMA honor.

That’s good news Angel.

Awwww, poor Patch. Just like Bones, he has to suffer through a new puppy! Doodle is a cute name though. I’m tempted to call him Diddle, but the connotations with that word would make me giggle to much!

@Pulease-I had to stop laughing to type! I couldn’t see anymore I was laughing so hard.

I’ve read the dictionary, though it has been awhile, but I’ve never heard the word kerfuffle. I like it! I’m going to have to use it a lot!

I’m kind of a prude. Yes, I’m going to admit this in public because I’m damn proud of it! I’m still a virgin and I just don’t like the whole naked thing. (yes, I’m over 30) I can’t see letting a perfect stranger carve a Christmas tree, well, um , there. And who would see it anyway? But it reminds me of this show we had here a couple years ago that didn’t last the whole first season. The girl went to her sister and had completely shaved the area. Her sister told her she looked like a 4 year old so she went and bought it a toupee!

What exactly is your kerfluffle? Perhaps we can sort it out? I hate arguing with myself over a difference of opinion so I can relate!

I’m floating around here! I do not understand anything. @Pulease @ Cheri @ Angel

@Cheri, haha, a kerfuffle means to be in disarray or discomfort it’s usually accompanied by hand wringing and mild sweating, although if you were a lady you wouldn’t sweat you would glow.Hey nothing wrong with your state of physical preservation everyone should have the right person, good grief I hope that girl didn’t borrow that toupee!!!!!!!.
@Angel, no way can you call that poor puppy diddle, you could put other constonants in front of the d and people could mistype, that would be very very wrong, anyway your his Mummy he’s a tribute to you.

I have my very own imaginary puppy! Thank-you so much!

@Marcella, sorry, it’s all got very silly, we are talking about the word Kerfuffle, you won’t be able to translate it but if you were shocked by something and had to wave a fan in front of your face in the 19th century that’s what it means. Didn’t mean to leave you out. X.

@Angel, well @Cheri sent him to you so you will have to bring him up to be better than naughty Patch and remember they get nippy at 16 weeks old.

My dogs and my men are always well-behaved … unless I want them to be naughty.

@Angel, lucky you oooohhh.

Silent no more @ 11/21/2013 at 4:54 pm

I’m still confused on if Charlie is really Adam’s new puppy or Gene’s? I thought Chloe said Gene got the new puppy on her IG, then Adam said it was his on The Voice? Also, If Adam were my fiancé, I would be letting the world know how proud I am of him. Her random IG pics from the shoot make no sense. Them again, she’s 24 & acts like it!

In an earlier thread someone said that Gene referred to Frankie as his dog too, so my guess is that it’s Adam’s dog and Gene takes care of his animals when Adam is out of town.

Are talking about the business model of k-mart collection of Adam is Behati wig. Another controversy.

@Marcella: I dont think so. I looked at her legs, and they don’t look nearly as skinny as Behati’s.

We aren’t going to get all bent out of shape over a smart a** comment are we?

I agree majority of the world barely know this guy and he is not sexy enough to win that title! Perhaps he is the only one in that category reason why he won.

Is this a joke or something coz i ain’t laughing! How can adam levine be considered the sexiest man alive.. this title does not fit him a bit.

@agnes-it’s a matter of opinion and you are entitled to yours. Personally, I think he’s sexy. Since I currently have no boyfriend and I’ve never dated Adam, I’m not sure if he’s the sexiest man alive or not. It’s a toss up for me between Adam, Robert Downey, Jr, and I still have a major crush on Keanu Reeves.

@Cheri, hello. I think he’s sexy and I have never dated him either.

There is a new VS model called Vika LEVINA, oh the fun we could have with this and she’s 20.

So I guess we’re just waiting to see if he’ll really marry her or not. I think he will, but I’m willing to be convinced otherwise. Anyone?


Why is it funny? Who did you think would win? Kayne West?

@Angel, hope Doodle behaved himself last night?.
@Andrea, hello, who is Abby?, I think I’ve missed something.

The cat gave Doodle a swat on the nose. Doodle is now keenly aware of who is boss of the house now.

@Angel, good that they got the hierarchy sorted immediately, I think that’s what went wrong with Patch, he thought he was top dog.

I think @Huh may be right. The blowback from the SMA may be bad initially, but I don’t think will last. I mean, the people saying negative things obviously weren’t fans of his anyway, so it probably won’t cost him anything. Most people don’t care one way or the other. So he gets some more name recognition and more girls to swoon over him. There are people who still bring up the Gwyneth selection, but she doesn’t appear to be suffering to me. Adam has dealt with bumps in the road before. He’ll be fine.

I hope that theory is true, all the gay rumours have appeared again as well, although Gene would be a more suitable partner that what he has now. Always wondered about him and Gene.

Chloe posted a pic on IG of Gene and some other guy playing Ping-Pong in a house that looks like it could be Adam’s house with Bones in the background. I don’t know that the gay rumors ever went away, it’s just that he’s so much in the public eye right now that people are rehashing those rumors. I’m not sure what the deal is with Gene either.

Thanks @Angel I looked at it, lovely dog. That’s another thing, i have a dog and anyone that has a dog will tell you they only have one master, why would he get a puppy and then move house if Gene is bringing it up just now, I dont get that.
As a fan of the band and not paying any attention to their personal lives I always assumed Adam was gay, I am disappointed now as Gene seems a much better match for him.

I never paid close attention to their personal lives either. I saw a few things about him and Anne and since he seemed happy, I didn’t really have any reason to concern myself with it. I’ve looked more into him and Anne since he got with B just for comparison purposes because something seemed off. It still seems off, but that’s his choice.

It’s off. It gets more peculiar by the day.

Good luck to the band in the AMAs and well done for being nominated.

Here in Brazil is also being discussed their sexual choice. I really do not know . Today I read his interview to People when asked what his biggest addiction he said he is Reese’s Peanut Butter cups and loves food. I found this statement means forced to stifle the suspicion that he has anorexia nervosa . Also do not know if it’s true , so many rumors lately and it ‘s all dark . I agree when he said that America is sexually repressed . This is true, why is it that he dates models from other countries ? We Brazilians are known as ” Hurricane ” sexual, just for the record ;)
Not caught well the statement of his make-up artist . Adam is the aficionado of makeup and hair. Only increases the rumors about his sexuality . He declared that his fiancee helps keep humble . Really? Sorry, but lately they have been reported more frequently on the net is how he is arrogant and that his bride is arrogant in the extreme. Unfortunately , he might think so but the two are passing another image . Dark , bad manners , arrogance , dirt , anorexia , biased comments , deceit , mistrust … Everything that does not help change their image .

@Pulease-I think it’s safe to say, if asked, we would both jump at the chance to date Adam. If I were dating him right now, I would slap him hard in the face and ask what the hell is wrong with him. Wait, no I wouldn’t. If I were dating Adam he wouldn’t be acting this way.

btw-how is the unofficial investigation into the interviews going? Will you have a report Monday?

@Cheri: He really needs a woman to put it on the line. Care for every area of ​​his life and help him to mature and be a real man. It’s time. Ooops, I am available. ;)

@Cheri, I think he’s sexy but I wouldn’t go past first base with him, I don’t find him attractive which is a different thing but you go for it and I’ll hold your handbag, lol. The unscientific ,never to be proven otherwise without my collusion, investigation is going well and I may have results by Sunday.

@Marcella, what can I say, you just say what you feel and you deserve a round of applause. I haven’t seen the People interview but as I am studying all his interviews I doubt I will be surprised,
I am leaning towards the gay theory myself but that may be because of BP.

Gay? I think not. Must be because of this relationship with the B. .. very cold, loveless. With Anne V it was just that impression. The best he does is done with the B, starting a relationship with a normal woman for a little break that image that he only dating models, it does not help. By contrast, comes across as shallow and insecure man. Again have a normal relationship in the public eye, to show happiness. Because now he is trying to change the image of your relationship will be a cry of despair. Maintaining privacy is one thing, I agree. But what they are without support one another, not to mention the name in an interview, think hard before speaking the word bride, no kissing, no demonstrations of love … passes sailed PR relationship. Next year he will have a unique opportunity to change his image …

@Marcella, everything you have just said means he could be gay?.

So, I got a copy of the magazine. I swear if the writers/interviewers hadn’t brought her up you wouldn’t know that he was engaged. He’s just as tight-lipped as he has been. He looks lovely in the photos though. sigh.

@Pulease: I do not know

Wow B, thanking a stylist for a flat iron, but no visible support for you fiancée. Nice!

@angel: You also saw that? Noticed that she left the ring clearly visible? The further this relationship is, the worse the image of Adam will stay. Many think the same, just do not decide.

@Marcella: At least she’s wearing it. I guess she got the memo.

@angel: In the IG Harryjoshhair have pictures of various models … some with his products. Will he post the picture of B? Does she took this photo as an attempt to post this photo of him in his IG? . Apparently he loves Gisele Bundchen, has several pictures of her. I suspect a lot of it, all it does is waiting for an outcome benefit it.

Looks like product promotion to me. The only thing I got out of it was that she’s back in NY.

@angel: New photo of the couple soon

They really need to let this SMA story settle down. Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like more exposure would just be feeding the beast and make things worse.

Now she’s advertising a ring! Definitely back in NY with her cats.

Wow. I really figured she would head straight to LA. Where are the AMA awards held? Any know? NYC or LA??

AMA’s are in LA. She could still catch a flight out in the morning.

It’s possible M5 won’t show up at AMA’s. There are so many award shows. Or maybe Adam will take his mom?

I would love it if he took his mom! Or, if is was just the band unaccompanied. So much focus on Adam lately it would be nice if the band got some much deserved recognition without any distractions. Alas, I’m bracing for another photo-op as Marcella predicted.

@angel: Apparently, his commercial aired Early, rt in front of the VS Offices Today, in Time Square. Adam mentioned it on his fb page earlier today for New Yorkers to see it Today only on that bilboard in Time Square. I still think it’s interesting that there is a BRUNETTE in it and NOT BEHATI, and it’s a “mystery” woman at that, too! Hmm… I still don’t think that was B in the commercial in a wig. Why would she hide her true identity if she is really his true love?

What if... @ 11/22/2013 at 7:14 pm

What if…Adam brought this mystery woman instead?!!!

@Hmm…: That’s right, I heard something about the ad running on the jumbotron in Times Square. I don’t know for sure who the girl was in the commercial. She was model thin, but didn’t quite look as thin as B as looked lately. If it is her, I agree that its odd to keep her identity hidden, unless they’re trying to prove something about their relationship vs the one he had with Anne. That seems silly to me too though. Granted, many of the things they’ve been doing haven’t made sense to me.

Just Sayin' @ 11/22/2013 at 7:21 pm

Also, I know for a fact that Jessica is a long-haired Brunette and about 5″8.

I suspect he’ll either have B with him at the AMAs or he’ll come alone with the guys at his side. Usually when he shows up with his mom its an indication that he’s broken up with someone. I don’t see that happening just yet.

Oh god, not the Jessica story again!

You have to let the stupid Jessica/other woman story go. What kind of woman wants his money or fame so much she would put up with all of this crap?? And if he really is with someone besides B, Then we are blaming B for all the crap Adam has been doing and how he has looked. Maybe we should be blaming Jessica???

@Huh: They’ve won an AMA for favorite band for the last two years, right? I think it’s possible that he’ll go, especially if he has a good chance of winning it three years in a row. I don’t think he’ll bring Behati though. It seems like they don’t want to walk red carpets together, so my guess is he’ll show up with James again.

I think they are actually up for favorite pop artist against Pink and Bruno Mars unless the article I saw had it wrong. I agree that if they go it should just be the band.

Maroon 5 won’t be in attendance.

That probably means they didn’t win. I think some of those award shows know ahead of time who wins and who doesn’t. At least it seems that way.

@AMA: How do you know?

My take is that they do not show the girl, because the girl is not important. I think its about a one night stand, so the girl is not important enough to be shown, just Adam.

Also, who is Jessica?

Whatever... @ 11/22/2013 at 10:49 pm

@Facts: The girl is his mystery true love, NOT a one night stand. You guys are just too blind to accept the truth. BUT that’s okay. It really doesn’t matter what you believe, bc the majority of you will just switch over to what you want or what you think is true or you will make others think it’s true when it’s not.

here we go again mystery woman who DOES NOT EXIST!!!!! it doesnt make any sense, give us a pic then we will believe it, that pic of her with the ring off is funny i guess it depends on her mood whether she wants it on or not….

She really seems to love her new ring. Did she ever say anything about the engagement ring on Instagram like that? Oh yeah, no.

Ok. So what is the truth? That Jessica is dead and the triplets are living with her hot rapper new boyfriend or St. Jessica that works in a church is still pregnant with Adam’s triplets? How long has it been now? 11 months? Or is there a third Jessica? I can’t keep them all straight!

@Oneday: The truth is somebody just won’t give it up.


hey, i was talking about my take on the advertisement. To me, its like he left his keys behind , after a one night stand , and goes back to take it. The emphasis is on Adam, so they actually dont need to show the girl.
Why are you so cut up over it?

And who is Jessica??? Someone, please tell me….

@facts- “jessica” is adams invisible-nonexistent-”true-love” who is a mystery yet is ok with her “bf” being engaged publicly to someone else and is ok with him blowing kisses to her on tv

i agree with you about the commercial its about him not the girl …

@Kayla: I’m pretty sure she was working in that photograph and it’s common for them to not wear engagement/wedding rings during shoots. Why would she post on instagram claiming to love her engagement ring? I’m sure that’s implied by the fact that she accepted it in the first place. It seems like you guys are starting to reach a little too far to obtain some kind of drama that doesn’t seem to be there.

I agree, this Jessica story is beyond stupid at this point in time because you have no proof to back up your story. We got to see the earlier photos and surprise surprise, they were fake photos that was tried to be passed off her with Adam when it was really some other guy. It didn’t work and its not working now. Also, agree with what facts and heeyyy said, the commercial was about Adam and had really nothing to do with the girl so why do they need to show her. Also, a lot of models/actresses that have nothing to do with the main star of the commercial so again it doesn’t matter.


Seriously? Is it true? Where did you see that? I am kind of lost here. If Adam is engaged to Behati, how can he have another gf?

I came here looking for an article on Chris Hemsworth. Detoured to this article and boy all I can say after 14 pages is. Are you all desperate housewives or unemployed? No one should spend this much time on someone they don’t know.

premium cookie @ 11/23/2013 at 12:15 am

@michelle you must be just as desperate if you’re on a gossip site in the first place. Don’t point fingers if you are doing the same thing. After all what are gossip sites without the gossip.

@premium cookie: Actually I don’t consider this a gossip site. I come here to look at the pictures not to sit and ***** back and forth over some guy. Your level of “gossip” as you call it is borderline stalkerish and scary.

@Hmmm, lovely , thanks for that,. That’s an image that won’t leave my mind for some time. How the other half live!.
Not this other woman nonsense AGAIN, load of Baloney.

that article was disgusting

facts- this whole other woman crap has been going on for a long time some ppl want others to believe that adam is with someone else while being engaged to bp which makes no sense, why they want ppl to believe this is u ]nknown and why adam wouldnt just come out with his true love is also unknown, as of now hes engaged to bp period the end…

@heeyyy, well said.

just saying... @ 11/23/2013 at 2:54 am

The woman in the commercial IS Behati, believe or not that’s your business…as painful as it may be for some of you these two are crazy in love, source…my own eyes and ears!

@Just saying I totally believe these two are crazy about each other. Will they marry soon do you think?

@oneday Maroon 5 was nominated for best Adult Contemporary.
@Hmmm that was disgusting and depressing.
@just saying You must be one hell of a stalker to get up that close and personal to witness with your eyes and your ears.
I wish Adam nothing but the best. If he’s found true love more power to him. I haven’t seen it yet.

Your eyes saw what we all saw. The back of a young woman’s head. That does not prove anything. @justsaying

The women in the commercial is not Bee.

@Hmmm: Thanks, now this ” beautiful picture ” never leaves my head . Gross! This dirty the image of Adam , if only because his name was mentioned . Here in Brazil has a poupular saying the following : Tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are . I do not agree with what she did, she equaled it and can come to harm people who do not deserve . She was supposed to have left with her ​​head held high , we must never equate us. I know it’s wrong, but the effect is automatic at the same time I read the news I thought, um, Adam should do the same thing , have the same insecurity … Examples so he sees daily, so it is so. He has to surround himself with good examples , people with character , with values ​​… to create a healthy environment and change your perspective on life , love, marriage , family . When I see things like that happening around Adam , the more I feel like taking care of him .

I can see the appeal as far as his female fans are concerned, but the sexiest man alive? I don’t think so. Not in this life time. However, I thought it was really funny and cute how he made fun of it on Jimmy Kimmel. That is what make him quirky and cute. But not the sexiest man alive.

hmmm- isnt that the randomest thing ever ???? like huh?!?

@heeyyy: Just as crazy as Adam and Bee.

This was why I mentioned Jordan Feldstein the other day as being weird, I thought everyone knew about this, maybe that’s why I got picked out by that person as being the most prolific poster.
It’s overshadowing Adams SMA not what I think Jordan and his PR would want because when you google Adam, it’s all over the place about this guy.
Wasn’t she on a reality show? Did his brother try and buy Nik Richie off for half a million?, do any of these people know what they are doing?.It’s hilarious. Were they attempting to divert this woman’s claims by getting in first with a marriage and making her look like a jealous ex, c,mon. This gets worse by the day.
There is no way the woman in that video is BP because she has a thigh.
How about, BP dumps Adam, he looks like the victim AGAIN, he can continue doing whatever it is he likes to do and say that marriage isn’t for him and she is rewarded, financially or with a new VS contract, good grief. How the other half live.

@pulease – I totally agree. Do any of these people have morals? It appears that there was a buy-off attempt. Maybe it’s about time some of these people are held accountable for their actions. And yes @Marcella – I totally believe that a person’s character can be defined by the friends he has. Such a mess!!
I hope Adam or B’s people are reading this because that is an excellent way to end the engagement. He is the victim – poor Adam – all the women will want to console him!! And she comes across as maturing – realizing it isn’t the right time, too busy with her new contract, whatever. Some people may be upset for a short while but it will pass. Most people would be happy.
Sometimes I don’t think it’s in anyone’s best interest to do business with friends.

@Oneday, thank you!, I thought it was just me that thinks this is awful.
@Marcella, a mans character can always be judged by the company he keeps, you can trace this sentiment for centuries so it cant be wrong.

Wow! This story just keeps getting weirder. And I thought B and Adam’s engagement was rushed. It doesn’t sound like Jordan and Francesca knew each other very long at all. I’m not sure I’d want to piss of Clint Eastwood. I’m not seeing this story pop up when I do a simple google search for Adam Levine. I suppose its only a matter of time. It’s starting to spread on social media. Pulease, you really called this one! This is awful!

This marriage of Jordan is fully PR . To try and ease the scandal by his former girlfriend . After I read the story made ​​me want to vomit , that filthy world. People do not have principles ? Family values ​​? You are right who has more money ? As a 20 year old girl is exposed in this way . I twist that Adam is not as crappy as this Jordan and continues with some family values ​​that I ‘m sure your mother taught you . I’m not saying Adam is the victim , but because he lives surrounded with people like that explains the change in him and how hard it is to maintain a relationship . I just hope he learns that his team takes care of professional life and he has to find a good woman to help you be a better person . Which bring normalcy to their lives and that every day the pull for a life with values ​​, principles … and that teach what really matters in life. Because with people like that around is sometimes hard to appreciate simple things in life .

Adam , if you are reading this or your manager, the lovely Jordan, or your PR, get a grip. Get a grip on your empire and start taking responsibility for yourself. The reason for my outburst is your friend Jordan, I mean really do you think it does you or the band any good to be associated with these people. He’s 35 and she’s 20 , there is barely any history between them. Do you realise how this makes you look? Do you realise that the teenagers won’t last forever and their parents are the ones that provide the money to buy your stuff.
Sure your on a high just now and everything’s good. You’ve worked your butt off for years and you want to make sure your old age is comfortable and you don’t want to be taking your shirt off forever, who would. You are taking advice and guidance from people that clearly don’t have clue and cant even keep their own head above water, you really need to start depending on yourself and stop relying on the yes men, you may pay them but they’ll take the.check and tell you what you want to hear.
Go marry your fiancee , set up home and have children if that’s what you want but make sure that’s what you do want and not what other people think you should do.
Rant over

the circus just keeps getting weirder and weirder….. i almost feel bad for these ppl…

@Angel, not proud of it, I can’t believe this is really happening. How’s Doodle.

I’m sorry, I’m still trying to get over the shock.
Doodle is fine. He had one little accident, but he’s only a puppy and otherwise he’s been doing well. The cat keeps a close eye on him.

@Angel, me too.
I’ve never seen him, I assume he is mongrel or @Cheri would have kept him, haha, what colour is he?, I need a diversion please.

HA! ha ha ha! HA! ha ha ha ha ha! heh! he he he!

I know @Heeyyy they must think we buy into all this crap,.I think I am in meltdown and all I cared about 18 months ago was that they cancelled their Euro tour. Rolling my eyes and throwing my hands in the air.

OMG! HA! ha! ha! ha! snort! he! he! he! he! I … just … can’t … sigh. Ok, breathe. Adam, look into Clint Eastwoods attorneys. He and Dina are getting divorced and from the looks of things his attorneys drafted a rather iron clad prenup. If you’re gonna marry that girl at least protect yourself. It’s too late to save your friend. Ha ha ha ha ha!

@Huh that sounds really interesting but could you take deep breaths and explain further?.

@Huh, oh I get it now, thank you.
Is this how they all operate, how romantic.

I don’t have a problem with prenups per se. There are people who really do marry for money and if you worked hard for it I see nothing wrong with protecting yourself. Hence my advice to Adam. However, I hope Jordan gets what he deserves. Marrying a 20 year old to distract attention from an angry ex-girlfriend. That’s a desperate move and not one that an innocent man would make.

at least now we can laugh AT them cause all a bunch of idiots….

I agree @Huh,it’s just all of this is sooooo sleazy, protect your wealth by any means but it’s not exactly a good basis for marriage when it’s the priority. What on earth is that Jordan thing about. I appreciate you links BTW. Thank you.

It may be because I’m romantic assumed or antiquated, but how can anyone marry for money? Keeping a marriage to file for divorce when winning a fortune. How do these people manage by the pillow and have a peaceful night’s sleep? Since when love can be bought? The best thing to have is to love and be loved, to have a life of complicity. Feel safe, knowing that there is someone on your side that will be your strength when you are weak. That will be able to lie in bed and talk for hours and in the end everything will be solved. Abir your heart without being judged or being a laughingstock. I do not know how these people can. In the end sufferers are children, and need not be a psychologist to know that their lives will be affected forever, the marks remain throughout his life.

Adam is a loyal friend. It’s one of many admirable qualities about him. The fact that he’s had some many friends for decades is impressive to me. I wish I could say the same were true in my own life. He needs to change some of the people around him, but I don’t know if has the strength to let them go. This is all very depressing.

@angel, that didnt read like you. Adam will be fine, he’s a big boy.

I just wish he wasn’t associated with these people.

Yesterday I commented here that had some purpose behind the photo with the B flat iron, some publicity for her. Harry Josh posted the photo of her hair on his IG. The same photo she took, I knew. She posted thinking publish and earn a little more advertising and the hand she holds a flat iron coincidentally is the same as it has the ring in it. Everything she does is put or to earn a little more publicity for her.

But these are the people he grew up with, not everyone has the same values though and that was the point I was making, surely he wants to be better than this.

Of course he’ll be fine. But that does not mean he will not be affected or will leave some mark on it. Similarly with the criticism because of SMA, it will come out on top but it does not mean that he does not suffer from so many rejections and comtantos offensive comments.

keep in mind that most people don’t have a lot of the same friends for decades because they grow up, move thru different stages in their lives and connect with new people – make new friends. Adam has been doing basically the same thing since high school. He has become very successful at it but it’s still basically the same thing. There is something to be said for having new experiences, meeting new people, discovering new things about yourself. And learning to let some of the past go.

@Oneday: The best thing he does is to take control of their professional and personal life. It’s time, there comes a time that has no where to escape. He already has a well recognized name, no longer need to be in advertising games. Serve as a joke or malicious rumors, and stop being puppets.

Some friendships you need to put behind you and move on. I’ve never had many friends, only a handful and different ones across my life. So, to me, seeing that Adam has so many friends and several of them for many years it makes me think well of him. Here’s hoping the ones closest to him have his best interests at heart.

Just the Way it Is @ 11/23/2013 at 8:00 pm

Behati will never measure up to the likes of Adam’s ex Anne V. Here is a woman who is motivating girls every day in tweets to be either strong and an inspiration to others. What has BP contributed? Dressing up practically nude in a cloak for a Halloween party, taking pictures with or without her ring, or making out with her best friend on Instagram. People wanted to cry fame***** about Anne but BP is the one they need to be talking about. If she wants to get true fans and not fake ones who only like her for bring with Adam, she best take a page out of her rival’s book and start acting like a fiancé and not some childish groupie that’s more into Adam’s lifestyle and the perks that comes with it. I am quite sure she will come on here to read this and suddenly try to change for the moment. She always shows her hand.

Maybe we will see another pic of her posing at a community service or charity function. Or just a pic making fun of a homeless person. Now that’s inspiring.

@Just the Way it Is: Why give her tips. Let her fail.

On second thought BP, go ahead and follow that advice. Or, better yet, just keep doing what you’ve been doing.

Okay, if I remember it, here is my original rant:

I named Doodle in honor of @angel. He is a sweet puppy and we needed him to help Patch as we’ve been running a little rampant. I didn’t give him away, he belings to all of us.

BP is not in the commercial. Common sense should tell us that. If it were BP, she and her dad would be posting it everywhere.

She is in NY and he is in LA. The night he met Anne, he followed her to NY and they weren’t even dating yet. He said even though he had something to do the next day and so did she, he wasn’t letting her leave without him. We all know that if Adam were truly in love with BP he would be with her every moment possible. There is no support between these two and no love. Just end it already.

That was much better written before JJ pissed me off. How the hell do you post too quickly? I just came on here!!!!!!!!! For the love of God, I try to post 1 little comment and I get this sign in you need a password s*** and then a message that I’m posting too quickly. WTF????? You know, we’re the rason you have this site. If we didn’t read your crap and gossip ourselves to death over it, there would be no needd for you to exist. STOP EDITING AND MODERATING US FOR NO FRICKIN REASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work out my thoughts and type them up what I believe to be well only to lose it all because you think I”m posting too quickly. Tht’s not f***ing possible! Now I’m just PO’d again. I was finally starting to get into a little bit better mood instead of sitting here miserable and angry and now I want to kill someone again. In the words of the Plain White T’s, I should’ve just gone to bed!

Okay, send Patch and Doodle. These whackadoodle’s have me in a tizzy and I was having a bad enough day/life!

Cheri – rant away. That’s why we are here. It’s therapy – believe it or not. Unfortunately, it often causes us to need therapy but whatever!!
Way back when M5 did the Love Somebody video Adam posted a pic of him and Emily in blue paint and we were all joking about it. I typed “Adam and a bucket of blue paint? Yep!!” or something close to that and got moderated. Seriously?? You are so right – we are the reason JJ is here. And the reason Adam had like 5 threads in a couple of days.

@Cheri: Sounds like you need to step outside, pyscho. It’s an online forum. Relax. Everything will be ok, I promise.

And take two!

Okay, I think I’ve recovered. That’s what happens when you’ve had a bad day, yo’ve been crying for the last 2 hours, it’s 1AM, and you have to retype your comment for the 5th time! My apologies.

Anyway, I went to be and had the creepiest dream. I was at an arena for like a basketball game but it was really dark. There was something about Rupert and how he had lost all this weight and he did it in a healthy manner. Suddenly, this whole section went on a group ranting, you know like giving the chop? Except they weren’t giving the shop. They were saying that’s the difference between Rupert and Behati. He lost it the right way and she didn’t and they were really praising him and trashing her. Very weird. I don’t even watch Survivor and I have no idea where the Rupert thing came from but I saw the photoshoot from St Bart’s while fighting with JJ and OMG! Has she gotten thinner? And all the comments I saw were just awful. They were so negative towards her. Not that they weren’t true. I guess it was nice to finally see people who think like us that she is way to thin and needs help instead of how awesome she is.

Oh, and the posts about the 10 worst comments on Adam getting the SMA. Did you read the paraody? The one where Adam had to ceremoniously kill Channing Tatum? One person even said it was weird because he voted Adam the person he would most like to pee on. Here’s the link to the Channing story.

@Cheri, you go for it thats what all this stuff does to you, Adam has got so far away from the music it’s become impossible for me as a fan of the band to take him seriously for months now.
You will be getting moderated because of all of the Jordan Feldstein stuff, pointless obviously as it’s already out there. As I said Adam should try employing people that understands how the Internet works.
@Angel, have you sent Patch and Doodle, I think she getting desperate.

@Marcella, is this St Barts?, do they encourage their models to where trashy jewellery whilst encouraging them to remove their engagement rings?.

@Pulease: Yep! Very weird! She is like a piriguete this photo.

@Marcella, had to look up piriguete , but I can see that.

What quality Adam Levine finds most attractive in your bride? “Confidence goes a long way”

I found that hilarious as well, has he previously only met shy retiring types, I don’t think so.

Are they definitely not going to the AMAs tonight? I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll make an appearance!

@Beck, there was nothing on the M5 website so IDK.

@Pulease: yes, Bee does not have confidence at all. She’s almost incoherent on interviews, cannot carry on a discussion on anything relevant. She also giggles a lot like a HS kid. Maybe Adam was talking about a fiancée or bride that he would really want to have and not BP.
That story about Feldstein is disgusting. So if their manager is into promotional marriages like his to coverup nasty gossip,it’s almost a guarantee that Adam will go through with his. Certainly hope that my last bit there is incorrect.

@Jinx, I think she is full of self confidence, she just very immature and maybe a bit dim.
The Jordan Feldstein thing is unbelievable , is that how these people live, yuk.
Gene and Chloe are now getting PDAs at a Laker game, what’s all that about. How long has he been going out with her and that’s the first time he has taken her to a game. The Lakers game is Adams personal photo booth for publicity, it’s would anyone pick Gene and Chloe out, do you have to sit in a special seat?.LMAO.

Oh, I just realized what they’re nominated for tonight. I doubt they’ll go, I don’t even think that award category is one that they announce on live TV but I might be wrong!

@Beck, I didn’t understand why they were in the category, “contemporary artist” it sounds singular to me, is that normal?.

@Pulease: They’ve always been popular on the “adult contemporary” charts, especially with HAO. I don’t know if they’ve ever been nominated in that particular category for the AMAs though.

@Beck , thank you, I just thought the category sounded as if it was for one person and not a band.

BP models in a UK catalogue called Next, I can’t get my head around why she would do this, VS Angels are supposed to earn at least $1 million per year, what would she get for a catalogue shoot, ten or twenty thousand, no one in the UK knows who she is so she can’t promote or sell anything that relates directly to the brand and she was just one of many women used. I know they have to work but surely a VS Angel is above this type of work.
Does anyone REALLY know what they are paid? Or is it all just PR to make the brand look special?.

The B is still in NY? She posted a photo of your apartment. I am able to face whatever, but scared of sleeping alone in the house. When I have to sleep alone take any of my nieces or some friend to sleep with me. I do not understand, how can she be alone in NY having a delightful man to share a bed in Los Angeles.

@Pulease: Do you like Boyce Avenue?

Just saw the pic B posted. I’m hoping that is an outdoor patio or something. Not very inviting. I think she tagged the company she worked with on “her” clothing line. I know I saw a pic of a shirt she supposedly designed that had a bat on it. Or the logo was a bat. Or something about a bat!! Anyway, she tries to be edgy but comes off so creepy!! I’m surprised Adam isn’t afraid of her. Or of closing his eyes when she’s around!!

So did Adam or M5 show up at the AMA’s?

@Oneday: Don’t think so!

cataloug work pays very well, editorials and covers don`t pay anything, they are lucky if they get travel covered, but it is a good publicity for a model. And there is the agency, if they book it she goes.

@Oneday: No, apparently there was no reason for them to attend, since they simply announced the winners to several categories without handing out the award on television. So @AMAS was correct in posting that they would not be there. Happy to report that Maroon 5 won!

I swear I’m just going to start copying everything I type here so I can paste it when the comment doesn’t actually post. No error, just didn’t show up! WTH?

Anyway, Adam has season tickets to the Lakers and he gives them to his friends, mainly Gene, when he can’t or doesn’t go. They were probably looking for Adam and Gene is photo worthy being Adam’s best friend. I’m surprised we haven’t seen a headline BEST FRIEND OF SEXIEST MAN ALIVE CAUGHT COURTSIDE FOR THE LAKERS.

@Pulease-Patch and Doodle made it just in time. They should be safely home by now.

Strange thing. No member of the M5 was for the AMA. Adam goes missing, it was neither for the game. Something very serious is happening. They are hiding it.

New gossip reports coming out that Francesca and Jordan getting an annulment.

@angel – what a shocker – that guy is really messed up! Doesn’t say much for the girl either. They both need to stay away from Vegas and alcohol for a while.
@Cheri – seems like once you are moderated you go on a watch list or something. Have fun with that!!
Adam was definitely missing this last weekend – after so much press the week before!! It seems like even though the award wasn’t handed out during the show, a couple of the guys could have gone. Maybe they were all working on the new album?? Or consoling Jordan??

Ok guys, you’re too good. I was in Vegas with him ,we were going to marry……but he pulled out at the last minute.

It Seems... @ 11/25/2013 at 11:59 am

@Oneday: If you look at @mrmailbox on IG, it shows the band had a rehearsal on Saturday. On the Voice’s twitter, they mentioned something about a “world premiere” for “Amy” week that Ceelo Green was a part of and the Top 8. Adam may have been there. Idk.

@Sizika, thank you, I don’t understand the VS machine but I would have thought doing catalogue work was beneath an Angel, however it is money.
@Cheri, glad you.are well and the puppies helped.can’t believe they are moderating you when we were deluged with the BP stans, unfair and bizarre.
That whole Jordan thing is just…………

@pulease – “but he pulled out at the last minute”. Interesting choice of words!!

@Oneday, there is “method” in my madness.

Given all the media hoopla lately, it’s probably a good thing (for Adam at least) to stay out of the spotlight for a little while. He’s going to be on tv tonight, its not like he can reallly disappear for very long.
Also, while its still very disconcerting to me that his manager can be so careless, I’m glad they’re getting out of that mess. I’m guessing Papa Eastwood was none too pleased.
That last IG of B’s was for a company based in LA. Think she’s there or just wants us to think so?

@Angel, which IG pic was the last one?.

The one of the bat on the wall of some sort of outdoor space with the tag for thvm, which is a company based in LA. They may have been the ones she collaborated with for a clothing line.

If she is in LA, then she’s probably spending thanksgiving with Adam’s family.

@Jinx: Who else would she spend it with? It doesn’t seem like she has any other friends.

Yeah @Jinx, I imagine that’s the case. Not sure why she needed to putter around in NY for a couple days. Sigh.

It Seems... @ 11/25/2013 at 3:29 pm

@angel: She’s NOT in LA, people! If she was, she wouldn’t have told Chloe Blanchard that she “misses all freaks”.

I’m pretty sure that’s the company she did her clothing line for. Still looks like an apartment to me. So I assume it was still NYC. But ya I’m sure we will see her in LA for the holidays.

This photo is Ig in her apartment, has been shown in a magazine here in Brazil. You know what? tired. May they be happy. If PR is the two deserve each other. If true love to be happy. I speak from my first post, it’s in a dark phase. I have very strong sixth sense, envision many things. Believe who you want. The only bad things started, he has to change the environment around you. This is affecting him, he’s got photos with very bad look. I signed up to participate in the promotion k-mart and adam levine, I sent an email asking to cancel my name from the promotion. The chance of winning is minimal, but do not want to risk it. Due to recent events, behaviors, companies, rumors … do not want to meet him. The disappointment will be great. At the moment, I’m afraid of him. Unfortunate, it will be affected by the errors of the people close to him.

@Marcella: Maroon 5/Adam not attending an awards show is hardly strange; they didn’t even go to the Grammys one year when they were nominated! They basically only go when they know for sure that they’ll win or if their award category will be televised– which is wasn’t last night. I doubt something “very serious” is happening or that anyone is “hiding” because of this.

I saw an article on about The Voice and they mentioned how Christina and Adam both have good chances of winning the The Voice for the first time, even though Adam has already won season one? Does it annoy anyone else that this seems to be forgotten because Blake has won 3 seasons or is it just me? Haha, it aggravates me that people forget about Adam’s success before Blake took over.

@It Seems…: I can’t tell when B commented, but that IG was posted 2 days ago. We knew she was in NY then.

I see this obscure phase him. May not believe me, but meeting. This does not come right, he deals with it in private. The worst thing for me is feeling helpless. See anything wrong helplessly. I can not handle it. Lately this is affecting me, not because he was a stranger to me but I can not help. I’ll keep coming here, but I will avoid. This B give me the creeps, has something bad in it. Behind this guy “sweet” girl has something weird.

It seems likely that she would come to LA for Thanksgiving.
@Marcella I’m not understanding your posts. Are you okay?

@Beck: Agreed. There’s nothing that unusual about not attending an awards show.

@angel: She commented on that IG two days ago (just answering that). My guess is she is on her way for the holidays or is already there.

@Sunny: Thanks. I knew she was in NY Fri/Sat and was guessing based on her last IG that she’s either already in LA or will be soon.

Yay, I’m allowed to post again not that what I have to say is relevant anymore.
@Angel thank you, that was for the IG query.
I think that is BPs apartment I saw a pic of her cat and it was in the patio, she needs a cleaning firm.
That bat has Uncle festers head.
That was all nothing important but it was hours ago.

I’m not sure why I care other than the hope that there will be something that will resolve my doubts.

@Pulease: Oh yeah, that could be the patio for her cats!

@Marcella I’m having a little trouble understanding your posts too. Is there any we can do to help you?

@ Angel @ Huh . I’m fine . Just got tired of the game these two . I deal with real and difficult problems every day , because I like to help. I am a volunteer , I do not receive money. Today I had to deal with a case of a 4 year old child with cancer , I know how hard it is . I had cancer in 2001 . When I saw today ‘s fight family to get treatment for the child because they can not afford to pay , it really hurt me . I thank God I did not have to go through this . At the time Adam came into my head , it can make a difference and help people in need or support important but instead he simply ignores causes. He has backed a campaign cancer , shaving his head and posing nude, I ask that helps victims of cancer patients ? What the nakedness of it has to do with cancer ? Unless, more publicity and attention for him . Yes I have very strong sixth sense, I discovered my cancer through a dream . I do not enter this site to criticize or talk nonsense , I post with the hope that it reaches and light a ” light” in his way . Outsiders sees best . But does he deserve it ? Although this case had his manager, it disgusted me . People like this deserve only contempt .

He doesn’t say her name, but he does voluntarily bring up his fiancée and is quoted in the article (not heard in the video) saying “Why is everyone so hung up on being engaged? I think it is awesome.”

@Marcella: The nude photoshoot that Adam did was for testicular cancer. Another band also posed nude to raise awareness. It’s just a way to draw attention to it especially since it is one that men are embarrassed to talk about.

@Marcella: Everything will be okay. Focus on the heart and the lightness. Don’t get too caught up in negativity. I appreciate what you have to offer.

@Huh: OK, draws attention to the disease. it helps people who are experiencing this problem? Unfortunately not. This was just a rant, now the day was painful. Anyone who has gone through this disease or had someone close going through this know how difficult that is. I’ve been on both sides: the patient and the patient’s daughter. I’d rather spend 1000vezes by the problem than to see the person I love go through it. I’m only disappointed with the selfishness of people, it is so good to donate, help, share, share the pain … Poor is the neglect, have the opportunity to make a difference and do.

Does anyone know how moderation of posts works?

@Marcella: I’m very sorry for all the hardship you’ve gone through. Keep sending your positive energy out into the world. It helps.

@angel: I can read and decipher a person like a book. He is not well. I’m not negative, however I always try to see positive things in any situation. But B has something negative in it. I will not be talking about it, not to be attacked. In the future, it will be exposed.

@Huh: Thank you. This is part of my life. When I go through a problem, instead of getting regretting I use my experience to help anyone who goes through the same problem. I do not need drama and sense of worth … are the difficulties that I renew my strength. There’s nothing that strengthens more people than compassion.

@Marcella: Here’s hoping everything will turn out for the best.

@Pulease: All I can tell you is anything I posted that was “awaiting moderation” never made it onto the thread, but I could always come right back and post something slightly different. Also, it doesn’t seem to like multiple links. That’s all I know.

My posts keep disappearing, I am not prepared to change my name or my email so if I am moderated or blocked I will go elsewhere. I have not posted anything libellous or defamatory.i think under the circumstances my posts have been quite modest. I will contact Nik at Dirty and see if he is interested in settimg up a discussion forum, he seems to have principles and a backbone. Keep talking , loved it here.

@Pulease: You aren’t going anywhere are you? I may be away for a few days. We have Thanksgiving coming up and I’ll be out of town with family, but I would be sad if I came back and none of you were here. This is my safe haven to discuss my concerns about the band and the oddness of this engagement.

huh- thats just it, he likes the “idea” of being engaged, the “idea” of having a fiance, the “idea” of getting married the “idea” of a wife i dont think he thinks about the person just the idea of having those things, so of course being engaged sounds awesome to him the idea that someone will be with you forever

I hope he figures out soon that it’s the person you are engaged to or married to – not just being engaged or married. And if it really is B – then, like I’ve said before – God help him. I wish them happiness but I don’t see it.

Adam seemed really happy tonight on The Voice. Of Course, he’s always happy on that show. It’s the one place where I know he’s genuinely feeling joy.

i hope soo too, unless hes thinking “fake it till you make it” ; maybe we’ll get tweets about him and bp making out in front of ppl…

Behati’s in NY from her latest IG post.

Interesting. I would’ve thought she’d be on her way to LA already. There’s some bad weather heading that direction. I doubt it’s impacting travel out of NY yet though.

Dont worry ! I’m sure she will be in LA tomorrow. Pictures of Thanksgiving will be on IG through Michael, Chloe or others, like last year. She is so predictable.
And yes Adam seems very happy tonight, and now we know that it has nothing to do with B. Sorry mermaids !

i know i was kidding angel! hhaa thats odd that shes in nyc omg maybe some holiday miracle will happen and she’ll stay there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She is in LA, this photo is old

@Mine: Nice try! An old photo of her wearing her brand new ring! Not sure why you made the effort. Everyone here expects her to be in LA.

@Pulease-Don’t go away! Now you know why I went off like I did. It’s been for the last 3 weeks! Besides, we may be seeing the end here.

So maybe her post under the pic of being angry is another clue? That’s how her fans think, right? She posts a pic of baby elephants so she must be pregnant. Well maybe this means she was told NOT to come for Thanksgiving or he broke up with her. We can dream, can’t we?

@Mine-She is wearing that ugly self centered ring of her name that she JUST got so unless this pic was taken the day she got the ring, well hell! Even that wouldn’t make it old! Less than a week?

@Pulease-you know, I don’t think any of us have ever posted anything bad enough to need moderating. And I agree, Gollum,queen b foreva, etc posted WAY worse than anything we’ve ever even thought!!!!! Still, we need this place to communicate and watch this train wreck unravel.Last night, he had ample opportunity to mention BP or even his faincee and he didn’t he talked about his mom though. He said she calls him after every show and tells him he was the best and he says, Mom, I didn’t do anything. Even when James said his girlfriend wrote a version of the song for him in college, Adam’s response had NOTHING to do with BP. Oh, and they showed moments between performances and from the rehearsals. BP wasn’t makiing out with Adam, again. I don’t think she’s been there. Besides, Michael would’ve commented about being there with her because he goes, a lot!

@Cheri: Adam has never mentioned a girlfriend while filming The Voice, why would he? Just because someone else mentions a significant other doesn’t mean he needs to. I don’t think anyone here is expecting him to mention her on the TV show, it just doesn’t make any sense. Besides, he’s shown that he’ll only mention her when he’s directly asked about her.

@Cheri: Repost:So maybe her post under the pic of being angry is another clue? That’s how her fans think, right? She posts a pic of baby elephants so she must be pregnant. Well maybe this means she was told NOT to come for Thanksgiving or he broke up with her. We can dream, can’t we?

I agree! Maybe the birdy pic that is posted rt after that one on her IG is one to Adam?

@Beck: Yeah, I don’t think him mentioning her on the Voice or not is an indicator of anything. I found Carson’s comments about it being a shame Adam didn’t the SMA while he was still single amusing, but I don’t draw any conclusions from it either. I do think she’s been in NY though.. However, it’s likely that she’ll be in LA soon if she isn’t already there.

I should add, that prior to NY, she was in St. Barts. So, her and Adam have been apart for about a week. Not that it matters, just keeping track of the timeline.

@Cheri, hiya, you are right it is incredibly frustrating I don’t know if this will get through but here goes.
@Angel, have a wonderful thanksgiving.
I didn’t post anything terrible, I never have . I made a comment about his manager but that’s everywhere anyway and it alluded to how it would affect AL, it wasn’t derogatory as I couldn’t give a toss about the guy and his drunken antics. I also posted about the guy that AL lives with and how you can choose friends that you obviously like and admire yet choose a GF that is the polar opposite. Not anything that would get anyone in a kerfuffle.
She looks terrible again on her IG pics, she is very odd….. I’m sure we will get the holiday snaps from LA soon though.

@Cheri: I like that imagined scenario. It makes more sense than the interpretations provided by her fans. If only it were true.
@Huh: I thought Carson’s comment was funny! It’s like he was trying to goad Adam as if to say are you really sure about this whole engagement thing? Of course, that may just be wishful thinking on my part.
@Pulease: Glad to see you back!

They spend a lot of time apart when it doesn’t really seem necessary . I know he is working but that happens to everyone everyday, no biggie and I would rather come home exhausted to someone than no one at all.
I dont think Carson, or Blake for that matter believe it’s real and the jokes have gone on a bit long for Adam not to think, enough.
@Angel, thank you and me too, I missed everyone.

@Pulease-I echo those sentiments, glad to see you’re back.

@huh-A week? A whole week? But I thought he couldn’t stand to be without her? I thought they were supposed to be so in love? If she doesn’t show for Thanksgiving, can we start drawing conclusions?

@Cheri, thank you, I missed you!.
Can we just draw conclusions anyway please!.

@Cheri: You can draw whatever conclusions you like whenever you like! I was only speaking for myself. I’m not convinced about their relationship either.

Oh, I’m drawing conclusions! I just meant, can we start drawing conclusions that this thing might finally be coming to an end. I guess I didn’t phrase that very well.

For those who are starting Thanksgiving early-Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy your weekend! For the rest of you, Happy Thanksgiving and I’ll be around until Thursday. I have some serious shopping to do on Friday, then picking out a tree, then decorating the tree, then shoping on Saturday, then wrapping presents, then shopping, then wrapping, then shopping…. it’s a vicious cycle! I can’t wait for it to start! (-:

We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the UK but I am extremely jealous that you get to have two celebrations so close together, Christmas tree buying on Sunday, and the decorations are all ready to be hung so our Christmas starts then.
Everyone, have a wonderful Thanksgiving and love to each and every one of you and your families. X

Wish I could link but there is an interesting article on http://www.times dated 10 June 2012 that probably explains her parents point of view.
@Huh, saw that and she was first up as an example.

Me desculpem o desabafo de ontem. Problema resolvido. Revolta controlada. Será que essa foto foi tirada ontem? Essa foto do cash, será que é para nós? Será que foi porque eu disse que ela tem algo de ruim nela? Eu realmente acho. Eu acho que a @Pulease está com raiva de mim, ela nunca mais falou comigo. EStou triste :(

Excuse my outburst yesterday. Problem solved. Revolt controlled. Does this picture was taken yesterday? This photo of the cash, is it for us? Was it because I said she has something bad in it? I really do. I think @ Pulease’re mad at me, she never spoke to me. I’m sad: (

@Marcella – glad things got resolved. Pulease has had a lot of issues getting things posted on JJ. She keeps getting moderated. So I don’t think she is mad at you!!
The pic B posted of Johhny Cash could be for us – or it could be for Adam?? I mean, was she just googling pics of Johnny Cash or pics of people *****************? I chose to believe it’s for Adam but I’m sure I will be proved wrong in the next day or 2! Remember the pic from making Love Somebody of Adam and Emily and Adam is flipping the finger? We were led to believe at that time it was meant for B. So who knows??

So apparently I can say Flipping the finger, but not flipping the B. I. R. D.

@oneday: I’m playing with @ Pulease. hahahahha
As for this picture, should be to draw attention. She has no education. The GI of it is ridiculous, she could use to show your beautiful work style. These kinds of attitudes, damaging her image.

Adam was asked about his Thanksgiving plans on The Voice and he said he was spending it in LA with his family and a whole bunch of people he hasn’t seen in a long time. I thought his fiancee would get a mention, not by name, but that he’d say fiancee. Just struck me as odd, but maybe its nothing.

Silent no more @ 11/26/2013 at 9:46 pm

@angel-did you notice he also said “and my friends who I haven’t seen but that I love very much.” I wonder if she’s still in NY & that was his way if mentioning her without mentioning her?

Is a week considered a “long time’ and is she just a friend? I don’t know. It was just awkwardly phrased. I don’t want to read too much into it. Just that he had an opportunity to mention her and again he passed. We may still see pics of them together over the holidays.

@angel @silentnomore I seen that too and I’m shocked he didn’t mention “his fiancée”. I would expected him to at least say that, not Behati specifically but fiancée at least. We will see soon because someone will post her if she shows up but I’m holding hope that this is a sign that she isn’t showing up. Won’t that be awesome!

@angel I know we shouldn’t read too much into it because we have done that before and we have been proven wrong more than once but still putting out some hope.

@Sunny I’m with you!

i dont think it means much that he didnt say fiance i mean hes not gonna flat out say fiance, but shes prob included in the “friends/family” reference but yea i guess we will see in a couple days…

@heeyyy: Agreed. I don’t think it holds much significance; besides, if he were to say ‘Oh! Can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving with my fiancee!’ everyone would accuse him of trying too hard anyway. On another note, congrats to Adam and his team! He seems so much more focused on his members this season and a lot happier, so I hope he keeps on doing whatever he’s doing. I like seeing him happy.

@Beck: I do agree with your last part, he is definitely happier and seems really focused on his members and there is something better about him this season so whatever it is that is making him like this, lets keep doing it because agreed, I like seeing him happy. That is what I want in the end for him.

@heeyyy: He’s flat out said fiancee unprompted before. I posted a link to an interview earlier in this thread where he did it.
@Beck: Nobody here was asking for him to say: ‘Oh! Can’t wait to spend Thanksgiving with my fiancee!’ He could have said what he said while including fiancee in the sentence. It may not mean anything whether he said it or not. I don’t think its unreasonable for people to expect him to mention her though. It’s a major part of his life story right now.

Thanksgiving and Hanukah land on the same day this year, I know Adams not very religious but maybe his Mother is having a bigger family celebration than normal and that’s why he mentioned seeing friends he hasn’t seen in a long time. I am sure BP will be included but maybe she is not very enthusiastic about it but I would have thought it was normal to mention her separately in a friends and family reference.
@Marcella, I miss you to, obviously.

I want Adam to be happy. If she is the source, then I hope he’ll forgive my doubts as I only want what is best for him. In the meantime, I’m off to visit with family. I’ll check in if I can. Hugs for everyone!

@Angel, have a lovely time, hugs for you too.

And so it begins CDAN #2

i dont think hannukah will be included in that celebration, he may know himself as “jewish” but i dont think he or his family practices much, plus his father is the jewish parent i dont think his mom is…. whether or not he said fiance we all know she’ll be there blech

@Huh: Where I come from it’s pretty easy to assume that one’s fiancee/wife/husband are included in “family” and to repeat that or give her a special shout out would seem redundant.

I would have thought it was normal to say my fiancee, family and friends, she is not a family member yet and she isn’t a friend, she doesn’t live with him doesn’t even live in the same state and it’s big news that they got engaged.

@Pulease: Ew that CDAN story is creepy. Both Jordan and Adam look really bad in that!

@Kayla, I hope that’s the end of it and not the beginning it would be a shame to overshadow his success on The Voice.

@Pulease: What a strange gift to give someone. A person who respects women would not do that. And the visual of Jordan is just downright disturbing.

@Kayla, it’s ALL disturbing.

@Pulease: and yet believable.

@Kayla, I really would love to disagree with you on this but……

Have you read Crazydaysandnight, there is a blind about Adam.

This A list celebrity/singer/reality star dropped off two women at his manager’s house this week to thank him for his help in securing a recent honor. The two women spent the night thanking the manager in their own way.

@Lilo: that’s what we’ve been talking about.

@Kayla, and that’s what happens to PR gone mad. Just received my tickets for the M5 concert, yay, VV excited.

Oops …. sorry. I did not bother to read your comments before posting mine. I’ve never been a fan of Adam and his behavior lately only reinforces my opinion. This guy is manipulative, arrogant but also very ambitious. How many times has he done the opposite of what he said?
After the scandal of ‘I hate america “and the bad press of his relationship with Nina, he tried to clean up its image. His team worked hard but it worked, an engagement, people sexiest man alive…Now he has a perfect image. He can continue to play the perfect boyfriend and continue to f*** all the women of LA discreetly.
Well done Adam!

Silent no more @ 11/27/2013 at 9:02 pm

Can anyone explain the cdan stories? Are the stories all true? How does that website kow if they are? I see that people guess but no one ever really says who it is? I’m clearly confused!

You’d think one day, if this is all true, that it will come back to bite him.

B is in LA based on her IG pic.

Bee is in LA based on her IG.

Well, I know page six isn’t real reliable but that sure seems to prove the blind item is about Jordan at least. Doesn’t “prove” Adam took the hookers over there but it sure isn’t looking good for any of them!! I would say they are pigs but that’s an insult to pigs.

And if B is in LA I wonder who will be first to get a pic posted with her? Michael? Ali? Molly? James? Or will we just see another pap walk with her and Adam? Any bets??

@Huh: How can you tell?

Can not say that B is in LA. She just posted a photo of bottles of wine, may be in NY. Photos should come out sometime.
@ Pulease I’m back. Because you are being moderated?

It Seems... @ 11/28/2013 at 10:31 am

@Marcella: She’s in NY, just tagged Ali Tamposi in it to tell her she’s getting drunk this Thanksgiving.

@It Seems…: Please ! i’m sure she is in LA. Anyway, someone will post a pic soon to prove it. I will be more than happy to see her in NYC, but I think she and Adam deserve each other. They are both gross !

Darcy Gilmore Adam’s stylist also commented that this is happening on her ig.

That girl has class!, we all knew this would happen anyway, now for the IG pics from various plants.
@Marcella , hello, my posts wouldn’t go through so I guess I was but don’t know why.

This is just curiosity as I don’t know the answer, does Ali visit her often in NY?.

I think Ali was on X factor in LA. Both Ali & Darcy replied. It’s CA wine. All those indicated to me that she’s in LA. I’d be more than happy to be wrong, but that’s the sense I get.

It Seems... @ 11/28/2013 at 2:30 pm

@Huh: I didn’t see anything on Darcy’s IG about B being in LA.

Darcey replied “and then this happens” to BPs IG and it showed a pic of her at work, I assumed the same as @Huh, that BP was in LA and they were at some point together after The Voice.
Does it really matter?, of course she is there, sure we will see some proof tomorrow, the woman is an attention seeker.

Adam is so considerate of the fans. Do not put any special message for the fans because of Thanksgiving Day. Glad I do not expect anything from him. But I feel for the fans who idolize him and the members of the M5, and not even get a special message. He needs someone on his staff to advise you to be more considerate of the fans. Because if you follow the advice that manager, now we know how it happens.

@Marcella, Oh you are so right about his Manager and I think his
PR, but I think mentioning them is why I got moderated in the first place, that and the guy he lives with whom apparently I can’t mention either.

@Marcella, you are very slow at coming back today! I didn’t think they celebrated Thanksgiving in Brazil.

@It Seems…: Darcy replied to B’s IG post. It’s not like we don’t expect her to be there.

@Pulease: Do not celebrate Thanksgiving in Brazil. This week my life is crazy. I’m working on a campaign for Christmas, creating graphic arts. If I speak my mind about the manager of the M5 will I be moderate? I lost a bit of interest in this odd couple, rather disappointed with Adam. I asked to remove my name from the promotion k-mart + Adam Levine, I have no interest in knowing and selfish people who accept the rules of this filthy world famous as well. If you continue with your manager and you agree to their attitudes, the manager may use some fans of the M5 to meet your sexual appetite. Has some groupies who has no self respect and accept anything from a disgusting pervert.

PS: Do you like some boyce avenue?

@ Marcella. Boyce Avenue were really good and good to look at. I think we are all losing interest. Never mind I am sure there will be lots of things going on tomorrow.
A good tip for anyone taking wine to someone’s home, don’t advertise the price and if you only want to get drunk on your own there are cheaper options.

It Seems... @ 11/28/2013 at 5:19 pm

You can buy Gnarly Head Wine in ANY grocery store in the USA almost. It’s available even in Wal-Mart’s in Alabama. She is just trying to manipulate you guys again!

@I Seems…: Oh for petes sake, we’ll find out for sure soon enough. It’s the most logical explanation, but if you want to spin it as some conspiracy that Darcy is a part of be my guest.

@It Seems…: She does not manipulate me. Women like her I met when I worked with several marketing and advertising, all with the same type of game. Recognize from afar. Nothing changes my life where it is, I admire or admired Adam, I’m not here for her. To me it does not exist, I want to watch in the front row when Adam tired of chewing it and throw it away. When this happens she will go back to being nothing. Because she has no life, everything has something related to it and the M5. Not good at his profession. Does not have American citizenship. In short she has nothing. It’s just a mediocre professional.
@ Pulease I’m completely in love with boyce avenue. Love the voice of Alejandro and is beautiful to behold.

I would be on the look out for tabloid stories suggesting all is not well for the happy couple if you’re hoping this will be over soon.

It Seems... @ 11/28/2013 at 6:05 pm

@Marcella: Marcella, I’m not saying she is with you, only the B stans. There has got to be a reason why she was “angry” and still in NYC all week long, not just bc of the weather, too…AND she posted the pic of the guy flipping the finger…my conclusion is Adam ended it. If she comes along to LA, then she’s probably only going to be spending it with Ali and James and their families. Also, the weather was pretty horrible for travelling in the last 24hrs out of NYC, and that pic of the wine was posted almost 24hrs ago. If she would have flown into LA this week at all, she wouldn’t be able to get out of NYC until This Morning. That IG pic of the wine, looks like it was taken in some liquor store in NYC to me. JMO, though. My other opinion which doesn’t really matter, is that she doesn’t want her fans or VS to know he ended it already.

IF they ever announce a breakup then ill believe it ended until then im gonna assume theyre together, even now, im just tired of this stupid ass game they play … on insta, with fans, in interviews… its getting tiring…

@heeyyy: I agree with you. When I met the M5 last year I had a totally different impression of Adam. The more I seek information about it, the more I am disappointed. I expected a respectful attitude with his fans, his fiancee, his job … but he seems to be very arrogant and immature. When I saw that picture of him in his underwear only my respect fell 50% and found it less sexy. Increasingly I read rumors that he is seeing fans as enemies, more disappointed I get. Your team needs to improve a lot, your image is bad, now who likes shallow man success.

@It Seems…: Of course she’s with Adam. And planes flew out of NY all day yesterday. The storm was not that bad. They haven’t broken up. The wine IG was obviously in LA. Darcy commented on it like she had seen them. Don’t jump to conclusions. There’s no point.

I don’t believe Adam sees his fans as enemies. I’m sorry, I just don’t buy it. He is as gracious as ever when he encounters his fans. It is true that he doesn’t enteract on twitter as much & I can’t really blame him. I’m seeing a lot of B stans pretending like they’re M5 fans & they would scare me too if I were Adam.

It Seems... @ 11/28/2013 at 9:20 pm

She’s NOT with @alitamposi Today!!!

@it seems – of course she isn’t with Ali. If she’s in LA she is probably at Adam’s family get together or whatever. Believe me – I WANT to believe she is still in NYC and NOT with Adam, so ANYONE – PLEASE show me some proof that she isn’t there!! Or Some good speculation. I want to believe!!

Well, B posted a pic of Shawn so I guess she’s in LA.

@Oneday: I already think she is in LA, but why a pic of shawn. I mean he has his own wife and kids. He dont spend thanksgiving with Adam, he spent with his family (his parents, his wife and kids…). Unless this year Adam makes a huge party with the whole gang and their families but that sounds weird.

OMG ! my grammar is horrible sorry guys, but in my defense english is not my mother tongue.

@lilo – no problem. You are fine. I understood you. And in the pic Shawn is standing in front of a door that looks like a backstage area?? Could it be an old pic? Is she trying too hard??

i saw the pic thats def not a house thats just a dressing room; maybe the voice dressing room ? cause behind him it says “adam” on the white board; maybe she was just posting a pic…….who knows..

No idea ! We’ll know soon. I think Michael and Chloe will post pictures tomorrow. We’ll see.
Last year she was there but did not posted any pictures, she let Michael do the job.

@heeyyy:So she is right now with Adam and his family to celebrate Thanksgiving and she has nothing else to do except post an old picture of Shaw in front of a dressing rom ?
She must be bored !

lilo- im assuming shes with him, where else would she be? she literally has no one else in this country to be with at this time and it wouldnt be right for her to be alone so im sure she is with him, maybe she is bored (maybe ignored?) so shes just posting but posting isnt a big deal a lot of people are posting pics now hers are random as always..

@heeyyy: I also think she is with him. I do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but I always thought it was an opportunity to gather with family and spend a good time, like Christmas. So I see no reason to post this random picture today. But we are talking about B !

maybe the party is over ? tbh im surprised his brother hasnt posted anything, im sure by tomorrow we’ll get something from someone that shows that she was there… it is an opportunity for family and friends to be there and since she’ll be alone otherwise im sure she is there…

I thought Ali was in Miami, I thought the girl in the IG pic with her lives there and is the background not a reference to “kings”.

what would the “kings” reference mean?

Is it not the emblem of a sports team?, long time since I’ve been there so it could be all in my head.

ohhhhh yea that is team, sacramento kings is a basketball team i think theres also a hockey team with the same name i dont know sports that much either hopefully someone can weigh in? but why would ali be in miaMI ?

@heeyyy I have no idea why I thought that was Miami, although I thought the girl in the picture was from there, I know as much about sports as I do about VS, which is nothing.

New IG pic, whats all that about, she’s too young for this to have any relevance to her life. Why do people assume that because they think that others think someone’s cool it makes them cool by association. Rolls eyes and gives up.

Good Morning ! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.
I found this on Twitter when i did a search for any pictures.

I found this odd, i mean, everyone knew what they were going to do, she did not know her plans. Maybe she got the boot.

@Pulease: Sid and Nancy, great couple. Sid murdered Nancy. Her posts are definitely getting a little dark.

@Kayla, I agree, is she on her own in NY, hope not.

Well, she doesn’t seem to have any other friends so ……..

I hope she’s not REALLY alone in NYC for Thanksgiving, that’s sad and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

I’m sure she’s in LA. There’s no reason to believe otherwise.

@Facts: Now that is strange. The other models mentioned spending time with family or their boyfriends family. She said she’d be celebrating in NY or LA. I can’t imagine that she was asked the question very long ago. She didn’t know if she’d be with her fiancee?

i agree her answer was really odd, she could have said fiance or family at least we know who she wold be talking about…but i mean we know shes here in LA i hope too she didnt spend it alone that wouldnt be right….

IDK what to think anymore, they are all on a different planet from me .

is it weird that there are no pics ? when did his bro post pics last year , the night of thanksgiving or a day later? w.e we know theyre odd balls so who knows whats happening…

I was sure she was in LA but I’m starting to have doubts. Her answer is really weird, she said NYC or LA so the fact that she wont spend Thanksgiving with Adam was a possibility. She has some friends in NY maybe one of them invited her. And why posted an old picture of Shawn and a pic of a junkie couple on Thanksgiving Day?
All this makes no sense, Pulease is right they are all on a different planet.

right ? wasnt that weird when she said ny or la…. idk man… she cant be working? oh maybe shes working and she doesnt know where she will be, i know some celebs who had to work yesterday (based on their ig pics and what not) so maybe she didnt know if she had a work schedule or not thats why she was doubtful… that makes sense…

@Lilo, I am beginning to think she is in NY. She wouldn’t be posting stuff like that if she was with Adam for thanksgiving, surely, if she is shame on her. If she is on her own then shame on him.

@heeyyy: I agree with you on that part. She didn’t know if she was working because she was working up until like a day or two ago so my guess is she didn’t know if she would still be working or not that is why she said that.

i think we’ll find out sooner or later, the ppl in his crew cant go one day w.o posting some pic so maybe by the end of today we’ll get a pic from someone, his bro, a friend, even bp herself, maybe she’ll post a pic of one of the dogs…

I’m fairly certain Michael had pictures up on Thanksgiving. We’re halfway through Friday already. If there were pictures, they would have been posted by now. Since Bee is technically Adam’s fiancee, there would be no reason whatsoever for her not to have posted pictures if she were with him. Last year, they weren’t engaged and she made sure pictures of them at Thanksgiving made it to the Net. She’s lucky that Michael is an attention seeker like she is.

She’s either in NY or she’s somewhere else and not with Adam. There’s no evidence she’s in LA right now, so until she reads this board and looks for an LA picture to post, I say Adam didn’t celebrate with her. But this is a fake relationship and they’re equally to blame. I don’t feel sorry for Bee at all. She’s done more than enough to get attention. Maybe she should use these opportunities to visit her parents, instead of trotting them out for the tabloids for two days.

bee chose to abandon her own friends to follow adam and his friends around. that’s her own fault.

Behati hasn’t seen Adam since his visit to NY.

Something no one has mentioned but in the gnarlyhead wine IG pic, there is a sign on the door that says “TEENS” and it looks like it has the state of Texas…am I wrong? Maybe they are in Mexico or that pic was taken on the border? Is that really an old pic of Shawn? Just a thought.

Bee queen @ 11/29/2013 at 5:45 pm

Adam and Behati had sex everywhere and in front of everyone and they took drugs all day. That’s why Michael did not post the photos on his IG.
They are crazy in love and Adam cant wait to marry her. He is nothing without her.

I think she is in LA. Maybe Adam was pissed that Michael posted pics last year, and told him not to do that again. If there were no photos it was because Adam wanted it that way. There is no reason to believe they are not together.

@addy: Adam said himself that he will spend Thanksgiving in LA with his family. So maybe she travels but not with Adam.

@Kayla: I think she is in LA or possibly Mexico…did you see my post about the state of Texas being on that window behind the wine bottles? It sure looks like the outline of that state

@Lilo: That is possible too. I hope they are together. I am probably in the minority here but I like them as a couple. Please don’t flame me lol

I’m sure Adam really cared about Michael posting up Thanksgiving pictures last year as much as he seemed to care that Bee’s parents posting pictures of his house and cars on their public FB page amonth ago.

@addy: Dont worry, you have the right to have your opinion.

You win on that one! Adam’s friends and family always post a lot of private pics. I do not see why this year he would be concerned, i mean she is his official fiancé. A lot of celebrities have posted families pictures, not a big deal !

sometimes i think fans who don’t like them as a couple want them to stay together. then they’ll still have something to complain about. jmho.

@Lilo: Like Adam is going to care that his fiancee and brother share Thanksgiving pictures this year. I don’t recall Michael taking down the pictures from last year. That tells me that Adam doesn’t care.

he wont care that there are pics hasnt before and prob wont ever, theres a pic of them that micheal posted last yeat with him giving her a piggy back ride prob from thanksgiving, those of us who dont like them together will be extremely happy when or if they ever end it its not that we like complaining its that theyre odd as hell together and something is off with them not to mention the bizarre behavior on both their parts; also im sure shes here again where else would she be?? alone in ny? i dont think so… maybe shes just bored

sara- no one will flame you ! you are entitled to your opinion…

Maybe they spent thanksgiving with his friends and family and then left for Cabo Thursday evening? I guess I figured when he said he was spending thanksgiving with family and friends he hadn’t seen in a long time but loved very much that he would stick around to visit with them. But we don’t really know if he left LA. I’m surprised there are no pics – they ARE engaged after all. It’s no secret. And don’t give me that private speech – they weren’t private at VSFS or the days following. If they are happy – so be it. But I personally think they seem toxic together. Not good for each other. He really changed when he started being with her and not for the better. But I agree with everyone – we are all entitled to our opinions on here without being attacked!!

The pic of Shawn has to old. It looks way to much of a backstage pic somewhere. The pic of the wine who knows where it is but you don’t go thru TX to Cabo from LA. I feel she’s in NYC.

this has turned into wheres waldo? i think shes here but bored and ignored i dont see adam jetting off to cabo out of all places for thanksgiving, thats a little random…

Actually Jesse posted a vine and you can see Adam and B in it. The Shawn pic could be old, I really haven’t looked it at, not saying that but I think she is there.

Also Sara no one should flame you for your opinion, you are entitled to it and you have the right to share them. Youre not attacking us here so we shouldn’t do the same to you.

i just checked vine, which one are you talking about? the rozzi crane video? i only see james on stage with her i dont see anyone else and that was 2 days ago… is there a recent one?

Whatever your opinions of Adam, he’s always seemed the type to be loyal to family. He would meet his familial obligations. I dount he’d run off to Mexico. Plus, didn’t she post that pic of wine the day before Thankgiving? I bet she’s in LA. It does seem odd though.

I just saw this: sorry if it’s been posted before. It’s a weird photo and you can hardly tell who anyone is but obviously the instagram owner is claiming it is Adam and Behati. Kind of weird setting for Thanksgiving but…

@heeyyy: Its the newest one. He posted one like 19 hours ago. He commented, give thanks or something near that. It should be before the rozzi video.

Ooops, apparently my link is the vine video you guys are talking about, nevermind! Hahaha!

the link does not work

I’m the only one who cant see this vine video ?

@Lilo: Trying to find you a link that will work not on a phone. That is the only way I can find a workable one is vine on a phone.

oh thanks emily the newest one i see is the rozzi one and yea the link doesnt work…

@Emily: But if Jesse posted this video on his twitter why i dont see it. The last things i can see is the Rozzi Crane video.

heres the vine! found it! i think shes next to him…

Shoot. Yea Jesse has a new one with the comment giving thanks. Let me see if any fangirl has got a shot of them. It might take me a little bit.

Tanks everyone ! I saw the video. I clearly see Adam but i’m not sure about B. But i suppose this is her. Adam looks bored !

@Lilo: Not every vine gets posted on twitter same thing with IG stuff. The link heeyyy posted shows the one that has it though.

That IG link went to @maroonerverse and that is definitely Bee & Adam. Aren’t you glad we got that sorted out!

i’ve looked at that video a few times. i see two guys who could pass for adam and no one who looks like bee. idk.

@Lilo: Sorry I post later, I don’t see your post before I post. The girl with the other girl “worming” their arms, I’m pretty sure that is Behati.

Yea @huh is right, @marononerverse has the pic of the Adam and Behati. I agree Adam looks a little bored.

i paused that beginning and sorry, but i’m not sure it’s her. i still think she would post something herself.

@Emily: I think this her too…not a big deal ! In the maroonerverse IG, it’s a clear pic of them ? I went to this account but this is a private account so i cant see the pic.

@justme I’ve been looking at that pic and video, the more I see it the more I’m sure it is her.

I bet I look bored at family gatherings too.

@Lilo: oh sorry, didn’t know she made her account private since I started following her.

@Emily: maybe because you thought it was her off the bat? it doesn’t really look like her to me. to each her own.

That’s Lana’s IG account, right? I’m sure she made it private after being accused of stealing photos.

@justme: The pic on IG is definitely her.

@Tara: No, it’s not Lana’s account.

I’m sorry but I don’t think it’s Bee.

i don’t see her in the video. she wouldn’t waste an opportunity to post her own picture of a dinner party with all of them.

If she was there she wouldn’t have posted all that crazy ****.

@Hmmm: that’s what i was thinking.

@justme: She didn’t post the pics herself last year. They came out via Michael et al.

I guess to each their own but there are a ton of people who believe its behati too. I do think it’s her.

I cant see this IG pic so i cant be sure, but i think it’s her. She wears Adam’s shirt, she already wore this shirt on one of her IG pics. Anyway, she spent thanksgiving with her fiance, its a normal situation.

@Emily: i expect most people to assume it’s her without really knowing for sure that it is.

@Huh: but neither adam nor bee seemed to mind, right? seeing as to how they’re so private and all.

If I were on my computer I could link directly to the image on IG, but I only have my phone. It looks like B to me.

No One of any Importance @ 11/29/2013 at 9:58 pm

I don’t see it.. I have watched that Vine about a dozen times now and I don’t think it’s her…… for one thing, that girls hair looks relatively healthy to me and Bee’s is in terrible condition and looks awful whenever she doesn’t have professionals on standby for shoots and fashion shows

It looks like behati to me. I believe its her. Most people who agree on the fangirl site are bigger behati fans than me and would know her better than me so I trust them.

I wonder if Bee’s latest picture is even current.

@justme: Me too. She’s playing all of us.

Her hair? But they are attached. We are all talking about the girl who is sitting on the couch next to Adam, right ?

@Tara: Almost like the one of Shawn last night.

@Hmmm: she watches what people say about her. im surprised that people here let themselves get sucked into it.

@Hmmm: I think it’s possible that Bee wants people to think she’s with him. I checked out that video and I’m not entirely convinced. I don’t trust the Beedam stans. Of course, they think it’s them. There needs to be better proof.

@Hmmm: It’s funny how she now posted a Halloween pic right after the vine video link posted.

@Tara: Should we ask Bee to post one?

@Hmmm: I wondered about that and made it seem like it was taken today. She’s been posting several older pictures lately. I don’t trust her.

Lindy McMichael is close with the whole gang and she lives in LA.

It’s not like I want Adam & Bee together, but if you want more photos I’m surr there will be more. The stalkers can’t resist.

I’m still very surprise to see that michael doesnt post a pic. I mean if Jesse can post a video inside the party (probably Adam house) where we can see Adam, his mother…why Michael couldnt post a pic ?

I’d be more convinced if Bee posted a picture of herself with Adam from tonight or last night. I don’t care about old pictures of his entourage. That doesn’t tell me anything, other than she gets along with some of them. I don’t care whether they’re a couple or not. Her manipulations are ridiculous.

Her MO is to get others to post pics for her. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for her to post directly.

Something else I noticed: That isn’t Patsy in the video. I can see how people might think that at first, but it’s not her.

@Tara: I never said that was patsy nor did I believe that either but I do believe its behati next to adam and they are both sitting.

@Huh: Apparently her little games do not work this year, so she post herself but not pics directly related to Adam, just his entourage to leave some doubt. But I’m confident in the fact that someone will eventually post a picture that proves without a doubt that she spent Thanksgiving with him and his family.

ok i re saw the video and i agree i dont think thats his mom i paused it and her facial features dont look like that i paused it 2/3 times but i do think the girl next to adam is bp, i think his mom has a smaller face is there anyway to see private ig pics?

if i had a immature annoying fiance i would be bored too…. it looks like hes babysitting bp and the girl shes doing the worm with…. u should nvr be that bored at a family even esp if you havent seen them in awhile! haaa

@Tara: I haven’t been able to view the video, but there’s someone in the IG pic that at first I assumed was Patsy, but I think you’re right.

@Huh: Lilo mentioned Patsy. I wasn’t attacking her. I pointed out that it wasn’t her. The problem is that one person says something and everyone runs with it like it’s the absolute truth. All that does is create more problems.

@Tara: Sorry, I thought it was Adam’s mother.

@Tara: I didn’t think you were attacking anyone. I was agreeing with you about it not being Patsy.

@Tara: I wouldn’t run with the idea unless I actually believe it and I have seen the vine and the picture and I believe its behati. I know many don’t like her or want her with adam, me included but I can’t deny it.

@Lilo: You don’t have to apologize. I watched it again to make sure. The video isn’t the greatest quality, but if I were 100% certain Patsy and Bee were in that video, then I’d be the first to say that they were. There would be no reason to lie.

@Emily: Where’s this picture? I don’t get how people can link videos but not pictures here. It makes sense to let people decide for themselves. That’s all I’m saying.

In the IG photo it looks like B to me, however I’m sure there will be more photos that will leave no doubt.

@Tara: The pic is on @maroonerverse IG. I’d link the photo, but I don’t know how to do that on my phone.

even if you link i dont think we can see it her ig is private oh who originally posted it? maybe we can find the twitter acct where the pic is…

Maroonerverse IG belongs to Tatiana whose account is She stalks the hell out of the band and I think she’s buddies with the Beedam stans.

doesn’t bee stay off twitter when adam is around? she’s been kind of regular this week.

@heeyyy: You can link directly to the photo, which may bypass the IG account. I’m sure there will be more photos though.

ahh thanks, but her ig and twitter isnt linked so the pics arent there :/

If Bee had been with Adam at his family’s, then why aren’t there any pictures? That dinner took place at Jesse’s family’s place. Surely a Levine family photo would have surfaced by now. I’m guessing Adam’s family’s get together was at lunch and Jesse’s family’s get together was at dinner. It doesn’t make sense. Bee isn’t banned from posting photos. She’s Adam’s fiancee, after all.

@justme: The only thing on her twitter are links to her IG, which may be automatic if it’s set up that way. I don’t know if she posts around Adam. She sure posted that undie pic on tour.

Here’s how to link a picture from IG:

1) You go to the IG account and click on the picture you want.
2) Right click on the picture itself and go down to “View Background Image.”
3) Right click the picture and go down to “View Image Info.”
4) Right click the highlighted link in the window and go to “Copy.”
5) Go to the site of your choice and Paste it in your reply.

Like this:

Although, I don’t recall the exact sequence of events around that undie post, so he may not have been around.

was that around halloween ? she looks so thin omg… jeezz…..

@heeyyy: She’s posting it as if it was taken this evening, but if I were going to fake people out, then I wouldn’t use Halloween masks because there would be no reason to have those around now.

@Emma: Yes, I can do that on my computer no problem. It’s that I’m on a phone.

@Huh: It sounded like other people were trying.

LOL! That’s not the photo people wanted to see! Can you post the one from Maroonerverse tagged as B & Adam from Thanksgiving?

@Huh: I used the photo as an example. I don’t have access to that other account. I avoid stalking the stalkers. ;)

@Tara: the pic is under @maroonerverse ig which is apparently private if you don’t follow her. I don’t follow her on twitter nor k ow her twitter name, if she is that tatiana girl then it might be linked there for you to see but huh said that wasn’t there. I didn’t know how to link a photo here either especially since she is private. The only way I knew how was just give the address but you’d haveto log in to see it which I didn’t k ow at the time. Since I now know its private and junk, I’m asking her for promission to use her photo since it is her photo. Sorry its taking a while.

@Huh: I capped what people are talking about it. It’s not a separate picture. And really I can’t tell if it’s her.

When I first started following ppl on IG I didn’t realize that some of the ones I was following were stalkers at the time. I was just looking for good M5 photos.

I still do not think it’s her. JMO.

@Huh: I get that. There are a few crazy fans who steal bandmates’ and friends’ pictures and post them on their own IG or Twitter. They shouldn’t be doing that. It’s one thing to look, but it’s another thing to take photos that don’t belong to you and post them like they’re yours. I shouldn’t have posted that picture from Bee’s account, but I was showing an example of how to link IG pictures.

@Hmmm: the profile doesn’t look like bee’s. jmho.

Well surely there will be more photos so that we can know definitively one way or the other.

My gut says she’s playing us. Those images the last couple of days have been on the dark side. I’m not buying Adam being on the dark side right now. He has to much going for him.

@Emma: If it makes you feel any better, B’s IG is pubic.

@Huh: I hope Bee’s pubic doesn’t have an account. Ick.

emma/huh- HAHAHA ok that was funny

i saw this under the bee/lindy pic:

hijessicalu @lindymick !!! I’m laughing really hard right now. Bc I just remembered so many things. 2h

it sounds like the pic is old.

@Emma: Arrg, stupid typo! That was a hilarious comeback though! Well played.

@Emma: All this suspense for that. I was expecting a true picture. We see nothing at all.
Anyway, thank you Emma, It’s very nice of you for taking the time to record and post the pic.

@justme: My gut told me it was an old pic. Thanks for the pic @emma. I’m still not convinced.

@Lilo: You’re welcome. It was nice of Emily to go about asking for that picture, but once I figured out what people were talking about, I realized it was a simple screencap.

@Hmmm: i decided to read the comments just in case.

scrolling through her pics shes very strange person, who are sid and nancy? lana del rey refers to them in one of her songs

@justme: Or it could be a new pic, but the masks are triggering memories of Halloween. I’m not saying its a new pic, just that the comment isn’t definitive one way or the other.

It Seems... @ 11/30/2013 at 12:07 am

If you listen to the people talking, you don’t hear her accent at all. That is NOT B, she just wants you to think it is her.

@Hmmm: You’re welcome. I thought it would be easier for people to make their own judgments. It’s tough for people to do that when an IG account is locked, although Tatiana took that video and screencapped it for her own use. I made one cap off Jesse’s link and publicly posted it.

It Seems... @ 11/30/2013 at 12:10 am

OH, and if that’s really those two with Adam’s family, where’s Michael?

@Huh: could be, but bee’s been posting old pictures, so i wouldn’t put it past her for attention.

@It Seems…: I don’t hear it either, but in fairness, it’s Tatiana who posted that those two are Adam and Bee. Bee wasn’t the one who posted the video to convince anyone of anything.

It Seems... @ 11/30/2013 at 12:15 am

@Emma: Okay, to be fair, let me ask this question, Do you guys recognize Anyone other than Jesse in the video? How do you know that is Adam and not just Jesse’ s fam?

Isn’t the video a vine posted by Jesse? Did he tag anyone in the video? I’m thinking fans grabbed it & tagged as her. Not necessarily B’s doing. You’ve seen the stuff they post here.

@It Seems…: It is Adam. But that isn’t Bee. As you mentioned, the girl sitting next to Adam is clearly speaking to the girl standing up and there’s no accent. Bee has an accent. A pretty obvious accent.

why would jesse even be with adam im sure they all with their own families but it did look a lot like adam… like a lot….

@heeyyy: Isn’t Adam close to Jesse? From what I can tell, it looks a lot like Adam. There’s always a mild possibility it isn’t, but I think it is. That isn’t Bee. The face profile doesn’t fit Bee’s. Bee doesn’t wear her hair like that. And Bee doesn’t have an American accent.

@Emma: Jesse is Adam’s best friend. They know each other for more than 15 years i think.

emma: i couldnt hear them well but i believe you about the accent and what not, but at the same time why would adam be with jesse? hes close with james, shawn gene, where would they be? why would he leave his fam to go hang with his friend who he sees while rehearsing etc…. all the theories! hha

It’s late here & I’m getting blerry eyed, but now I’m beginning to doubt that’s B too.

@Lilo: Thank you. I wondered how close they are now.

@heeyyy: I listened to the clip five times and each time I didn’t hear an accent from the girl sitting on the couch next to Adam. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s Adam. Maybe Jesse had a family and friends get together later that night and Adam stopped by? I don’t think it’s too unusual. I imagine that the others were probably home with their own families. Adam has a blended family situation. The others might not.

@Huh: Sorry to confuse. I thought it was important to post the cap here for people to decide for themselves. Many people seem to find it easier to go along with what others have to say.

The man’s left arm appears to be tattooed in the video, so I’m guessing it IS Adam.

I’ll have access to a computer tomorrow, so maybe I’ll be able to see it better. I don’t find it odd that Adam would stop by and visit with Jesse, but if that isn’t B, where is she? I’d expect her to be with her fiancee.

It Seems... @ 11/30/2013 at 1:00 am

If you look at @rootbruised pics on his IG, you see he put old pics up, too, of he and Behati, saying she was, “Bringing back Halloween to Thanksgiving”. Those are all OLD pics from when she was there in LA for Halloween. She shared some, so he shared some. I’ve literally always thought there was something going on btn B and Milo Decruz.

@It Seems…: Just like Bee. Why can’t Bee come up with Thanksgiving pics?

I’m glad that Bee took my advice.

Too bad she’s not in the picture and it’s not a Thanksgiving picture. How else can we help her out?

Well, I guess we’ve all waited long enough. Behati posted golf pictures and one of them looks like they have Adam in it. So, my guess is she’s been there for the past few days, obviously including Thanksgiving. But no one’s surprised here, or they shouldn’t be at this point.

A picture, in the dark, from far away. Not surprising.

so she took it before thanksgiving, “pre thanksginving” he looks bored even golfing.. wth…

i still don’t think she was at thanksgiving with his family.

@heeyyy: Pre-Thanksgiving could be any day before Thanksgiving. She’s always purposely vague. I still think she’s playing everyone here.

@Tara: She’s reposted others IGs before so I’m still not convinced. Bee where’s the Thanksgiving pics? We want Thanksgiving pics.

@Hmmm: I’m sure she titled the golf picture that way to make it seem like she was there on Thanksgiving. We’ll see if she has Thanksgiving pictures. Those would have been the best pictures for her to post as proof. It took her this long to follow our lead and post those golf pictures? I’ll bet she thought that would kill the speculation.

Just another puzzling piece:

Someone claiming they saw Adam in Oklahoma with Blake today? I mean, it’s literally just one person saying that but it’s kind of interesting.

@Kay: That’s too funny. So some fans think Adam and Bee were together for Thanksgiving and now this Tumblr person claims to have seen him with Blake in Oklahoma? The fans kill me.

@Tara: What’s the point of posting 2 day old pics now? It might take her 2 more days to post Thanksgiving pics. Sigh.

@Hmmm: She doesn’t have any to post? So she posts other pictures as if they were taken on Thanksgiving? She’s weird, but she knows what she’s doing.

@Kay: Adam in OK? Ha Ha Ha!

this just keeps on getting better and better, jesse’s vine, bps golf pic and now adam is in OK with blake, of course he would be with blake his one true love! at least its entertaining for us….

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I’m not even sure that golf picture is very new. I feel like she’s reading this site and whatever else and toying with people. She does it all the time.

well tara your opinion is just as good as any one of us! cause who knows anymore! maybe its old maybe its not maybe its from this week maybe its from last year…

@heeyyy: I find it fascinating how Bee is super manipulative and pretends she’s this nice girl. I wonder if Adam is fully aware of who she really is. I’ve seen her kind before many times. Not that Adam isn’t without fault, but she’s kind of psycho and somewhat dangerous. The Sid & Nancy picture tipped me off. She’s trying to be edgy and isn’t.

im going to assume with the amount of time he spends with her that he knows what kind of person she is, if not him then his family should see her personality, if he sees red flags but ignores them well its his fault… its just funny though cause now we have adam in OK with blake…

Wow, just woke up to all this. So if she is with Adam , she’s posting all these dark pictures while she is surrounded by fiancé and friends? Weirdo.
I might get my head around OK by lunchtime, the links are great, thanks everyone.

Is Travis on vacation and Milo is standing in as Bee’s personal photographer? I find her relationship with both men kind of odd. I can’t be alone in that thought. It’s kind of funny that Bee hasn’t proven that she and Adam were together at all this week. They’re always reposting each other’s pictures and posting old pictures. She does know what she’s doing. She never posts the pictures that make the difference.

@Tara, I’m with you on that thought sometimes wonder if they are her babysitters. BP thinks that she can be cool by Association which is why she posts pics of Cash and Vicious, people that aren’t relevant to her.

@Pulease: She obviously has low self esteem so being with the right clique is everything to her. She will do anything to fit in,

@Hmmm , I was feeling sorry for her yesterday, I think she needs help and so do I.

@Pulease: There is a possibility that Bee was in LA and not with Adam. She could have been staying with one of their mutual friends. I don’t really see Adam as having much to do with her when the cameras are away. She does try very hard to make it seem like they’re together almost all the time.

@Tara, I’ve said from day one this was PR, I wavered over the tattoo for a while but yesterday, with all those IG posts, I was really concerned for her, more fool me. Hope Adam knows what he’s dealing with.

i dont get this relationship what r they doing? i dont think they even know… if she was there with the fam we would have seen pics by now its weird his bro hasnt posted pics though… right?

@Pulease: I’m guessing Bee got that tattoo on her own. I doubt she got it when he got his. She’s creepy, but I can’t feel sorry for her. She knew what she was getting into because she never went away when he broke it off.

@heeyyy: It’s now Saturday and no one has posted pictures of Bee and Adam with his family at Thanksgiving. Michael is the usual culprit. Either he decided not to be attention seeking this year or she wasn’t there to photograph.

@Pulease: I’m happy I’m not the only one worried about her mental stability.

@Hmmm , so it’s not just me then, thank God. If a friend of mine had been posting stuff like that I would have intervened, theres something very wrong here.

@Pulease: with the dark sided pics I cannot go with her being in LA this week. All the sudden she posts pics tonight from 2 days ago?

I’ve thought maybe there was a mental issue before but let it go. Her parents were here why didn’t they see it? It can’t be only us.

@Hmmm , it does look like her in the vid but I can’t be certain.
IDK but maybe they put it down to her age before but they can’t ignore it much longer at 24.

Have any of the guys Bee tagged on her IG pictures posted comments? You would think they would have by now.

How about the indirect pictures of Shawn and Ali? Those have been up for a few days now. Comments?

@Tara: No one has wrote on her IG. No Noah, Milo or Shawn.

@Hmmm: Bee and Ali are bffs and thrive on the attention. I’m shocked Ali hasn’t posted some inside joke yet.

Bee posts these far away pictures of Adam on her IG and never refers to him by name. The fans know who she is, but she doesn’t really acknowledge him either. That’s odd too.

Ali commented “always a bad girl” on the Gnarly Head pic. I mentioned before that they don’t seem as close as they used to be, BP didn’t congratulate Ali on her music and award and they hadn’t been posting on the others IG for three weeks beforehand. Ali is trying to make it big in the business and maybe sees her as a liability, Adams made it so it wouldn’t affect him at all.

I kind of wondered if they all mock Bee behind her back.

Someone saw Adam with Blake in OK on Friday? Be nice if that’s true. This whole thing has been strange and mildly entertaining.

It is possible that Adam went with Blake to Mirandas pink party in OK,a few local news channels have already reported on it but no mention of Adam, that would be welcome news.

Bee and Adam are getting married at Xmas. My sisters best friend works at MILK, knows B and she is going to the wedding. They are getting married in someones mansion in Malibu on Xmas then in S Africa after the new year. She wasnt invited to that obviously so she doesnt know the date but sorry to burst everyones bubble the wedding is ON and its 12/25.

@bnadam: LMAO. Another stan trying to make us believe this bull crap. Nice try. NOT believing a word of it.

@bnadam: Plus, Adam will be in Europe for MOST of January. Nice try. NOPE!


you dont have to believe me. You just have to wait until xmas and see for yourself.

Hes not there for ALL of January. I cannot say what day as my sis’s friend doesnt know bc she was invited to that. B is keeping it all very quiet obviously. All she has been told is that accomodations for hotel and airfare have been made for her in Malibu for 12/23 to 12/27 and that is it. Doesnt even know where she is staying only flight details. Cannot bring a guest or cameras and cell phones. Small price to pay to be at that wedding in my opinion. Can you tell me what a “stan” is??

Well they have the new years shows the 30-31 in vegas and then the Euro tour starts on the 8th so they would reasonably leave the 6th or 7th to get there and the last show is the 20th. That doesn’t leave much time to celebrate a wedding or honeymoon. I know I wouldn’t want to spend my newlywed/honeymoon time on tour but I am sure if this is “true” she wants that new last name ASAP to secure her place.

Bnadam go watch the Stan video by Eminem the fact you don’t know it shows you are probably a young “fan” trying to stir the pot.

You can always count on someone claiming to know something here.

Let’s break this down:

A random “fan” named Bnadam shows up claiming to have Christmas wedding details? That’s not obvious.

The person involved in this rumor is the “sister’s best friend who works at Milk.” Not me. Not my sister, but my sister’s best friend. Too bad the cousin isn’t involved. How convenient.

She first claims the wedding is on 12/25 and then gives a range in the next post.

The sister’s friend cannot bring a guest to the wedding, but it’s at a Malibu? I’ve never heard of a wedding where the invitees can’t bring one guest. It’s going to be a wedding full of single people?

And, of course, the guests can’t bring “cameras or cell phones.”

You decided to betray your sister’s friend’s trust by posting details on a gossip site. One where the tabs can read and send the paps out to look for them. That makes a lot of sense, but the guests (who have all come alone) can’t bring cameras?

Great story. Better than what I could have come up with now.

“I cannot say what day as my sis’s friend doesnt know bc she was invited to that.”

This doesn’t even make sense.

@bnadam: Hi Behati! You cannot give us PROOF about having Thanksgiving with Adam, so you pull this crap out of your butt? Nice try.

@Tara: I was going to say the same thing. It’s all bull crap. B just doesn’t want VS to know Adam ended it with her, she’s trying to save her ass again.

So they expect all of their friends to celebrate their wedding rather than celebrate Christmas with their own families and children and of course travel between dates of five days. They then stay in Malibu or go on honeymoon until the sixth of January when M5 have to fly to Europe without any rehearsal time.let’s forget that BPs father is a Pastor and Christmas is the most important time of year for his congregation. Her parents will have to be at the first wedding because that’s the one that counts and she is their only child, so the SA one doesn’t matter, it’s just window dressing.
Well thanks for that though your spelling and grammar have improved dramatically.

that was a typo, meant to say wasnt invited. Sorry. And again you dont have to believe me. The date range is the days she will be in Malibu. She was told the wedding is 12.25 in Malibu no other details. I have been reading this site as it is entertaining. I only decided to post this bc my sis just told me. Yes, it was in confidence and I feel bad posting it but its not like I know B or owe her any discretion in the matter and my neither my sister nor her friends read this blog as they are NOT fans of Adam or M5. I am not a “young fan” I am 28yrs old.

I didnt mean to come on here and cause problems. I just wanted to share the lil bit of info I got. Everyone can take it or leave it. I guess we will all know in less than a month bc as everyone knows, no celebrity wedding of this scale goes unnoticed in Hollywood. And its not uncommon to tell a guest they cant bring a date. I doubt thats the rule for everyone, but, her and B are close so I was surprised at that too.

I have no reason to lie. Not a fan of B personally. I met her before and she is nice but you can tell she is seriously damaged goods.

@LMAO: The posts are almost too coherent to be Bee.

Let’s pretend for a moment that Bee still has friends who didn’t belong to Adam first. Bee can’t afford to pay for her guests’ hotel rooms and airfare. She makes good money, but she isn’t that wealthy. Adam wouldn’t spend his money on that either. This story would have been more believable if the attendee in question had been Russell James. Not some random employee. Nice story at any rate. Maybe she’ll come back with “new details” to plug in to make it sound more real.

Well I’m finally on a real computer and its no clearer to me whether that is B or not, although I’m inclined to believe it is. Where else is she going to be? This whole relationship is one big guessing game.

no more details, LOL. That is all I know. Its so funny you think it could possibly be B writing this. I doubt she reads this. If she is reading it, hey B, PLEASE confirm for these whack job lunatics that you spent Thanksgiving with Adam. Beware though, in order for them to believe it you better post a clear pic of you and adam eating turkey with a newpaper showing the date or they will never believe it was thanksgiving of this year.

@bnadam: You couldn’t resist. The problem with stories like yours is that the people who come here saying similar things all sound like you.

“Everyone can take it or leave it. I guess we will all know in less than a month bc as everyone knows, no celebrity wedding of this scale goes unnoticed in Hollywood.”

You aren’t the first person coming here to claim something is going to happen on a certain date. Then the date passes and NADA. What’s good for you is that you don’t have to justify why you lied. People here already assume that you are.

oh and Adam better have a big smile on his face or they will say he looks unhappy. But dont make it look to good because they will then say you are attention seeker. Basically B, you cant win with them.

@bnadam: If you knew how to read, you’d know that I wasn’t the one who called you Bee.

@bnadam: Thanks for outing yourself as a stan. You sound just like them!