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Kanye West: 'Bound 2' Video Premiere Starring Kim Kardashian!

Kanye West: 'Bound 2' Video Premiere Starring Kim Kardashian!

Kanye West and his fiancee Kim Kardashian share an intimate kiss in the premiere of his latest music video for “Bound 2“!

The 36-year-old rapper made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to debut the Nick Knight-directed video exclusively on the talk show.

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“I couldn’t wait another second to share @KanyeWest’s new video with you,” Ellen tweeted along with a link to the clip. “Now get some rest. Tomorrow’s a big day.”

“Bound 2″ featuring Charlie Wilson is the second single off his latest album Yeezus to receive the visual treatment following “Black Skinhead.”

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Kanye West – ‘Bound 2′ Music Video
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  • lol

    WTF is this? Seriously, one sex tape wasn’t enough? These two narcissistic f-cks bore me to death. Should never have bred.

  • yuck

    Still trying to make her happen?! Wake up Kanye, she’s nothing but a greddy dummy ho in Chanel clothes!

  • Kelly

    Classy chicks don’t make porn videos.

  • sexiest dog alive

    it reminds me of a video from david hasselhoff:

  • What’s next?

    Seal and Hiedi

  • JOY

    The song and the video are both horrible! I don’t understand why he thinks he is so great. Can’t sing, just talks!

  • dahl!a

    @yuck: He’s just havin’ fun. Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

  • ivy

    What the… Was that for real or a joke? That had to be one of the worst videos I have ever wasted my time on. It was a stupid rap and Kim naked on a bike traveling on a “road” that is clearly totally green screened?? And all those “looks’…what is that about? Clearly Kim can’t even make believable faces. After watching this and the cut back to Ellen talking about how great it was, I am thinking I must be crazy How can Ellen possibily think this was good? Is everyone just afraid to tell Kanye thet truth about his “talent” or lack thereof??

  • QT

    Kanye, you do realize she’s famous for being peed on? And nothing else, right?

  • Antigoni

    wow that sucked really bad!

  • wandalismus

    he looks ridiculous on that bike and she had a body double. The video looks as fake as the both of them. Who does he try to fool? He’s like that guy in 8 mile – the one who went to a private prep school and got served by Eminem….

  • Pam

    They are perfect for each other. They are each other’s lobster! Their wedding is going to be all kinds of trashy fun. It’s going to be the best comedy on TV. Bring it on! We can’t get rid of them unfortunately so let’s just laugh at them.

  • lame

    I just… I can’t even with these two delusional douchbags.
    Kanye, Kim is a tramp who will never get a Hollywood star. Buy her one and put it by your bedside.
    Kim, Kanye is a self centered, egotistical asshat who thinks he is gods gift to humanity.
    Baby North, I’m praying for you to come out of all this unscathed and without serious mental issues and drug dependency. I hope she has some stable adult figure in her life. Lord knows it’s not those two idiots.

  • Oh Yeezus

    She got you for 18 years….and on her 18th birthday found out Nori wasn’t even his! I think his mother is rolling over in her grave…

  • haha

    He does know he is marrying a Kardashian right? As is Kash-in?? Or has Kim’s face changed so much lately that he has mistaken her for someone else? Kanye needs an intervention. Jay-Z needs to knock some sense in his friend and fast. Dating her was one thing, but procreating with her and now wanting to marry her means he is seriously lacking in judgement.

  • wtf

    ou’re #3, dude. Her last marriage lasted 72 days…

  • Jem

    Her hair wasn’t blowing the way it SHOULD be blowing if on a real
    bike ride. Special effects stink. AND where’s the talent??

  • Really

    Awful song, awful video and it has nothing to do with Kim or Kanye being in it. It’s just Awful Period.

  • Stella

    I am not a Kim or Kanye fan but the haterade here is silly. She looks beautiful, and the background is supposed to look fake/animated. I don’t think anyone understands the concept of the video or how it is artistic. And I like the song, reminds me of old Kanye songs. Good work.

  • Jenna

    Okay – before I get the nasty comments back at me, let me just say that I am an African American. However, I am confused why Kim’s skin is colored in this video. Is it the lighting? I have no problem with it, I just don’t get why everything seems fake!??

  • Serena

    This has to be a joke right?!? That can’t be serious…!?
    The video is classic, fashionable, awesome, visionary, interesting, exciting, beautiful .. NOT. Its the opposite. It looks cheap. It looks awful. She is half naked, looks like they’re doing it while driving. Senseless, full of themselves. You are no Jay+Bey. You are no Obama. This is so ghetto. That could have been good, but it isn’t. Perhaps he should think about that not eveybody is obsessed with him and especially Kim but him. Just him. Not his fans, who are shirnking, not the world. Just him, Kris and Kim are obsessed with Kanye and Kim.

  • Tansie

    Two FAME WHO*ES!

  • Eleanna

    TRASH. I used to be a Kanye fan, that’s out the window now. He’s so full of himself, I mean c’mon- YEEZUS?! Who is he kidding.. He’s a joke. None of his lyrics even make sense anymore. This is possibly the worst video I have ever watched. Everything about it sucks, especially the fact that Kow Kartrashian is in it. Who is SHE kidding?! EVERYTHING about her in this video is completely photoshopped! We all know she doesn’t really look like that in real life. Her facial expressions make me want to knock her off the bike into a pile of dirt. Kanye’s a moron. Maybe instead of riding a motorcycle half naked in a crappy video, she should be at home caring for her new baby?? Oh yeah, she’s a horrible mother who lets nannies care for her kid instead. I cannot wait until these two jokes of people fall of the face of the earth. Or move to Paris & we never have to hear of them again. That’d be spectacular.

  • Mylene – Montreal

    LOL and re-LOL … What is this ?! LOLOLOL

  • sorella

    Kanye has now officially jumped the shark, he has been close since he hooked up with Kim, but it’s now official, he is a joke and has jumped it, career suicide. Too funny!! All they do is being laughed at, the opposite affect that they are after. Kim looks like a blow-up doll, her face doesnt move. I think they BOTH deserve each other. BOTH are so trashy and attention-seeking, match made in heaven for them!!

  • Marizona

    They’re not trying to fool you into thinking they’re actually on a road riding a bike. It is an awful video but fits right in with how dumb society is now. Trashy is what people know and like. Sex sells. They’re not trying to be rocket scientists here….LOL

  • ladyb

    omg – Can’t believe Kim agreed to this – The part where the motorcycle was bouncing was to make us imaging them doing it. – This is like Ben Affleck and J-Lo over-the-top media fueled relationship on speed. I have said this, Kanye does not love this woman – he loves the object. He sees her as a trophy he can show off – that’s not love.

  • jeannifer

    This is it! two attention whores in one screen and now will appear everywhere. I feel sorry for Kanye, as far as I know you can not sing, and now you make this video-clip.

  • Ewa

    What the hell have I just watched!? Was there a point to it?

    Also, does Kim K not have nipples? Her breasts look weiiiiird here…

  • Starburst

    Is he serious? No, really? Is he serious? I am so not a fan anymore. I feel sorry for North West. Another Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller in the making but instead of a drug addiction they both have a narcissism disorder.

  • odla

    I can’t find any respect for Kim from Kanye. If a man really loves his woman, especially his baby’s mama, he can’t ever do this kind of trashy, disrespectful thing. He would rather try to beautify her than make his woman an official xxx. Poor Kim.

  • allison

    Harvard University should be embarrassed to have invited Kanye to inspire their students after watching that video. A 16 year old could have done that on this computer. The fact that Ellen had this on her show tells me Kim and Kanye have a lot of yes people around them. Yes that video is great. Yes North is a great name. Yes it a good thing that you leave your new born at home in CA while you all go to Paris. I could go on but you get my point.

  • me

    I think it is sweet! Two people in love is a good thing! He loves her and that is beautiful. It is especially beautiful when a child’s parents are in love.

  • essie

    LOL with all the money those 2 have they can’t even make a music video… looks like some high schooler’s video project using iMovie

  • Cory

    Some serious photo shopping must have taken place, because Kim never had that wispy of a back side. Its almost as if they took graphics and imposed them over their bodies and merged the two. They could have made a video game.

  • Butch

    MTE! What’s up with you people? The track is great – totally original like I knew it would be. I’m not even a Kanye fan (or Kim either), but you can’t deny the guy has talent. She looks beautiful and it’s kinda sweet – they look totally into eachother. Who gives a single f*uck about the past for them both. People please. Grow the f up.

  • sac2rwm

    “North, this is how you were made. Daddy got on the motorcycle, then mommy got on daddy and we went down a bumpy road.”

    This is complete trash! Is this suppose to be a song? It’s crap. I couldn’t care less for the video, but the song is insanely stupid.

  • Anonymouse

    What a pile of w@nk. This has got to be a joke, right? It’s like a spoof from SNL.

  • Mary

    So very sad for him. He used to have some margin of talent — now he’s just … well, just sad. This is so cringe-worthy.

    I love the people who claim that we peasants “just don’t get it.” There just isn’t anything to get. It’s sophomoric, no matter how hard you try to find something of merit and value in this.

  • b

    Are we being punked? LMAO. I think the video fits who they are. It’s odd, it makes no sense, you feel a little uncomfortable looking at it because of how stupid it looks, it makes you laugh, it’s fake and photoshopped, it cost a furtune yet it looks cheap. Yep, fits them perfectly. And I love when Kanye talks about how Kim isn’t with him because of the money. Yeah right. Why don’t you propose with a chip of a diamond for a ring and see what her face looks like when she sees that. Or tell her you’ve gone broke and you have to sell the big diamond and the homes/cars to pay off the debt. She’d go running for the hills. Her and her family are nothing more than fame wh0res who want money money money and that’s it. And the public laps out up and keeps them in the spotlight. I cannot even begin to think what future generations are going to make of us/Hollywood/America with people like this family being apart of history.

  • Sandra

    This is my first time hearing Kanye West’s “music.” It’s just awful. At first, some other guy is singing a nice song and then Kanye comes on (thud) mouthing rap w/o rhyme. There’s a bunch of phony scenes on a motorcycle prop where he uses his girlfriend’s body to sex up his act. She’s a mannequin whose fame seems to consist of wearing clothes sometimes and then none sometimes. I can’t recall anything she’s ever said, but I must admit I haven’t watched her family’s show. She seems like a lost little doll with a flat affect in her demeanor. He clearly sees her as a useful tool in his manufactured career. There’s nothing these two add to the world except conspicuous consumption and textbook narcissism. Fortunately for us all, this alliance cannot last and the limelight will shift. I had seen West’s name different places in the news so I was a little curious about his music. Having heard it, I can now report that it is awful, just awful.

  • Mango

    I thought this was a SNL spoof!!! Seriously the WORST video and song I have seen and heard in a LOOOOOOOOONG time. I hope they have the decency to be embarrassed.

  • theo

    @sexiest dog alive: — It reminds me of the weird MJ vid for You Are Not Alone —

  • Marieme

    Someone quick! How do you say “barf” in 20 languages? Cuz that’s how I feel seeing this.

    Someone tweeted out that it says everything about their relationship that Kanye chose to objectify a naked Kim. I agree. Says everything about how he sees her, what he values.

  • Joneblaze

    The best thing about the vid is the shadow of KIms boobs and I hope there is an unedited version of this extremely cheesy vid

  • World is laughing…

    At you and your baby mama! Laughinging at you!! Her mother and her father must be rolling HARD their graves. This is hysterical and I don’t it was on purpose.

  • roronette

    So bored of them both…

  • aranka paul

    Rogen/Franco spoof of the same video is just hillareous. I bet Kenye was pissed off when he saw it,. That’s what we need, more folks poking fun at these two idiots. Seth as Kim is just brilliant. I laughed my a&** off.

  • carolyne Ashbrook

    Are you serious the best thing about this music video was the chorus (“ah ha baby”) if you gonna do a music video with the love of your life at least make it worth listening to, what the hell is “do you remember where we first met I don’t remember where we first met” and “we made it through thanksgiving can we make it through xmas” are you for real my 3 year old son and my 6 year old daughter sound better singing on the toilet than you do in this video sorry but maybe someone should sign up my kids!!!!

  • Daniel

    Totally tasteless!