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Chris Hemsworth: Expecting Second Child with Elsa Pataky!

Chris Hemsworth: Expecting Second Child with Elsa Pataky!

Chris Hemsworth and his wife Elsa Pataky are expecting their second child together, can confirm!

The 30-year-old actor and his wife, 37 already have one child together, a little girl named India, 18 months.

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No word on how far along Elsa is in her pregnancy, or what the sex of the baby will be. We can’t wait to find out!

Chris and Elsa got married back in 2010. Congratulations to the very happy couple on the wonderful news of their expanding family!

Us Weekly was the first to report the news.

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  • Looselipz

    Congrats! What a cute couple.

  • Loki

    Stupid guy.

  • Roxanne


  • Roxanne

    @Loki: WHY??????

  • What’s next

    Congrats! What a adorable family.

  • ML


  • Dave

    You don’t know much about her, do you?

  • Roxanne

    NO THAT’S WHY I ASKED!!!!!!!!!

  • true

    sexiest man alive, right here.

  • Roxanne

    @true: H e should have gotten it

  • Jeanie

    Aww, another baby. Sweet.

  • xyz


    And u do?

  • Janire

    Congrats! I like this couple, Elsa is so lucky to have a man like Chris… *sigh*. I’m with you, guys, he deserves to be the sexiest man alive!

  • Tommy

    @Roxanne: She’s known for using men in Hollywood, also for Spanish porn. She’s so desperate for attention, she could put the Kardashians to shame. A true manipulator. He’s a fool.

  • pika

    woah that was quick congrats

  • Chace


  • Dave

    @xyz: More than you.

  • Roxanne

    @Tommy: damn i Google her and your right…..ehhhh

  • Vita

    She’s a whore. Stupid mistake on his part because now he’s really locked in. Too bad because that’s what she wanted all along. Her plan worked. This is how you get a rich, movie star billionaire-get knocked up and then force him to marry you LOL.

  • Anna

    @Tommy: You are so right! I don’t know why no one sees this? Is it because of the new hair, make-up, and rich lifestyle she’s living. Like a classy woman.

  • Sugar

    @Vita: Yeah…
    I think they only dated a few months before they got married. It seemed awfully rushed. She’s also had plastic surgery, which his family is supposedly against. She’s got him locked now…it’s too bad for him. He could have done MUCH BETTER with someone else closer to his own age.

  • tammy

    It´s funny because the Hemsworth did an “intervention” to break up Liam and Miley´s engagement because she wasn´t suitable for him!And this douchebag is living with a whore right beside him.LOL!

  • Mimi

    @tammy: I was thinking the same thing….the easiest thing to do is “blame Miley” for everything. People have no idea what kind of person Chris’ wife is.

  • Cate

    She used to be a known gold digger and famewhore but she seems less desperate now. Maybe because she finally bagged the A-Lister she’s been chasing for years! She was smart. She got together with him just before he hit it big with Thor and got a ring on it and a baby straight away now. Still she and Chris seem happy and sweet and she doesn’t desperately famewhore all over the place now so it seems she has matured.

  • Anna


    OH Loki…Thor’s coming for you.Will you ever learn?

  • Roxanne

    @Anna: ??????

  • Bitches all around

    Holy crap there are a whole lot of rude assholes around here. Who the hell are you guys to say these shit about a woman you have never met? Don’t know? What the hell does it matter what you think? He clearly loves her so guess what? Grow up a little and show some respect. Geez. Children. I’m not a fan of her or anything, never even heard of her before Chris, but I don’t know her. I have no right to judge her!

    Either way congrats to Chris and Elsa – and India of course!

  • Chace

    Surprised they are lasting

  • Veronica

    @Bitches all around – And who are you? Maybe I do know her?

  • lea

    Damn, now Chris really is trapped!

  • GG

    Nooo!! He could do SO much better

  • Vee

    I don’t like her very much. I compare her to a grasping leech. She’s much older than he is, had a nose job and boob job, (plus assorted other plastic surgeries) and has a reputation for using men for her own gain.
    I hope he’s not in for some rude awakening later. On the other
    hand, perhaps, she can settle down and play the devoted mother and wife as she’s certainly landed herself in an awesome position. Time will tell. Perhaps the rumors of her are not true.

  • DarkseidNow

    Thor’s genetic jackhammer strikes again!

  • elena

    you people are so fool and mean. this girl is already rich propably richer than chris she doesn’t need his money. Her family has the most famous and successfull publiching house in greece…

  • 2q


  • 2q



  • talia

    what is wrong with some people, who gives a c**p about her past, chris knows her better than all you rude people calling her names.

    congrats to chris and elsa.

  • Ellie

    @elena: She’s from Spain.

  • Nana

    @talia: Because his family is always so sensitive about their image, that’s why. Miley’s not the only one who would have tarnished it.

  • DV8

    If Thor was my husband I would bang him every day too lol

  • Rex

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  • Yawn

    @Tommy: Don’t libel people. She never did porn in Spain; she’s more like a Julia Robert-type over there.

    Haters, Chris WANTED to be locked in! Morons!

  • Jessie

    I don’t know anything about his wife and I’m not interested in her past, but he wasn’t an A-lister when she married him and there was no guarantee that he would ever be. Whatever her past or if it wasn’t good, people do outgrow their past and change.
    If they wanted to have more children, they have to have them close together. She’s 37 and I’m sure she doesn’t want to be pregnant into her forties. They seem like a happy couple. If they’re not or it grows sour in the future, kids won’t keep them together.
    As for Chris trying to do an intervention with Liam and Miley, who knows it that really happened. All we know is it was reported on a gossip site with NO reliable back up.

  • As long as they’re happy…

    True… they seem like a mismatch, but as long as they’re happy. He seems truly in love with her. He’s so handsome and seems like a nice guy, so we just all hope he married the right person. Yeah, she was a player for a while, but maybe she’s changed. It’s what she is now that matters.

  • Really

    You people that talk but about her don’t know shit about her. She is been working since she was 16 in Spain, she had 3 well know reletionship, she married the 3rd one. She had some plastic surgery, like half of so beloved celebritis there, very little of your actress don’t have surgery done, or botox. When she married she well known in Spain and already in the USA, she was something, he was nothing. Problem envy, you all bitche will love to have him, you can’t so we badmouth his wife. She NEVER BUT NEVER done porn, for FYI.

  • Irenha

    She has been working for many, many years. But she hasn´t luck enough with movies. She has been under surgery as the majority of celebrities, so don´t be hypocrite! and she has never filmed a porn movie.

    Envy is a very bad emotion. They are a happy family. Don´t be so jealous.

  • Lara

    If I were him I would make DNA tests to both India and the new baby, with the way this w*hre sleeps around. Damn.



    REALLY+IRENHA…. I just agree with you. Im spanish and i know Elsa has been working on tv and movies since she was a kid. she’s one of the most famous actresses here. She had had only long term relationships before chris, and when she married the man everybody here thought who was that kid cause he wasn’t known at all. So I don’t think that was fooling around…
    She had had plastic surgery at the beginning of her career… but i think she chose a great doctor because she looks amazing.
    And for the porn…. tell me just one porn movie where she has act, and if you can’t (and I’m sure you can’t), just shut the f**** up people. jealousy can be sooo bad.

  • talia

    @Nana: since when have the hemsworth family every been sensitive about their image?

  • just_me

    I’m Spanish and I don’t like Elsa, I think she has done nothing but going from a relationship to another. Come on Spaniards, you know her work is known for being poor and for taking bad choices. I think she loves the idea of being with a high profile actor. However, I do think she really loves him, before she never passed the oportunity of being seen with Adrian Brody or his other celeb couples, and now she seems to be more relaxed.
    AND SHE NEVER MADE PORN! In spain we’re more open to sex on films, but it doesn’t mean it’s porn.