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Gerard Butler Works Up a Sweat on Morning Run!

Gerard Butler Works Up a Sweat on Morning Run!

Gerard Butler keeps his pace up as he goes for a morning run on Thursday (November 21) in Los Angeles.

The 44-year-old actor worked up quite the sweat as he jogged alongside a fellow exercising male pal on the cloudy west coast morning.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Gerard Butler

Earlier in the week, Gerard hit up the 2013 Women’s Guild Cedars-Sinai Gala, where he struck a series of funny poses on the red carpet. Check out the pics in case you missed them!

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler working up a sweat while going for a morning run…

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gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 01
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 02
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 03
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 04
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 05
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 06
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 07
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 08
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 09
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 10
gerard butler works up a sweat for morning run 11

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  • C.U.Soon

    Nice :)

  • Christy

    I’ll help him work up a sweat in a much funner way.

  • soy

    this article will get 100 unnecessary comments

  • GFW

    One of my least favorite things to do ever in my life: running. Hate it. Always have; always will. In my mind we were created to run to save our lives, period. (laughs)
    Okay, I’m getting my naughty on seeing Gerry all sweated up and all. Why? Because after he’s gonna need to wiggle out of those damp jogging clothes an take a shower. I’ll stop there. (blushing)
    who thinks I embarrass Gerry more than he’d admit but since he knows me not I have no problems saying what others might be thinking and haven’t the comeuppance do so

  • GerrysFascinatingWoman

    Aren’t joggers supposed to run with their mouths closed? I think its healthier and reserves energy? At least that’s what my Gym teacher told me.

  • Teresa

    Looking good Mr. Butler!


    Glad Mr. Jackman’s b.c.c. was caught in time. Very,very glad Mr. Butler’s was caught too, about five years ago. The little tell-tale circular scar on the right tip of his nose is still there. As a nurse, it was kind of obvious. Those pink boys need to be careful, especially their noses. Happy all is well for both of them.

  • cupcake

    Glad to see your staying healthy Gerry.


    Mr. Butler is running in perfect form.
    I would only suggest a better jogging suit. His thin tee shirt is not doing the job, plus His being drenched like that will give Him a chill as He cools down. And those are Not jogging pants. They are “over pants”. You put them on After a work out , over sweat shorts to keep from getting a chill and cramping. Basically they are plastic.
    His mouth is closed until the paps suprise Him, and He is saying something to His trainer.
    So if He is suprised by the paps, just who called them in at dawn to that particular parking lot of the Malibu State Park? ( Been there.)


    I take it back about the pants. They do look cloth on closer inspection of the photo. They still look wrong for “jogging pants”. They look like indoor work out sweats, even worse for jogging because they get drenched with sweat and get heavy and start chaffing. Poor Baby.
    His color is pale after a workout that would soak his shirt like that, but the color of His lips is very good, and His eyes are bright and clear. Very Happy.

  • Fassynizing

    “ GerrysFascinatingWoman ”
    You mean he is sending his women to Fassy ? Pretty much!
    I don’t know why he thinks shaking hand with some celebrity, taking photos with them and now work up in the morning is comparable with Oscar nominee and higher position of MF ; But he obviously trying so hard.
    Gerry is lucky that FM is not going to keep her for long time, he will finally throw her away.

  • dargabriel66

    Gerard Looks Pulled, He Looks Lost. He Looks Like he’s Aging Godspeed, He Needs His Light, Very Much. Trance Like. Jogging Is Very Hard On The Body, Yoga Is Way Better. Treating Your Body With Respect Is Key. Good Luck Butler, You Look Drained. Wake Up. dargabriel66

  • Ducky

    I saw this commercial on tv last night and thought it was hysterical. Thought I would pass it on.
    There was another reason and not sure it will show up again, but it was a trailer for russell crowe in Noah after the commercial. I had alrready read the article about Future films of Ridley Scott that was posted by CGE and thought how wonderful if the B man could have such a part in such an epic story. Seems down his lane as Attila and Beowulf. Have to look for the picture I was thinking of and will post it. Just hoping that GOE takes off. Already have my doubts…crap. Not a word about GRush either. Anybody hear anything at all? Getting nervous cause I talked Fromoz into those new Egyptian cotton sheets.
    Teresa, left a message for you on the old thread.

  • Oh Dear!

    @soy: “this article will get 100 unnecessary comments”

    Like yours you mean?

  • Ducky
    Love this picture as well as the film.
    Still think they should have gotten a costume award. The work was wonderful.

  • Ha Ha

    @Fassynizing: “FM is not going to keep her for long time, he will finally throw her away.”

    That’s what you do with trash.

  • GerrysFascinatingWoman

    That still has nothing to do with wardrobe and why he is Mike next up.

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: Hi Ducky, found this article from just 40 mins ago. Just a couple of sentences regarding GoE. Cheers :-)

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: Also this, which is older news, but does talk about ” pre production “.

    We still need to keep our fingers crossed Ducky. BTW, you are mistaken, I bought the sheets for Lolita , not G.B. Lol. :-)

  • Ducky

    @fromoz: Good to see you fromoz. Well, better than nothing right. Seems that location isn’t solid yet. What’s that all about? But still in Australia right? Hope so. No patience here at all. lol Thanks for finding the article. Russell’s grey was a surprise.
    I am totally in the Christmas spirit and that’s another movie I wish he would do. He said he makes movies for longevity and that would be an added plus if he could do something Scottish.

  • Ducky

    Sydney or Melbourne is good. The part that bothers me is the 150 mil. If Paradise shut down over $120, what are they thinking? Yep, have my fingers crossed. Don’t think I will rest easy till it’s a wrap.
    Sheets for LOLITA! You have got to be joking. Look here girl, you take the fur ball you have to take the whole package. They come as a set.

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: I’m checking every day for any news of filming of GoE, & the R.C article is what popped up. Yes, he’s looking grey, but seems to be embracing it. If he kept the beard off I’m sure he’d look younger – same as G.B., they can dye the hair, but the grey in the beard is harder to maintain. I’m wondering if G.B. is jogging as part of the fitness needed for the GoE role ! We’ll just decide to believe that is why, eh Ducky. No harm in that. As for Lolita the ” fur ball “, I’m sure she’s used to being provided with only the best, brekkie in bed, etc. , so I want her to feel at home in Oz. ” They come as a set “, play on words there Ducky ? Cheers :-)

  • Teresa

    @<a href="/2013/11/21/gerard-butler-works-up-a-sweat-on-morning-run/comment-page-1/@Ducky: -28276786″>Ducky: Thanks Ducky, your post means alot! I really enjoy reading most things posted here! I just can’t believe how some people react!

  • Nicole

    Kristin Artz
    about an hour ago
    Dear Santa I take my last post back, I’ll take this one and yes with the Gerard Butler option! I love my job. — at Los Angeles Convention Center

  • Nicole
  • Nicole
  • Ducky Gerry goes a day early to the LA Convention center for the car show.
    That’s great that you chieck fromoz. Personally very grateful that you do. I like the look of russell crowe, just surprised me. I would love to see gb go natural. But don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. Think he would look quite distinguished.
    Wonder if he will be invited out for Thanksgiving dinner next week. Do you celelbrate a special day down under? I wish we celebrated in Oct. like Canada. Would give us more time in between Christmas and Thanksgiving.
    Good Teresa. meant every word.

  • Nicole
  • BMorningstar

    Gerry likes to sweat with Freddy who puts him through a ringer always. Soaking their high quality sheets together. Must be fun for them and wish I could join up.

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: No Ducky, Thanksgiving is not a tradition in Oz, although, because we are such a multi cultural country, I’m sure a lot of people do celebrate it. We have no problems in pinching other countries traditions, Halloween is another perfect example. We are also quite happy to pinch actors & claim them as our own. Prancing Pony might have something to say about this, as R.C. was actually born in New Zealand, but we consider him to be a true blue Aussie. As for G.B., the photo of him near the red sports car, – Yes please, I’ll have that one. Cheers :-)@Nicole: Hi Nicole, Thanks for all the photos & info you bring to the thread. :-)

  • Joie de Vivre

    Greetings everyone! Looks like a positive thread at the moment. Just wanted to pop on and say hey and I’ll catch up on the links later. Figures with all the nice suits and fashion he’s been sporting lately, I’d pick the thread where he’s a sweaty mess. Actually. SWEET! LOL! God love that hot mess! Right? Hope you are all well! ♥

  • Nicole
  • Nicole
  • DAR is Joking!

    For the posters that are concerned for “Dar” need to get a clue. She’s trolling for attention and always has been.
    I’ll admit that she’s good at baiting posters. Very good in fact.
    But don’t let her act fool you. She’s not delusional, mental or believes that Gabriel is giving her messages about Gerry. She is just bored out of her mind and has no life.
    I seriously doubt even the most deluded fan would post some of the cr/ap dar posts when their ISP can be tracked so easily.
    She’s an idiot. Always has been. Always will be.

  • Nicole

    Brian Allan
    5 minutes ago
    Gerard Butler and good times at GAS booth & LA Autoshow — with Steve Mccord and 3 others at LA Auto Show. (7 photos)

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough @gerardbutler great meeting you! You’re a cool dude. Have a great night (same below but on Instagram)

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Gerard Butler checks out #RangeRover #AutobiographyBlack at #LAAS.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Dear Santa I take my last post back, I’ll take this one and yes with the Gerard Butler option! I love my job. — en Los Angeles Convention Center

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Me and my boy Gerard Butler… Pharm school

  • BMorningstar

    So he’s working out all his kinks ha ha ha haaaaaa. Well maybe some but not all as we know right. Mr cafs and Mr freddy.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    Ashley TL Martinez
    3 minutes ago
    so today at work I got to meet Gerard Butler so cool for those who don’t know him that’s the lead actor from 300, Dude was so cool, tall, and big with an accent that would make u melt lol up at the La car show

  • Preparing for movie

    Nice to see Mr Butler getting prepared and strong for next movie. The book of Mr Lean, the jogging and a personal fit trainer will get him there fast. Good luck to him and a good day.

  • Nicole

    Chris ReneVerified account
    @GerardButler & my self throwing up the LOVE LIFE in LA

  • Nicole
  • Ducky a little closer from the ru sisters.
    Fromoz, What did you say ? LOL ” We are also quite happy to pinch actors & claim them as our own.”
    Well Oz, if I had known that’s how it’s done, We’ll have to try pinching too…..Yep, Prancer might have something to say about all that pinching.

    Hi Joie de vivre, yes your hot mess is a hot mess. Gotta love him. But that DG [Loved the tie] suit was wonderful. Hope you are doing well.

  • BMorningstar

    How is MG doing has anyone seen her? I know some of you liked her.

  • fromoz

    @Ducky: Lol Ducky, maybe I should include Oz slang definitions. I meant pinch as in ” to steal ” , although if it was G.B. involved I probably would say I’d mean pinch in it’s proper definition. Haha. I may have to slug it out with P.P. over us claiming R.C. BTW, where are you Pony ? Cheers :-)