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LeAnn Rimes Spends Day 'Playing Catch Up on Real Life'

LeAnn Rimes Spends Day 'Playing Catch Up on Real Life'

LeAnn Rimes chats on her cell as she runs out to do some errands on Wednesday (November 20) in Santa Monica, Calif.

“Loooooong day playing catch up on real life & taking care of myself. Just packed for a 4 day trip and now melting into our bed Sweet dreams” the 31-year-old entertainer tweeted that day.

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“Woke up at 3:15 WIDE awake, so I got up, worked out & am now headed to the easy coast!” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account the next day.

20+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes doing some shopping to prep for her trip…

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502 Responses to “LeAnn Rimes Spends Day 'Playing Catch Up on Real Life'”

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  1. 1

    Rock out Leann! Live your life YOUR way!! Your haters are just jelly!!!

  2. 2
    GossipCult Chief Says:

    She must have been really tired after her disastrous performance a few days earlier. See my site for the article, “LeAnn Rimes: The TwatWaffle Tour Continues”

  3. 3

    @GossipCult Chief: Oh NO! Another bad blogger?? Are you a convict, too??

  4. 4
    meiii Says:

    i saw leann in concert in august…..she was awesome…..a powerhouse of a voice she has….it was a fabulous concert….encore and all…..!

  5. 5

    Rock out Leann! Don’t Live your life YOUR way by harassing Brandi using that IRENE SYBIL acccount!! Your haterd for Brandi means you are just jelly!!!

    @GossipCult Chief: Oh NO! I am stalking Another blogger?? Am I a convict, too??

    Check it out, Leann was just tweeting to herself. Star magazine was write about Leann faking a pregnancy because she just had E write an article about her buying baby clothes.

  6. 6
    meiii Says:

    Yeppers, it’s me TRUTH TIME GIRLS!!! Things are falling apart for Le. Star was right about Leann faking a pregnancy, she paid E to write a story about how she was shopping for baby clothes. What a great timing. Before Leann can generate stories about a pregnancy it comes out that she is faking it.

    Calvin Blanco
    LeAnn Rimes Fakes Pregnancy To Keep Eddie Cibrian — Scared He’ll Run Back To Brandi Glanville
    Nov 20, 2013

    It was only a matter of time before LeAnn Rimes would have trouble keeping her man Eddie Cibrian who is slowly starting to make a name for himself in Hollywood.

    The actor, who can currently be seen in The Best Man Holiday, has been considering dumping LeAnn for months now, at least since the tabloids first started reporting it. At one point it was said that he wanted to try and work things out with Brandi Glanville after finally “opening his eyes” and seeing the true LeAnn.

    Well, according to the latest issue of Star magazine, the former singer turned reality star faked her pregnancy in order to keep Eddie by her side after she became concerned why he had started to distance himself from her.
    The couple just recently finished filming scenes for their upcoming VH1 reality show so it’s still unclear how the whole fake pregnancy came about but it was only a week ago when we told you that LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian were planning to use the tabloid attention to their advantage.

    Sources said that LeAnn and Eddie’s show was so dull that they had to use stuff from the tabloids to create some kind of excitement in their show such as a potential divorce, a break-up, the feuds with Brandi Glanville, blah blah blah. But faking a pregnancy? LeAnn Rimes is a little trashy, but who knew she was desperate for attention too — not only from the media but also from her hubby.

  7. 7
    gwen Says:

    Really? Leann was catching up on real life? Based on what? If she was catching up on real life how does the media explain the 100+ tweets she made yesterday? Tweeting over 100 times, harassing Brandi using fake twitter accounts, and setting up staged photo-ops with FameFlynet(the same FF who arrived late to the soccer game because Leann told them the wrong time) isn’t catching up on life. It’s a staged photo-op. She isn’t running errands. She is famewhoring again. The manner in which is dressed and holding that bag makes that obvious. A sheer shirt to show off her “pregnancy” breasts and fake baby bump, a wrap skirt to make people think she is wearing maternity clothes, and no wedding ring to give the impression that the fake pregnancy made her fingers swell(how odd because she had no problem getting that FU ring on those fingers). Based on her tweets today, the famewhoring is going to continue at LAX. 3 staged photo-ops in a course of 3 days. Red carpet on Tuesday, “shopping” on Wednesday, and airport today. How interesting that just as we pointed out, whenever Eddie participates in her staged photo-ops, the day after she rewards him with something expensive or a shopping spree. Other than the baby clothes she bought for her fake baby, what did she buy Eddie?

    What was Jodi Rimes’s purpose in saturating the internet with these photos of her “shopping”? By the looks of her outfit, she is trying to fuel pregnancy rumors. I shouldn’t be surprised, when I saw Brandi tweeting photos of her baby bump and KC revealed that she was pregnant, I figured that Jodi Rimes was going to pull a “I’m pregnant stunt” very soon. The funniest thing about this staged photo-op is that once again she is planting her fans on sites to write that she looks great in this oufit. The outfit is horrible. It’s just odd how all these Leann fans/Brandi haters are crawling out of the woodwork, especially since these people were no where to be found same when Leann needed them to buy her album.

    1) LeAnn Rimes chats on her cell and she runs out to do some errands on Wednesday (November 20) in Santa Monica, Calif.

    “There are many celebrities who do everything possible to stay out of the paparazzi’s range yet many others use these photographers as their one-way ticket into glossy magazines. More behind the scenes deals are brokered between photographers and stars than most people think,” explained Dorothy Cascerceri, Senior Editor and television correspondent for In Touch Weekly magazine. “Sometimes celebs allow photo agencies to license their personal photos and other times they contact photo agencies before leaving the house so shutterbugs can snap them taking a ‘casual afternoon stroll.’ Attention-starved C- and D-listers are most well known for tipping off agencies. The paparazzi are as much puppets to some celebs as they are nuisances to others.”-FoxNews

    2) “Woke up at 3:15 WIDE awake, so I got up, worked out & am now headed to the easy coast!” LeAnn wrote on her Twitter account the next day.

    Translation: Leann set up a staged handholding photo-op at LAX with Eddie.

    Of course she wrote this, she does this before and after every staged photo-op.

    What will we see in the staged handholding photo-ops at LAX and the airport in NYC?

    3) Where are the photos of Leann shopping? These are photos of Leann walking/strolling, holding up a bag, and pretending to be upset by FF presence. FF was in Europe with Leann(which explains why there were no photos of Brandi’s son’s soccer game that weekend).

    4) The fake baby bump pr begins, “E News/ LeAnn Rimes Shops for Baby Clothes in Santa Monica—See the Pic”

    Why is Jodi Rimes so predictable? Since the media didn’t jump on Is Leann pregnant based on what she is wearing, she thought she would push things along by paying E to write an article about how she was shopping for baby clothes. The major problem with E’s logic, why would Eddie encourage Leann to skydive if Leann is pregnant? What a famewhore, so when she said taking care of herself and catching up on reality, what she really meant was that she was buying herself baby clothes for her fake baby?

  8. 8
    kami Says:

    i’m starting to feel sad for her. i don’t think she had a normal childhood and now her life is a mess because of that. i wonder if she has any real friends?

  9. 9
    gwen Says:

    It’s the Battle of dueling headlines. Eddie vs Leann. Leann faking pregnancy(Star per Eddie and his parents) vs Leann is pregnant(ENews via Leann and DB).

    The battle heats up, Eddie is doing some serious gaslighting to Leann.

    1) October 30, 2013: Star reports that Eddie wants a divorce because Leann is psycho, stalks Brandi, and drinks all day.

    2) November 14, 2013: NE reports that Leann’s weight gain is the result of her using food to deal with her fear that Eddie is going to chear on her.

    3) November 20, 2013: A blog revealed that Star is reporting that Leann is faking a pregnancy and trying to get full custody of Brandi’s kids. The full custody part doesn’t surprise me because my stalker has been posting about this issue for years. It just goes to show that my stalker is someone very close to Leann.

    4) Yesterday, Leann set up a staged photo-op with FF in which she is papped “shopping”, walking with a bag in her hand. But not just any bag, a bag from a baby store.

    5) Today, Leann denies Star’s article via Gossip Cop, saying that nothing that Star wrote was true.

    6) Today, Since the media outlets who posted the photos of Leann “shopping” didn’t notice that Leann was carrying a bag from a baby store, Leann paid ENews to write a fluffpiece drawing attention to the bag.

    7) Leann gets on twitter and further encourages E story by not denying that she bought those items for herself.

    Since Jodi Rimes is so predictable, what will be Jodi Rimes next step in this headlines battle between her and Eddie?

  10. 10
    betty Says:

    How can Leann file for custody. She is no parent and has no parental rights. I guess some people will print anything to have a story, because we know this one is totally crap.

  11. 11
    gwen Says:

    Star didn’t just pull this story out of no where, it’s coming from Eddie and his parents. This is just like how Ginger and Amejean were hitting every site to post about Brandi’s vaginal surgery and HPV years before Brandi even talked abuot it in her book. What has Leann been posting on her fake twitter account about Brandi all week long? Everyday my stalker, the “I hate Brandi and IA” poster, has been posting that Leann and Eddie should get custody of Brandi’s kids. How funny that Star is posting that Leann is trying to get full custody just as we are seeing that same thing being repeated by the “I hate Brandi” poster and the fake twitter account that Leann uses to harass Brandi.

  12. 12
    gwen Says:

    Jodi Rimes is having a massive manic episode on twitter. Did she and Eddie have a big fight?

    Jodi Rimes is having a massive manic episode on twitter.

    1) Loooooong day playing catch up on real life & taking care of myself. Just packed for a 4 day trip and now melting into our bed Sweet dreams”

    Just like every other day all she did was tweet and set up a staged photo-op. How is that catching up on real life and taking care of herself? A day after Eddie walks a red carpet with Leann, Leann is photographed shopping. Not even shopping, just walking through the parking lot again. She didn’t expect the paps to be there, but she is wearing a sheer shirt with a wrap skirt that shows off her leg?

    At least Brandi’s son will have another pap free soccer game this weekend. Is she dragging Eddie with her on this 4 day trip? How sad that Eddie demanded 50/50 custody only to throw his kids off on his parents for another weekend.

    2) @Basslerette performing but it’s gonna be a mad house

    Translation: Leann will spend the entire trip tweeting.

    3) @xMarkSpears human to human

    According to the book the four messages that the psychopath communicates are 1) I like who you are; 2) I am just like you; 3) Your secrets are safe with me; and 4) I am the perfect friend or lover or partner for you. That is why psychopaths so often feel like soulmates in a relationship – they project your own persona back to you in their ‘assumed’ personality.

    4) After 2 14hr flight in 72 hrs recently our 4 1/2hr flight today was a piece of cake 🍰

    Translation: Leann set up another staged photo-op at LAX.

    Our? Eddie ditched his kids for another weekend to go on tour with Leann? What a lowlife. With Leann being NYC, Brandi’s kids don’t have to worry about the paps at the soccer game this weekend too.

    5) Those that talk down to you are just trying to walk tall by making u feel small. Rise above

    Says the woman who tweets to people who harass Brandi.

    6) Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.

    Sociopaths seek to dominate others and “win” at all costs. They hate to lose any argument or fight and will viciously defend their web of lies, even to the point of logical absurdity.

    7) Negativity is a thief, it steals happiness.

    Says the woman who tweeted that her 6 yo stepson was singing Spitefire, a song about Leann ruining his mother, and Borrowed, a song about how she was sleeping with his father who was still married to his mother.

    8) Woke up at 3:15 WIDE awake, so I got up, worked out & am now headed to the easy coast!

    Another tweet confirming to the paps where and when to meet her at LAX and the airport in NYC today. Or will she skip the airport photos and tell them to meet her outside the hote?

    9) I’m digging the Christmas music on the radio this morning thx @kost1035fm

    Leann confirming to the paps to meet her at LAX.

    10) @irishfern0302 you come visit me

    Why is Leann inviting people from twitter to her house? This isn’t safe for Brandi’s kids.

    11)@red_bear72 @shellipep @Vegaskimmy @Caro_NZ1 @ibmrswoodie @Fishinggirl71 cannot wait ladies

    Why is Leann tweeting to people who harass Brandi on twitter when she has proclaimed that she is an advocate against cyberbullying?

    12) @TLo1979 lmao it’s a rare occasion that I do! I’m totally gonna use that

    What would be rare is if she would stop tweeting while Eddie is on tour with her. Why does she manically tweet when Eddie is on tour with her?

    13) @AnnRenee33 @CafeSmom amen to that! Day by day w/ positivity, grace and loving arms

    Sociopaths are masters are presenting themselves as heroes with high morals and philosophy, yet underneath it they are the true criminal minds in society who steal, undermine, deceive, and often incite emotional chaos among entire communities. They are masters at turning one group of people against another group while proclaiming themselves to be the one true savior. Wherever they go, they create strife, argument and hatred, yet they utterly fail to see their own role in creating it. They are delusional at so many levels that their brains defy logical reasoning.

    14)@islandgirl1408 home family food!

    Which in Leann speak translates into tweeting, tweeting, and more tweeting. Taunting Brandi and more tweeting.

    15) @mcgheelane too many to say but in our house everyone really loves “I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas” good laugh

    Sociopaths lie. They lie a lot. In fact, they can create total and complete fairy tales out of ordinary, mundane events and can live within those fairy tales, until eventually their own fabrications become their reality.

    16) @JJayCrossley we set up 2 trees and the rest of the house. The outside is finished though

    Who is we? We all know by her manic tweets, that Eddie wasn’t home when she tweeted about setting up those trees.

  13. 13
    gwen Says:

    More from Jodi Rimes manic episode:

    17)@TAngel84 yeah, my day got so busy yesterday that I missed my workout. I was up and had energy so I figured why not

    Who is she kidding? We all know that her day wasn’t busy because she spent a great deal of the day tweeting, setting up a staged photo-op with FF, and harassing Brandi on her fake twitter account.

    18)@Leo204 I like cold ice coffee just black

    There goes the Leann is pregnant theory.

    19) @Lrfann1 wide awake and well

    Of course she is wide awake, she took adderall. Based on how she is manically tweeting, she isn’t well at all.

    20)@JJayCrossley oh gurl ours will be finished the day before thanksgiving. There’s just not enough time in the day

    Yet she has enough time to reach 69,122 tweets. She has tweeted over 200 times today. I find it odd, why does she tweet so much when Eddie is on tour with her? Is Eddie busy having sex with Kiki?

    21) @danielfgalvan @Fishinggirl71 you guys are so sweet. I really take care of my skin and I have good genes my mom has great skin

    Sweet? The same people who were harassing Brandi?

    22) @NapaValleyFam not sure but I’ll let you know if I am.

    The fact that she jumped out of a plane is a big indication that she isn’t pregnant.

    23) @irene_sybil @Fishinggirl71 😘

    And then she can’t understand why the backlash against her is so bad.

    24)Love this

    Did she and Eddie have another fight because she has been tweeting quotes all day long?

    25) @luisaceves08 @TMZ @fishwrapped hahaha well cheers for an ounce of love. Now go back to being you :)

    Translation: The media is being nice to Leann because they are trying to get her fake baby exclusive.

    26) @TAngel84 sounds fun I’m about to start getting ready

    Why is she tweeting like it’s the end of the world?

    27) @WildAngel92 ill be back soon

    Of course she will be back, Eddie can’t go that long without seeing Lizzy.

  14. 14
    betty Says:

    Gwen All that talk about Leann and Eddie wanting full custody like Leann pregnancy. is a bunch of crap IF Leann was pregnant she would be announcing it on CNN.They know Brandi would fight Eddie tooth and nail if the he went to court and tried to gain full custody.

  15. 15

    Looks like she was standing in front of a fan with it blowing her hair back just perfect. Would she really do that? Would put nothing past her. When she performs 2 or 3 times in a two week period she starts acting like she is just so busy and overworked and popular! It’s all the things like that why people can’t stand her. Why does she think anybody even cares if she has a baby? Nobody cares if she has ten. Just have one or shut up about it. She’s been dredging this same crap up for years now. I think her camp is behind all this gossip about them lately to try and stay in the news and rehab their image thinking people will watch their show. That show will be a huge flop. There is nothing to show that she hasn’t already shown on the gossip sites and twitter. No way will they sue Brandi for custody because I am sure she knows many dirty secrets on both Eddie and Leann that she could bring. They would never open themselves up to that scrutiny. By the looks of Leann and Eddie lately they have been doing some serious drinking their own selves. You just don’t age like they have and appear as sloppy and unkept as they have for a good while now without there being an underlying serious problem.

  16. 16
    groundcontrol Says:

    Playing catch?… Yes, that I can believe because she has a cunt like a catcher’s mitt.

  17. 17
    gwen Says:

    Leann’s friend Joanna gave an interview to Star about Brandi. It’s just odd, every time the Brandi Jk fued dies down, JK gives an interview or does something to keep it going.

    1) “The only truth to her story is that Mohamed and I know each other. We have only ever been dear friends,” Joanna told Star magazine.

    Joe Francis says otherwise. If there was no truth to what Brandi stated about her having an affair with Mohamed, she would have never worn the Team Rimes shirt. Why is she upset about Brandi saying that she cheated with Mohamed when she didn’t get this upset when Joe Francis said it? Brandi said that JK cheated with Mohamad, JK went on the attack. Why?

    2) Sadly, I think she is jealous and has never healed.”

    Why would Brandi be jealous of JK? Were there other incidents between JK and Brandi that we don’t know about? JK comment about Brandi being jealous of her makes no sense. Unless JK had contact with Eddie in the past. JK dated Joe Francis and Brandi and Eddie were spotted at a Joe Francis party.

    3) I feel sorry for her.

    So much so that she stepped out in a Team Rimes shirt? Why did she spout the “No wonder Eddie left you” mantra that we have seen Leann and her fans post during their attacks on Brandi, in response to Brandi’s comment about her having an affair with Mohamad?

    Does anyone else find it odd that JK has been in contact with several of Leann’s fans who attack Brandi?

    4) My husband trusts me because he has no reason not to,” she added.

    What does this have to do with her cheating with Mohammed? It’s a strange thing to say, was she dating Roman when she was sleeping with Mohamed?

    5) JK can’t understand why Brandi hasn’t healed over what Eddie did to her? What planet has JK been on? Leann has been on an never ending press tour to promote her album about her affair with Brandi’s husband, and JK has no clue whatsoever why Brandi would have a hard time healing over what Eddie did to her? Leann and Eddie constantly keep their affair in the press, from Leann tweeting that Brandi’s child is singing Borrowed(a song about sleeping with Eddie while he was married to Brandi) to Leann using her fans, media outlets, staff, and fans to attack Brandi just because Eddie is doing promotions for the day or Leann has a Gala to attend with Eddie, and yet JK just can’t understand why Brandi hasn’t healed? Leann uses Brandi’s kids to taunt her(setting up staged photo-ops at their schools and sporting events), yet JK has no idea why Brandi would have a hard time healing? Leann makes passive aggressive digs about Brandi and her marriage to Eddie on twitter and in her interviews, yet JK has no clue why Brandi might have a hard time healing? Leann has morphed herself into Brandi, from going to the same dentist as Brandi to gloating about how she “won” Brandi’s friends, yet JK still can’t understand why Brandi would have problems healing? Leann tells her fans personal information about Brandi, yet JK just can’t understand why Brandi would have problems healing over what Eddie did?

    JK interview highlights an important aspect that the media rarely addresses, the new wife/mistress(Leann) bullies the ex wife(Brandi). JK is pulling a line from Leann’s “Just a girl” song, how dare Brandi not patting the mistress on the back for sleeping with a married man and helping to ruin a family.

  18. 18
    Wurry Says:

    Ooh, I love that skirt!

  19. 19

    @Wurry: It is a good look! But gwen loves what is UNDER the skirt!

  20. 20
    Agnes Says:

    I like her outfit:)

  21. 21

    @Wurry: It is not a good look! But my obsession with gwen means that I might be in love with what’s UNDER gwen’s skirt! Yeppers, I made the post as WURRY and Agnes.

  22. 22

    @TRUTH TIME GIRLS!!: Eeewwww…..You should invest in Monistat and Vagisil stock as much of it as you use….EEEwwwwww…

  23. 23

    @TRUTH TIME GIRLS!!: Eddie said to Leann, “Eeewwww…..You should invest in Monistat and Vagisil stock as much of it as you use….EEEwwwwww…”

    Yeppers, today is going to be a bad day for Leann too.

  24. 24
    bitchplease Says:

    Why is this chick photographed so much? She is straight up FUG!

  25. 25

    Fishwrappwer is now on Leann’s payroll, check out what Leann tweeted to them from her IRENE SYBIL account.

    Irene Sybil ‏@irene_sybil 6m
    @fishwrapped @BrandiGlanville not that u care….. but I am going to follow.Hope to see more balance on this hot button subject.

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