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Johnny Depp & Mia Wasikowska Return for 'Alice in Wonderland 2'!

Johnny Depp & Mia Wasikowska Return for 'Alice in Wonderland 2'!

Johnny Depp is set to reprise his role as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland 2!

The 50-year-old actor’s co-star Mia Wasikowska is also set to return as the title character for the sequel.

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Mark your calendars, the James Bobin directed film will hit theaters on May 27, 2016. We can’t wait!

In case you forgot, Alice in Wonderland, which was directed by Tim Burton, racked in $1.02 billion at the global box office in 2010.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about Johnny Depp and Mia Wasikowska returning for Alice in Wonderland 2?

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  • Alaia

    I was kind of hoping Mia wouldn’t do this – she’s way too good for this crap! It was a breakthrough role and led her to much better things. She shouldn’t be forced to do this!

    As for Johnny Depp, I’m afraid he’s so far in, there’s way to save him. The biggest ‘sell out’ in Hollywood.


    No.1; BFD. The dude likes to have more than one woman in his bed at the same time. This is 2013 for gosh sakes….

  • RPG

    What do I think? I think it sucks. Mia is clearly uninterested in doing this but she has no choice because it was in her contract from the first movie.

    Thank you, Disney, for derailing her career under the delusion that this is going to make as much money as the original (it won’t). Jerks.

  • Keira

    @Alaia: No she is not too good for this “crap” because she can’t act for crap so this “crap” is too good for her and no one is forcing her to do it.

    Johnny’s got 4 upcoming original and promising movies and taking a different career path is not selling out you jerk.

  • angie1

    is she looking older than Depp ….. or is it just me lol

  • Ammy

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  • Keira

    @RPG: How do you know she is uninterested in doing it? Do you know her? Do you live in her mind to know that? There was no contract from the first movie to do a sequel because they weren’t planning to do a sequel.

    Biatch please she should be thankful to be in such a popular franchaise and in movies that actually makes money and give her some attention.

  • flowers

    More face paint for Johnny. What a loser.

  • Coka

    @angie1: No it is not just you of course, She looks like crap.

  • JDF

    @flowers: This movie is coming out after 3 years and he is not wearing “face paint” in all of his upcoming movies next year so go F yourself you loser. If he’s a loser than what are you? He is a billionaire who gets a $20m paycheck for every movie he makes while you are just a pathetic loser hiding behind a computer screen and writing $h!t about successful people who are much much much better than you.Enjoy dying alone jerk.

  • sigh

    didn’t enjoy the first one, and definitely won’t be wasting my money on the second. disney needs to drop it with the pointless sequels already…..

  • Nicole

    one of the few 3 D movies I actually liked
    can’t wait for the #2

  • Alice

    I’m envious of her since she was in the vampire film with Tom Hiddleston.

  • OMG

    I can’t believe it! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! I can hardly wait to see it.

  • Alaia

    @Keira: Oh, an angry Depp fan. Did I hit a nerve? You’re the kind of fan that thinks only mainstream movies are good and you probably only started to think he was cool after Pirates. Typical.

    And she has plenty of talent. Try watching Restless or In Treatment or Jane Eyre or Stoker.

  • Alaia

    @Keira: Oh, and she has a contract. She HAS to do it, so yes, she was likely forced. Why would she do this when all the top arthouse directors want her for their films?

  • Mala

    What about POTC5? the rumors were that the release date was pushed to the summer 2016, but now this movie is in the summer 2016 and Depp doesn’t release two of his movie at the same season by contract.
    This may be what some people suspected that POTC5 wasn’t being pushed down until 2016, but only being moved to christmas season 2015? hope so!

  • Mala

    Sorry, I forgot. To be able to do a sequel, the studio should sign Johnny and Mia. That was mandatory! so, I’m not surprised (and I want to know what they “offered” to get them)
    With the expansion on the oversea market and the sucess of the first movie, this movie may be a hit almost without the need of the american market.
    I wonder if now, that Mia is older and there is no Burton, they want to fulfil the fantasies of many fanfictions and give some “love” between the Hatter and Alice? For what I remember that part was removed from the first movie but it was a central part of the original script.
    Time will tell.

  • Keira

    @Alaia: LOL! More like the kind of fan who admires his incredible talent and outstanding performances in movies like Finding Neverland, Blow, Public Enemies, Sweeney Todd and of course the POTC.

  • zxcvbnm

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  • Margot

    Johnny’s news always make it to the top stories. The boy is so popular without having anything coming and doing attention-seeking antics!

  • :’(

    I thought we were safe… what have we done to deserve this :’(

  • JDF

    @:’(: “we”? what do you mean by “we”? you are only speaking for yourself here and who is forcing you to see it? seriously? why all the exaggeration and the nonesense? just don’t go to see it if you didn’t like the amazing firt one.

  • JDF


  • Hey ya

    check out this picture of Amber kissing Lily Rose

  • Hey ya
  • KR

    So the children are still in London? Well, only good news for the Depp then…
    A new big paycheck in the works, he’is filming a new movie who seems to be funny and not only his ladylove is at his side, but also his children are in London.
    Life is pretty good

  • JDF

    Everything is looking wonderful for him! He’ll have 3 quality movies next year that could be a huge critical and commercial success and then he will have 2 billion dollar makers in one year!

  • Too Much

    @JDF: He has 3 movies coming out next year? And then 2 the following year? Shouldn’t they be worried about overexposure? It could turn into Johnny over kill.

  • JDF

    @Too Much: 3 movies for 2014 but in one of them his part is small and other 2 are for 2016 so it is not the following year and he have nothing coming out in 2015 so there will be no “overexposure”.

  • JDF

    The other 2**

  • venus

    @flowers: You are the looser here.He is amazing.You are jealous,that’s all.

  • venus

    @:’(: Don’t go to see it you fool!!

  • Mala

    No way Pirates and Alice will be released the same year!
    I’m sure, I bet!
    Also, again, I’m sure I’ve read some time ago that Johnny by contract doesn’t release two movies at the same season. So all the people thinking that Pirates and Alice will be released in the summer 2016, just forget about it!
    One of this movies (obviously Pirates) is moving on from 2016. I hope it’s moving ahead and not to 2017 :(

  • Nicole

    Wow!!!!!! Wow!!!! I loved AIW!!! I love the Mad Hatter!!!!

  • JDF

    @Mala: they won’t release at the same season, They will release Pirates in august or in late 2016.

  • JDF

    release it**

  • Nicole

    @Hey ya: Please respect the children of Johnny and don’t expose anymore pictures of them.

  • Britt

    Amber is a poor in spirit. Amber is using the kids to show that they get along well. It’s extremely shameful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Amber wants to suck all the good energy of Depp.
    Shame, Amber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JDF

    @Britt: Using the children? Lily posted the picture in her private account that only people with password could see. They got along very well and are friends now so just deal with it you pathetic troll.

  • Yes


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  • Yes


  • Anonymous

    Johnny has become a caricature o’himself, that’s fact, but
    look… Johnny doesn’t work in small budget movies, only
    in these noisy things like Disney Pirates !
    I guess he plays only himself…

  • JDF

    @Anonymous: A fact? fact MY A$$ you idiotic troll.
    What an idiotic thing to say!! What has he done to be a caricature of himself?

    Johnny did a small budgeted movie called The Rum Diary just 2 years ago? Did you see that? Or you just see his “noisy things like Disney Pirates”

    He only plays himself? Yeah i guess that’s the reason he always play characters with different personas and always try to look different and wear different makeup and costumes and uses different accents for his roles!


  • Anonymous

    @JDF: The Rum Diary just flopped, mah friend !
    And the reviews were all terrible !
    Exacly what I said ! But don’t be angry, mah dear Johnny Depp Fan…
    Our Johnny Johnny will paint his face and make that usual voice
    all over again and Alice 2 gonna be a success !

  • JDF

    @Anonymous: Who cares if it flopped? It was a small-budgeted movie and not a blockbuster and that’s what you were asking for. And no the reviews were pretty mixed and not terrible.

    Yea he will paint his face and reprise his acclamied golden globe-nominated role and make another billion dollar but that’s after 3 years from now. He is not wearing face paint or heavy makeup in all of his upcoming movies next year which are going to be a success so eat your heart out, Troll.