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Orlando Bloom: 'Romeo & Juliet' Closing Moved Up to December

Orlando Bloom: 'Romeo & Juliet' Closing Moved Up to December

Orlando Bloom grabs a taxi after enjoying lunch at Gemma at the Bowery Hotel on Friday (November 22) in New York City.

Earlier in the week, the 36-year-old English actor was spotted chatting on the phone while arriving for a performance of his Broadway show Romeo and Juliet.

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It was recently announced that Romeo and Juliet will close in December, a month earlier than originally planned.

“Based on a combination of sales and availability of cast members, we have determined that Sunday, Dec. 8 will be our final performance,” the show’s producers said in a statement.

FYI: Orlando is wearing an Isabel Marant for H&M sweater.

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  • yes!

    Gorgeous, gorgeous man.
    I’m sorry that the show is closing. I was hoping that I could squeeze in another visit to NY to see the show again, but I guess that I will have to settle for one, wonderful evening.
    Orlando was amazing as Romeo. I really hope that he does more theater.

  • Not surprised

    Closing early is not a good sign, no matter how people spin it. They said it themselves – because of sales (I did read it also said cast member issues). That means disappointing returns (money and public interest) of what they invested. People are getting tired of this story and I´m not shocked. Romeo and Juliet is just so worn out.

  • @2

    Yeah, everyone has seen the story so many times on film, that it is hard to entice people to pay Broadway ticket rates to see it again.
    With critics not liking the modern take on the play, if Orlando wasn’t involved it would probably have closed just weeks out of the gate. I think that it was only his fans willingness to fork over the big bucks that the play ran for as long as it did. And judging from the stage door crowds, his fans really turned out to support him, It just wasn’t enough, though. Ticket prices are so high that in this economy, most people just aren’t going to the theater as much anymore. They still flock to musicals, but that’s about it. As is easily seen in the number of big stars that come to Broadway, just to close early. Such a shame.
    But at least Orlando got some big stage experience. And some good reviews from critics who finally admitted that the man can indeed, act.
    I love that I was one of the lucky ones to have seen this version of the story. Too bad that so many missed out.

  • Meagan

    People can spin it as much as they like but in the end poor ticket sales means not enough people want to go & see Orlando playing the role of Romeo as after all he’s supposedly the big draw card.

    The play hasn’t been on Broadway for 36 years so those saying it’s been done to death it’s just not true. There also hasn’t been a movie version since Leo Dicaprio did it 20 years ago with Claire Danes.

    If Orlando had done it 8 years ago at the height of his career then it would be a different story but he hasn’t had a hit film for over 7 years & the Indie films he has been in have all disappeared without a trace.

    Orlando is still famous but at 36 he now doesn’t have the same following & young girls have grown up & moved on.
    I think he made a huge mistake with his career by trying to do only small films he should have mixed the two when he still had pulling power.

    The Hobbit will brink him back into the spotlight but it remains to be seen if can capitalize on that or if movie producers & directors just see him as reprising a popular role but don’t view him in a new light.

    It would be great to see him do other more grittier roles & maybe Zulu will be the film do change the movie industry’s mind about him just being a one dimensional type of actor.

    I know playing Romeo has given him lots of publicity & that some critics have given him good reviews while others see him as an aging pretty boy & at 36 too old to play the role.

    So it’s good & bad in the sense that it shows he can play a role with a lot of substance but at the same time it does perpetuate the image of him just being a pretty boy actor.

    I hope it’s the former & it does help his career & opens up other opportunities!

  • frazeenb

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  • @4

    Well, since you are blaming Orlando for poor ticket sales, then shouldn’t you be condemning Condola, too? With her two Tony noms, she should have brought in a lot of Broadway savvy people. Same with the wonderful Broadway veteran ( whose name escapes me) who played the nurse. Her name should have been a draw for regular theater goers, right? I just find it funny that you are singleing out Orlando, one of the few players who did get good reviews in a poorly reviewed play, for its failure. Seems like the only ones trying to spin anything are you haters.
    You aren’t blaming the director, or anyone else. You’re ignoring how so many critics panned the production itself. And you’re holding Orlando to a higher standard than any other of the many Hollywood actors who have had a play close early.
    You are trying to blame the one actor who kept the play alive for as long as he did. His fans bought a lot of seats. And many if them flew in to NYC just to see him. The stage door proved that.
    If the production had been better received, you certainly wouldn’t have given Orlando any of the credit. But yet the shortened run is allll his fault.

  • @4

    I don’t see anyone here pretending that this is great news for Orlando. But I do see people putting all the blame on his shoulders.
    You said that this meant that not enough people wanted to go see Orlando as Romeo. When in fact, this just means that not enough people wanted to see this version of R&J, no matter who was playing Romeo.
    You can’t deny that Orlando brought in a huge amount of people because of his popularity. Based upon what I’ve heard and seen, those same people would not have bought 200.00 tickets without Orlando being there.
    You can blame the director for going a bit too far in his interpretation of the play. He earned those bad reviews, not Orlando.

  • Livin’theLife

    I’m not blaming Orlando. I feel bad for him. He’s a lovely person.
    I honestly blame the audiences. That’s right. I think that Broadway audiences would rather see stuff like The Lion King than see Shakespeare. If Orlando had done this at some other theatre off of Broadway, maybe it would have worked. Every year they do Shakespeare in the Park in New York at Central Park, and a lot of people go. It’s hard to get tickets for it. Of course, with Romeo and Juliet, it might have been better to cast younger actors. The story is about teenagers.

  • Meagan

    I’m not solely blaming Orlando & yes you can split hairs & lay the fault at the director’s interpretation, Condola & other factors. But the reviews of the production were not that bad, some critics liked it others didn’t but it wasn’t panned across the board. Not enough for it to close so early.

    What i’m saying if Orlando is as popular as you claim HE is then HE should be enough of a draw card to keep bringing in the crowds because of HIS good reviews & the fact he’s literally on stage the whole time. This should be enough to carry the production as it’s such a short run.
    You can’t have it both ways.

    The Boy from Oz was savagely panned by critics but Hugh Jackman’s performance was so good he was able to keep the production going for a year even though he wasn’t a well known actor at the time.

    Orlando is famous, he got good reviews & the play was only slightly panned in comparison. It must have been obvious from the start that they were not getting full houses.

    All I’m saying is that yes Orlando is popular but NOT enough anymore. TLOTR was 10 years again & TPOTC was 7 years ago & he hasn’t been in a hit movie since then. That’s why I said a lot rides on The Hobbit & if it can re-start his career.

    I’m not being a hater just being honest & hoping the best for him.

    I wish people on here could have a discussion without it turning into accusations but I guess there has just been too much bitterness & hatred surrounding him because of his private life for people to have a rational conversation.

  • elena

    And why doy you have to capitalize your response in places. We see it, we can read it – not necessary. No one is bringing his personal life into this – you are.

  • pickles

    I love Orlando, but he was too old to play Romeo. Orlando should play Hamlet.

  • pickles

    One more thing. The price of the tickets was way too expensive. If people pay all that money they want to see explosions and special effects.

  • frejmikbrew

    It is a bad production, so many odd choices made, and that is more the director’s fault than the cast, but the producers were pushing Orlando from day one, he was the big headline name when they announced this production, at the press day, he rode in on a motorbike for heavens sake, something they used in the production for the strangest few minutes. Condola, to the wider, non-Broadway community, just isn’t famous. Fact is, the producers were absolutely relying on Orlando to bring the money in and he hasn’t. Ticket prices on Broadway are always big, few shows manage to recoup but I’m honestly surprised this has survived as long as it has anyway.

  • Ta

    No one here has said that Orlando is as popular as he was seven years ago. But the play did get bad reviews. Shakespeare in the park is a tradition, and aren’t the tickets low cost or even free? That is why it sells out. Unless a play gets good reviews, people will keep their money in their pocket.
    You yourself said that people would rather pay for something like The Lion King, than for a serious play. And you forget that The Boy From Oz was a musical. Singing and dancing will always bring in an audience, especially if it is about a well loved performer. Like you said, Hugh Jackman wasn’t famous, so they weren’t coming to see him. Just the show, itself.
    Orlando’s fans did turn out for him. By the thousands over the run of the play. But the reviews for the production is what kept non fans away. Your continued belief that Mr. Average theater goer doesn’t check reviews before opening their wallet indicates that you are one if those that put Orlando on an unrealistic pedestal, just so you can knock him down. No one claimed that he alone could sell out the entire run. But you haters (you aren’t fooling anyone) seemed to think that anything less than that is complete failure. Pretending that you feel bad for Orlando after months of hoping that the play would fail proves how disingenuous these statements really are.
    The facts are that that the play did not get good reviews, while Orlando did. Those fans who could afford a theater ticket, and a trip to NYC did turn out to see him. A lot of them. But the play needed to be better reviewed than it was to get non fans. People who don’t care who is starring, may have paid to see R&J in a more traditional setting. But motorcycles, a sparse stage, and bad reviews kept them away. And none of that is Orlando’s fault.

  • Chris

    The way Broadway theater shows are right now, Im happy it had the run it did. Anyone blaming Orlando, wow, reaching. I will definitely say he contributed to the appeal and the odd direction probably would have hurt it to close even sooner. It may not be a good thing, but its not a bad thing considering what it did accomplish in the time of its run.

    And, there was a new movie out at the same time during this run as well.

  • Andrea

    Orlando has gotten great reviews as Romeo. It’s great that a lot of fans went to see it and look at all of the people that visited Orlando backstage. Orlando was the reason that fans went to see Romeo and Juliet. It’s not Orlando’s fault that the play is ending early.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    I would of went if i lived in NY but as much as i would love to go i can’t and of that is because of being in the UK. Don’t for get Orlando play in the Three Musketeers and that did ok. And it is coming up for xmas a lot save there money for that.

  • Anon

    I thought Romeo and Juliet was doing well. Look at the crowd that was waiting for Orlando outside for autographs every night and lots of actors and other celebrities attended the play. The play was also getting great reviews and I only heard great reviews about Orlando playing Romeo. I never heard anything negative about his performance. I hope Orlando does more theatre because I would definitely go and see him on stage.

  • http://Justjared Jayne

    I agree.

  • Lex

    That’s too bad. Even though I’m not that surprised, I heard just mixed reviews and even though I was a huge Orlando fan growing up and he still has a special place in my heart but he doesn’t have the acting chops to pull this role off. I don’t think he has the acting chops to pull of Shakespeare in general but I could be wrong. All I know is…when it comes to Shakespeare…he’s no Tom Hiddleston, who is just amazing with Shakespeare. *swoon*

  • @20

    “I don’t think he has the acting chops to pull of Shakespeare in general but I could be wrong”
    Well, according to experienced critics, you ARE wrong. Very wrong.
    Maybe you should keep your Hiddleston fan-girling over on Tom’s threads, eh.

  • @14

    I’ve NEVER been an Orlando “hater” as you claim quite the opposite.

    Another person was commenting about “the lion king” not me. I made the comment about Hugh Jackman.

    I just think some people get overly sensitive about anything said slightly negative about Orlando & immediately assume its one of those Delphidiots. Which I understand as I’ve had many arguments with them.

    But all I was trying to do was have a discussion about why Romeo & Juliet closed early & if The Hobbit can resurrect his career.

    Part of the problem is I think a lot of people still consider him just a pretty boy actor as they’ve only seen him in LOTR & POTC. So other than his fans a lot of people didn’t bother to go & see the play.

    Playing Legolas in the Hobbitt again is great but I just worry that it just reinforces the stereotype about him. Legolas has become iconic in LOTR movies but he still plays an “elf” while strong is still not an intense character role.

    That’s why I said I hope Zulu can show that he can play grittier parts but it depends if the film even gets picked up & shown in the US & other countries.

    I don’t know if he’s got anything lined up after R&J & promoting the Hobbit. So I’m hoping the Hobbit does have a positive effect on his career.

  • @22

    You’re still completely ignoring the fact that the play was poorly reviewed. That is the main reason that non-fans weren’t willing to shell out hundreds of dollars for R&J. Why pay that much for a performance when there are better reviewed plays out there?
    Orlando was the reason that the play ran for as long as it did. His reviews were great. At least admit that much, or I will continue to believe that your comments are nothing more than thinly veiled insults.

  • Rose of Kilgannon

    If I lived in NY, I went to see it. But I’m from Germany. I hope Orlando does more theatre, maybe in London, because I would definitely go and see him on stage there. I like him and his acting since I’ve seen him for the 1st time in LOTR (and I was not a teenager at the time, but a woman in her prime – lol). I hope there is a director who soon cast him in a character role!!