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Angelina Jolie Shops on Saturday with Knox & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie Shops on Saturday with Knox & Vivienne!

Angelina Jolie holds hands with her adorable five-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne as they step out together on Saturday (November 23) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress and her little ones grabbed a bite to eat before shopping together on the sunny afternoon!

It was recently announced that Angelina and her fiance Brad Pitt‘s wine, Jolie-Pitt & Perrin Côtes de Provence Rosé Miraval, ranked number 84 on the list of top one hundred wines of 2013, according to the LA Times. It was also ranked as the highest Rosé on the list as well. Congrats, Angelina and Brad!

15+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie and her twins out in Sydney…

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angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 01
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 02
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 03
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 04
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 05
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 06
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 07
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 08
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 09
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 10
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 11
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 12
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 13
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 14
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 15
angelina jolie shops with knox vivienne 16

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  • Sarah

    awwwwww they are so cute!

  • Carolyn

    Lovely family.

  • Trinilady

    great lady love and blessings to miss jolie from Trinidad

  • maria

    So good to see the twins again. They are having fun with mommy.

  • Another Fan2

    Aww, so cute…Jared even called the twins adorable this time! Is that Holly’s husband with them? Love Knox’s haircut and crossed arms, and Viv’s smile and dolly.

  • groundcontrol

    Sweet. I always thought Vivienne was going to turn out to be a beauty. Often what looks beautiful as a child gets older does not always make for a pretty baby. And vice versa. She is lovely – almost an ethereal beauty.
    And Knox looks more like Shiloh’s twin than Viv’s. They are so similar right done to their hair texture.

  • Trinilady

    A great and selfless person, who was acknowledged publicly for her good deeds and actions. And Angelina is that person. Pay more attention #6.

  • everly

    gorgeous children.

  • Kirsten

    Vivienne was always cute but she looks stunning here. I know that’s strange to say about a child but picture #5 really shows it. I love her doll and I also love the picture of Angie holding Viv and Knox on her lap. So much love in all of their faces. Angie is such a wonderful person.

  • Sweetness

    Gorgeous gorgeous children!

  • Love Conquers All

    Angie and the twins look so great :) I’m happy they are enjoying time together. Angie looks so beautiful as always, at her best when Angie is relaxed and happy with her family. When Brad done with Fury, Brad and the kids can finally join Angie in Australia and all of the family can rest. It will be a perfect time for JP family to celebrate Christmas and celebrate Brad’s birthday. Can’t wait for December to come around!

  • thelookoflove1365

    Lovely pictures of twins & Angie. Stil gorg with barely a makeup.

  • well

    Adorable! I love the picture where Vivi is playing with Angie’s ponytail. She has the same long, gorgeous arms as her mommy!!

  • Wonderbust

    the twins are adorable and I love Vivs doll.

  • RegisteredNurse

    Beautiful family the Jolie Pitts

  • Lily

    Angie with the twins, so 4 older kids are still with Brad in London. The twins are adorable.

  • Muaah!

    Awww…. so cute!! I love how her kids adore their mommy. They’re all so loved and well-cared for. Happy parents = happy kids.

  • goopier

    @Another Fan2:

    No. He is part of the JP security team that traveled to Oz w/ AJ and all the children. I haven’t seen Holly’s husband in a very long time. It seems Holly has been in Oz the whole time as she was there when they arrived as well. I love that Vivi and Raphaella always wear their dresses or tunics over leggings. They must be friends on some level. She & the twins are so close in age.

  • Lily

    4 older kid have been with Brad for a month already, I think the whole jp family will reunite next weekend for Pax birthday

  • awwww

    Viv and Knox are so cute. Now I wonder who were the two kids Brad took to see War Horse today. My guess is Shiloh and Zahara.

  • roxana fan jp

    hermosa Angelina y sus hijos gemelos yo la veo un poquito mas rellenita a Angelina fijate los brazos y pantorrillas ..a mi me gusta verla asi .. es muy tierna la foto de ella cuando le da un beso vivi… a los fans que tenga un muy buen fin de semana y los trolls descansen que esta semana les fue muy duro con la entrega del segundo oscar para nuestra angi.

  • Another Fan2

    Thanks, goopier. And I love them wearing their leggings, too!

  • yolly

    Nice to see Angie and the twins, they look so relax and just enjoying their free time with friends. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    Thank you JJ for the latest pictures of the JP ‘s.

  • yolly

    waving to Neleh,Senior,Vicki,Anoble,Rose,Joann,Paiige,Fern,Sabine,Aisha,Neer,Lyric,DS,Tutuna,Dulc,LLM and to all on board tonight. God bless us all.

  • yolly

    As usual trolls are dominating Brad and Angie thread.

  • Zenith

    Jolie Pitt twins, Vivi resembles Brad, Knox resembles Angie, both kids are gorgeous.

  • Brad & Angie fan forever

    Just Jared, what happen to my comment?

  • yolly

    Goodnight to all lovely fans of Brad and Angie all over the world. God bless us all. God bless the Jolie Pitt Family.

  • yolly

    According to the tweets, Brad was seen with his kids watched the War Horse.He could have been with the eldest kids while Angie have the twins in Australia, soon they will all be together. I just love how they plan everything. That’s good parenting.

  • Passing Through

    Awwww…the twins are so cute! Knox usually looks like Angie to me but he’s looking a lot more like Brad today. Must be the haircut. Vivienne’s doll is cracking me up, too. That’ll undoubtedly send the trolls in search of their Klan hoods…

  • Wonderbust
  • Passing Through

    # 9 groundcontrol @ 11/23/2013 at 11:59 pm
    GC -
    Yeah, Knox and Shiloh are the one who look alike but at the same time Vivienne looks like Shiloh, too. There’s little doubt those kids are Brad’s…unless you’re an idiot – See: FFers, IUcers, Boohoohooers, Tampon and assorted trolls. Remember when the FFers had that website devoted to the timeline of Angie’s pregnancy with the twins and how she wasn’t really pregnant…and Holly was carrying the twins along with her own daughter? LOL! And yet the twins both look like Angie…not Holly. Those FFer’s are a prime example of why crack is wack…

  • Emma

    gogeous kids.Knox is a mini Brad and Viv is a mini Angelina.she’s already so gorgeous !

  • Natasza

    Knox looks the most like Angelina but Vivi has a lot of Angie in her

  • anustin


  • La Jolie

    Awe, look at that pic of Viv playing with her mom’s ponytail!!

  • Joam

    Ty JJ ;)

  • Fox

    Her nipples are so adorable!

  • eni

    I’m actually aniston team. However, I have to say Angelina is a loving mother. Viv is a beautiful girl. And I wish the fans would respect each other here and especially the actors.
    I write from Germany and I apologize for my English.

  • wfb

    eni, its 2013 and you’re still using the team aniston bullshite? holy crap

  • eni

    Why so aggressive. I did not say anything bad.

  • Rose

    @eni: Hi eni. Sorry to inform you that there are no team Aniston anymore, that’s so five years ago. There are about five crazy people who go from site to site all over the Internet saying disputable lies about the Jolie Pitt’s hoping to annoy their fans to reply to the constant barrage of negativity towards the JP’s. If you don’t believe me, go the JA thread here at just jared and you will see three monikers. Sometimes JA three fans will change monikers in order to let it appears they are dozens of fans on her team.

    Whenever JA fans wish death, or refers to BA in a derogatory form, their fans will reply some of the time, defending them, although they needs no defending, but it’s human nature to right a wrong.

    Anyway, you have been on the losing team for nine years, don’t you think it’s time to get off the losing team? JA get together with her fiancé by starting a relationship with him while he was still in a relationship with
    Heidi Bevin? You got on her team because you thought she was done wrong by Brad, which was not true. Now that you know JA did starts a relationship with a man who was not available should be enough for you to jump ship before it sinks. And yes, Angelina is a loving and caring mother who is also with a man who is a loving and caring father, time to let go of unnecessary baggage you have been carrying around for nine, yes nine years. Free yourself.

  • anustin


    Which actor?…….becoz u got to till that to handjob not to ever mention anjie to any of her shows…..

  • wfb

    I’m not being aggressive at all, I’m being assertive. That team bullshite is so over move on, its 2013.

  • Rose

    @anustin: Good morning my dear Anustin, how are you lady. Omg, what beautiful photos we came on the find this morning. Anustin, did you noticed Viv stands with her toes turned in like her dad. The last two photos. Then Knox has Brads’ facial features especially around the mouth and they all has their fathers gait, omg. Also, Angie looks so happy. I’m loving seeing Viv in her dark shades with the gold specks, that’s a beautiful little girl.

    To all the Jolie Pitt’s fans, everyone have a blessed day.

  • Suri the meal ticket

    Cute and loving kids! Beautiful mother and I want her shoes!

  • Margot

    She can’t stop not wearing a bra!

  • wfb

    Trolls have a hard on for Angie’s nips. Mind your own nips arseholes.

  • eni

    Unfortunately, you can not discuss here neutral. I have to defend, because I’m a fan of Jennifer. I respect Angelina as a person.