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Miranda Kerr: You Can Pre-Order My Book 'Empower Yourself'!

Miranda Kerr: You Can Pre-Order My Book 'Empower Yourself'!

Miranda Kerr keeps it chic while arriving home with some delivered boxes on Saturday (November 23) in New York City.

Earlier in the day, the 30-year-old Australian supermodel’s son Flynn was spotted riding high on his dad Orlando Bloom‘s shoulders.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Miranda Kerr

“I’m so excited to announce the Australian launch of my second book #EmpowerYourself! You can pre-order your copy online,” Miranda wrote on Instagram with a pic the day before. Check out the pic below!

10+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr coming home with boxes…

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miranda kerr you can pre order my my book empower yourself 02
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miranda kerr you can pre order my my book empower yourself 04
miranda kerr you can pre order my my book empower yourself 05
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  • yay

    Before all the snarky remarks begin and girls get offended that Kerr wants to give them advice, I just want to say that I think it is GREAT that Miranda Kerr wants to help other people empower themselves. If she were a crackhead with 5 kids and no money, she couldn’t write it. But from where I’m sitting, she is a success in her life. With young women eating “cotton balls” to lose weight and perhaps kill themselves, women who are successful need to speak out and inspire all the more. It’s great that she wants to be a role model for females who will listen.

  • mer1

    no thank you :)

  • amber

    Empower yourself by photoshopping your pics!!!

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    she shall have a daughter with Leo’s !!! She has an IQ of 160 and is the best model right now. Leo is the most famous actor !!!

    That would be so wonderfull !!!

  • pumpkin

    @amber: exactly! all her photoshop fails here

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    Do you have a low IQ or what? Everything is photochopped nowadays !!! I do not think that Mirandas does that – but if: SO WHAT, It displays her high IQ

    (ignore typo’s if any)



  • go go

    she’s got to be kidding…….

  • No thanks

    No thanks, I can think for myself, without paying Miranda┬┤s bills.

  • Roxanne

    @yay: I am pretty sure she did NOT write that book and they only help she wants is for other ppl to make her $…btw the title should be EMPOWER ME

  • sneg101

    Empower yourself by putting yourself and career before your family…I’ll pass.

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    Miranda is the real supermodel of the 2010s !!! She has an IQ of 160 and a gorgeous fullround ass !!

  • sneg101

    @Roxanne: Exactly!!! LOL!!!

  • ^

    For me she has an QI of -160. She is a moron.

  • Roxanne

    @Dieter!!!!!!: NO she has an IQ of 2.. since apparently she doesn’t know how to use apps on her phone……..she used to be a MODEL now without VS shes no one so good thing shes “writing” books and all becuz now that Orlando left her tooo shes ganna have to find something or some else to make her somewhat relevant to the world….

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    she is the model with the highest IQ. That was featured in the media several times !!!

  • clarisayjn053

    if you need a job try this site ( Dan does it at home and makes $17.90 hourly just sitting and typing stuff all day…No experience needed too

  • xyz


    Either u are paid for ur inane comments, either u are high, drunk or plain stupid

  • Dieter!!!!!!

    the last time I drank a beer that was 2 years ago and the last time I was drank that was 10 years !!!

  • Drake

    Iq tests are the equivalent of act scores. You can rank high and be a moron.

  • Elena

    Today on Keeping Up With The Kerdashains: A woman who lives her life as a slave to the misogynistic patriarchy has no right to claim that her book filled with vapid, inane and useless platitudes is empowering to other women. Women should write Miranda Kerrdashian a book entitled, “Get over yourself!”

  • Roxanne


  • BMorningstar

    Why would I buy anything from her after all she can’t keep her man. Orly better off yes! Orly run run fast and leave her behind.

  • Beaumont

    Why everybody hates Miranda Kerr so much ?????????
    Why ????????????????????
    Because she is incredibly beautiful, a supermodel, makes
    her own money appearing in worldwide magazine covers,
    married and divorced a movie star- and had a equally
    beautiful baby with -, is supposed to be dating another bigger star
    (Leo D), seems to have a dream life ?
    Nooooooooooooooooooooooo !
    I think that she should be hated for trying to make everyone believe
    that she wrote a book ! Any book ! Even an idiot. .book like this !
    And the worst of all is that a lot of people gonna buy this garbage!

  • Wurry

    No thanks.

  • @24 & others.

    I gave her first book “Treasure yourself” to my niece who was being bullied & it helped her a lot with her confidence. She loved the book especially writing in the journal.

    So you women on here making nasty comments are exactly like the sort of girls that would BULLY my niece, you all should be ASHAMED of yourselves.

    How could you be so proud of being a BULLY?

  • @26

    So true, they are very nasty bullies.
    What is sad is the ones making the nasty comments about Miranda are mature women not young girls.
    They sound like tween girls hating another girl simply because she’s pretty & has a good figure.
    It’s beyond childish & I really hope none of them have children as what an example to set for your child.
    I’m glad the book helped your niece. I think Miranda’s a great mother to Flynn as he’s such a happy child & I imagine he’ll grow up to be a caring person unlike the spiteful women on here.

  • charlotte

    empower yourself by photoshopping your body!

  • blue

    empower yourself by courting the paps
    empower yourself by photoshopping your waist to look smaller than other girls in pics

  • @26 and @27

    #26 + #27 you both sound so silly! the irony of your comments are that ms. kerr works in an industry that has for decades made women and young teen girl feel ASHAMED of themselves. victoria’s secret is one of the worst…bombarding the public with pictures of half naked photoshopped young models. that does not empower women but degrades them. the woman has nothing to teach anyone about empowerment until she can make her millions using her brain not her looks!!

  • @30

    You’re MISSING the point of what the person was saying about Miranda’s book HELPING her neice!

    It was because a beautiful Supermodel was writing about Tresuring “yourself” rather than envying models you see in magazines & tv commercials. It’s coming from someone from that industry.

    I think you’re so full of BLIND hatred for Miranda that you can’t comprehend that she could possibly help young girls with self esteem issues.

    The book one an award for a reason & was recommended to be used as a teaching aid in classrooms.

    No matter what Miranda does you see it from a negative viewpoint rather than judging it on it’s own merits.

    Of course the Fashion industry is at fault in many ways but at least Miranda is trying to send a message to young girls that it’s not about comparing yourself to others but to “treasure yourself”

    Miranda IS using her brain by writing these books to help young girls.
    She’s also showing that she’s more than just a pretty face by starting her skincare company from scratch using her OWN money without the backing of a huge cosmetic corporation & turning it into a success.

    As she has said many times modeling doesn’t last forever but it gave her the opportunity to write these books & start her own organic skincare line.

    She could have easily just signed her named to a perfume line from a cosmetic company but instead she decided to write books for young girls about self esteem & start a company that uses only organic ingredients.

    As I said regardless of what SHE does you & others like you will use any EXCUSE to find fault with her so you can write nasty comments about her.

    Then you get on your high horse with self righteous comments about her when others say her book has helped someone in their family!

  • LOL!

    Empower Yourself…with Photoshop! You will look super dooper thin and make others look fat and men will w@nk to you which is really the only reason to live!!

  • Annie

    Empower yourself!! By being to much of a diva to carry your own boxes. Or is she playing the weak woman who needs help from a big strong man? Again…NOT empowerment. What a hypocrite!

  • HAHA!!

    I read a few excerpts of the book online. There is an entire chapter about how to Photoshop your Instagram pics to make yourself look skinny. How very empowering!!

  • Kath

    So it turns out that even supermodels have body insecurities. Big deal…shes showing shes a regular woman like the rest of us in that area. And she alters her instagram pics…big deaI. She never said she was perfect. I love how you people who dont like her get in such a tizz over what she does. Saying how shes not a popular model & wants attention. But what I dont get is that you all know who she is…your always commenting & keeping up with everything she does hey (Elena) and saying how over she is because shes not a VS model anymore. Big deal!! VS brand isnt the be all & end all! If it wasnt for there once a year show I doubt anyone in here in Australia would even know it. And nor do we give a crap. So again VS big deal! And the fact she doesnt work for DJ in Australia anymore…..again big deal!! Myers is a far better store & DJ is doing crap sales now anyway. And now Mango has a new model. I didnt know there was a brand called that until Miranda started & ended working for them and Im pretty bloody certain half of you didnt either. It was marrying Orlando that made people know who she is. And good on her for smiling at the papps when photographed…..the fact that pisses you haters off is hilarious. You guys dont carry on about other models this way. Hey shes beautiful has a gorgeous ex & beautiful child and pretty much an attitude that if she did read the crap u guys spew out it would be the same as mine……Have your opinion…I dont care….F U….Im happy & I will live my life how I want. Thats pretty much an Aussie attitude. We dont really give a toss what other people think. I think all u guys that need to get over it. Because if u read your constant posts like I do….not only would you laugh…but realise how miserable, pathetic & jealous u come across & how sad your lives are eaten up with nastiness…..yes you…the serial haters who post & post in every Miranda article!

  • Empower yourself!!
  • Samantha

    Here’s the book you should buy if you really want to empower yourself:

  • @36

    So what?

    Miranda is a MODEL & the human body is beautiful & nothing to be ashamed about.

    Only prudish people would have a problem seeing artistic photographs of the body in its natural form, it’s 2013 not the dark ages.

    Lots of Supermodels have done nude shots, Cindy Crawford, Naomi, Christy Turlington, Elle Macpherson, Kate Moss, Gisel, Heidi, Nadia, Candice etc etc so it’s nothing unusual & she’s in good company.

    It seems once again that “haters” have a double standard when it comes to Miranda. One rule for her & a different set for other models.

    Miranda is saying empowering yourself is being confident in yourself & not worrying about what other people think or say.

    For an example a person like you is full of negativity, hate, spite & jealousy so it’s good to recognize it for what it is then let it go & move on.

    You should read her book as it might help you get over your extreme hatred of a person you don’t know & never met as its irrational & not good for your well being!