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Charlie Hunnam on Jamie Dornan: 'He'll Do a Great Job'

Charlie Hunnam on Jamie Dornan: 'He'll Do a Great Job'

Charlie Hunnam wears a gray hoodie while going out for a stroll on Monday (November 25) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old actor recently commented on the news that Jamie Dornan would be replacing him in the coveted role of Christian Grey in the upcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey.

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“I’m sure he’ll do a great job,” Charlie told TMZ. “I don’t really know his work, but I know [director Sam Taylor-Johnson] is amazing. She has fantastic taste so I’m sure he’ll do a great job.”

10+ pictures inside of Charlie Hunnam out and about in his sweats…

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  • Missy

    Gosh, I love him <3 <3 <3

  • Elisa

    Sexy as Hell. *O*

  • redwine11

    Good looking but glad he dropped out. Too much of a one dimensional actor.

  • Alaia

    @redwine11: Because 50 Shades of Grey requires dimension? I’m glad he dropped out because his credibility would’ve dropped. He’s on one of the best shows on TV at the moment and he’s starring in Guillermo del Toro and John Hillcoat’s next films.

  • Claudia

    I love him. He is so hot!!!!!!

  • redwine11

    Jamie Dornan is great. Credibility?? oh please he a g_d damn actor. that’s what they do. 50 shades is great. Don’t be a prude

  • Jax

    I know he hates the paps, but he is still YUMMY.

  • Tiki

    @redwine11: HA!! He’s too good of an actor for the 50 shades garbage.

  • Roxanne

    i have no idea why they casted him in the first place..i mean hes a good actor but last time I checked Christian Grey was 28 years old and Charlie looks 40…….idk 50 shades of grey should of be left a book becuz now the movie is going to ruin it

  • Roxanne

    @Tiki: 50 shades is not garbage its a BOOK so it should STAY a BOOK becuz THEN the movie and all the actors ARE going to make it garbage..

  • The Jax stare…

    His expressions are priceless – clear as water, get the hell away from him.

  • The Jax stare…

    He does not look 40- stretching it much? He’s very dedicated to his character in SOA. I can’t wait to see his look for Crimson Peak.


  • Roxanne

    @The Jax stare…: he still looks old and face it IF YOU have read the book he looks nothing like the character…..the other guy isn’t good either but its the best the casting directors could find apparently….and lets not even start with Ana Steele becuz the miscast her BIG time

  • Charlie

    @Roxanne: You 50 Shades morons don’t even know when you’re reading CRAPPY writing, and that book is crappy. Maybe you should go back to school.

  • Roxanne

    @Charlie: maybe you should go watch some porn instead since obviously the book isn’t (risque) good enough for you….

  • redwine11

    Right on Roxanne! The books sales are proof enough . Sorry Charlie!!! hahahaha

  • the jax stare

    I read the first book only because of Charlie Hunnan, after he dropped the pos role, I sold them back to the book store. The books are plain stupid, repetitive, and have no substance. The movie, well its now a Hollywood joke. Good luck with that….@Roxanne:

  • Roxanne

    @The Jax stare…: seems like YOU TOO should go watch some porn too…since that’s not “boring,plain,stupid and repetitive “

  • mom50

    Im sure glad the author of 50 Shades did not listen to her critics because its on the list of 50-100 million books sold, just like Winnie the Pooh. Not a book for passionless prudes. Charlie is a good actor but it wasn’t for him. Gee the people that don’t like don’t have to read the books. Why so defensive? hmmm

  • the jax stare

    Basic Reading Comprehension 101 ladies. Then, you’ll understand. Oh, for those who argue how many millions its sold?! That alone tells us how dumb people have become. E.L. ripped off somebody else’s idea, this woman is a joke as well as her fans. Read some Ann Rice, then you’ll know.

  • Charlie

    @the jax stare: Ha Ha yourself, Roxanne…it sounds like YOU need to get a life.

  • Reader

    It is a joke, and so is she. It shows how dumb people have become, especially when they try to justify it with sales figures. The book is pathetic. I’m glad Charlie came to his senses…most Hollywood actors wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole, with good reason.

  • Roxanne

    @Charlie:AHHHH CHARLIE THERE YOU ARE!!!!!! I FIGURED YOU GONE AND ENJOYED YOURSELF ….. ha ha ha ha right back at you my friend ;D

  • mom50

    O Gosh. The ELITE readers. Well my husband sure is glad I read it. Better than porn! To each their own. I liked it except the hitting thing

  • soledad

    I fell in love!!!!! sexyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • MrsOzzie

    Charlie Hunnam IS the sexist man alive!!! People magazine got it so wrong! And for anyone who does not think so watch an episode of Sons of Anarchy! Beyond sexy!!!!

  • MrsOzzie

    AND those 50 Shades books are terrible! I read all 3, barely! Awful! So glad Charlie dropped out! Smart and sexy.

  • Dee

    @Alaia: Preach!

  • AJ

    Gawd he is insanely hott.

  • Dahlz

    Yum. This should satisfy me until next week. Because for sure Im gonna be having SOA withdrawals this week.

  • Lola

    This dude is stunningly beautiful in one animalistic way. There rarely are any actors possess HIS kind of raw-dominanting sexual draw.

  • Yuna

    50 Shades is bullshit and we all know it. It uses to be badly written fanfiction and then it became a badly written book and people actually bought the shit and claim that people who think it sucks are just prude? How about a real description of the BDSM life style and characters that aren’t just tropes instead? But that would be too smart for people who liked this shit. Sales doesn’t equal good content. Read a real book.

  • blip

    Such a gorgeous man. This week sucks with no SOA

  • elisa

    he is so hot !!!

  • leah

    huh I can’t see the beauty in the man . Glad he dropped out so that he can return to his lame show :)

  • Nobody Cares

    @leah: Then go back and drool on your Ken-doll pretty boys whoever they are. Apparently real man Mr. Hunnam is not meant for you.
    btw, it is not YOUR place to tell if his show is lame. You simply are not cared about.

  • Bianca

    What a beautiful man, I mean seriously. Who looks like that, oh wait, Charlie Hunnam does.

    This dude is stunningly beautiful in one animalistic way. There rarely are any actors possess HIS kind of raw-dominating sexual draw

    ^^^ THIS^^^

  • IMO

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I find this him insanely beautiful. More so, he has a real man’s look, not those metro sexual guys that look all groomed and well put together, it’s almost like they’re competing with us women to see who looks the prettiest. Charlie used to be a model and he was quite good at it, but he decided it wasn’t for him. All his earlier pic’s will show you how good looking this guy is, now he’s grown into his man hood and no longer looks like a boy. Then you have the fact that his longtime girlfriend is not your typical beautiful model or actress, she is a regular joe like us girls, this makes him even more desirable in my opinion, because he could have any girl he wants, and he has a simple not by Hollywood standards beautiful girl by his side. Kudos to her…


  • Jamie

    Well, everyone is going to have an opinion. I liked the books. I watch Charlie in Son’s too. I personally think the book should stay a book. For me it really doesn’t seem to have a story line that would make a great movie. But hey it might also be a great movie. Big deal who is character for the movie. Charlie doesn’t fit the description of Christian Grey. So that’s my opinion. Just like everyone else’s.

  • Hernan

    He’s sexy! ;) White men with facial hair is a plus

  • Fan

    Charlie is a great actor, I will be a fan no matter what movie he’s in. A little disappointed that he’s not in 50.

  • WishIWasTara

    Charlie Hunnam is one smoking, hot, sexy man!! His SOA character is off the charts sexy!

    Thank God he bailed on that 50 shades crap. Crap like that is a career breaker. He is way too smart and respected for that.

  • Lola

    @Bianca: A hundred times more beautiful than those short scrawny pretty boys you fancy whoever they are. Better on, 50SOG movie producers would court a guy like Hunnam than even think about those boys you like to be their lead. That sure DOES tells you a lot. Hahaha!

  • Tia

    He’s always on his own. :(

  • charlotte crowder

    Charlie is one hot guy. Robert P. is not in the same ballpark with Charlie!! They keep calling Robert P. British hunk,heart throb,etc. He is NOTHING compared to Charlie!!! That moniker needs to be changed!! Tuned in to see who he was after awarded 50. I am hooked now on SOA I have purchased all five seasons and have now watched them all 3 times. I am dreading SOA ending next week. YES CHARLIE HUNNAM IS THE MAN!!

  • Therese Mirenda

    absolutely LOVE all the cast….Katey i loved Peg Bundy n Gemma very good u are a class act n look great …Jax i want to mmmmmmmm lol.Thanks for looking so hot!!!!!