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Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn: Kanye West Concert Couple!

Leonardo DiCaprio & Toni Garrn: Kanye West Concert Couple!

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Toni Garrn sit together in the stands while watching Kanye West perform on his Yeezus Tour at Madison Square Garden on Sunday (November 24) in New York City.

The cute couple sat down the row from Kanye‘s fiancee Kim Kardashian.

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Toni documented part of the concert on her Instagram account, writing “Blood on the leaves explosion @kanyewest #yeezus” along with a video clip of the song.

During the concert, Leo and Toni were seen sharing a sweet kiss!

Just Jared on Facebook
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn kanye west concert couple 01
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn kanye west concert couple 02
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn kanye west concert couple 03
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn kanye west concert couple 04
leonardo dicaprio toni garrn kanye west concert couple 05

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  • ari

    I guess it doesn’t bother her that he banged some chick in Brazil last month.

  • yay!

    Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby still going strong! I give it 3 more months top!
    The old guy at the concert with his bimbo. Awesome!

  • ####


    I’m with you. I figure early 2014.

  • oops!

    I just threw up in my mouth!

  • Instagram
  • @

    They look cute.
    There’ll be typical hate from the 24/7 dwellers for sure but like FAN I hope posters like HAHA12, LOL42, Zzzzz, Leokas make more of an appearance in this thread than the last one and save this post from same old hate-fest

  • Aww

    They are so cute together. Happy for them!

  • Lukas Haas

    The most romantic and inspirational couple of all time :’)

  • OMG:(

    I hate to say! It seems that he is going strong with her, I hate it, but maybe he wants to getting marry her:( She is german like his mother and I think this is important for him, it sounds bad but I hope I am really wrong!! When I look at this photos and the birthday vid etc. I dont know what to say……….

  • ❤ lovesick ❤

    ❤ .❤ ❤ ❤ ❤. ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  • Leo Fan

    They are really glued nowadays. This is good.
    I am happy for Leo.
    Can’t wait to see WOWS.

  • #6

    roger that. where is leokas and the posters that actually make this place semi funny to read? was he at the concert too!?

  • Young Impressionable Girl

    These 2 are my inspiration! :””)

  • also…

    @ari: I think Leo has fun while she’s away but I don’t think he was in Brazil last month.
    I agree with the early 2014 prediction and I’m also struggling with nausea. At least he doesn’t look like a fool like on the birthday videos.
    I have déjà vu. Jared used to do this – posting tweets from Leo’s girlfriend – while he was dating Bar. Nothing interesting to say about Toni? lol

  • Haters gonna hate.

  • Young Impressionable Boy

    I want to be Leo when I grow up! Oh wait I can’t grow up if I want to be like Leo… ;””(

  • big no

    Leo+Toni= total mismatch

  • Martin Scorsese

    I am so proud :)

  • ####


    What do you mean posting tweets?

  • To Leo

    Leo, leave that immature girl please.Search for real love Leo.
    This is so shallow,can’t you see that.

  • Dream

    So cute !

  • matt damon

    is so happy with his family.
    When will we see Leo with a REAL woman like Luciana Damon??

  • also…

    @ONG:(: Aren’t you a little dramatic? You think he hasn’t done this with his exes? Spending time with them while not working, getting physical and stuff like that? I have no doubt he was like this with his exes ( there are photos to prove he was ) and look how those relationships ended. After seeing him for long years I doubt being Germsn is what’s gonna tame him. I don’t get the marriage talk that starts as soon as you see him physical or affectionate with his girlfriend. JMO.

  • OMG:(

    @To Leo:

    I AGREE WITH YOU 10000000%

  • also…

    @####: Or Instagram whatever. Just like in this post in the end Jared posted her Instagram ( she usually tweets it as well ) about the concert or in the past some irrelevant stuff. Just to put something there about the girl.

  • ####


    And there’s the pic!!! LOL

  • @OMG

    just because she is german?!!Please… don’t go overboard.
    I agree with you though:that freaking damn video i will never forget though:(
    I wish i had never seen it. It hurts.

  • ####


    Oh I see what you mean. I didn’t read it which is why I didn’t see it! LOL

  • also…

    @Young Impressionable Boy: LMAO! So funny and true!
    Leo should remake the movie ‘Big’. A little boy trapped in a grown man’s body and trying to live the life of an adult… He would totally bail that role. Very fitting just like Jordan Belfort.

  • OMG:(

    I HOPE YOU`RE RIGHT!!! But in the past he was younger when he dated Bar, Erin, Blake, you know, he is almost 40 next year, you know what I mean…

  • LMAO at these pics!

    Wow Leo is really milking this “relationship” with Toni!
    Gotta stay relevant by the time WOWS comes out!
    Toni your days are numbered after the film comes out, i’ll hold the door wide open for you! Kiss Kiss XoXo ;)

  • also…

    @matt damon: My guess is never. He is into immature, insecure, shallow and smug little girls and he wouldn’t be able to deal with a real woman. At all.

  • PR team on overdrive

    LMAO Leo sure knows how to do business when his film is coming out! Look how staged these pics are, they are crazy LMAO

  • Toni DiCaprio

    I am getting ze ring suck it

  • Laura

    Uggh there goes my lunch.

    Leo stop screwing around with this young girls.

  • Leokas

    @Toni DiCaprio: NO I AM :@@ I’m Leo’s real yeezus!

  • also…

    @OMG :(: I see what you mean but age is just a number and that applies to Leo more than to anyone else. He might be pushing 40 but he acts exactly like he did with Gisele, Bar, Blake or Erin. I don’t think you should bother too much about his age. Last year he was asked how he feels about turning 40 soon. He said the idea of being 40 hasn’t set in his mind yet. No wonder since the way he acts it seems like being. 30 hasn’t set in his mind yet. JMO.

  • yeah..

    @PR team on overdrive:
    i noticed that there’s something weird with these pics too

  • @Toni Dicaprio

    You wish! Just like your predecessors. Keep telling yourself that if that’s what helps you dealing with an aging modelizer, the fact that your days are numbered and that people are laughing at you.
    Go Leokas! You are the real deal!

  • OMG:(

    @matt damon:

    “matt damon is so happy with his family.
    When will we see Leo with a REAL woman like Luciana Damon??”

    I’m wondering the same thing over and over again!

  • not with toni

    i feel you :)

  • #34

    oh you’ve done it now gurlllll….. heads are gonna blow. lol. and i was wondering how long the pr/conspiracy insider would rear their heads. right on time

  • Ha

    @PR team on overdrive:

    Someone in bz doesnt mentioned that his PR was there too?

    What is he trying to prove? That this relationship is more serious now he is approaching 40? He is trying even more harder than his girlfriends.

  • *f^ck*

    he’s kissing her in these pics (YUCK) and this time he is sober….

  • also…

    @Ha: O don’t necessarily thing these are staged but he is more public now with her. Public like more stuff leaks than before. God forbid he would actually step out with her. I mean next to her like a real man does in a relationship. I don’t think he tries to show that this is serious just that he has a steady gf. Not partying and foibg around like he does when he has nothing to promote or while he is working . That’s his playtime.
    It would work much better if he didn’t come off as a Sugar Daddy and if they didn’t look awkward and creepy while being lovey-dovey. Maybe a WOMAN would be convincing, someone who he is actually attracted to ( other than physically ).

  • @also…

    his GF is not a real woman, then how do you expect him to be a real man??

  • also…

    * fooling around
    @f^ck: You don’t think he kissed his exes? We talked about him being ‘affectionate’ with her while drunk in public. This is public but that doesn’t mean that they kiss only when he is drunk.
    I still don’t see this lasting longer than early 2014.

  • @also…

    also, did you see in her instagram account someone posted
    ” he came out of your body”? what is this?? lol

  • “rumoured GF”

    Kim Kardashian took to Twitter over the weekend to gush about her other half, Kanye West’s Yeezus Madison Square Gardens gig and pictures have now emerged of Leonardo DiCaprio also enjoying the sold out concert, with the actor spending the evening alongside Kim and rumoured GF Toni Garrn.

  • OMG:(


    Did you mean this?

    liza_ostanina AND CAME OUT OF YOUR BODY

    But I dont know what is this?