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Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars' 2013? Season 17 Winner!

Who Won 'Dancing With the Stars' 2013? Season 17 Winner!


Amber Riley, Jack Osbourne, and Corbin Bleu made it to the finale three on Dancing With the Stars and the winner was revealed during the finale on Tuesday (November 26) in Los Angeles!

All four finalists danced three dances last night – a judge’s choice dance, a Samba relay, and a Freestyle. On the night of the finale, each contestant had to perform a fusion dance (two dances fused together with the same song) that was prepared in the last 24 hours.

Tallying the scores from the previous night, Amber topped the leader board with 64 points (out of a possible 65), Corbin picked up a 62, and Jack received a 57. The scores from the judges were then combined with votes from the viewers and the scores of the dance from the finale night.

Click inside to find out who won Dancing With the Stars season 17…


1st Place: Amber Riley & Derek Hough
2nd Place: Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff
3rd Place: Jack Osbourne & Cheryl Burke

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  • Asha

    You’re a little premature on your post. It is 10:52 here on the east coast and the winner has yet to be crowned. Anyway, I hope it’s Amber. She is the best by far.

  • EndOfTime

    Soooo well-deserved !!!!

  • Disgust

    Corbin was robbed. He danced circles around Amber. She only won because she is overweight. Not because she is the better dancer.

  • Sighnomore

    @Disgust: Oddly enough your comment is the only disgusting thing about this. Take your whining somewhere else, and don’t try to use a woman’s weight as a “valid” argument for getting the “pitty” vote.

  • Ginger

    Yay!!!! Another win for Derek and his partner!!

  • LaLa

    Congrats to them all. :) Just wonderful

  • Surprise….NOT!!!

    I no longer watch DWTS because it’s become “The Derek Hough Show”

    He always gets partners with previous dance experience & with a built in fan base, Amber had both! That’s why he’s always makes the finals or wins, Kelly, Jennifer, Nicole etc etc all had both as well.

    He’s also the judges pet as they judge HIM rather than the dancing ability of his partners. He’s always the centre of attention when he dances to overshadow & hide his partners flaws & it annoys me that the judges are more focused on him rather than his partner.

    There’s no point watching as you know who’s going to win & that takes away the enjoyment of seeing who COULD win.

    I think that’s why the ratings have dropped as well, take away the mystery & there’s no anticipation or build up.
    From the first dance I knew Derek & Amber would win, she had experience from doing dance routines on Glee & she had that huge fan base as well.

    So I stopped watching after he won the group dance & he had the fake fight with Len about choreography. They do that every year to try & show they’re not biased towards him & then suddenly the following week he’s back in the good books & gets high marks, so fake!

    The best year was when Kym & Hinze won simply because he had ZERO dance experience & we watched him learn & get better each week. Plus Kym showcased him rather than herself unlike Derek.

  • Roxanne

    YEAH Amber deserved to win

  • Roxanne

    @Surprise….NOT!!!: ummmmm if your taking about experience , Corbin had dance lessons from some chick so it was even and Derek never takes the spotlight away..that’s Mark…..for your knowledge Corbin had more fans ….Derek is the best choreographer out of the guys and Karina is the best out of the ladies ……but that’s MY opinion………CONGRATS to AMBER

  • Marion

    I’m french, just to say.. It’s the same in each country, France Saturday, the singer Alizée just won. She was won against the boyfriend of Madonna (Brahim Zaibat) who was the best technically. She has a fan base.
    And last year, it is not the best technically won, but the most artistic (Emmanuel Moire), and … he would not have won if it was not our star dancer (your derek hough) Fauve Hautot.
    Just to say, the same questions in each country … that’s funny..(or not)

  • breezedash

    YAAAY! Congratulations to Amber and Derek! They were sooo good!
    And it’s not a question of fan base and etc
    They were really good, energetic and it was a pleasure to watch their performances
    So they worth it!

  • Disgust

    @Sighnomore: Honey, SHE was the one who pulled the “weight” card. Listen to her after her win. And I am sick of this Glee fanbase. She was NOT the better dancer, and that has nothing to do with weight.

  • Goody

    Amber is a great dancer! Congrats!

  • biker mike

    yep, this is why we dont watch anymore, amber cant dance, just like last year derek just threw his partner around and she never danced, just like kellie pickler, like last year, zendaya clearly won, you couldnt tell her from the pros, this year was clearly Corbin, , bill should not of been in the finals, nor should amber,,, liz berkley should of been in finals, the show is a sham,

  • Rocky


    I’m sooooo happy Amber won. I was tied on Corbin & Amber. Corbin has been dancining since he’s a little. He attended Debbie Allen’s school of dance and he was also on Broadway in a show called ‘The Heights’, which I went to see. Corbin had a few up on Amber because he’s been trained since little, Amber was not. Someone calling the show ‘The Derek Show’ is unfair. He’s an amazing choreographer and it shows. Unlike Mark Ballis, Derek showcases his partner, which makes his partner stand out. Kellie Pickler had no training and Derek KNEW what needed to be done to showcase her. When Max was judging he made the statement, “Derek knows how to win”. Good things will come out of this for Corbin and Amber. So happy for both of them.

    One last thing, my opinion, of course, Jack should NEVER have been in the finals! It should have been Elizabeth.

  • Brazilian girl

    @Surprise….NOT!!!: You are so right! It is “the Derek Hough show” :(

  • ^^^^^No… it’s just that

    Derek Hough is just simply the BEST! A Superior, superior dancer and choreographer. I don’t really watch the show anymore, but when I did, I said after a while that DEREK completely stands out! He is unique. He deserved his Emmy win and all the praise and accolades that he gets. He has been matched with some pretty odd partners in the past, but he always manages to bring out the best in them. CONGRATS!

  • Roxanne

    @^^^^^No… it’s just that: yep he is the best dancer and it’s not his fault that he turns his partners into good dancers too

  • Roxanne


  • rjpa


    Brooke Burke,Shawn John and Kellie Pickler aren’t dancers.

    Jennifer Grey and Amber can hadly be considered experience yes.

    So your only legit is Nicole and the pussycat routine hardly is “dancing”…grinding..yes

  • You must be kidding


    The lies you tell. Jealous much? Yes, Amber was by far a better dancer than Corbin considering she had NO dance training and he was trained by Debbie Allen!

  • Alright


    You uncoordinated bitter people are so disgusting. Why when anyone black says anything you nasty yt people, start screaming about people pulling “Cards”?

    She didn’t pull any cards fool.

    How many chunky women have you ever seen dance like that? No one expected it and she was actually GOOD. No, in fact she was GREAT. She’s an excellent dancer. I hate to break it to you hon even with your old decrepit Mr. Burns body you would not be able to dance like her. She has no prior training and she was the BEST one there. Amber deserved to win. Deal with it and let your jealousy continue to cloud your judgment and make you delusional.

  • Agreed

    @^^^^^No… it’s just that:

    Derek and his sister are some of the best dancers ever on TV. That is just the truth. And they know how to teach dance so their partners step up to the bar and shine. It’s interesting he and Julianne were taught by Mark Ballas family because they are way better dancers than Mark now.

    But even if Derek wasn’t her partner, Amber would have been amazing. She’s got rhythm, she a quick learner and she overcomes all odds.

  • Disgust you Suck


    Disgust, you really are a fool. What card would she be pulling considering she already WON? She already had the Mirror Ball trophy so what would be the purpose of pulling “cards” as you put it?

    You probably voted for Bristol Pailin. I bet you vote for all the weak dancers to win. You are that awful voter that sends home the talented GOOD dancers and keep the worst dancers. Whatever the case your opinions don’t matter because AMBER WON. lol

  • What’s are you on Biker Mike?

    @biker mike:

    Um…do you do drugs? I’m asking because you said Kellie Pickler and Amber Reiley can’t dance. lol. Oh man, you crazy people are a trip. Derek is a great choreographer and he gets matched to girls who have natural dance ability like Amber and Kellie and then he teaches them technique.

  • Jade

    So sick of Derek and his smarmy/hammy looks. He is just so gross looking. I stopped watching after the first show too. Knew that with his and amber’s fan base no one else had a chance. They could have fallen flat on their butts every dance and they were still gonna get more votes than anyone else.

  • Well, consider this also

    I did not watch the finale or the season. I was changing channels this morning when I saw Derek and Amber “making their rounds” to different shows. Besides Amber being a plus-size girl who can “really” move, the woman has a lot of charm and class. Do not underestimate these important qualities. People have to like you to vote for you. She has such a warm smile and positive, energetic vibe. A girl like her will inspire many females. Remember the “Cheetah girl” who danced with Mark? She was also a great plus-sized dancer, but alas, not nearly as likeable. Just something about her must have rubbed people the wrong way. She had her few fans, but she was not able to garner the popularity she needed to stay on the show.

  • Well, consider this also

    @Jade: I disagree with you. Derek does not win every single time. In this case, it wasn’t just about Derek and his greatness. It was equally about his partner. And America has spoken.

  • Brenda Atkins

    Yes, It is about time for me to quit watching DWTS’s, when show first started, it was based on who had the improved most on ballroom dancing, however, the show has since based itself on Derek and his talent, if he didn’t have a partner, he most likely would still win! Makes me think that is why we have lost some of the other dancers, and more to come, I’m sure.

    Maybe time to change Judges, you think?

    I will not be watching the show again!

  • uh, Yah!

    @Brenda Atkins: Derek is so good that he probably has the other dancers saying to themselves, “What’s the use? I will never be the dancer Derek Hough is.”


    to Amber for becoming such an unbelievable dancer! Plus, WE ALL LUV DEREK HOUGH! He’s a cutie and a gentleman.

  • http://mybuddyblue1 anna maria young

    loved the show, thought all contestants where great and love all
    the professionals. i think they are great teachers.

    one thing i disagree with is that the show mixes contestants
    with some type of dancing skills with contestants that have none.
    i also think is is unfair to mix contestants who are in their 20s with someone who is in their 50s ( too much of an age difference.)

    i would like to see contestants all with no dancing skills and all
    aroung the same age group. i think this would really show how a
    contestant dances and how they improve on their dancing skills and
    how well their instructors work with them to teach them their routines.

    keep up the good work. love the show. would really like to see the
    judges do a routine, since i never saw them dance or how good they

    thank you
    anna maria

  • CM

    @Surprise Not, What dance experience does Amber have?? First, all you haters says she is overweight and should not have won, now you hater says she has dance experience, how can a person be overweight and still have all this dance experience, she has NATURAL dance abilities and takes instructions well, she does not “mouth off” to the judges, also, Derek is a good instructor, that’s the winning combination, Corbin and Elizabeth are dancers by trade, so those are the ones with dance experience..

  • CM

    @ Disgust, NO, You pulled the weight card, Amber’s message was an inspiration to all people, your massage is to haters who agrees with you.

  • CM

    @biker mike, If you do not know the rules, here they are, the show is dancing with the stars, its about celebrities who are not trained dancers, Corbin and Elizabeth were trained dancers, Amber, Corbin and Jack are not trained dancers and that is why they were in the final three..