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Kanye West: 'Kim Kardashian is Marilyn Monroe'

Kanye West: 'Kim Kardashian is Marilyn Monroe'

Kanye West tries to keep a low profile as he makes his way out of a restaurant after dinner on Tuesday (November 26) in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.

That same day, the 36-year-old rapper made an appearance at the SiriusXM Studios to give an interview.

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“I have a love hate relationship with the paparazzi but actually I love them because they empower us over, ya know?,” Kanye recently said during an interview with Hot 97 (via E! News). “They are empowering us over Vanity Fair that want to say that Kate Upton is Marilyn Monroe. Kate Upton ain’t Marilyn Monroe. Kim is Marilyn Monroe, you know that. She was controversial. She [is] controversial.”

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41 Responses to “Kanye West: 'Kim Kardashian is Marilyn Monroe'”

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  1. 1
    Mrs. Gaston Says:

    kate upton is average and shouldn’t be compared to marilyn, but here he goes again talking crazy….

  2. 2
    Emma Says:

    He probably just makes all of these statements to make headlines. He’s biased and ***** whipped.

  3. 3
    Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi Says:

    I used 2 tolerate him, but now… he’s IDIOT!!!! Does he want such tragic fate, like Momroe’s was, 2 his wife?! But no, I guess livin their lives&sayin such stupid things’s already a tragic fate!

  4. 4
    LaCroix Says:

    Stop comparing Marilyn Monroe to any of the “sexy women” of today. Marilyn was and is an original with no one to ever capture her appeal. So Kanye please shut the eff up already.

  5. 5
    STOP IT!! Says:

    Every since Kanye received the DNA results that North is his, he has been saying stoopid stuff!

    JJ you can spare us all of his stupidity and rants to try and create pr buzz for K. Katrashian by not making posting on them anymore. We won’t be mad just glad.

  6. 6
    Steph Says:

    WTF KANYE what effing world r u living in!?!?!?!? what a loser

  7. 7
    Rocky Says:

    @STOP IT!!:


  8. 8
    Rocky Says:



  9. 9
    shahad Says:

    no Kim Kardashian is not Marilyn Monroe , Kim Kardashian is a porn star

  10. 10
    argh! Says:

    You can tell a lot about a woman by the men she chooses…. and vice versa for the men. Just the fact that Kim would choose someone like Kanye to settle and have babies with lets me know that despite her money and beauty, well, she doesn’t think very highly of herself. If you took away her money, jewelry and fine clothing, I bet she wouldn’t know what to do with herself.

  11. 11
    byebye Says:

    It was bad enough seeing and hearing a Kardashian/Jenner on this site on a daily basis, now we’re going to have to see and hear this moron on a daily basis. I’m out of here….

  12. 12
    gigi22 Says:

    There will never be another Marilyn Monroe. It is ridiculous to attempt to compare any woman today to that of a 50s beauty icon. Sorry, but Upton is no where near Monroe’s beauty or sex appeal. And, Kim K. is not even in the running. Kanye is not in reality if he thinks his baby’s mama is anything other than a reality t.v. star, who has no true talent. Everyone, including critics and stars, scratch their heads and wonder how in the world a person of no talent like her can receive the money and fame she has. Well, it’s called “promote yourself, promote yourself and promote yourself.” Didn’t she do a sex tape? Yuck! Just common trash

  13. 13
    I am OVER this Loser Says:

    Do we have the next Amanda Bynes here? Kanye talking nonsense, and who is pretty and who is not is veeeeeryy Amanda Bynes. They both need to disappear. PLEASE He completely lost it. I can’t believe Kim is with this loser; worst that Kris Humphrey.

  14. 14
    Ruby Says:

    ugh..really? that must be the joke of the year.. something is so wrong with kanye!!

  15. 15
    Cam Says:

    After I’ve read what he is talking about his trashy relationship with kim (and watching creepy music video) , I think that he has mental problems. He doesn’t know what is he talking about! I’m sick of hearing how great and influental kim is- we all know she isn’t. I used to like Kanye but now – his career is over.

  16. 16
    Sayer Says:

    I do believe this man suffers from a REAL mental illness, such as bipolar disorder.

  17. 17
    rogo Says:

    He keeps comparing Kim, with her multiple facial plastic surgeries, to natural beauties like Marilyn Monroe; that’s like comparing apples to oranges. A natural beauty like Marilyn Monroe cannot be compared to someone who has altered her appearance like Kim but he’s too stupid to understand that fact.

  18. 18
    rogo Says:

    @13 – I don’t know why you can’t believe Kim is with Kanye; they belong together. They are two greedy, vain, self-absorbed, egotistical idiots who care only about themselves.

  19. 19
    rogo Says:

    @#13 – I don’t know why you can’t believe Kim is with Kanye; they belong together. They are two vain, self-absorbed, egotistical idiots who care only about themselves.

  20. 20
    rogo Says:

    Sorry about the double post.

  21. 21
    marge Says:

    Why must we see and hear about these two on a daily basis?? They have nothing positive to contribute to anyone or anything; all they do is promote themselves.

  22. 22
    Paul Says:

    Lol Wow no a day goes by without Kanye saying some dumb ****. Kim is no Marilyn ;) Marilyn is 51 years dead and still nearly everyone knows her cause she had an deep impact on the movie industry. I doubt very much that Kim will be remembered…Don’t get me wrong I like Kim but she has no talent like Marilyn had. She is just a pretty face with a good management team around her that makes the right moves

  23. 23
    Monae Says:

    @STOP IT!!: HAHAHAHAH I’M saying!!!

  24. 24
    Monae Says:

    @rogo: I love Kim & Kanye but this statement has gone TO FAR! I completely agree with you Marilyn has acting modeling etc to her name she was famous because she was an actual actress & because she was a beautiful woman. Kim is beautiful but no she isn’t on Marilyn’s level. STOP IT KANYE

  25. 25
    TheMuffinman Says:

    Makes me wonder what Kim really thinks about what he says, if i was her id tell him to shut up about me even though what he is saying is nice it is also completely obsessive he gets weirder by the day

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