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Kristen Stewart: Thanksgiving Day Grocery Shopping!

Kristen Stewart: Thanksgiving Day Grocery Shopping!

Kristen Stewart and a female friend get in some last-minute grocery shopping for their Thanksgiving feast on Thursday (November 28) in Los Feliz, Calif.

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Earlier this month, the 23-year-old actress was seen shooting her new movie, Anesthesia. Synopsis: Multiple lives intersect in the aftermath of the violent mugging of a Columbia University philosophy professor. Gretchen Mol, Sam Waterston, and Glenn Close co-star while Tim Blake Nelson will be directing. Can’t wait to see new work from Kristen!

This April, Kristen will star alongside Jesse Eisenberg in the indie comedy American Ultra.

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  • Guest


  • anne

    i lovet!!!!

  • Lisa

    Get over it and over yourself
    Hope she had a great holiday

  • liz

    can’t stand this talentless miserable chick. if you hate your job so much, quit. you’re terrible at it anyway.

  • assman

    she has tens of millions and dresses like a dirty hipster

  • SS


    It’s not her job she hates, she just loathes being tailed by the paparazzi. Wouldn’t you hate it too, if they waited at every turn for you to emerge?

  • jiji


    lol you sound very pressed. How do those pics mean she hates her job? Obsessed much … looks like she owns you to make you rage like that over 5 boring pics . Get help

  • Lisa

    Wow so much hate for someone you don’t know … Wow

  • NYC

    @liz: Touche.

  • nyla

    @Lisa: why do you defend some1 you don;t even know and never will? Oh roght, cause you don;t have a life and you’re living through hers!

  • nyla

    *female friend*?? That’s her new boyfriend who looks like a girlfriend, who looks like a boyfriend…

  • Sim

    @Guest: @assman: Yay you idiots and stupid if you do not like it here why, Kristen is beautiful, you’re embarrassing she can walk as it is nice to see and he has millions of deliberations is normal, only you’re too obsessed with Kristen is great and you idiots

  • Sim


  • Sim

    @SS: You’re pathetic, write same crap, live your life, how would you feel about it if someone like cursing followed for a bite to think about it, if you can do it

  • Sim

    @Sim: SS–Sorry about that belonged to liz

  • pau

    going grocery shopping on thanksgiving is the worst. she has gained a lot of weight compare to the pic under “also”

  • lol

    whenever she crawls out ..there’s always pr news soon to follow..another project that fails to make it to the box office…and no doubt rob pattinson will crawl out too…they both have more movies announcements but since Twilight ended they have not been seen onscreen in anything…hmmm.

  • ana

    I love Internet Bullies. So predictable

  • Corrinne Brasier

    Kristen stewart is doing a nice and amazing shopping .

  • Karin

    @guest you are idiot
    Kristen dominate on your mind.
    She overcomes you in every ways.

  • Karin

    Have a good day and job Kristen
    I can’t wait for your new movie.

  • Guest

    Is that a guy she’s with? Does she have a new boyfriend?

  • strong

    Hi pretty cool girl :) nothing in these pics proves she was grocery shopping or it was in the thanksging day ! Papz needs ficton stories to sell their pics!

  • axle

    an awful & slutty lesbo must just turned into a all-alone & lonely spinster!

  • Adfjk

    @axle: go crawl back to your sewer where people understand what you are saying

  • Sorya

    She loves acting but hates the spotlight, there is nothing wrong with that. She doesn’t like paparazzi, but who does?
    I think she’s talented and beautiful.

  • http://YAHOO.COM Monty

    @nyla: Sorry Nyla you ask how can someone support another person they don’t know. I will reverse that ques. & ask how can you rip someone apart you don’t know. The people who do know her think she is great. I really dislike all of you haters. You are so jealous of her. She is just trying to live her life and all you want to do is destroy her for no reason. She did nothing to you. Does she look unhappy, I would too if I hoped to get the man I love back, and it’s not going to happen because he loves someone else. I don’t think I need to mention that persons name I’m sure you can guess it. The girl with Kristen is a long time friend of Kristens. She’s a nobody just like you, but she isn’t not a mean B.

  • http://YAHOO.COM Monty

    You know after reading these remarks it makes you feel like you just walked through filth. The hate is just rolling off of them. These are like the people who crucified Christ. they didn’t know what He had done they just wanted to destroy him. Yes Kristen has made mistakes. But apologized to Rob, and begged for his forgiveness, to this time he has not forgiven her.probably never will. he believes his own press. (How could she do this to me?) You call her names, you don’t care if it’s true you just hope people will believe you so that would bring her down to your level. NEVER HAPPEN YOU SCUM. HE IS DOING THE SAME THING SHE DID WITH KATY PERRY. ONLY HE HAS GOT TO BE HURTING HER ON PURPOSE. THAT SHOULD MAKE YOU SCUM HAPPY.

  • same

    They are so similar, look like a real couple in love.

  • Simii

    Kristen is a wonderful girl and a great actress here to write yourself morons and losers, they should be ashamed of some of the comments or do not make sense, and the way you jealous

  • Ghost

    She’s one of the worst actors in hollywood, who must have gone to the bite your lip school of acting. There isn’t anyone on this blog who couldn’t do a better job than her given the chance. The little Twi-hard movies were cr.ap and only entertained phoney little rubber people who don’t shave yet. She looks unkempt and in need of a bath. This on top of the fact that she has the morals of a low rent Ho. Cheating on your boyfriend with a married man shows who she truly is.(A Ho). Her career is on the outs and will be over soon if it already isn’t . It’s time for you little basement dwelling geeks to put down the Twilight dvd’s and as your mommy if you can go and play in the backyard , the fresh air might clear your minds and help you see the truth about this Kristen twit. Good luck.

  • LMAO at your dumb a$$!

    @Ghost: LMAO !! at your comment not because it’s funny but because you are a moron . Like you said any twit on this board could’ve done a better job ….. but yet they didn’t .. and talking about basements perhaps you too should get out more . I guess your mama must have been a HO .. since you seems to know their habits so well . It is so refreshing to know KRISTEN STEWART not only has claimed your a$$es she also own them too ….LMFAO !!! By the way while you are here with no life and posted this irrelevant rant …Stewart and Pattinson are doing fine and i’m sure they don’t give a rat’s a$$ about your moronic opinion of them !

  • Lizalou

    Yay, the homewrecker and her lesbian lover shopping. Btw, the cheater looks horrible as always. Can she just go away for good? Pls spare us no ore from kstew’s fakery and deceitful ness. Total fake.

  • Simii

    @Lizalou: You’re a fool and an idiot if you do not like why here? It’s in his right mind, how can you hate girls who do not know, Kristen is 10000000000000000x better than you, you miserable, seek help

  • Ruth


    And here you are commenting common you know that if they didn´t post about KS your life willhave no meanning.

    It´s sad to know that must of the people that comment hateful things about celebrities spend must of their time tracking down the stories about said celebrities.

    I mean something logical and that a person with common sense should do it´s ignore what they don´t like, that waht people mentally stable normally do.

  • Hmm…

    @Guest: Jealous!

  • lee

    Does this bitch ever smile

  • Seriously?

    @Monty: I don’t have to know her personally to dislike her. I can’t stand her personality, her sour puss face, her looks, her posture, her trailer trash clothes, the way she acts all ghetto, her sucky acting. Is that enough??

  • jen

    ALOT of PMS in this room!

  • ha ha

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  • Brenda Hamilton

    Some of you continue to call Kristen Stewart a home wrecker. What is Angelina Jolie? What about Jaime Alexander? Isn’t she a home wrecker? What is Rupert Sanders? He knew he was married and had children. I am sure that he has cheated on his wife before and she had enough! KS knows what she did and has paid a very hefty price for it….and continues to. It’s past time for you folks to let it go.

  • John

    She’s so gay !

  • M.s.

    @John: If that were true then so what rob him too? He also has a lot of friends gay, jaj people here are really stupid, try to run than think for something to write