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Jennifer Aniston: Thanksgiving Celebration with Ed Sheeran!

Jennifer Aniston: Thanksgiving Celebration with Ed Sheeran!

Jennifer Aniston is the center of attention while posing with Ed Sheeran and manager Aleen Keshishian on Thanksgiving (November 28)!

The 44-year-old actress’ manager posted the pic on Instagram and wrote, “#happythanksgiving #jenniferaniston @aleenkeshishian #edsheeran ”’.”

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In case you didn’t know, Ed and Jennifer have a mutual friend in Courteney Cox.

“My friend Courteney is nominated for a People’s Choice Award for favorite cable tv actress,” Ed recently wrote about Courteney. “She’s never won one before and she lets me [live] in her beach house so how’s about we all vote for her and win her the damn thang eh?”

Bigger pic inside…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston thanksgiving bonding with ed sheeran 01

Photos: Instagram
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  • BlogBrat

    Jen is the center of attention anywhere she goes…She is so cool everyone wants to be around her…She looks very happy…Now get ready for the “twat squad” to slither over from the Ho-lee threads to bash on Jen…As if it matters…They can’t help themselves though…It is “too funny”…

  • Looselipz

    Jen looks pretty as always….

  • Where’s her family?

    Except her family. WTF is wrong with this woman? She can’t have her mother and siblings or other family over for Thanksgiving dinner at her fancy new house? What was her personal chef doing? Cooking for the dogs? She has got to be one of the most self centered, selfish people. She’s an embarrassing female Peter Pan.
    Thankfully she never bred. She hasn’t a maternal bone in her body.

  • Homely As Always

    Pretty? She looks like Barbra Streisand but maybe a few years younger. Even with the deliberately out of focus shot. Put your glasses on.

  • Jentheho


    Jen is the center of attention anywhere she goes

    You got that right. She made sure she got the attention because that’s what she loves & craves for. Why do you think she pays her guy Huvsy so well? She wants to make sure Huvsy gets her the attention.

    Just like you can’t help yourself over the Jolie-Pitt thread right. At least we don’t park our a sses on her boring thread 24/7 like you do at the Jolie-Pitt thread. Her chin is hideous. See you back at the Jolie-Pitt.

  • Karen

    Don’t worry Ed, I voted for Courtney because she can act. Can’t say the same for this old hag. She can’t act unless she takes her clothes off.

  • Pippa

    Where is her fiancée?

  • yep

    nice photo. love jen’s hair.

  • anch1977

    I think is sad that Maniston is now like the Kardashians always in Instagram. She is now a D lister.

  • anch1977

    Look at the size of her chin

  • allison

    Wow a picture without her having just done fillers. With her natural face that chin takes over and she looks her age probably older if filter was not used on this picture. Once she has the fillers, her face looks rounder, prettier and younger. If she was a confident woman, she would tell other woman the real truth rather than lying that she does nothing but moisturize and eat right.

  • Lucy

    LOL!!!!!!!! Jen and her insane manager. How did Ed draw the short straw?

    Doe Jen eve spend any time with her OWN family?

    Someone should tell JA that rimming your eyes with kohl at age 44 is a no-no.

  • jack

    Love knows no bounds or extremes. Be patient and vigilant.
    Thousands of single members with real photos are here waiting for you. If you want- know more sexy single friends, even l-over, please have a try. you will be surprised after you join it. ;)

  • BlogBrat

    And enters the “twat squad” right on cue…Same blabbering crap…They are so jealous of the fact that Jen has come out on top & nasty Ho-lee has resorted to telling lies like the phony mastectomy she had to hide her boob job that went bad…All for desperate attention…Jen has friends, family & a gorgeous boyfriend that adores her…Not a brother that is into french kissing his freaky sister Ho-lee…Not a boyfriend that can’t stand the sight of her or cringes when she touches him…Jen is normal & is a natural beauty with tons of class & that gets under the thin skin of the few fans Ho-lee has left…Jen owns Ho-lee’s fans…bruhahahahahhaha…

  • Connie Falconeri

    She is so manly looking, and hard in the face.

  • who cares

    Alert us once she does something worthy other than selfies with the hired help she thinks is her family.

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen looks GORGEOUS !
    We need more pictures.

  • leens

    she looks amazing in her 40s… nothing is more beautiful than to be yourself and just plain real.

  • AGING b

    You cuckoo.

  • WTF? Who is that old woman?

    You cuckoo too. She’s had so much work done there’s nothing left of the original person. Even in this supposedly natural and spontaneous selfie in supposedly relaxed setting she has tons of make-up on and her hair has been completely colored and styled plus all her jewelry. She is so vain and insecure at the same time it must take her hours to even leave the house.
    Where’s her cloudy gum machine ring? She normally tries to make sure it’s highlighted for PR. Hmmmm. Where is that gigolol anyway?

  • katie

    The fuuuuck happened to her face? She looks like an alien.

  • Ella

    It’s hilarious to see these Fakelina fans talking about Jennifer’s looks! Have you seeing Fakelina’s face and body? she looks like a corpse who is ready to be buried, she is a walking skeleton! it’s disgusting! her big head it’s everything that she has left!
    Too bad for you that Jennifer is still pretty, healthy and has a great body at 44 and Fakelina is already dead at 38! LOL

  • Joy B Angie

    Jen is naturally beautiful woman -
    that’s “happened to her face” .
    And you can’t say how old is she
    on this picture – may be 26, may be 30.
    That’s a look of happy successful woman,
    loved by millions people all over the world !

  • Sorry hens

    All of Hollywood elite honored Angelina with a humanitarian award, the youngest person to ever get one! Last year is was Oprah…her family out to support her, Brad was so proud of her, as everyone in the room..there is NO WAY Jennifer can compare to Angelina and all the great she has done, and will do for many years to come. I honestly think its safe to call her a living legend!

  • Connie Falconeri

    @Sorry hens: #24

    Yes, I would call Angie a legend in her own time. She is a renaissance woman.

  • Joy B Angie

    @Connie Falconeri:
    She is a home wrecker,
    a drug addict lesbian
    and an America’s SHAME !

  • Where ?

    WHERE IS JUSTIN?????????????

  • Where ?

    Why cant she bring herself to spend at least one Christmas or one Thanksgiving with her own Blood family, instead of with strangers.? its just sad to see.

  • lol

    IS this a Plug for People Choice Award….. oh Jen how perdictable, anway where is youre one true love Justin Jen?…. why isnt he there with you?

  • JJ

    @lol @ 11/30/2013 at 6:06 am

    didnt you know Justin is with his true love Heidi

  • http://Justjarred Gun

    Sweet pic


    Jen is so desprate now she relys upon her manager, her hairstylist to post Instagram photos of her LMAO ..

    @ Gun why not ask sweet Jenny where is Justin honey???????????????

  • Lol

    Jen & Ed Awwwwwww so cute made for eachother If only she were 22 and not 44 acting like a 22.

  • ring pop

    Sandra Bullock: EW’s Entertainer of the Year 2013!
    (no to Aniston)

    Jen and Ed..

    no Justin


  • Looking swell!!

    eff off Angelina’s hos. there’s no face that looks like a mans face like Angelina’s.(huge man jaw) and you know it.

    Jennifer looks stunning:)
    Everyone wants to be friends with her!!
    umm…where are Angelina’s friends…? she has none ;)

  • Lol

    @Looking swell!!

    Awwwwwww why are you so angvy? Where is Justin?????
    (Everyone wants to be frineds with her ) …LMAO Oh Please its the other way round my dear, its Desprate Jen thats latching on to teenagers to be Frinds with.
    (huge man jaw ) LMAO thats a first time i heard that, Looking swell now you know thats the opposite of what Angleina is, if you Google its actually Aniston is the one known for her man jaw hence people call her MANISTON, so no need to wet your panties honey and lay off the JENHEN Coolaid ok its only making you look like a Female First Looney. Go back to your friends and spread your bitching there LMAO.

  • JJ

    # 35 Looking swell!!
    Yes I agree looking at Jens photo she does have a huge man jaw , poor Ed even as a man doesnt have a man jaw .
    Thanks for the laugh Looking Swell , thats one thing no one can say by looking at Jennifer that she’s looking swell.

  • JJ

    Jen is the center of attention anywhere she goes
    youre not wrong there BlogBart , bless Jens own paid manager making her client the centre of attention when she has nothing to promote no new movie, fiance missing in action and all she has to do is get her photo taken with a bearly teenager Ed Sheeran, yes BlogBrat she is the centre of attention, I wonder who sh’e going to stalk next ? Miley Cyrus?????. I wonder where Justin is why cant Jen make HIM the centre of attention instead of herself Blogprat.

  • wth

    Jennifer needs to concentrate on her missing Fiancee Justin instead of promoting her self via her manager, why is she not with Justin or her own family on Thanksgiving intsead of spending it with her work collegue (manager & another cleint)..

  • Ellen

    She could have at least spent thanksgiving with her poor sick mother instead she is posing with her manager & Ed WTF

  • Lol

    @ Ellen

    Did’nt you know Jennifer Aniston hates her own mother she even calls her CANCER, thats why she wont spend any time with her sick old mother. Jennifer is a fun time girl she likes to be the centre of attention as per BlogBart, funny Jen she doesnt do pity party.

  • huh

    Most of Aniston’s so callex friends are on her payroll. So yeah, old Jen’s the best when she’ s handing you a check! Her other temporary friends are her co-star’s but only after filming and promo time comes around. Then she’s been besties with them for years yet as soon as the bombs hit the theater you never see them together or speak of one another again, ie Gerry.

    Justin came to his senses and remembered he has a real family. Aniston can’t stand her own family and I guess she can’t stand his because once again she’s hanging with the hired help on a holiday that should be spent with family. I wonder how much Justin is being paid to keep quiet before Aniston & Huvane can sell the split news to People. Poor guy I wonder if the money was worth his dignity.

  • Tweet

    oh bless her own manager promoting her clinet on thanksgiving day wow how sad is that

  • Lol

    Oh dont speak the truth you now the Jen fans will commite suicide youre not supposed to expose the level of Jens friendships lol

  • Anon2

    One would think she would be with her family or at least, with Justin and his family. No having tweets sent out like a Brandi or LeeAnn or Kate Gosselin.

  • Lisa

    Ed is so AWESOME

  • yep

    Why do people compare people? We all have our own purpose! Jen is an awesome actress and gives to charity and does charity work so do other people doesn’t mean any one is any better just gifted in different areas. Jen looks gorgeous in the picture.

  • Connie Falconeri

    @Joy B Angie: #26

    The only persons who wrecked Brad and Jennifer’s home, is Brad and Jennifer.

  • denise

    @yep: @yep: #47

    1. Jen looks hard and, and manly. An ugly man.
    2. She can’t act this is why she plays Rachel Green in every role she gets.
    3. Wearing a silly tee shirt is not giving to charity.

  • Mkhay

    you guys sound incredibly crazy lol. JustJared get the loonies out of here.