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Paul Walker: Death Hoax Before Car Crash Didn't Happen

Paul Walker: Death Hoax Before Car Crash Didn't Happen

Paul Walker has reportedly died after being involved in a single car-accident in Southern California on Saturday (November 30) and there are reports that a hoax involving his death had spread the day before.

While some believe that a website is reporting the 40-year-old actor was the victim of a hoax just before he died, this is all from a website that has an automatic generator set for any celebrity you want to plug in. The hoax reports are not true.

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The very next day, Paul was in a car that was involved in an accident and the car exploded at the scene. One other person in the car was killed.

We continue to send our thoughts and condolences to Paul‘s loved ones at this time.

UPDATE: Read the statement released by Paul Walker‘s team confirming his death.

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    pretty sure that is a fake site that makes up stuff, where is link to facebook page

  • Sarah


  • wake up people

    If CNN which is more credible than JJ or TMZ has not reported his death it’s all FAKE

  • Asha

    So I’m confused…is he dead or not? People need to be sure before they post stuff saying someone has died.

  • alexandra

    i hope it’s not true… but i think it is =(

  • living in a box

    other source are reporting now. so i guess it confirmed now, paul walker is dead. sad. RIP paul.

  • wake up people

    other sites are only quoting tmz

  • Vivian

    This is all just so bizarre. But it does seem more likely this second “report” is legitimate, it’s been a few hours now and the bigger media outlets are reporting the crash and his death

  • Ali

    omg… so is he alive or not?!

  • Amber

    It is true. It has also been reported from the local Santa Clarita news,, and The Huffington Post.

  • Turtoll

    Not a hoax. There was a hoax of his death yesterday. But he did die today. Very creepy.

  • Victor
  • pinoyfan

    lets just wait till CNN and Yahoo news confirmed since they were the most credible in reporting…

  • allison

    A better title would have been Walker dead. Not part of yesterday Hoax.

  • jk2010

    @pinoyfan: CNN has it posted as breaking news on their website.

  • Nathan

    you should not put on here that it’s a hoax when all the major media outlets are reporting that it’s true. I believe TMZ over never heard of you people before. You people on here need to do your homework.

  • James

    CNN is now confirm it !

    it’s strange, yesterday it was an HOAX, but he realy died a day after …..

  • sowhat55

    im glad it’s not a hoax

  • StyvensonSmith

    @wake up people CNN has just reported his death.

  • sad

    his official fb page confirmed his death

  • pidgey

    I doubt CNN would take the time to report paul walkers death

  • ewr

    You low life scumbags spoke this man’s death into existence. to whomever started this horrible joke in the first place: you are in for a hell of a ride

  • yeahmantiptap

    omfg i cant believe this holy shit

  • Diana

    I hope there’s bad Karma waiting for the People that did the hoax crap!!!!!

  • Paul Walker

    I have set up a Facebook page to celebrate the life of Paul Walker by all his fans. Please like:

  • Melody

    This can’t be true, I’m still in shock! Rest in Piece, thanks for the amazing memories, heartfelt things you did to those all over the world. Our thoughts and prayers are with your beautiful daughter Meadow. (found Meadow’s mom here

  • Jenna Summers
  • Jenna Summers
  • sad


  • Julie

    @wake up people:

    CNN is NOT more credible. About 12 years ago CNN reported that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears were in a car accident together when they were not. Neither of them were in an accident, they were not even with each other at the time of the accident, they were in different countries. So CNN can give out false info just like everyone else can.

  • http://- Azeem

    I think he was murdered. Reports say his car crashed in a tree and caught fire, yes that happened but it happened a day after the hoax. The hoax was created a day before he died so people who wanted to kill him created the hoax saying “Rip Paul Walker” then when Paul walker was going to a charity event people messed with his car the same people who created the hoax a day before he died. It all makes sense, they were going to a charity event so they obviously weren’t racing, it was day time, and they crashed in a tree. I think people who created the hoax a day before knew he was going to be in the car so they messed with his car and the car lost control while they were driving to a charity event.

  • xyz


    100% true what u said. Murdered via MK ULTRA program or…. he needed to get ouf o the celeb world and chose this terrible way to let us know, like Heath Ledger did. Reality is stranger than fiction, dont forget. My gut instinct tells me he’s alive.

  • anna

    it’s true, people has confirmed it! :(

  • http://@faiqjefri Faiq

    If the hoax report came out the day before he actually died. wouldn’t it be safe for us to think that someone has planned his death beforehand? FISHY

  • Sara E

    Amen to that. Laws of the Universe are strange. Also, people were jealous of him. That is really sad because he wasn’t ostentatious and did good for others. Rest in peace Paul Walker.

  • Todd

    Read the title of this article. There WASN’T a hoax the day before he died. On Saturday, a satirical website posted that there was a hoax on Friday. The hoax was, in fact a hoax. There was nothing on Friday about Paul Walker’s death. Nothing to see here sheeple.

  • jake

    some people have very poor reading comprehension, this article isn’t saying that he didn’t die, it is saying that there wasn’t a viral paul walker death hoax the day before he died, but, i don’t know where the author of this article got his info, the hoax the day before his death seems to be well substantiated and has been covered by many mainstream news sources

  • Todd

    Well substantiated? Saying there was a hoax the day before he died isn’t substantiating anything. There simply WAS NOT a death hoax the day before he died.

  • Quad

    I rather see Justin Beaver die in a car crash rather Paul Walker

  • http://MrCelroy MrCelroy Ccr

    there was a death hoax before he actually died.

  • anees

    what on earth made him say good bye.a grt miss to the whole film industry.

  • Gigi

    What website?

  • http://facebook Christopher

    if the Porsche caught on fire it will start in the back cause the engine is in the back of the Porsche not in the front, Paul walker will notice when the car has problems, Paul owns a shop full of cars, Paul knows how to drive a Porsche very well, so no one knows what really happen that day no cameras, no prove, all it shows that behind a wall a lamppost and a tree got hit down so Paul and his friend will be able to fake their death to have a normal life, Paul wants to spend time with his daughter meadow, I seen running scared how he faked his death from a car accident, just cause Brian from family guy dies doesn’t meant Paul dies, I know bout cars in somewhat

  • Ilkin
  • Dell Mcclure

    i send my thoughts and prayers that all of this was a hoax, TMZ they are a hoax……………………….