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Bradley Cooper & Amy Adams Mingle at 'American Hustle' Event!

Bradley Cooper & Amy Adams Mingle at 'American Hustle' Event!

Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper arrive for the Pandora Jewelry and Moto X screening of American Hustle on Saturday evening (November 30) in West Hollywood, Calif.

The two co-stars were joined at the event by cast mates Jeremy Renner and Elisabeth Rohm, along with guests including pregnant Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Jason Bateman, Eli Roth, director David O. Russell, Johnny Knoxville, Sony’s Amy Pascal, and Bradley‘s mom Gloria!

American Hustle, which also stars Jennifer Lawrence and Christian Bale, is set to hit theaters on December 18 – be sure to check it out!

FYI: Amy is wearing a DVF dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, Lanvin clutch, and Jennifer Meyer jewelry.

15+ pictures inside of Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, and more at the American Hustle event…

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amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 01
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 02
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 03
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 04
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 05
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 06
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 07
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 08
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 09
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 10
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 11
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 12
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 13
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 14
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 15
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 16
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 17
amy adams bradley cooper american hustle screening 18

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  • Vivian

    I like Amy’s dress

  • wahtehfack

    why did he cut is hair?

  • Kelly


    I think he is filming, that is normally why they have different styles.

  • Kelly


    Thank goodness Renner has stopped filming and cut his hair, I really didn’t like when it was long. Avengers and Mission Impossible hair is so much nicer.

  • DJ

    I didn’t even know Elizabeth Rohm was in this movie until I saw a photo of her at the screening and Q & A a couple of days ago. I haven’t seen her in any of the promos I’ve seen on tv. I’m guessing Jennifer Lawrence had some ‘Hunger Games’ event to go to and that’s why she wasn’t there.

  • KB


    Rohm has been seen briefly in a couple of the trailers and has lines all through one of the clips. It is De Niro that hasn’t been seen at all. With 5 principle roles and a big supporting cast I guess it is difficult to squeeze them all in. I think the Hunger Games press is finished, maybe Lawrence is just having a break and will join in for the premiere.

  • DJ

    @KB: Thanks. I’m going to look for her in the promo next time it comes on. I forgot Robert DeNiro was in the movie too.

  • Sweet Cheeks

    Nice pics and great ensemble cast. David O. Russell will probably get an Oscar Nom for this film. All the female characters seem fascinating; but for me I think Bale and Renner have interesting and juicy characters amongst the pack. December is shaping up to be a great month for moviegoers. ‘AH’, ‘Saving Mr. Banks’ (with triple threat) Thompson, Hanks, and Farrell, and of course ‘The Hobbit: TDOS’; which has a huge fan base following. Patiently waiting for the CinemaScores though. Wonder which movie will take the top spot? Any predictions?

  • CJ

    FYI, Jennifer Lawrence has gone back to filming Mockingjay.

  • Sam

    I love Elisabeth Röhm. She should get more roles.

  • djsfdsj

    where’s sooki stackhouse?

  • Bradlifer

    @djsfdsj: She wasn’t there. She didn’t spend thanksgiving with him at al. She was with a character called Poppy…

  • Laura

    Gma just did a blurb. Sw was there at the premiere with his mom

  • Bradlifer

    @Laura: I just looked threw God MOrning America homepage and found nothing. Send us a link so we can see it. I don’t think she was with him, because she didn’t spend thanksgiving with him, she was with a Poppy person, that much we know. If she was there, there would have been real pics taken and we would have seen them bye now.

  • laura

    It sounded PR and the paps only took pictures of him and his mom with the rest of the cast.

  • DJ

    So, I guess we’re left to wonder. I think he did take photos with Zoe at the L.A. premiere of ‘Silver Linings Playbook’, so if Suki was there I would think that he would pose with her too. We’ll never know anything for sure.

  • Harry.

    She wasn’t there. @Laura, her promoter, is posting this clip everywhere. Bradley fans know more. Her PR lies to the media about Hawaii, Thanksgiving and American Hustle. If she was there, a pic will show up and Just Jared works with her PR and has no pic and other sites don’t either. He took Zoe and we saw several pics of her with him and DR.


    Miss Waterhouse was in Los Angeles from Wednesday to Sunday. Miss Waterhouse was with Mr. Cooper, his mom and family last Thursday for Thanksgiving. Miss Waterhouse was at the screening and also spent time with her friends during the weekend. Miss Waterhouse and Mr. Cooper have a serious relationship and make efforts to keep it PRIVATE. You know nothing.

  • Harry.

    Don’t think she was there. Posted on other thread:
    ‘There is only one Gal for Bradley Cooper- His Mom Gloria’

  • DJ

    @Harry.: Have you looked at her Instagram page? She has some photo on there mentioning that she is on her way to the BFAs(I assume British Fashion Awards, which are today) and it looks like she’s at the airport, so maybe she is flying back from L.A. Maybe she was there. I don’t know who this Poppy person is that people say she spent Thanksgiving with, but does she live in L.A.?

  • DJ

    @YOU KNOW NOTHING: So, she refused photos at the screening?


    Bradley Cooper has always kept his relationships with Jennifer Espositio, Renee, Isabella and Zoe private. This PR joke is out of character, not private with failed PR attempts of fake and awkward pics. A 3 year old will tell you that. Wimbledon, Paris Lolita LOL, Hawaii, walking the dog all staged. Hideous girl stalks him once a month around the 26th. Wednesday? Oh he got to LA on Thursday. She went to LA to stalk him and was with her friends not with him. She lies but social media has all the answers. Bradley spent Thursday to Sunday with his mom.

  • Kelly

    You guys make a lot of leaps and then state it as fact when it’s not. You don’t know she spent Thanksgiving with this British presenter. She could have seen her in LA and she called her her Thanksgiving sister because they are both Brits celebrating this American holiday in the States. You also don’t know she wasn’t present at any of the screenings this weekend. She was obviously in LA these past few days at exactly at the same time BC was. Get your head out of the sand.

  • Harry.

    @DJ: She might have been in LA but she was not with him. I read on other threads she celebrated Thanksgiving with her friends in LA. I would have believed with him if her British friends who live in LA had not posted that they spent Thanksgiving with her and no pics at 2 screenings. If she was at a screening, there would be a pic. Where is it?
    Read the last pages 5 +6 of this thread

  • DJ

    @Harry.: Ok, I read her friend Poppy’s twitter page. I agree that she could have been calling her “Thanksgiving sister” because they spent the holiday together, but like the other poster said, she might have been saying that because they are both British celebrating Thanksgiving in America. But, yeah, it definitely seems like she would have been photographed at the screening if she was there.

  • Carrie

    You need to get stuffed and leave Bradley Cooper fans alone. Don’t tell us what we know. We have brains, eyes and ears. We know:

    1. SAG people were in LA at the same time as BC but not with him.

    2. His Italian American girlfriend left Hawaii Wednesday. She is private.

    2. Bradley left Hawaii and landed in LA alone on Thursday at 6:00am.

    3. Bradley spent Thanksgiving with his mother.

    4. Bradley went to a luncheon for Beyond the Pines on Friday alone. He went to an American Hustle screening and Q + A on Friday alone.

    5. Sucky Whurehouse spends all day taking selfies, seeking celebrity, name dropping and using famous people. She needs pics to live.

    6. Bradley took his ex-gf Zoe Saldana to the SLP premier and movie afterwards. There were pics of her because she was there.

    7. Bradley went to the party on Saturday with his mum. David Russell, Amy Adams, and Elisabeth Rohm were there. This is what we know.

  • sandra

    @DJ: I don’t know, not necessarily. There were two screenings this weekend and there were no candids of any of the actors with fans or otherwise. There were pictures only of the party. Did the report say she was at the party or the screenings?

  • Bradlifer

    @Carrie: AMEN!!!!

  • sandra is Kelly is YOUKNOWNOT

    @sandra or @Kelly or @YOU KNOW NOTHING quit while you are ahead with your different names. Media outlets report she was not there. She lies to one outlet but others don’t pick it up like this time cause its lies.

  • Jess

    I love Renner, he’s such a fantastic actor. He looks really good in that jacket! I don’t think his character has as much screen time in AH as I would like, but I hear he breaks type really well. Shame this awards season is so competitive! Really looking forward to his scenes with Bale. I wonder if Jlaw and Cooper will share a lot of scenes again.

  • Harry

    @DJ: I agree with you anything is possible but I have not seen anything to show me their thing is real, serious or private. The poster lied she is private and lawyers say if half of your statement is a lie, so is the rest. Does a private person leak they are off to a romantic holiday to Hawaii with Bradley Cooper to a store clerk or say they are going to spend Thanksgiving with Bradley to magazines and tabloid TV shows? Who does that? Bradley’s thing is so public leading many of us to think there is something private with Italian gf but I need to see pics of her too. Oh and I need to see pics of SW at the private party. A pics of SW walking in LA does not show me anything. A socialite can get into a screening.

  • Who are you?

    @sandra is Kelly is YOUKNOWNOT: hahaha and you are? You don’t even use your real name. Hypocrisy lol.

  • Hmmm…….

    I’m starting to feel a little sorry for this girl. He chooses to spend time with her, he’s a grown man if he didn’t want to then he wouldn’t. Yes she appears to be exploiting it a little she could have just said “no comment” or “i’m not going to talk about that” but this was her first Elle cover she had to give them something i suppose. I just think she appears to be getting accused of all sorts of things whilst he is an angel with a secret amazing girlfriend.

  • Carrie

    @Who are you? : They are obviously a Bradley Cooper fan. You are obviously @Sandra or @Kelley or @You Kn. Get stuffed.

    Isn’t there a thread of her with a famous person on JJ you can go to. Get stuffed.

    Bradley Cooper is looking happy here after spending a month with his Italian American gf and we just want to enjoy him.

  • DJ

    @Harry: But, I don’t think she said she was going to spend the holiday with him. She said something about spending it with people who care about Thanksgiving or something like that. The paper just assumed she was talking about him and created that angle to the story.

    @Hmmm…….: Are they just picking up on the GMA mention with this article?

  • Hmmm…….

    @DJ Yes i think so. No photo evidence on the site. I seen that to – she didn’t mention his name but the media assumed. But in fairness she knew it would get that reaction surely??

  • Jamie

    @Carrie: Thanks. I am happy to hear Bradley is happy with his amazing gf. @Harry: Thanks for link on other story.
    Has Bradley Cooper ended it with his daughter? Why are threads about him filled with her fan and one other person posting clippings about her? I agree they can go to a story about her to feel sorry for her. We are here to talk about talented actors Adams, Cooper, Rohm and talented director Russel.

  • pumicelone

    I told you all before that this is PR. I don’t like it because it damages Bradley’s brand and hurts his family. I know that @DJ: got upset when I called Bradley stupid. Personally he is warm, friendly, talkative, trustworthy, and loyal. But I didn’t mean he was an idiot. I meant that people are always asking Bradley for something and he is, in my opinion, too quick to say yes in offering help. There is usually no reciprocation, which is not a big deal, but don’t cause damage if you benefit – SUKI. He needs to be careful. Bradley is vulnerable. His vulnerability makes him relatable and likable. But it also makes him a target.

    And yes, you do need to complete an internship to be a supermodel. I went to fashion school in NYC where I’m from. It’s more difficult than acting because of competition. It’s cut-throat. Your goal is to be representing a product or service. They have to see your commitment, ambition, and work ethic, etc. before they make that investment in you. It’s incredible mental strain beset with jealous competition and constant sabotage.

    Suki wants to be a supermodel, actress and singer. She hasn’t really focused on any one thing or did any work of her own. Any company that signs her or puts her on their cover, with how she’s gaining attention, I question their integrity.

    You can watch “Secret Societies of Hollywood” I saw it on E! It will explain most. Don’t let this cr*p insult your intelligence.

    Bradley worked his a$$ off to be where he is. So why should she benefit from his efforts. Suki saying Boyfriend, is a stretch. She is not supposed to insinuate a confirmation of anything. She tweets damn near everything. That is dangerous. She could be tipping off a real nut to locations. Only good thing that would come from that is she be the victim and not Bradley. So, like Miles said, and he was older too. Bradley will find that she is very, very young. British for immature. And she is. She has nothing, can do nothing. Don’t get too worked up about this. She has already begun wrecking Bradley’s brand, but he has to accept blame for that, also. It’s obvious that she’s messing up already and showing you all how she handles things. She just wants fame and fortune. But she’s sloppy. The PR is only coming from Suki’s side.

    Bradley is a human being and I worry that he may collapse from the weight of carrying so many people. You are all right. We wouldn’t hear of her here if Bradley’s name was not mentioned.
    involved. there are photos like this all over the net. Search. She’s Weinstein’s tax-business write-off.

    You don’t take your “girlfriend” to work. He’s supposed to be showing her the workings of film, like she’s an apprentice with “Film Connection.” You are all correct. All of the photos are staged. France killed Princess Diana and because of that, they have one of the strictest Paparazzi laws aside from Japan & Singapore. This industry in LA is not what they want you to believe. It’s boring, no wonder people have nothing better to do but create relevance and drink and do drugs. Remember 99% of the time, the actual celeb is calling the paps, if there are ever any real photos.

  • DJ

    @pumicelone: What happened to the video you mentioned that would show people that these photos are staged and that Bradley actually looks miserable? Also, are you saying Bradley is vulnerable because he’s still not over the loss of his father, or because he says “yes” too much?

  • Huh

    @pumicelone: I want whatever your smoking.

  • Bradlifer

    @pumicelone: You are amazing! I absolutly love this post!

    @DJ: Havent you noticed how happy and relaxed he looks when the whure is not with him? I lost my dad five years ago, i am telling you from personal experience, that pain that feeling of something missing al day everyday never gose way, you never get over it really. So i think it is a mix of it. He has a good heart, a pure honest worm loving heart, you can see it, feel it in everything he dose, In the madness of hollywood no one gets by being nice, it is al about climbing on corpse to get up and i am sure people are using him and his name.

  • Hello

    BC is nominated at the Satellite Awards who will be held in March 2014 for supporting role (AH) :-)

  • Repulsive Suki Water

    @pumicelone: Bad PR as she is so disliked Elle had to ask her about it. Acting is much more difficult. Most models want to be actors including her. Thanks for pic. I thought she was ugly and now I see she used to be repulsive. She looks like a donkey in the pic with Weinstein. Big nose is in the family with the younger sisters who have it too. Big ugly noses.

  • Carrie
  • Jamie

    @Bradlifer: He has a good heart and has to drop the bad talentless girl.
    @Carrie: Thanks for the article on nomination!

  • Key

    @pumicelone: are you saying that his relationship with this misterious Italian-American is real?or what?..

  • Ring

    @Pumicelone is not saying his relationship with Italian is true.@pumicelone does not make sense in her post # 38. If she says the Italian relationship is true, I will stop believing it is.

  • Chris

    @Ring: @Key might be @Pumicelone. Key might be or Vane NYC Daniela Dempster. Don’t put too much weight on this.