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Paul Walker's Autopsy Delayed, Expected Later in Week

Paul Walker's Autopsy Delayed, Expected Later in Week

Paul Walker was tragically involved in a car accident that killed him on Saturday (November 30), and new reports say that the coroner will be holding off on the autopsy, TMZ reports.

The 40-year-old actor was involved in a single-car accident and explosion alongside race car driver Roger Rodas in California. Both men lost their lives.

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The L.A. County Coroner will be waiting for the dental records to complete the process because the bodies were badly burned and the men were unidentifiable. As a result, the autopsy will be delayed until later in the week.

Our continued sympathies go out to Paul‘s family, friends, and colleagues during this difficult time.

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  • Britta

    You should NOT print such a story. He has a daughter and other family and friends. Terrible for them to read this! RIP Paul Walker This is way tii much information :-(

  • Lynsey

    There are some things we really don’t need to know.

  • Steph

    This post is disturbing and unnecessary. Have some respect for Paul and his family. The public does not need to know this

  • Liam

    Wait, so you mean, there is a chance it wasn’t Paul? Wish that was the case!

    R.I.P Paul Walker.

  • Alex

    Sadly, a great loss to the family, friends, cinema and its fans too. R.I.P. Paul! # BrazilHere

  • D

    this is awful. really. I still couldn’t believe it. he’s gone already. and burned. so tragically. I even can’t imagine that.

  • Ha

    TMI, I know. But stories like this often happen. You think it is too much because he’s so famous but so many people die in car accidents and get burnt too badly to be identified. That’s how it is. JJ has to report it precisely because Paul Walker is famous… Anyway….. This makes the whole thing even sadder. I still can’t believe it…. May he Rest In Paradise.

  • cami

    I find this piece of news completely unnecessary. Nobody needs to know how bad it was, enough to know he’s gone. Show some respect, he has a little girl at home, parents who are mourning. Rude, very, very rude!!!

  • Alan

    Paul Walker face after crash

  • http://justjared saira

    I agree.

  • http://justjared saira

    Was there a point to your post, other than you feeling the need to be an a**hole?

  • Môdeuh

    @Alan: Je n’ai pas envi de faire l’effort en anglais pour dire que publier ce genre de lien est honteux et irrespectueux…

  • Kt

    this post is Disrespectful to his family and loved ones. unnecessary. why post this information here?

  • Haters Suck!

    There was no reason to report this. Keep this kind of stuff to yourself. You’re better then that jj.

  • cami

    So tragic. His handsome face :(

  • Josephine


    No, it only means that an official identification of the body is required by law, even if the police is 100% sure who the person was and like in this case – the witnesses can confirm that those two people were driving this particular car. That’s why families have to go to the morgue and confirm the identity of the deceased person even if he/she was found in their own apartment with an id or a driver’s licence in their pocket.

  • frejmikbrew

    This is a story too far. It’s been enough of a frenzy since the accident but this doesn’t need to be public knowledge nor does it have to be splashed around for the sake of his friends, family and most importantly, daughter. Try not to be a vulture for once, do something good and take this post down.

  • Janire

    Some details are unnecesary, really :(

  • Tabitha

    I don’t understand why people are getting so worked up and upset with Jared. You do know his site is about celebrities, it’s his job to give out details. Yes, it’s disturbing news, and yes it shouldn’t be up here, but in reality, this will be on the news, and other blogs, not just JJ. On the other hand, his family probably already got informed about the autopsy. Rest in peace Paul Walker, my prayers are out to you and your family.

  • Deb

    WOW, so so sad.

  • Air

    @Britta: I don’t think they’ll be reading articles on the internet somehow, they’ll be too busy grieving. They will also have already been told about the (alleged) condition of the body.

  • http://twitter MPaterson

    My this is soooo sad ..i am from the Uk got on this via Twitter only knew it was a car crash yes maybe too much info but would have came out anyways but seious Kudos for mentioning RODGAR RODAS ..Seems everyone forgot their was another person in that car who also has family and loved ones .

  • Bona

    This post can and should be deleted

  • Steph

    @Alan: thats complete bs actually. His body was burned so u cant recognize his face. And ur post is disturbing

  • Diedre

    Nobody needs to see this. This is the obscene part of reporting on celebrity deaths…posting tidbits like this.
    He’s gone. His daughter has lost her father. His parents have lost their child. His friends and co-workers have lost somebody dear to them.
    Let him, and them, have some peace.

  • Kay

    People need to shut heck up damn. There is nothing wrong with this post. I rather read up the true details of the accident rather than have some news source constantly sugarcoating what ACTUALLY happened meaning they don’t describe the graphic details of the death. I wouldn’t want them describing it too much but this article was just right. If the details in this weren’t revealed people would just think he died in a crash, and had no burns. It’s important to know EVERYTHING. Also when articles like this are graphic maybe it’ll scare and teach people NOT TO F*****ING RACE.

  • anch1977

    This sucks I just dont get why people like Paul Walker get taken away so early in life, but yet we have and a$$holes like Kanye West and Kim Kardashian still in this world.

  • Liz

    You guys are stupid. I doubt his families reading online reports and watching the news. They are being sheltered and protected. Idiots! It’s not like they posted a picture of his burned body. People die everyday. He died stupidly and I hope they make a message about this and speed driving. So glad that they didn’t kill innocent people on the road besides these two.

  • Mace

    I hope they make something out of these deaths and stop the stupid Fast Furious franchise. It’s nothing but glorified speeding. A friend of mine lost her daughter this way. She was driving the other way and got hit head on as the idiot was speeding in his father’s Audi thinking he was in a movie. The idiot survived, but my friend’s daughter died a horrible death.

  • xyz

    Shoot me, but this whole crash stinks and I strongly believe he faked his own death. He’s not the first, not the last. Heath Ledger did it before him and it was successful.

  • Haters Suck!

    Please tell your friend I am very sorry for her loss. But her daughter wasnt killed because of a movie but a persons complete incompetence.

  • Troy

    The news has to be reported, and is being reported by other organizations as well. It’s upsetting, but we can’t expect it to be suppressed.

  • Nikki

    Classless post! Why would you feel the need to post this about him?! It’s obvious what happened to him. You don’t need to go into detail. Awful… just tasteless.

  • Julie


    I think so that they can confirm who was driving and who was the passenger, even though just about everything I’ve read so far says he was the passenger. Or maybe to help figure out why the car crashed.

  • Sara

    I appreciate the fact just jared gave us all the information. It’s called journalism.

  • Derrick

    Journalists really don’t have souls do they.. If ever there was a doubt, this article has clearly quashed that feeling. Shame on the author of the article and his/her editor for approving it.

  • Diedre

    Just because ‘other news outlets are doing it’ and it is the norm to report every grisly detail of something like this does not mean it is morally or ethically right.
    We, the public, DO NOT ‘need to know’. We think we’re entitled to, but we’re not.
    There is such a thing as decency, common sense, and compassion. Do horrible things happen? Yes. Does every detail need to be reported? No.
    There is a huge difference between journalism and sensationalism. As far as this article having just the ‘right amount’ of information…that’s flat out bullsh!t. If there were explicit pictures of this event, showing the worst possible images, it would still be reported and touted with obscene and inappropriate taglines and idiots would lap it up and justify their sick curiosity by telling themselves, “Well, it’s news.”
    No, it isn’t. It’s perverse, intrusive, and unnecessary. The purveyors of this kind of garbage, and those to whom they cater, are the lowest of the low.

  • MDC

    i SO hope that they were dead before the fire started. I would hate to think they burned alive. what a terrible way to go.
    RIP Paul and Prayers & condolences go to out to his Daughter and his Family And Friends
    this news is so sad……. he is a Great Actor…… and he WILL be missed

  • anoush


    amen to that!

    RIP Paul

  • Iisma

    @Alan: Picture of Paul Walker’s face after the accident, hoax!!! Copy from this picture!! >>>

  • Iisma

    Picture of Paul Walker’s face after the accident, hoax!!! Copy from this picture >>>

  • BlackPiano

    I don’t understand why people are getting so worked up and upset with Jared. You do know his site is about celebrities, it’s his job to give out details. Yes, it’s disturbing news, and yes it shouldn’t be up here, but in reality, this will be on the news, and other blogs, not just JJ. On the other hand, his family probably already got informed about the autopsy. Rest in peace Paul Walker, my prayers are out to you and your family.

  • http://facebook Tryson

    Gone bt nt 4goten hez legacy stil roamin in our hearts

  • Lilith

    I really didn’t need to know this. I’m sad that he passed away and I really feel for his daughter and family. But this just makes me feel worse and @Alan, whoever you are, show some respect. That was completely rude and unnecessary.

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