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Lily Collins Doesn't Know if Second 'Mortal Instruments' Movie Will Happen

Lily Collins Doesn't Know if Second 'Mortal Instruments' Movie Will Happen

Lily Collins looks super chic while stepping out for lunch with a gal pal on Monday afternoon (December 2) at a restaurant in West Hollywood, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress recently spoke with MTV News about the possibly of a second The Mortal Instruments movie happening.

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“We don’t know that [it is happening]. Well, there is a lot of conversation still going on,” she clarified. “I don’t know anything else; I kind of am with everyone else in the waiting game.”

“I love the stories, I love Clary, we love the cast – I just have no clue,” Lily added. “I think I’m like all the fans going, ‘So, what’s happening?’ But you know they will be the first ones to figure it out when we do. You never know, right?”

FYI: Lily is wearing Dana Rebecca Designs earrings.

15+ pictures inside of Lily Collins out for lunch…

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  • pika

    the first one was real bad i dont know if they should even carry it on. for now lily is still just phil collins daughter so she should leave mortal instruments alone if she wants to be taken seriously.

  • Lauren

    I wish do somthing with her eyebrows or get a tan,

  • Lauren

    Well she’s apparently ~dating~ zac again, so she forever be known as zac ex known for her relationships then movies

  • Cate

    Lily is a natural beauty. Love that she rocks her natural pale skin and thick eyebrows with pride. Nice blazer and love how she paired it with the cool skirt.

    Bless her diplomacy ! It was pretty obvious from the video interview that she doesn’t think the sequel is going to happen even though she was trying to be nice and tactful about it. I love Lily but better she moves on from that flop. The movie got terrible reviews (she was pretty much the only highlight), the book series is crap and the author is a bully and a plagiarist anyway.

  • Sheyenne

    I was so excited to see the first movie but the acting wasn’t that great. TMI is one of my favorite series so I hope we get more movies from it!

  • Sarah.

    I hope they make another movie but I won’t be surprised if they didn’t. The first one didn’t do so good. Love the books though!

  • Kelly

    This chick will always be known for her movie bombs and boyfriends, not her talent……

  • z

    why is this girl followed? is her team or Zac´s team paying the paparazzis?
    she is the typical nepotism girl in hollywood. She just get featured in fashion magazines because her dad, just look how horriblle she dresses and how ugly she is.
    And is only know as the “I DATE WITH ALL MY CO STARS AND ZAC EFRON” girl. I mean, all her movies flopped and all the reviews are terrible, this girl cant act, maybe her only talent is to have Zac Efron´s right now… and lets see for how long she can keep it.

  • Trix

    I love Lily’s natural look and her outfit! Also, her “gal pal” is Bella Heathcote!

  • pika

    aint her best friend suki waterhouse or something? shes dating bradley cooper and thats getting her places. shes also best friends with nina dobrev, selena gomez and julianne hough. and what do they all seem to have in common? dating for publicity although they have little talent! ding!ding!ding!

  • lauren

    probably her team is calling the paps on her,
    i doubt zac’s team is doing this at all, she’s ~rumored~ to be ~dating~ zac
    well how else is she going to be know then linked to zac and her co-stars? so theres your answer right now.

  • Ian

    Why all the negative comments about Lily? We know she’s a celebrity and has “put herself out there” but seriously…she’s beautiful, and as special as any of us. It’s not her fault she got a bad script in TMI. It’s only a matter of time until she gets a really good part in a well written movie script and then she’ll be giving the world something to marvel about!

  • Cate

    @Ian: Great comment. Lily is one of the sweetest and loveliest young actresses and just needs a good script to show how talented she is. As for the hate it’s a few sad girls-mainly desperate Efron fans who always become obsessed with her anytime she is seen with Zac-spreading hate and lies because they are bitter and jealous with nothing better to do. You just have to pity them and their delusion.

    @Trix: I think you are right it is Bella Heathcote. There have been some other candids of them together and I’ve been trying to figure out who Lily’s friend was as her face looked so familiar!

  • Lauren

    Um people are allowed to have there own opinion on her, just because you like her and love her doesn’t mean others have to like her either? It’s called an opinion. Also FYI not al efron fans dis like her? There’s others who don’t like her besides the people who you think? So last time I checked its called an opinion…..

  • lauren

    have you also looked at the others who comment on here? not everyone is a efron fan? think again. pretty sure the person comment name kelly,z pika arn’t zac fans.

  • nate

    they already said they were doing a sequel…but they need to one of Beautiful Creatures it was actually good even tho its didnt follow the books

  • julia

    @Cate: I am no Efron fan… I think he’s overrated and I doubt she’s dating him. But I think Lily is even more overrated than Zac, because she’s not talented in the slightest, she has no hit movies, all of her movies have horrible reviews except for Blind Side which had nothing to do with her and yet…? She’s ALWAYS papped and always smiling for for the cameras. It’s so obvious she calls the paps and it’s annoying. Her thirst for fame could not be more obvious and frankly I dislike celebrities like that.

  • Kentsee

    Someone needs to tell her the second movie ain’t gonna happen.

  • Eugene

    Dear All, i know that everyone have their own opinion.. but you never know if you’re in she’s position how hard this is.. if you don’t like lily, just stay calm n dont say anything negative comment. you know your comment will effect she’s career.. if she doesn’t have talent, why the director give she the main role?? don’t you know the main role is the important role? and the main role makes the actor or actress become a very good star. that right when she the first time became a entertainer is because she’s the musician daughter.. but its just initial step.. after that, all the films she played was work hard which she accomplished from 0. step by step she is trying to be the best for the whole world. do you know what is called a good Actress? is none of the flaw when she played a character of the story. You will never understand if you have never been through a difficult time. do not judge all of the negative side.. do not judge all of the negative side.. if you judge by the distaste you have in you and apply it to everyone, in this world will never have great people.. no human is perfect. just trying to be the best and better. its called human basis.

  • Eugene

    the second movie will happen. and she’s will played the main role Clary Fray. trust me. :)

  • lauren

    how sure are you on that? because the first movie flopped?

  • Jason

    I just saw the Mortal Instruments movie with my wife and 2 daughters. I don’t get all the fuss and hate over Lily Collins. I am guessing most of the rude remarks are from teenage girls and young female adults. I am an old man probably compared to most of you here (38). My daughters are 13/17 years old and who have read or are reading the books. I try to read what my kids are interested in to make sure it is age appropriate (if I don’t know much about it). As a result I have just finished the 3rd book. I find the book series well done for the most part, some of it I could do without, but it’s been enjoyable overall. I started out very impressed with the movie the first half, feeling the script stayed fairly close to the book, but became dismayed and disappointed when the second half of the movie bore no resemblence whatsoever to the book. I might as well have been watching a documentary on penguins (it might actually have born more of a resemblance to TMI than the 2nd half of the movie did) for it has absolutely no resemblance to the book either! I thought Enders Game was fairly underdone and needed more. Compared to TMI, Enders Game was the best movie based on a book ever! Now that being said, I thought Lily did great with what little she had to work with. She obviously didn’t write the script, but I thought her acting was quite good. And sorry you girls that hate her, but she is a without a doubt an aesthetically beautiful young woman. And to that girl who made a snide remark about her eyebrows…My 17 year old daughter (who is very beautiful and well liked by more boys than I would prefer) thought her eyebrows were great and wished she had some just like her. Lily Collins looks familiar to me, but I don’t recall ever watching anything else with her in it offhand, so I can’t comment on her previous acting. I thought most of the cast was pretty decent with one exception, the guy who played Magnus Bane. He looked the part but was a bit stiff, had little/no emotion, no inflection and seemed somewhat like a robot reciting the script. I however am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, not trying to criticize. Acting isn’t as easy as it looks. This may have been his first big acting job, maybe he just needs more practice and coaching. Hopefully he can refine his skills a bit and become a great presence on screen. I hope he does and wish him the best of luck. Again I thought Lily was believable as Clary, she is beautiful, and showed good emotion. For those of you who like to get on these blogs and tear others down to try to make yourself feel better about yourself, it won’t. Being cruel to others will only hurt your self esteem even more, not raise it. All of us have great worth, all souls are precious, we need to act like it. I have a piece of advice that I just picked up that I truly believe and try to live by. “Spend so much time serving your fellow man and improving yourself, that you have no time to criticize others.” How much nicer would this world be if we all heed3d this advice? Being selfless and kind to others is where true happiness comes from. I hope you all find that happiness.

  • lauren

    what is a 38 yr old man doing on here to began with?

  • Linda

    @lauren: they aren’t a 38 year old man, they’re a Lily fangirl. No man would write that long a message about how great Lily is on some random teen website. lol goodness

  • http://Facebook macha

    She is wonderful and beautiful just how she is!! Very unique and that’s great and a great actress to!!! Stop hating because she has an wonderful opportunity in life that u don’t!! As for Jason the 30 something year old y’all are batting on as well!! So what he makes a comment on a movie that a lot of people in the world talks about because of his age his not aloud to say something y’all are flat out dum stupid idiotic whatever you children call it now!!! I completely understand where he is coming from except for Magnus bane I felt he played his role while as u said she had to work with what she was given that also goes for everyone else as well he did what he could with what he had his role is supposed to as u say act like a robot with no emotion so he played it well they all did really!!! As for the teens on here they say what they want because they are not taught well Enid or either just have no respect at all for what is around them or what they have they are teens witch is another word for older children it explains it all really!!! Jealousy, hatred, misunderstanding, not knowing of the world around them and how hard it is to get what u need much less in a world of adults, only a very few do understand and they are very rare to come bye LMAO stupid teens!!! Just watch how much they say and hate on this!!!

  • apins


    Hilarious how much you Stan for such a talentless nobody.
    Lily was NOT the highlight of the film all she did was stare at things with a distressed look on her face.
    The mortal instruments was the highest earning film lilys EVER been in so where are you getting the impression she ‘needs to step away from this flop’ALL HER FILMS ARE FLOPS, SHE’S A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE ACTRESS who is famous for her PR Relationships

    Her PR team are desperately now trying to link her to zac efron (because he’s in the news due to drug issues obvs) when zac himself has denied dating her saying he’s single.

    This girl isn’t even nice, people she works with have commented on how much of a brat she is.

    Do not know how she continues to get work.

  • Cari

    I’m not even sure why some of the reviews were so bad… could it have been better? Definitely. But the 12% rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes is ridiculous.

    About 70% from viewers is more realistic… I have been watching the movie over again and I really like watching it from home – just wish I could change the ending. Even after reading the books the end loses me… I still like the story line despite the movie feeling rushed to fit everything in.

    Part of the problem though is two of the most memorable parts of the book were either downplayed or left out entirely:

    1) Magnus Bane’s party seemed soooo much better in the book – it was glossed over in the movie and different kinds of fairies/monsters didn’t seem as interesting.

    2)The flying motorcycle. They put a lot of CGI into other scenes but maybe this part of the book was too much like Harry Potter… I dunno.

  • recent

    The first movie didn’t do well, why do a second and her relationship with Zac Efron seems to mimmick her ties to Taylor Lautner and Jaime Campbell.

  • Chrissy

    Well I liked the movie and love the books….

  • Nads

    @Cate: Not being funny I’m genuinely interested, in what way is the author a bully and a plagarist?