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Zac Efron Photographed for First Time Since Breaking His Jaw

Zac Efron Photographed for First Time Since Breaking His Jaw

Zac Efron carries an ice pack and looks to be in some pain with a swollen jaw while leaving a physical therapy office on Tuesday (November 26) in Los Angeles.

This is the first time we’ve seen the 25-year-old actor since he slipped on a puddle of water outside his home and broke his jaw earlier in the month.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Zac Efron

We hope you’re feeling better, Zac!

In case you missed it, check out Zac‘s perfectly-chiseled abs in a new shirtless photo from his upcoming movie Neighbors. We can’t wait to see the film!

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zac efron photographed for first time since breaking his jaw 02
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zac efron photographed for first time since breaking his jaw 04
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  • lalo

    i guess he won’t be sukin for a while

  • Lauren

    Way to be late Jared,

  • saatchi3

    He looks like trash!

  • saatchi3

    For once he has a bottle of Snapple, not “coke”

  • natalie

    He’s so hot omg

  • Lauren

    Didnt realize coke comes in a bottle,?

  • Lwhor

    when are the websites going to talk about Zac and Lily´s vacations in Catalina Island this past weekend?

  • Bella

    He looked like a used up junkie. Hate to say it…but drugs are a takin’ a toll on his looks. He won’t be in movies much longer if he keeps upt his ridiculous lifestyle. Ashame too, because he is (read: was) a good looking guy.

  • Sara

    Poor him :( Hope he gets well soon

  • magda

    @Lwhor what?!

  • Mia

    Here he reminds me of a young Steven Gerrard (the footballer)

  • Lauren

    The only websites are twitter sightings, and ppl are assuming cus of lilys Instagram posts and the sightings on twitter were someone who saw zac and lily but deleted it and another sighting of the of them of a girl who saw zac three time but didnt get a pic with him. Plus there were no pics of them and only sightings thst don’t seem very legit or proof ness

  • Lauren

    So why would websites talk about that with no pics of them and like 3 sightings of them with a girls twitter with less then 300 tweets,no website is going to take that seriously,

  • saatchi3

    @lauren: Maybe not lily. Maybe some strippers or other girls he bathes in? or maybe just rumors? He surely needs some after his jaws got “rehabbed.”

  • Lauren

    What does lily and shippers have to do with anything ?

  • OK

    All you haters Zac looks great.

  • kelly martineau

    He looks like he just woke up from a nap. But he looks good.

  • april

    Those sightings were posted before Lily instagrammed her pics which were clearly taken from Catalina island. So the sightings seem pretty legit. It seems he’s finally moving on. Good for him.

  • april

    Z looks GREAT and those little pathetic haters are going crazy. LOL

  • Lauren

    I know thst, I’m saying no website a are going to take twitter sightings and legit and I’m pretty sure zac move on along time ago just saying, actually those pics on lilys Instagram were the same time as sightings just saying, yet so why would a website take a random twitter sighting as legit?

  • Rada

    Hope he doesn’t get hooked on painkillers!

  • OK

    Actually only one was posted first then deleted. could be a great PR move on “someone’s ” part.

  • OK

    There were also tree sightings of Zac in L.A and Anaheim area over the weekend. JS

  • april

    Yeah.. it’s a PR yet they didn’t call the paps?? LOL I;m sorry Zanessa fans.. wake up from your little fantasies and accept the fact they’re OVER. V has been madly in love with Austin for years and Z started getting serious with Lily. Stop hating them for dating others and just wish them happiness.

  • Nikki

    Zac is definitely having some kind of issues. He doesn’t look well or healthy like he used to and I’ve been hearing rumors about him and tom welling doing coke together and looking for coke when they were shooting that movie in Texas. The truth will come out eventually. I’m betting him slipping and getting hurt was from either being high or drunk.

  • pika

    im not a hater at all but some of you fans have to admit that he doesnt look great. hes still recovering so he’s not going to look amazing but hes getting better.

  • april

    One of the sighting says they saw him getting on a golf cart and that’s what people in Catalina use to move from place to place. Then there’s one suspicious sighting at Anaheim and it’s probly a fake. Don’t be in denial.

    He def looks much better now than earlier this year. He’s been trying to get his life back on track and his effort clearly shows.

  • Mayra

    He’s 26 :)

  • luren

    Let orhers think what they want and chill out, apparently it seems u know whata going out based on 3 sightsing of them? Abd u apparently have them figured out?k… Based on sightings witch always seem legit we have no idea whats going on? So what makes u so sure? Becauae u said so?

  • Hobo city

    PR or not, if they were together this weekend in must not have ended on a good note ’cause this is what Lily posted on her Instagram:

    Why does it always feel like the second you’re going the right way, something or someone points you in the other direction?…

    I’m sorry, but these two will probably be done by NYE.

  • Hobo city

    Plus, you never see these two out together…or hear about it on Twitter…other than what they want you to (Disney?) He was low-key with Vanessa and they kept it down low the first couple of years but you always heard about them being seen out together by someone. They would be spotted even if there were no pics.

  • Lo

    His face looks a little swollen or maybe it’s the wires holding his jaw closed, and he look pained, and like he may have lost a little weight (understandable with only being able to drink your meals!) Other than that I think he looks good, and what would you expect? Would you look your best under those circumstances? I heard he just came from physical therapy, so he was probably hurting. Or perhaps the look of pain has to do with the constant pap photographers after him. At a time like this especially, he’d probably much rather be left alone. I wish him well and hope he surrounds himself with people that will help him through it all.

  • luren

    @hobo city
    Half of lilys pics are trying to tell somthig with her cyrptic message, she knoes what shes doing… Also there been plenty of blind items of them implying its all for show and its a distraction to zacs bad pr,

  • Loren

    @hobo: Maybe she is saying being with Zac is going in the BAD DIRECTION because she knows that he is an addict! She was in the right path then she fell for this loser again!?

  • gun

    What he needs to do is:
    -to stop using drugs,
    -do an action movie, to see how is it,
    -then he will see in what movie he is the best,
    -and then he needs to work on that kind only,
    -next, he needs to date “models only” because, believe it or not, the guys who do that are more famous (and I’m not talking sbout Leo, I’m talking about all of them).

  • Lookie

    @gun: I think he is dating a model (L collins) because she sure isn’t an actress.

  • OK

    @april I’m pretty sure Zac’s team did call the paps in this case to show how well he is doing.

  • OK

    Believe only half of what you read and none of what you hear.

  • OK

    Regardless zac is still the hottest guy around.

  • layla

    of course hes gonna look rundown but although he is still handsome i feel the hectic life he had which landed him in rehab didnt do him any favors. but that was bound to happen since he used to say in interviews hes not one to party and bathe in the p*ssy like his friends because its just too much but he still goes out now and again. clearly he allowed them to influence him completely. sometimes we need it to happen so we remember when we were at our worst to get to our best.

  • layla2

    @layla: He is an all out loser but wanting to project a different story!
    @OK: I agree. The jaw-thing looks like more than just an “accident.”

  • lauren

    lily collins is an actress? and she’s not really a model so what is she then a girl with bushy eye-brows?

  • Rachel

    Get well soon, Zac. His face looks swollen but then he broke his jaw so I guess that part is obvious.

  • graciela martinez

    he is so hot