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Gerard Butler Catches a Flight Out of LAX

Gerard Butler Catches a Flight Out of LAX

Gerard Butler flashes a smile and carries his bag while heading into LAX Airport to catch a departing flight on Monday (December 2) in Los Angeles.

The week before, the 44-year-old Scottish actor was spotted chatting on his cell phone while out and about alone in Beverly Hills.

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Gerard will be starring alongside both Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and Geoffrey Rush in his next project titled Gods of Egypt. The film follows a common thief who joins a mythical god on a quest through Egypt.

FYI: Gerard is wearing a John Varvatos jacket and PRPS Noir denim.

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  • fromoz

    Looking good G.B.

  • jerk

    How much more disrespect is this moron going to show? His friend is dead and he’s laughing, this man is gross.

  • fromoz

    Hey, CGE. The lovely smiling one not shown here ! Double Thanks to you now, or we may not have got to see it. :-))))))))))

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • jerk
  • Hahaha

    Laughter without the reason – Idiocy sign !!!!!

  • ?
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • No

    @?: he is reptilian!!! OMG!!!! HELP!!

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • BMorningstar

    @?: Worse pic of all time and he looks drunk. Bad pic bad pic.

  • Anais

    His eyes are really red and puffy in that photo. He doesn’t look healthy.

  • idiot

    @?: What’s with him? He’s drunk?

    He just blinked as the picture was taken that’s all.

  • Lyla J.

    Hello all, it’s been a while. Life is very hectic with a newborn and the holidays and family visiting. Gerard, take me away! Oh wait, I think that was supposed to be Calgon, take me away…..Lol! It’s the lack of sleep. I got confused. Lol! Good Luck to Gerard in all his upcoming endeavors. Take care all.

  • ?

    @idiot: Idi.ot, nice to meet you! Here, too, he blinked? He has red eyes.

  • Say It ain’t do

    Man I’d like to ride that!!! The airplane I mean! He would have no where to go! Yes,Ok I do want to ride that too!! Ok…going to make my coffee now!

  • GFW

    They must not like our lug if they post that kind of pic. Poor man deserves so much better than he gets because he is one fine actor isn’t he? All 666 of my international readers think so too.

    ~thinking he’s gained some weight in his face and it’s good for him. Likes the puffy cheeks and bloated look.



    You are not the real GFW

  • ?

    @GFW: He look like he was drinking during the week. Very bad for him!

  • GFW

    Yes our lug has drinking problems.

    ~Thinking he could use a strong set of Popeye arms like mine to help him through life


  • bohemian

    Give him a break.
    Maybe he’s red eyes and bloating from crying over the loss of his friend.
    He is known to be emotional in private.
    Maybe someone shared a nice memory with him that made him smile.

  • A true hero

    Yes, I’m sure the red, puffy eyes are from crying so hard for days. It’s a wonder he can get on a plane or function at all. Let’s all pray he can carry out his duties and host that party tomorrow night.

  • dargabriel66

    As Promised From Butler, WithIn One Day New Thread, Sure Gwf, You Are Wrong About Me, I Do Know What I Speak About. Thank You Butler For Confirmation. Butler Embraces Death, Death Is A New Beginning, He Sees It This Way, Walker Would Not Want Him To Be Sad, Only To Celebrate Him Going Out The Way He Asked, So Be It. Keep Not Believing In Me, Just Watch. So You People All Think he’s Going To Florida? Lol, Too Funny. They Do Call This Gossip, So Carry On. Good Day. Love,dargabriel

  • dargabriel66

    He Went Somewhere Else First, HeHe. Butler Is Very Happy For Reasons, His Eyes Are Only Puffy Due To Lack Of Sleep And Sneezing Alot, But Very Healthy, Not Drinking, Not Smoking, No Sodas What So Ever, Think Whatever You All Chose, He Is So Great. Butler Has Property In Bay Area. I Know Things. Go,Go,Go, Butler And don’t Listen To The Negative. Love,Dargabriel6669.

  • GFW

    My lug is crying because of her. He misses his Madalina.

    ~Knows stuff. Knows he’s not happy and wants her back.


  • poor Darleen


    Darleen – poor you – It has been 2 days- not one – maybe some day!! wats with the 666/9?

    dargabriel66 @ 12/01/2013 at 11:50 am
    , Sadly. Butler The Aviator. Butler Is Not Gay, Maybe Experimented But Not Gay. New Thread Within 1 Day.

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough

    Actor Gerard Butler will get his art (and timepiece) on at a dinner for watchmaker Roger Dubuis, sponsored by Dom Perignon. The Wednesday night event will showcase a watch called the Dubuis Excalibur Quatour, and feature Jeff Koons’s much-hyped limited-edition bottles of Dom.

  • Ana Bella

    In this picture is there “good-legged” friend with him?
    Is he with him?:

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • dargabriel66

    @poor Darleen: Yeah There Was A New Thread Yesterday, Monday, 1 Day, Not By Earstern Time, He Was Seen Yesterday, Not Today, Catch Up Now. Try And Put Me Down But I Prevail Timing Wise. Take Care. dargabriel6669

  • dargabriel66

    Again You Should Learn How To Spell My Correct Name Darlienne, 9 Letters Got It. Mine Is One Of A Kind, Nowhere Else, Dar Li Enne 959 656, Figure This Out. dargabriel6669

  • dargabriel66

    6669, Represents 2 Years, One In Unison. Birth Year Near Death Experience Year. 1 Day As I Said, The Thread Was Already There. People On This Sight Are Slow. dargabriel6669

  • BMorningstar

    @dargabriel66: So you’re psychic because you guessed he’d have a Jared thread within one day? I think you are not. Everyone knows this. He will have a new thread again in a day when he gets to Maimii Florida. So what.

  • Lord Love a Duck

    Thank you CGE for the great pictures of gb. Always appreciated.
    Have to say that i enjoy reading the positive remarks about gerard but the negative remarks about him smiling or not suffering enough over the loss of a fellow actor is a little tough to take. He is well aquainted with loss, suffering and ridicule and to add to it here, in my opinion, is downright cruel. Any of us who have gone through the loss of someone we know, whether a loved one or simply an aquaintance are touched to the core and realize that life and death are part of the whole experience and that pain of loss is felt in so many different ways. To look at a picture and surmise what a person feels in their heart is not for us to assume, judge or condemn. Finding it hard to express myself but hope you understand the message. Ducky

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Lord Love a Duck: You’re welcome Ducky, good to see you!

  • She is a nutcase

    Not one screw tight in that head.

  • And a funny one too

    @She is a nutcase: Now Dar 666 where did Silvia go!

  • Rosa

    Hey everybody! Looks like GB is on the move again. I would love to know how many miles he flies in a year. Whew!
    As Ducky says, it is sad that people have to be so hard hearted towards someone like GB when they haven’t a clue what is going on in his life, head or his heart. He looks good to me here. I don’t see puffy red eyes.
    @ Fromoz, thanks for your kind words always. Any updates on that petition against the casting for GOE?
    @ Lyla J. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! Hope everybody is healthy. Did he/she come on GB’s bday or on the day you wanted 11/12/13? You don’t have to share, I was just curious.
    Have a wonderful day/night wherever you all are! And here’s some food for thought. 3 weeks from today is Christmas Eve. WOW that has come quickly this year. Bye!

  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Can’tGetEnough
  • Embla

    @Can’tGetEnough: Thanks alot for all the pics. Really appreciate your effort! :-)

  • Cassiopia

    It’s a puzzle to me why people who obviously don’t like an actor/sports person/etc continually go to that person’s site or an article and post rude, uniformed comments. For instance, I don’t like the Duck Dynasty guys, but I know others do, so I stay away from their site and leave it to their fans. You negative guys must have nothing better to do. By the way, there’s no need to jump on me and post nasty things cause once I’ve visited a page I generally don’t go back. I do have better things to do.

  • Can’tGetEnough

    @Embla: You’re welcome Embla. They are all courtesy of the GB fan site WO. I like bringing them here for those who don’t visit the fan sites. Glad you enjoy them!

  • Not so

    @?: “He look like he was drinking during the week. Very bad for him!”

    No he doesn’t!


    My apologies to JS. My remarks were evidently deserved by the moniker-stealer, and not You. That vile person is posting here A Lot, all hours of the day and night, ruining this site for the rest of us and causing strife. I wish JJ would do something about all the socking. Have one moniker, and stick with it. How hard is that?

    The Boy is looking better since the new personal trainer is on board. His rounder face is a Good sign, no gaunt, hollow cheeks.
    Hope things go well for him in Southbeach. But what good is He as a spokes-model, “friend of the brand”, if nobody cares? I think most of His fans do not read VF, or are even dreaming about a DuBuis watch, if they’ve ever even heard of it. This could be called, “losing touch with Your base”. Instagram pics with pretty fans is not enough Real PR.

  • Look who’s with him


    Look at the first picture, Maddies there.

  • http://justjared lolita

    CGE, thanks for all the pics.
    Lyla, congrats on the wee one.
    Ducky, ITAWY. No matter what he does it is never enough for some people. He has commitments that he has to take care of. What is going to happen when the rest of the actors have to go back and finish the movie that Paul was in. I don’t think they are going to scrap it. It will be handled with the upmost care to Paul. Paul had a closer bond with the actors from the franchise, rightly so since he has worked with them on so many of the movies. He hasn’t worked with Gerry for about eight years or more. I don’t believe for a minute that the shocking way that they died didn’t effect everyone that knew the both of them. It rattled me when I saw the car and knew no one could have lived through that. It was a just a horrible accident.