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Leonardo Dicaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Avoids NC-17 Rating

Leonardo Dicaprio: 'Wolf of Wall Street' Avoids NC-17 Rating

Leonardo DiCaprio points out the sights to his pal while hanging out on his hotel balcony on Tuesday (December 3) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 39-year-old actor’s new film The Wolf of Wall Street reportedly avoided an NC-17 rating by cutting some serious sex scenes, THR reports. Director Martin Scorsese went back and forth with the ratings board to get the movie to have an “R” rating.

It is unclear what content was actually edited out.

The film, which is set to hit theaters on Christmas Day, is also eligible in the 2014 Oscars race. Stay tuned for Oscars nominations next Thursday!

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leonardo dicaprio takes in sights in miami 01
leonardo dicaprio takes in sights in miami 02
leonardo dicaprio takes in sights in miami 03
leonardo dicaprio takes in sights in miami 04
leonardo dicaprio takes in sights in miami 05

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  • Kylie

    WTF? Oscar nominations are not next Thursday. They are on 16th January LOL.

  • LOL

    Florida? Didn’t someone just tweet they saw him in NY?

  • @Leonardo dicaprio

    You are LOVABLE<3

  • ####

    Is there a screening in Miami? There was a tweet that he was going to be doing a Q&A at a screening in NYC I thought…..

  • @Leonardo dicaprio

    ♥ Love you babe

  • genre

    so what genre is the WOWS?

  • Monica

    where are these pics from???

  • ####

    Doesn’t this look like the same balcony he was on back at the first of the year when he was spending a lot of time in Miami? I think they were pics of him and B-Coop. LOL

  • ####


    Don’t they have it listed as a comedy?

  • ####


    I believe he stays at the Delano while in Miami? Or maybe the Fountainbleau?

  • ####

    He looks good in these pics! <3

  • not with toni

    Thank you JJ! Leo is so yummy in these pics as always:)
    Love his cheeks!

  • Monica

    What is this Delano or Fountainbleau??

  • ####


    Fancy hotels in Miami right on the beach. :-)

  • Monica

    Wow! Thank you:)

  • ####

    So does anyone know if he’s in MIami for a screening of WOWS? I know there was a schedule that was put up on one of the other Leo threads that showed that WOWS was being screened in several big cities around the US. Obviously Miami would be one.

    I can’t imagine he’s in Miami for a “fun” trip since WOWS promo is in full swing! LOL

  • Monica

    Oh please, let him have some fun. He deserves it. There’s a lot of work for him to do the oncoming months.

  • ####

    He’s got too much to do to be taking a fun trip right now! LOL

    I’m sure he’s there for a screening of WOWS. Knowing Leo he picked the cities that he wanted to do Q&As in like LA, NYC and Miami because they have the best clubs!!! LOL

  • also…

    @Monica: Who was bothering him? He hasn’t had much work done before WOWS started anyway.
    He looks good.

  • ####


    Shoot! He’s been doing nothing but having fun the past 11 months!!! It’s time he got to work! LOL

  • @Monica


    Oh please, he’s been on vacation for months and what he does for a living is not hard labour.

  • cappie

    That cap looks ridiculous on his big head.

  • @Kylie


    Jared doesn’t know anything about movies.

  • @12

    @not with toni:

    you always make him sound like a baby and you lust after him nonstop. it’s a gross combination.

  • S

    Love this jacket he has on, very handsome!

  • Photo op

    with his random pussy posse. Wonder how much he will cheat on Toni tonight in Miami.

  • fugly hat

    The hat and glasses are fugly. Get him a stylist and a trainer, stat!

  • @24

    He’s not a baby so, it’s not gross. Sigh with your constant complaining.

  • turtle

    He looks like a curious child pointing out something. How cute (:

  • Can

    someone zoom on his necklace of him to see what’s the shape on it?i can’t do it cuz my cell doesn’t let me to do that’s why i’m asking!thx whoever do this fav.
    (this is the necklace he was wearing since while ago and i wanna see if it’s the “w” necklace or something else,just curious!!thx again)

  • ####

    @Photo op:

    Well I wasn’t going to go that far….LOL, but I was thinking about how many tweets we were going to get tonight of him being seen in the clubs!

    Who are these guys he’s with? They don’t like like his usually buds.

  • ####


    Probably pointing out pretty girls on the beach! LOL

  • also…

    @####: That’s right! Other than promoting Gatsby ( he didn’t even finished that because of some urgent Cannes parties ) and the charity auction he hasn’t done anything but having fun!
    Maybe his visit is work related.
    @21: True!

  • Orinoca

    Isn’t he tired of playing the incognito man in real life?

  • ####


    There must be a screening in Miami. It would make sense. I remember when I saw the schedule of the guild screenings, I saw San Francisco on the list because that’s near me so I’m sure there was going to be one in Miami.

    But I am sure he will be partying it up there as well which I’m sure is why he’s there! LOL

  • @can

    @Can: It is the W pendant, and it is visible this time.

  • not with toni
  • #24

    Agreed. Its Mega Weird

  • @37

    He’s nice.Thx.But who are these men??


    No.34 at 4:51; If one has around a half dozen wives in real life. One tends to feel more energized and younger at heart.

  • baby

    He’s looking for his next gf in the balcony but without the binoculars this time LMFAO

  • @37

    It looks a lot like this balcony with Aferdita.

  • Leokas

    Leo is looking for me out the balcony like Romeo and Juliet, oh romeo romeo


    No.12 meets No.24; Ditto in reverse.

  • Honestly..

    The movie should have been NC-17, i’m old enough to watch it. I’m also mature. Many of his crazy fan girls seem really young and immature and probably going to obsess over him. I don’t think they can handle the D

  • not with toni

    I have no idea.
    Irrelevant, i was always wondering who is his personal assistant .
    I have no idea really.. But for sure in these pics he’s not with toni :)

  • @honestly

    “Many of his crazy fan girls seem really young and immature and probably going to obsess over him”
    lol….i don’t think there are any immature fan girls that will obsess over Leo’s dick.Get a grip.

  • @####

    @####: Is this hotel the same as the one that he was with that model Afredi. Dreschaj or something???

  • V

    He’s nicely dressed. And the hat and sunglasses are cool. Stylish this time, good for him.
    W medalion like Wilhelm, like Wolf (of Wall Street). lol

  • shir

    I think he is in Miami for the Art Basel