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Kate Bosworth Covers 'Viva' December 2013

Kate Bosworth Covers 'Viva' December 2013

Kate Bosworth looks fun and flirty on the cover of Viva magazine’s December 2013 issue.

The 30-year-old actress’ husband recently talked about their initial attraction to each other.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Kate Bosworth

“You know when you meet, you go, ‘I know what she was like when she was in high school. I know what she was like when she was an adult…’ And my gut was right because she is that person that I met that day,” he told Los Angeles Confidential. “I was timid and uncomfortable (when she was around), but I started to sense that I might have known this girl for a long time.”

Bigger cover inside…

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  • Elise

    Is she STILL banging on about her husband?!?! We get it, you’re madly in love… now shut up about it!

  • DailyNightly

    Hmmm…..not bad. Maybe she is finally going in the right direction.

  • nemo

    @Elise: well, she has nothing else to talk about: no career moves, no life story, no agenda… nothing. she’s a waste of space.

  • Rae

    She looks like they photoshopped some weight onto her. If only she really looked healthy.

  • ladybug

    Jared, this isn’t a new photo, this is over a year old and originally from the Australian edition of Harper’s Bazaar.

    @Elise, she’s not going to shut up about it. Besides, shouldn’t the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine with their wedding photos be out soon?

    @nemo: she actually got some good reviews for Homefront. Must have been difficult for her. I’m sure she wanted to retweet those reviews, but those compliments were buried what were generally pretty bad reviews for the movie overall. So her acting career’s not dead yet.

  • KEIKO Kickin’ It For Reelz

    Oh, he makes me gag!!!!!! What a couple of clowns these two are.

  • pretty kitty

    she’s not worth typing anymore ya know??

  • Plush

    Why didn’t VIVA just use a different model instead of distorting Kate’s image beyond recognition … maybe they got the recycled photo at a discount.

  • Chrissy

    She’s photoshopped beyond recognition. Those lips are completely unbelievable!

  • Deliah

    OMG she’s beautiful!

  • Tulip

    USA Today, a widely circulated newspaper in the USA, called Kate’s performance in Homefront the standout performance in the movie. I’m going to see it this weekend.

  • ladybug

    @Deliah: OMG she’s so photoshopped!

  • Lila

    she is pretty good in homefront really , she removed every shred of hollywoods typo beauty for it … she’s completely unreconisable aswell. jason statham was well…statham as always he’s playing himself in every movie he’s done …but kb really put herself in the character . …p.s @Nemo your wrong she’s done plenty of movies some have been pretty good…. every actor/actress even so-called A-listers do some pretty bad movies and /or seem to continuously play themselves however unlike other actors she is not playing herself here.

  • Lila

    @ladybug: OMG!!!! lady(CRAZY)bug ,are you denying that she’s beautiful? you so insanely jealous of her former relationship (skars) your now stouping to claiming all her beauty must be photoshopped . get a life you borish old aged twat.

  • ladybug

    Of course she’s photoshopped to beyond recognition. As are most cover photos, not just hers.
    Her eyes aren’t that shade of blue, her skin isn’t that flawless. Her Lucky cover didn’t like like her either.

    Here’s a link to site that’s a fan of hers on the overly ‘shopped Harper’s cover:

    The media/fashion world is addicted to retouching, Photoshop just makes it easier.

    And please come up with more original insults than the whole jealous fan of one of her exes bs. To repeat Ad nauseam , it’s not her exes, it’s her. And it’s some of her fans who can’t seem to let go of the ex(es).

  • pretty kitty

    to all 3 of bonesworth’s stans: her ms weddings will be out on 12-13-13
    aka end of the apocalypse…hahaha..
    can not wait to see how many shades of beige she can shat out for publicity right before Christmas.
    @lila she was truly convincing as a drug addict b/c it wasn’t really
    acting ya know?? more like “this is you and hobbit’s life in Montana in 10 yrs ok!!”

  • Elle

    could this picture be more photohshopped??

  • Harper

    @ladybug: You have to admit you have a rather crazy obsession with KB and you’re a diehard AS fangurl.
    @Lila: I’m in complete agreement with you that Kate’s an extremely beautiful woman but more importantly, she’s a talented actress who’s work is very diversified. I like that she didn’t choose to play it safe and stick with one genre. To go from Blue Crush to Wonderland was a bold move. The film she’s currently working on sounds very interesting.

  • Tulip

    Saw Homefront. Kate deserved all the good reviews she got! She set vanity aside and put 100% into her character. I was so impressed. The movie was actually a fun ride.

  • cushy

    are you denying you are a askars fangirl!!!!!
    nearly all your comments on jj are you either here on kb’s pages or comments on AS . so how can it not be about him!!!
    are you actually paid in kind by his people to make these countless comments on him or kate? i mean some times you say things which come across as you actually knowing alex personally …DO YOU? or is this one of your delusions about him?
    Ladybug , what is your issue with her really?

  • Kim

    @cushy: Her issue with Kate is, she can’t get over the fact that the man she thinks so highly of, Alex, would be with someone who she thinks so little of. Him being with her never seemed to change her opinion of Alex though, but even 2 years after they’ve broken up she’s still hating on Kate because he loved her.