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Leonardo DiCaprio Talks Meeting Martin Scorsese at Age 18!

Leonardo DiCaprio Talks Meeting Martin Scorsese at Age 18!

Leonardo DiCaprio poses with his longtime collaborator, director Martin Scorsese, as well as Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill on the cover of THR‘s latest issue.

Here’s what the group had to share with the mag:

Leo, on meeting Martin for the first time: “I was in New York. I was 18 or so. I had just done What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?, and there was an afterparty at some bar downtown. You (to Scorsese) were there. I quickly bumped into you, and I was sort of paralyzed. And I just sort of stood there, and [you said]: ‘Hey, kid, I saw your movie. You did a great job. Keep it up.’ And I just didn’t say anything.”

Martin, on meeting Jonah for the first time: “The first time I met [Hill] was at the [Oscars]. He was sitting in front of me. He was great, just sitting there.”

Leo, on wanting to keep Wolf of Wall Street as true as possible: “Films exploring [humanity's] darker nature are the most profound.”

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Credit: THR
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  • also…

    Such a great photo! Except for Leo’s shoes! LOL!

  • Caroline

    They are talking about each other as if they were from another planet.

  • not with toni

    Leo’s so beautiful on this cover! He’s so cool!<3

  • ####


    Definitely a great photo!!! :-)

    I’ll bet you Leo showed up wearing the boat shoes and the photographer was like “let’s keep them for the shoot.” LOL

  • Monica

    Can’t wait to see the WOWS!

  • @Leo

    You are the best actor of your generation!
    Love you babe

  • Janey

    Does leo not have other shoes then that blue sneakers lol -). I love his friendsship with martin

  • ####

    ina cordle (@inacordle)
    12/4/13, 11:52 AM
    Seen at Art Basel VIP opening: Val Kilmer, Leonardo Dicaprio and Elle Macpherson, separately. #artbasel @MiamiHerald

  • ####

    Crista Marie  (@cristadeTELLIT)
    12/4/13, 10:24 AM
    Oh you know just chillen w lenardo dicaprio last night at SL Miami nbd. @courtneymickey

  • ####

    ScottyB (@ScottyB_518)
    12/3/13, 11:36 PM
    Saw Leonardo DiCaprio at work today. Must say I’m way more handsome

  • @10

    “Saw Leonardo DiCaprio at work today. Must say I’m way more handsome”
    HAHAHA. What a joke……

  • Cate

    Martin, on meeting Jonah for the first time: “The first time I met [Hill] was at the [Oscars]. He was sitting in front of me. He was great, just sitting there.” lol. Makes it seem like Scorsese couldn’t think of anything particularly complementary to say.

  • HAHA12

    Lol Leo’s shoes..too funny. The story of meeting Marty is so cute, btw Leo and Marty won the Spotlight Award: Career Collaboration from the National Board Of Review and WOWS’s screenwriter Terence Winter won Best Adapted Screenplay! WOWS also placed in their top ten movies list.

  • HAHA12

    Also here’s the 26 minute interview of Leo, Marty, Jonah Hill, and Terence Winter discussing WOWS. Will watch it later:

  • HAHA12

    Steven Spielberg apparently was on set and helped a bit with directing!

  • ####


    Thanks for posting!

    And I’ll have to watch the video later as well. Can’t do it at work! LOL

  • HAHA12

    So based on all the early word I’ve been reading WOWS is a really good film and is said to be reminiscent of Scorsese’s GoodFellas but Leo’s sleazy and unlikeable character will be a turn off to many people and some think that the movie glorifies debauchery and drug use. Personally I heard Belfort’s novel does exactly that as well and is incredibly self indulgent so I think they were trying to capture the novel as best as they can. Apparently Belfort’s novel is poorly written and really bad but WOWS is written excellently. The movie won’t be for everyone but Zzzz like you said I think I’ll really love it! It looks so modern despite being set in the 80s/90s. And apparently it doesn’t make the audience sympathize or show remorse for Belfort which is a good thing since he does not deserve it.

  • HAHA12

    No problem, I’m gonna watch it a little later. Hopefully some funny stories are joke about the production of the film.

  • HAHA12

    Also, I’ve been the words ‘crazy’ ‘dirty’ and ‘masterpiece’ describing the movie the most, lol I can’t wait for this. It’s said Leo snorts coke off a woman’s ass or vag, not sure which one LMAO

  • HAHA12

    been hearing the words*

  • ####


    I know I’m so psyched for this movie! I’m seriously thinking about hitting the midnight show Christmas night! LOL

  • HAHA12

    Same here! I’m not sure when I’ll be able to see it because I still need to find someone to watch it with but hopefully I see it opening day. Did you see this tweet about it? LMAO

    sanshumor @sanshumor
    After watching #TheWolfofWallStreet I wanted to take a shower for eternity, it was that disgusting. The most fun I’ve had being disgusted.

  • What’s next

    At least he is wearing black socks lol

  • ….

    hey everyone go look at toni’s recent insta pic and see what hoody shes wearing…this place is gonna go cray cray :D

  • @24
  • Marty

    is aging better than Leo! Who woulda thunk!?

  • @24


    what? dont make us check that moron instagram.

  • HAHA12

    So I guess this will be the Toni bashing thread again. Sigh

  • Hoodie

    How many other girls have worn it? I hope he washed it!

  • Rebel, Rebel

    Can’t be bothered to wear real shoes. He’s too cool! You’re such a rebel, Leo!

  • CrayBZ

    You want cray cray you will need to go to Bellazon! They go cray for Leo’s girls wearing his clothes. All of them!

  • ####


    Just ignore it. I’m sure we’re going to now hear about how if Toni is wearing a hoodie owned by Leo that it’s true love and they’re close to walking down the aisle and then baby makes three!! I mean she stays at his house when in LA for God’s sake!!! LOL

    That’s all I’m saying about it! :-)

  • @28

    Yeah, only this time not undeservingly! The woman Garrn has an agenda.
    She’s extremely provocative man…
    Don’t tell me that she is so poor she has nothing to wear and she has to wear Leo’s clothes! Not only that, she put it on her INSTA for eveyone(leo’s fangirls cough) to see.
    It’s like she’s trying desperately to take revenge for being ignored by everyone and not being acknowledged as Leo’s girfriend

  • ####


    LOL I forgot about BZ because I don’t go over there anymore! Man they will go nuts!!! My previous post to HAHA12 is going to be what comes out of the BZ girls. LOLOLOL

  • also…

    @24: How old are you, sweetie? 1. So what if she wears his sweatshirt? Why would anyone go crazy about that? 2. Don`t you think Leo`s sweatshirt would be too big on her? Hers fits just fine. But even if it`s his …. so what?

  • @24

    A sweater.? That is the big deal? o_O

    I think you mistook us with Bz.

    I thought she was already wearing the newsboy hat or boat shoes. For the laugh.

  • also…

    @CrayBZ & ####: LOL! Indeed! Toni ( possibly ) wearing Leo`s sweatshirt is like she has a ring on her finger! It means marriage and that Toni is the love of his life! LOL! What do people expect? I mean what kind of reaction? Not to mention the fact that someone pays so close attention to Leo`s clothes that she could track that sweatshirt down from like 2 years ago. Maybe Erin was wearing it, too! One more thing they share! LOL!

  • ####


    I am so sick of seeing the American Hustle cast all over the mags, internet…..I can’t wait until it starts up for WOWS and we can see Leo, Jonah, Marty, etc. all over the place!!!

  • Black sharpie

    Too funny!
    Actually, didn’t Erin wear this hoodie?

    Also, go on Bellazon and look at some of the pics posted from J.Crew. … …That’s all I am going to say ….
    Even some of the BZ posters are critical of these shots.

  • knickers

    I’ve heard he makes his escorts wear Toni’s panties so he has something to remember her by when she’s away. That Leo is so romantic!

  • also…

    @36: LMAO!

  • @39

    “Actually, didn’t Erin wear this hoodie?”
    links please?? thanks

  • consolation hoodie

    Every girl gets one! He’s so thoughtful!

  • HAHA12

    I’m getting tired of American Hustle too, I want to see it but I have a feeling it’s going to be stealing Wolf’s buzz and frankly the movie is about criminals as well but David O. Russell basically rewrote the characters to make them more appealing and less ‘evil’ while WOWS is completely accurate on what people like Belfort were like and will sadly be criticized or mistaken for ‘glorifying’ its characters when truth is it’s accurately based on the novel which is said to be so indulgent and over the top. If people accuse WOWS of being those things, well..its because that’s just what the novel and Belfort’s life was like!! If they sugar coated it, it wouldn’t be accurate at all. I’m glad Marty and Leo went as far as they could with this honestly.

  • ####



  • Lilly

    Can you link the picture

  • HAHA12

    @consolation hoodie:
    LOL now we just have to see if she’ll be wearing his gray cap next, what would the BZ girls think about that?

  • also…

    @consolation hoodie: Maybe he is getting cheap and a hoodie is the new JM necklace!
    @hoodie: LOL!

  • ####


    I saw the trailer for American Hustle in the movie theater and it looked boring unlike WOWS which looks like hoot!

  • @knickers

    @knickers: I thought the rumor was he makes all his girlfriends looks and dress like Gisele…