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Paul Walker's Cause of Death: Trauma & Burn Injuries

Paul Walker's Cause of Death: Trauma & Burn Injuries

Paul Walker‘s autopsy has been completed and his cause of death has been revealed to be both trauma and thermal injuries, according to TMZ.

The 40-year-old actor was involved in a deadly car accident this past weekend on Saturday (November 30) while he and his friend Roger Rodas crashed into a pole at a charity event.

According to the coroner, Roger, who was also in the car, died from multiple traumatic injuries, but burns were not listed as a factor for his death. Burns were listed as a factor in Paul‘s death.

The cause of the actual car crash is still under investigation.

Our continued thoughts go out to Paul and Roger‘s family and friends during this difficult time.

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  • Icy

    So sad!

  • Paula

    espero que ele não tenha sofrido !!!! :(

  • Devastated

    I am destroyed… This is even worst to know about. May he rest in peace… Such an amazing soul.

  • Ally

    so horrible and painful :((

  • Northman

    Jared did you read your own thread? The header says he died of trauma and burn injuries yet in the body you say “but burns were not listed as a factor for his death.”

    What does it matter anyhow? A loving father, actor and great philanthropic man is dead.

  • Nadia

    I hope it was a quick one, that he didn’t suffer. Too sad!

  • kel

    Didn’t think this could get any worse but it just did. Heartbreaking.

  • CutTheBS

    I wish some of your media outlets like JustJard & TMZ would have some respect and stop posting every single damnn detail.
    You reported he died.. that should be that!
    The public does not have to know every single little detail.
    Allow the decease and his family some privacy!!

  • Oscar

    I hope this doesn’t sound too insensitive but if he had to die, I’m happy knowing he was unconscious when the car was on fire. Burning alive must be one of the most horrific ways to die.

  • Ha

    I believe that dying by burning is the worst kind of death possible. I’d personally rather die in water (even though yeah, I’ve heard suffocating under water is….like burning from the inside but whatever it’s still less painful imo)…. Ugh… Anything that involves fire scares me like Hell.

  • Anna

    I still can’t get over the fact that he is gone, those blue eyes he was so good! RIP you will never be forgotten ! :-(

  • sad

    Heath Ledger, Britney Murphy,Aaliyah, Corey Monteith, and now Paul Walker. It’s sad to see young people die at the peak of their careers. RIP.

  • http://justjared saira

    I think the report means he was dead before the flames touched him. Well, I pray that’s what it means.

  • mi

    @Northman: burns were not listed as cause of death for Roger.
    R.I.P Paul and Roger

  • maryam

    he’s burning alive I don’t believe this he doesn’t deserve to die this way it’s really horrible please don’t publish this stuff I’m really heartbroken

  • Elise

    @CutTheBS: I completely agree. It’s morbid and doesn’t need to be reported, it’s not our business.

  • Sammy

    When i heard the cause of death i went to my mother, told her and started crying. Never wanted to cry in front of her because i didnt knew him, but i did. I told her that i think he would be still alive, if there were no flames. and that i am scared he felt the pain. Mommys are the best, she told me he didnt felt the pain cuz of the crash and all the toxic gas. She seemed to be confident and now i am feeling a litte bit better. I am still deeply sad cuz he was my fav actor, kind of my hero…. I am trying to think bout something else but then there is this one moment and i am back on. It sucks! My mommy gave me a hug and sad: If he would be still alive u dont know how he and his body would survived a carcrash like this, maybe surviving this carcrash would be worse than to be an angel in heaven. I dont believe in god, i never did but yes i think he can feel all the love around the globe. Wherever Paul is i guess he’s happy. My mommy might be wrong but she make me feel better. Sammy from northgermany.

  • Nikki

    I feel so sick about this. Paul didn’t deserve to go like that. My heart is broken.

  • Kristin


    No……you didn’t read it. Roger’s death was not due to burns. Just traumatic injury. Paul was traumatic injury and BURNS.

  • Kristin

    But what I want to know is…was it the impact that killed him or the fire? He could have died prior to the fire from the impact. It seems unclear to me. I’m not trying to be stupid here but he easily could have died FROM the impact and the fire was just the after effect or just a combination of both… anyone???

  • reeven

    This is so, so sad, he was a good guy, why he had to die this way?, i don´t get it.
    a real tragedy

  • daisy

    this is so heart wrenching. stop reporting this JJ, this is bad enough as is. a very beautiful man with a very big heart. god bless paul and roger :(

  • @Oscar

    @Oscar: Being unconscious means your still alive so he did burn alive…

  • Dee

    My heart is hurting so bad all over again. I cant imagine what Paul’s family and especially his daughter is feeling right now, I feel sooo sick to my stomach, this would not give me any type of closure whatsoever knowing my own father died burning to death… with no body to identify, no ashes?? Will this shock ever wear off?? May these 2 angels always rest in peace.

  • @Dee

    @Dee: My heart goes out to his family and daughter as they cannot see Paul one last time to say goodbye but there are remains as the coroner needed their dental records to identify them. What I find sick is that there are photos on the internet of both Paul and Roger after the fire has been put out. That is so confronting for their families.

  • Paul Walker is a hero

    Heath Ledger, Cory Monteith ,Aiayah, Britney Murpht and all the drug addict related deaths, not a car crash it was probably Pauls friend
    Wanted to commit suicide! Knowing that Paul could not get out of
    The car. Seeing the anguish on Pauls face hitting his hand on the car!
    It is like he knew something was up..! Drag racing so close to the event,
    Wow as if he would do that, and even speculate that is even worse!

  • @Paul Walker is a hero

    @Paul Walker is a hero: you’re one sick SOB to say that Roger might wanted to kill himself! Have some compassion for both Paul’s and Roger’s families!

  • Janire

    This is horrible :(

  • N.

    What a horrible death.. I just hope and pray Paul Walker and his friend were dead on impact or at least unsconscious, and they didn’t suffer…
    I’ve never met Paul Walker but I enjoyed his movies. And from all accounts he was one of the good guys: humble, down to earth, generous and always trying to help others.
    Why do the good ones have to die young while human leeches like that Kardashian trash are allowed to live?
    You have to believe that God has his reasons and a plan but it’s hard.
    And I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible all this must be for his young daughter… my heart goes out to her and both victims’ families, friends and loved ones.

  • Jade

    This is so sad. Continued prayers for both families, friends, and Paul’s movie family as they cope with this tragic loss. I was a huge fan of Mr. Walker’s character in the Fast and Furious films and loved his other movies. I was hoping to hear they both died on impact and didn’t feel any of the burning. But given how hard the initial impact was I hope he was unconcious so that he didn’t feel the fire.

  • Whycantipost


    He is talking about the driver. The article does say Walker had burns as a cause of death.

  • Whycantipost

    From what I have read on other sites, the impact was so big it instantly killed the driver. The car’s passengerside (Paul’s side) hit the tree/poles first, so think Paul was barely hanging onto life when the car caught fire. I don’t think he felt anything, he was probably not conscious> the driver was killed on impact which tells us the impact of the crash was huge..
    Fire being a factor in his death means he inhaled smoke, which means yes, he was still breathing (the same can be said about for example. water; if someone has water in his lungs he was still alive when he hit the water). but I highly doubt he was conscious. The fact that you are still breathing doesn’t say anything about being conscious or not, and feeling stuff. A friend tried to get him out of the car before it caught on fire, but he said Paul wasn’t responsive, which probably means he didn’t feel a thing/was braindead already. This was said in a video of the memorial, I wish I could provide you with a link for it.
    Even if he had gotten out of the car with help from bystanders I highly doubt he would have made even to the hospital, with the internal injuries and the impact of the crash itself.
    Just writing this to comfort some people. Not an expert, but by the looks of it he didn’t suffer.

    Poor guy, way too soon gone from this planet.

  • Tick

    I was hoping he would at least be unconscious at the time of the fire, but it didn’t sound like it… very sad.

  • Ron


    Ummm…perhaps you need to slow down in your reading or better comprehend. It says ROGER (the driver) died of multiple traumatic injuries but not burns, and then says burns were listed as a factor in Paul’s death.

  • Mimi

    @Kristin: It was a combination for him…the driver died on impact. Apparently the video shows him struggling in the fire to get out of the car. I was hoping he wouldn’t go through that.

  • dorothy

    Absolutely no interest whatsoever in this woman or her show. People are so over them.

  • Devastated

    Your heart is pure, your soul is free…

  • Nikki

    Actually people are now saying the man on the video that some think is Walker is actually his friend running up and trying to help him get out. And that friend has told media that Paul was unconscious when they showed up on the seen. Plus, the coroner’s assistant has released a statement saying that both men would have died in just a few seconds after the impact. So don’t worry about Paul or Roger suffering, It seems even if Paul was alive when the fire started, he was at least unconscious and would not have been aware of what was going on. I hope that brings family, friends, and fans some solace.

  • CocoD


    I’m pretty sure he was talking about the driver

  • CocoD


    Judging from the article, he died from both.

  • nes

    So sad, the way he died was just truly horrible. Such a great and kind person did not deserve to die the way he died.

  • Maryjane

    I am a host of BASTIAN nEXT oNE it

  • Maryjane


  • a mom

    @Sammy: #18

    Your mommy is right. I do believe in my heart he did not feel the pain of the fire. The impact alone put his body is such shock, that he would not feel any pain.
    Your mom raised a sensitive and compassionate person.

  • Connie Falconeri

    @Paul Walker is a hero: #27

    Aaliyah died in a plane crash, NOT from drugs. Aaliyah did not do drugs.

  • LaCroix

    Sad isn’t the word to describe Paul Walker’s fate. I don’t understand how someone so giving could die such a painful brutal way. Thoughts & Prayers to all his loved ones.

  • Thepomafame

    that hurts much, he sffered, i hoped he died instanctly without pain, but i guess no, Paul wherever you are, we will remember you as good person

  • hasss

    R.I.P Paul and Roger :(

  • Rhonda

    If anyone had paid attention to the original interview by his employee, Paul was unresponsive before the car was fully engulfed. When the man tried to get him out, he was not coming around, which means the trama was instant to him. Of course he is going to have burn injuries, the car engulfed in a fire ball.
    Im sorry but I don’t believe anything that TMZ reports. To me it’s just soap show spreading rumors about Hollywood.
    Whoever runs this blog should be making sure that they have information correct. Also, how can TMZ find out so quick? Paul’s family would have been first to get the information and with this tragedy so fresh still, I don’t think that they would have let it out to the press yet.
    And FYI, it wasn’t just a pole that was hit, they hit a tree also, which means even this blog doesn’t have their information straight. Let this family grieve in peace.
    Unless the information came from his so called girlfriend who waited days to show up at the Walker house instead of when it first happened and who also showed up with three unknown males…really? who does that? I know if anything happened to my husband I would be there with his family that same day and I don’t believe that they were really dating because of the fact she was 16 when they supposably started dating, which means he was breaking the law by being with her, him being over 21. Also, I don’t see this so called girlfriend interacting with the family, just sitting outside, “crying”
    Photoshop works wonders I guess.
    I just hope the Walker family doesn’t sue this person of the blog for writing the autopsy results he or she got from TMZ.