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Katie Holmes Wears White Bow in her Hair for 'The Giver'!

Katie Holmes Wears White Bow in her Hair for 'The Giver'!

Katie Holmes wears a white bow in her hair while surrounded by crew members on the set of The Giver on Tuesday (December 3) in Cape Town, South Africa.

The 34-year-old actress passed the time while waiting to film on set by checking her cell phone.

“Thank u Lalela project for having me….your talent and determination is an inspiration. @lalelaproject” Katie tweeted the next day about the project, which provides arts education to youth affected by extreme poverty in South Africa.

Last week, Katie was seen at the airport in Cape Town, prepping to head back home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

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katie holmes films the giver with bow in her hair 01
katie holmes films the giver with bow in her hair 02
katie holmes films the giver with bow in her hair 03
katie holmes films the giver with bow in her hair 04
katie holmes films the giver with bow in her hair 05

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  • Daretobesincerelyconcerned

    And WHO is watching Suri?

  • tick

    I thought women stopped wearing bows in their hair in the 80′s.
    Is she gonna get some leg warmers to go with that?

  • Daretobesincerelyconcerned

    Nelson Mendela dies at 95

  • Lila

    with all the money she must earn can she not afford at the very least a Mini-Facelift.

  • Lila

    p.s she Never could act. i couldn’t stand her in dawsons creek.

  • annie

    there are pics of Suri with her grandmother, last week and this week.

  • ruybz

    Box office poison. Do not know why she still gets work.

  • Summerseth

    Love her Real Life Woman Face !
    Kate, we love you ! You are just like us, human beings !

  • Daretobesincerelyconcerned

    I work with someone who’s brother is a plastic surgeon and she said that the best time to get one is in you early 30′s; than again in another 10 years. Otherwise, it looks unnatural. Now a days, it’s viewed as what keeps you employed. With what is going on with Tom right now, I’m surprised he isn’t with her:-/

  • I-Flop returns to be pummeled

    That bow would fit right into the scene for something dark and twisted. At the risk of being redundant, I would bet a month’s pay that WHEN she plays a character that is sinister, she will nail it!!!

  • Daretobesincerelyconcerned

    @Daretobesincerelyconcerned: by her I mean Suri:)

  • Daretobesincerelyconcerned

    @Summerseth: Sure; I could see her playing a dummies downversio of Mrs, Kravitz from Bewitched. You know, the lady down the street that is strung out on Valium

  • just wow

    WOW~ for the life of me I don’t understand how he chose her for the gig.There must not have been many contenders for the role of TOM’s WIFE!!
    I just don’t get it- she is a mess and always has been.

    Tom- you need to look outside of Scie again like Penny or Nicole you were happier with non- cult wives/gf.

  • just wow

    Also if rumor is true the houses were all staffed with scie members then how did Suri become such a mess? Did no one there not know what to do with a little kid?
    Ultimately its the parents fault but by most accounts there was always lots of family and other church members around. Surely some of them have kids that weren’t carried until they were 6 and knew how to raise them in other ways aside from the bribe of candy for obeying. Ish! what a mess.

  • just wow

    Oops forgot the add- the main point was this whole mess that was suppose to be a selling point for the church really backfired. The “wife” was not at all cut out for it and the kid was like something out of the adams family.
    I think Tom was wrong to go about finding a new spouse this way so he is not guilt free of course but I do think he looked like the only real actor in a play and had to deal with all these non- professionals all the time. Must have been frustrating trying to keep in character for 6 years.

  • Summerseth

    @Daretobesincerelyconcerned: Her face is more for Endora, don’t
    you think ?

    @Just wow: I guess there’s a lot of women willing to marry Tom ! Believe me,unfortunately for him not for love,
    but for his fame and money(I’m not including Kate in this case, we
    can believe in her love for Tom, maybe).

  • anne

    @just wow:

    Suri a mess? Tom find a wife like that? I do not understand what you mean.

  • anne


    Fame and fortune perhaps. Actresses who want rapid rise in HW. Tom worldwide fame with is crazy. I feel sad, such a beautiful and talented man. Any image that he has created over the years went downhill. Must be why the 4th wife did not show up until now, 18 months after the divorce.

  • Summerseth

    Tom is more careful about marring again because of KatieSuriCase,
    his image was damaged – i think that he regretted marring Katie
    for all that -except for Suri.
    A man like Tom won’t be single forever – like Clooney.
    He’s just giving a break – letting the dust settle on the ground.
    Certainly he’ll marry again – better luck next time !

  • ali

    so there is a new wife you are referring toAnne (number 18)? He hasn’t been seen with a new girl lately. What are you referring to?

  • just wow

    I bet the reason no one can find Shelly is because isn’t she the one that was assigned to set them up or find him a wife? Obviously, she didn’t do her job well if this is who she picked.

  • Daretobesincerelyconcerned

    @Summerseth: Her chipmunk pouches for cheeks are what remind me of mrs, Kravitz. I said on Valium, because she seems “slow” .

  • secrets

    You know I don’t think it’s really that weird in and of itself the idea of “finding a wife” with the same religious or other beliefs

    Now, don’t get me wrong I think this relationship was domed from the start for the ott way they went about it but in theory I don’t think Cruise was some “weird creep” by wanting to find a way in not the traditional way.

    Hear me out: I know many people of Christian beliefs who do similar things and if they can’t a suitable partner in their home church they don’t go out clubbing trying to find someone they know what have the same value system but they go to find a girl at other churches. Some even have them set up. I have no problem with that.

    Cruise isn’t a clubbing sort of guy and he is more serious about everything he does. Yes, I think he can be ott so some of the things he did came across that way but the idea was not a bad one. It’s also probably very hard for him to just meet women being so famous. He probably couldn’t find a gf in the church so thought he would just convert an actress he liked. In his mind he thinks it is great and not a cult so he didn’t see any harm.

    I think he is a nice guy but has been in this business too long and can lose touch sometimes. I think he wasn’t “interviewing” but more of “screening” people out and I do think he at least thought he had a connection with Holmes at one point.

    Anyway I am not saying it wasn’t weird but just trying to understand the motives behind it a little more.

  • ANNE


    For me, this is an excuse to hide what it is …. maybe asexual. A man 30 years ago is in HW, famous, rich, beautiful …. want a perfect woman, approved by his church. The VF article says that Tom had very specific rules: long dark hair, light brown skin, around 27 years old, actress and Scientologist. Come on: this attitude well settled man? Tom wanted a trophy wife. He must be celibate. Nobody buys over his “GF”.

  • secrets

    @ANNE: I don’t care about the VF article. We don’t know if every word of that was true.
    Also it even said ScarJo was on the list and she a blonde but regardless even if some of that was true in the article it was laced with rumors and lies as well.

    KHo is no trophy wife so he sure got that one wrong.

    He might not be an over sexed type guy as many men who are so focused on career aren’t but he is not Asexual. NK and PC and even Cher can all attest to that. If you are referring to MR quote many years ago she said it was taken wrong.

    And he is not the only man I have heard of to have certain taste- some like blondes other dark hair.

  • ANNE


    Article by VF, KH was not on the list of desired actresses of Tom: Jennifer G, Scarlet J, Jessica Alba, Kate Bos … they did not want and the church found Katie and she accepted. In the VF article, the specific rules were for unknown actresses Scientology. After this PR disaster I hope TC be more careful in choosing the new girlfriend. And I keep waiting for new movies .

  • Kiki

    I don’t know what TC saw in her, she played him well. She has no looks, no brains and a terrible mother (probably even worse housekeeper/wife/financer).

    God save us from those big legs of hers, her ugly face and ugly teeth. If she was smart she would invest her money wisely and spend time with her child instead of running all over place for a job that she will tank. Just saying, Katie has nothing to offer , there are plenty in line way better than her.

  • isabella

    Can someone give me the backstory on Cruise’s daughter working for her.
    How do we know she fired her? I am sure she did but how did it get out and was it right after the split or did she do it before ?

    where can I find these details?

  • Waiting to exhale

    @Kiki: She needs to play a possessed or demonic character. To bad she gets all these bland roles.

  • isabella

    Another question: does anyone know if Tommy Davis left COS? Per his wiki page it was revealed in 2013 that he knows lives in Texas working for an equity firm and his wife is working as a realtor.

    There had to be a big problem for him to do that- and do it quietly. Maybe he feared what would be said but if you google him on videos he is the one that was the big “yeller” and always yelling on tv in interviews.

    If his wife has to work as a realtor that is another sign to me this move was about them leaving or stepping down from his role at least in cos. They were making big bucks for sure before and now she does that in Texas were you don’t make as much in commission. Hmm.

  • Daretobesincerelyconcerned

    I had so much more respect for her when she FIRST left him but that quickly waned when she began walking the streets of NYC with her dtr. To make it even worse, it was soon becoming apparent that Suri was not liking it. On the morning show when Robyn said something about her being “out” so much; her response was something a 20 y/o with no baggage would say. A sure sign that she was . like many people who acquire fame quickly, narcissistic and obnoxious. She would have been wise to immediately throw herself into a dark role with good coaching assistence while the spotlight was still on her. And FINE; move to NYC, but the way she went about it was obnoxious. Where was her family and her PR people then I wonder. No respect right now.

  • Daretobesincerelyconcerned

    The picture of her with the bow says it all “…I’ve got nothing.” It may be too lat to disappear/ go away for awhile and re-invent herself:(

  • hello

    another rumor that isn’t true is that Katie put suri in catholic school after the split and some how that proves the rumor that katie got full custody over tom

    This link here shows that katie had suri in catholic school even in 2009 and tom must have been ok with it so her going to the same school or a different catholic school now is not some “victory over escaping tom” thing that some want to make it out to be.

    people need to admit they don’t know squat about what really went down.

  • missy

    You keep saying that we shouldn’t believe rumors and yet you keep posting false rumors as fact. The catholic school story from 2009 is false and was denied by Tom and Katie’s reps at the time. That said, she doesn’t go to a Catholic school now either. She goes to Avenues.

  • Sushi

    Katie please! Go hide away forever!

  • hello

    Missy if what you say is true- then sorry. My point was more to say that it wasnt the first time it was mentioned so we really don’t know…but people keep posting these things with so much bitterness as if they really know what is going on.

  • ANNE


    I do not understand what you want to imply. Do you think they left the COS and went to live in Texas because of the rumor of the biological father of Suri?

  • isabella

    No, I was wondering if they left the COS because they had a falling out or something and lost their jobs.
    I think Suri i sTom’s child.

    However, it is noteworthy that so many of the celebs that were in the COS eventually leave. Leah left after 30 years and Lisa Marie left after many years so maybe Tom will leave too.
    Wonder if Lisa’s mom is still in.

  • cos is cult

    I didn’t see this linked article when it came out this summer but its interesting.

    it also confirms what some think- that Tom doesn’t know too much about the dark side of the COS because they work hard to kiss his ass and shelter him.
    I also think the new scandal about the work being done the church probably assigns people to do it and kiss tom’s ass but tom doesn’t know if or what they are being paid.
    Its like David says “you did so much for the church as spokeman let me do this favor for you”

    however i dont think that relieves tom of all guilt- he should investigate it but i don’t think he knows it all

    anyway check this out

  • Truth prevails

    @cos is cult: WOW! No wonder Katie ran.

  • Just a Comment

    In this recent link below it show Katie’s mom taking Suri to school but it looks like Suri bumped her eye or something because it looks bruised and swollen.

  • What u say!

    @Just a Comment: The other picture look fine though…. Other than the one where she is giving the middle finger