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Leonardo DiCaprio Checks Out the Sites at Art Basel Miami

Leonardo DiCaprio Checks Out the Sites at Art Basel Miami

Leonardo DiCaprio heads to check out an exhibit during the 2013 Art Basel Miami Beach event week on Wednesday (December 4) in Miami Beach, Fla.

The 39-year-old actor was joined that afternoon by his good friend Ethan Surplee.

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Leo recently did a thirty minute roundtable discussion with his The Wolf of Wall Street co-star Jonah Hill and director Martin Scorsese for THR.

“I remember seeing the film, of course, and Robert De Niro was the one who told me about Leo. He said, ‘I worked with this kid in this film [This Boys Life]. You should really work with him someday,” Martin said about how he found Leo.

Watch the full roundtable discussion below!

Leonardo DiCaprio – “The Wolf of Wall Street” Roundtable Discussion
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  • stella83

    Leo you Always do supercool things!!!! You only need to find a supercool woman for you!!!!!

  • Leokas

    Leo how dare you go out with Ethan and not me?!?! My heart is broken! How could u do this to ur true love ?! Atleast it is not that bimbo Toni!

  • Baby

    Honestly what’s so attractive about Leo he looks and acts like a little kid gross, I don’t see any sex appeal at all, just like who he dates. Mamas boy is prolly waiting for mama to give him a time out n a spanking

  • Shir

    I saw on instagram, someone posted a pic from a party and it he says its in Leo’s house. Does he own an house in Miami? I can’t post it cause I’m on my phone.

  • weeping


  • also…

    Another party…
    @petrabenova: 4am .. ? Waaay pass my bedtime nowadays ☺ ..but wouldn’t you stay up for #leodicaprio #miami #artbasel…

  • HAHA12

    On for just a minute but he dresses like such a bro omg. I agree with whoever was saying in the last thread that he’s looking skinnier which is good. Let’s hope he keeps off the bloat face.

  • Leothan


    Sorry dude, he’s all mine for the week.

  • @Shir


    Then why he s staying in a hotel?

  • shir
  • Corina

    Loved the discussion… It was like a big brother with A-List people bwahahha amazing

  • also…

    @shir: Maybe he rented or just hosted a party at that villa.

  • @Shir


    lot of people in Miami have been claiming that they saw his house and seems to be the same house from the picture you posted .

    Shree Patel ‏@shreepatelle 21 Jun
    Saw LEONARDO DICAPRIO’S HOUSE. #miami #leonardo #iloveyou @LeoDiCaprio

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  • also…

    @ @shir: I saw that but he is spotted staying in hotels in Miami whenever he is there. This photo shir posted has #starisland in it and Star Island is an exclusive island with mansions for millionaires in Miami. So why would he stay in hotels so much if he has his own house there?

  • @14

    @also…: This boy really loves to party. I think he would host a party even in the Virgin flight to the space. including the after party waiting at the land.

  • @also

    remember he has at least 2 luxtury apartments in nyc but he stays at a hotel time to time,even in LA it’s happened as well! so maybe he really likes there for some reason!i know some other a-listers doing the same like george clooney and he almost always stays in one hotel room in nyc for 1/2nights for example(one of the most luxturies in nyc) and as i saw seems leo is always at the same hotel he staied before even the balcony of his miami hotel is almost always the same or in nyc the hotel outside view is the same!
    someone like bruce willis bought a hotel room in nyc for going there whenever he wants while he has at least one of the luxuriest apartments in nyc! it’s so usual for these so rich celebs!

  • also…

    @ @14: It’s in his blood! LOL And he knows how to stay under the radar. Very low key in Miami but always at some party!

  • ####

    Benjamin Sutton (@bhsutton)
    12/5/13, 5:25 AM
    Yesterday @ashton_cooper kept running into @LeoDiCaprio at @ArtBasel (weird!); this is what he was up to: #ABMB

    This pic was posted on BZ

  • ####

    Alexis Rupp♚ (@AlexisRupp24)
    12/4/13, 11:33 PM
    Leonardo DiCaprio just told me I looked stunning in my dress this evening….I think I just died a little 😳

    Well here’s a young girl who said she went to his house for a party. Must be a rental so he could throw a party?

  • toni_garrn

    Sugar baby works hard to makes sugar daddy proud LOL

  • @####

    This girl is so so young, how disturbing!

  • Tweet

    gracee ‏@GraaceW 16h

    Saw leonardo dicaprio in the car today with @taramahoneyxx

    Cindy lopez ‏@cindy12lopez 14h

    My mom just saw Leonardo DiCaprio 😭😭😭

  • @toni_garrn

    toni’s nose is ugly
    someone( a man) postet on her account” you are flexible”
    LMFAO!He’s insinuating “other” things!!

  • @toni_garrn


  • also…

    @####: Alexis Rupp is 18. Miss Teen USA 2013 / aspiring model. Compared to her Toni is old… lol Good old Leo! A leopard won`t change its spots ( even approaching 40 ).

  • Black sharpie

    The pool in #8 and the pool in # 12 looks the same.

    Maybe his friends stay at the hotel and he stays at the house?

    Maybe the party had something to do with ArtBasel? The second poster mentions it.

  • Tweet

    Debbie Rotman ‏@Deeb24 18h

    @LeoDiCaprio saw you at #artbaselmiami F^cking love you come visit the Audemars Piguet VIP card booth out front! saw #thebeach #lastnight ;]

  • also…

    @toni_garrn: She is working hard while Leo is partying in Miami with 18 years old beauty queens ( scouting out new talent? ). She needs to step up her game… she is already 21 so time is running out! The world is full of 18 years old model wannabes.

  • yoli

    It’s like somebody is pointing him with a gun and saying “marry soon”. So he’s f*king all these young ladies as soon as he can.

  • Tweet

    Mitch hoffman ‏@MitchRisk 5h

    I met gatsby last night #leonardodicaprio

  • Tweet

    Martha Lorena Ochoa ‏@marthaaochoa 10h

    Put Leonardo Dicaprio in his vehicle today #highlightofmyday

    Martha Lorena Ochoa ‏@marthaaochoa 10h

    @AmyCarolineCruz @IttyBittyAndrea yes I’m working the BMW VIP car service for Basel!

  • Black sharpie

    She may be smarter than we all think!?
    At least when it ends with Leo, she will still have her career.

  • Instagram

    Serena Guen ‏@SerenaGuen 42m

    Good music (thanks Lionel Ritchie) and good vibes @leonardodicaprio last night #regram #ownitpr

  • ####


    LOL nope!

  • @35

    “She may be smarter than we all think!?”

    Her thoughts (ie her attempt of funny or deep instagram post) doesnt show any of this. #dumbasarock

  • also…

    @Black sharpie: Smart? I mean she is dating a well known womanizer and acts like she is the luckiest girl on the planet. I wouldn’t call that smart but either way she will have her career.

  • Black sharpie
    According to this, it’s not his house. Vlad was with him.

  • BZ girl

    @#### What’s with the all the fishy faces.. lol yeah she’s 21 but acts 14… smh

  • Tweet pic

    Giovanni D’Antonio ‏@giodantonio 1h

    Make the party happen at Star Island! What a fantastic night! @LeoDiCaprio @LionelRichie #amazing #party #miami

  • @Black sharpie

    Love the constant emphasis of the Ny post “without girlfriend but just male friends”

  • @@toni_garrn

    Her nose is ok. I have to admit Toni is pretty but she likes to take awful selfies, wearing awful clothes…
    That picture of her at the gym is horrible.

  • also…

    Maybe he was a (co)host and that’s why ppl are confused and post as if it was his house…
    @Black sharpie: Page Six… They just needed to squeeze in Toni’s name one way or another! lol

  • Tweet

    Hunter Ray Crowder ‏@Hunter_Inside 8h

    Two types of people on my Twitter/IG feed: people in Miami @ art parties & people in Miami at the Leonardo DiCaprio party.

  • ####

    @@Black sharpie:

    Yet page six mentions his clubbing! LOL

  • also…

    @ @35: LMAO!

  • Tweet

    Overheard@rtBasel ‏@overheardabmb 5h

    “Yeah, just got back from a party in Star Island with Leonardo DiCaprio. What did you guys do?” #ABMB #ArtBasel2013 #ArtBasel #treehouse
    from Miami Beach, FL

  • Black sharpie

    I’m not saying she’s a brain surgeon. She’s having fun while it lasts and continuing her career. It would be more foolish of her to think she was “the one”. JMO