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Lady Gaga Supports Olympic Boycott Due to Anti-Gay Laws

Lady Gaga Supports Olympic Boycott Due to Anti-Gay Laws

Lady Gaga rocks a bold black ensemble while holding hands with designer Philip Treacy on Saturday (December 7) in London, England.

The day before, the 27-year-old entertainer was spotted performing at a concert to a crowd of celebrities, such as Adele, Emma Watson, Douglas Booth, and Bar Refaeli.

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“I don’t think that we should be going to the Olympics at all,” Gaga recently told British host Alan Carr to show her support for an Olympic boycott by athletes due to Russia’s negative attitude towards gays, according to The Independent.

She added, “I mean, I would never take anything away from (the athlete’s) hard work, I just think it is absolutely wrong for so many countries to send money and economy in the way of a country that doesn’t support gays.”

FYI: Lady Gaga is wearing a Sasha Louise from Kim West dress.

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  • Anna

    >to send money and economy in the way of a country that doesn’t support gays

    send money in the way of the government, not the country. they are spending huuge amounts of money on that crap, and that means cancelling many social benefits.

    i have know slightest idea who needs this piece of crap

  • frenchy

    I always wonderd about the people that say they support gay rights, if they could even watch 1 min of a gay porno without getting uncomfortable.


    GAGA The GREAT !!! That outfit is amazing. Only the NEW QUEEN OF POP, Lady Gaga would wear a garment like this. Love, Love, Love

  • rose

    @frenchy: how is this relevant to anything? so people shouldn’t support HUMANrights just because what kind of sex they are having? seriously wtf….

  • Tyrese

    Yawn. I am sure this Olympics will be a hit. I will be watching, if I had the money, I would buy a ticket to go and watch live. Don’t care what Gaga or any other useless celeb has to say. They are using Gay Rights issue as a scapegoat for not going. Pathetic. I also wonder how many of these celebs really do support gay rights. I know that Daniel Radlciffe and Chris Evans have been supporters wayy before it became a big deal in Hollywood. All these phoneys just decided to jump on the bandwagon.

  • eternalozzie

    I love the posts here that talk about LGBT rights. It always brings out uneducated people who are homophobic, can’t form sentences, or spell.

    It makes sense that Gaga would join the boycott as a not small percent of her little monsters are gay. She is making money off them so it makes me wonder about her motivations but she is one of the only artists out there who don’t hide who they are and kids need to see more of that.

    The corrupt Russian government is the source of the ant-gay laws there. Most of the people either support or aren’t bothered by LGBT people.

  • namers

    @frenchy: it’s been shown in studies that men that persist in that thinking actually do get aroused…

  • mellow


    totally agree with you.
    anti-gay law? i suppose no one of the useless celebs ever read the russian law or have a clue about the law system of russia. they only read some stupid american articles which focus only on the negativies and these people believe every bullshit they read in there.
    respect other nations political and law system, thats it. and respect that fact that the olympics are a sports event, not more.

    corrupt russian government,eternalozzie? is the US government less corrupt?
    I have to laugh.

  • Louise

    Gaga needs to stick with singing. Why do celebrities think people care what their opinions are. They are not influential, just have great publicists. Entertainers need to stick with acting and singing, and forgot trying to influence others. Lord knows the majority of entertainers’ personal lives are a mess!

  • Yana

    @mellow: thanks! Good comment


    Lady Gaga needs to take a pill…

  • frenchy


    what does having a twisted view on sexuality have to do with human rights?

  • Christina

    Celebrities should stop sticking their ugly faces into every issue. Those who worship this singer should think for yourselves. Sit back and think on your own and weigh the pros and cons of what she (Lady GaGa) is saying and doing. And really why do they have to bring sex into everything? The Olympics and many organizations have their rules. Kick back and enjoy the Olympics without putting politics, political correctness, etc. into everything.

  • Anon

    So athletes who have trained for years shouldn’t get to go to the Olympics because Russia doesn’t support gays? Newsflash world! Homosexual rights aren’t the be all and end all of the world. I miss the days when people actually cared about real issues other than focusing all their attention on “gay rights”

  • true

    @Anon: Agreed!! And the heterosexual celebs of Hollywood seem to be the most affected by this for some reason. I wonder if they would’ve cared this much & fought this hard for the human rights and equality of blacks and other minorities

  • george

    @mellow: what? so i guess when people are beaten in the streets and taken their rights because they are gay is not something wrong? how can u be so ignorant? it’s like when u see a parent beat a child and u just say it’s not your problem because it’s the family’s business. i’m so over with the slow-witted people like u

  • nok thailand

    She looks so beautiful with this outfit. ^^

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Lady Gaga is the PIECE OF SHIT!!!!

  • Tootles

    She is just putting herself out there to sell an album that nobody is buying. She doesn’t really care, she still went there and performed.

  • Michael

    @Tootles: She went there and performed, AND spoke out about the issue on stage even after Russian law enforcement threatened to arrest her.

  • Michael

    @mellow: The US government isn’t beating and torturing their citizens for their sexual orientation.

  • Patrick Michael Allen

    Russia is known for silencing LGBT activists and now they’re going to be making so much money off of the Olympics (disgusting).

    I’m glad someone is actually saying something vs. ignoring the problem. Love Gaga.

  • Anya

    @Michael: While its true that the US goverment is not threatening to beat up the citizens, gay marriage is illegal in many states and lots of gays are discriminated in the US. Its not fair to point fingers st Russia when this kind of stuff happens in the US. What about when those christain mothers tried to get rid of Ellen Degenreas as a spokeperson for Macys? Just because she was a lesbian?
    So many gay kids are bullied by their fellow students, random creeps and homphobs in the US. And the information that US is talking about the Russian laws is not 100% true. Read about the Russian laws. Dn’t belive any garbage that the US media tells you. The US is not known as a country where gays are welcome like in Canada or England. Sorry but its the truth.

  • Anya

    @Michael: Gaga still went there and performed KNOWING that Russia is a country where they don’t like gays. Yet she still took the millions she made off on her concerts over there. She is not brave or smart but a hypocrite.
    I am also curious on how many racists,dictators and corrupt world leaders have paid Gaga to come and give them a private rock concerts. She probably still sang for them and took the money. Its hypocrisy.
    I wonder if she will boycott states where gay marriage is illegal and return some of that concert money back. Will she also refuse money from fans who might be homophobic?
    She and many other dumb celebrities are just bandwagon jumpers. They don’t really care sorry to break it to you.
    The Olympics is a sports event, its not a G8 summit or a human rights convention. I am sure even the gay and lesbian atheletes don’t really care about isses at this point. They just want to win the medals they trained very hard to earn.

  • D’Shaun

    Gaga is a filthy slut who supports dirty buttsex and is promoting AIDS to children.

  • D’Shaun

    Russian laws just prohibit teaching about dirty buttsex to minors and promoting a perverted lifestyle. That’s all and that’s reasonable not like in the jew run US media where all sorts of disgusting jew practices are promoted and where you can’t watch 1 show where buttsex is not mentioned numerous times