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Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Car Scenes

Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Car Scenes

Dakota Johnson steps out into the cold weather to film scenes for the highly-anticipated film Fifty Shades of Grey on Sunday afternoon (December 8) in Vancouver, Canada.

The 24-year-old actress presumably shot the scene where she drives up to Grey Enterprises as she was seen shooting with a car.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Dakota Johnson

According to E! News, Dakota and director Sam Taylor-Johnson have been drinking a lot of juice beverages from a local, organic cold-pressed raw juice company called The Juice Box while on set.

“They order the organic cold-press juices. They love them. They have a standing order for them,” a source told the site, adding that they “are not doing a cleanse and are basically drinking a couple each day.”

Don’t forget – Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters on February, 15 2015!

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  • jenfan

    She looks good!! I keep seeing these pics all over instagram..she looks even better in the other ones!! I’m really liking her as Ana!! KEEP YA HEAD UP GIRL!! HATERS STAY PRESSED!!

  • SR

    I guess “movie magic” does work! She looks the part IMO! Go Dakota!

  • Donna

    She looks nothing like I pictured Anastasia – besides does anyone one even give a damn about this movie anymore? I predict a bigger box office dud than Beautiful Creatures.

  • Em

    The actions time in the book is somewhere in May-June and they are filming in December??WTF??

  • Jenny

    If you look Fulgly up in the dictionary – you will see a picture of Dakota..

  • ardnaskela

    The costume department did a good job. Those are the ugliest clothes that they could find probably- horrible brown tights and 70s shirt, the rest also pretty bad. She looks the part. Good!

  • Mary

    They should do something with her hair, looks hideous, please color her hair with a dark brown and put some extensions, and put more make up to cover her bags and wrinkles

  • Grace

    I have nothing against Dakota. She doesn’t look the part, no matter how the costume department dressed her. She doesn’t have the eyes, hair (no bangs), or the right height. Anastasia was beautiful, but didn’t realize it because she was an introvert and very shy. Dakota doesn’t have that natural beauty. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, but nor she or Jamie are what James repeatedly ( and I mean repeatedly) describes in the book. They were the only actors desperate to be in the film.

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  • nessa

    ugh. she looks so old. and then they put her in that shirt and she looks even older. I just don’t get it. What 24 year old looks and dresses like this. Also, I didn’t even picture Ana dressing like this at all.

  • lola

    is this the porn movie? it will floooop

  • mhoey

    Dakota’s version of AS is so not fragile, innocent. virginal looking… but more accurately looking like a dorky-looking spinster living alone w/ 12 cats.

  • imho

    she really is copying Alexis Bledel’s looks & hairstyle yet ALWAYS & BY DEFAULT is failing!

  • M

    Those of you that are in favor of this need to re-read the books!! Ana wears her “sensible brown knee-length boots and blue sweater” with her navy blue jacket. Not a floral shirt and ugly ass motorcycle style short black boots! This outfit is HIDEOUS, and Ana’s is not supposed to be the greatest, but Ana is an intelligent girl and still says she chooses what she does because she thinks it’s “smart”. THIS is not smart! Dakota just looks like she thinks like a moron too. In the close up shots she looks SO TIRED and old, yet again! This is not at all what’s portrayed in the books. Dakota needs to be fired.

  • Abby

    @Grace: AMEN!!

  • Abby

    @Grace: Amen!! I absolutely agree.

  • Lizzie

    @jenfan: You are on crack. Go re-read the books. Dakota is so far from Ana.

  • Lizzie

    Who is this unattractive old looking woman and where is the beautiful, youthful Anastasia? This isn’t even what Ana wears in this scene in the book! Yet ANOTHER scene they’ve butchered. They’ll all be butchered as long as she’s still cast though. Ugh.

  • Shay

    What’s all the fuss about Dakota and the costumes? Seriously people? Get over it. It seems like you all know better than professionals involved in the making of this film. Give Dakota a chance and watch the movie before calling her all sorts of profanities.

  • lea

    is it the interview scene? isn’t she supposed to wear “shapeless sweater”? i think her wardrobes are too stylish for ana. and what’s with necklace? ana doesn’t wear necklace, she doesn’t wear accessories and make up. ugh!

  • Looks too old

    Seriously she looks 40 already. Its kind of hard to watch her in this role after reading the books. Ana was only 5’4. She is petite. Also she is barely 21 in the first book. She does not look young enough or fresh enough. Its weird because my sister is 36 and looks the same age as her.