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Angelina Jolie: Back to Work on 'Unbroken' After Family Weekend!

Angelina Jolie: Back to Work on 'Unbroken' After Family Weekend!

Angelina Jolie calls out a direction while on the set of her upcoming film Unbroken on Monday (December 9) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress is back to work after spending the weekend with her very lovely children!

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The day before, Angelina took all of her kids – Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 7, Knox, 5, and Vivienne, 5 – to see a showing of The Lion King.

Earlier in the weekend, Angelina spent some time with her four youngest at a book store.

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie getting back to work on the set of Unbroken

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angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 01
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 02
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 03
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 04
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 05
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 06
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 07
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 08
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 09
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 10
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 11
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 12
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 13
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 14
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 15
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 16
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 17
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 18
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 19
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 20
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 21
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 22
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 23
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 24

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  • who?


  • Phool.

    ## 145 Passing Through @ 12/09/2013 at 12:10 pm
    Glad you liked it , I thought you might have missed it under my thousand of posts lol, I tried posting the whole article but JJ system was having non of it, It was refreshing hearing Caseys take on things and his Brad & Domink admaration.
    I hope they can re-ralease it on cinimas just a one off like they are doing with some other old movies at the moment I have a feeling they would have a whole lot of new audience going for it.

  • http://Justared Susan

    @Go Figure!: Did Fishsticks sign the contract, before she sang at the Oscar”s? because if she did, that is why the contract died on the vine, lol.

  • Cassi

    Love Conquers All @ 12/09/2013 at 12:11 pm

    Okay now this sounds a bit early to say. But I’ve been seeing some so-called backlash that TYAS didn’t win either of the big three( NYFC,NBR,LAFC)
    NBR always chooses WB’s movies, so don’t need care for NBR. AT NYFC, TYAS was very close to win. About LAFC, if you look at their records for Best Picture Winners in the past, most of them didn’t win Oscars.

  • an oldie

    Ticky had a CAA company Christmas party, that’s all. Once again all her friends are either on her payroll or work related.

    I was thinking the same thing. We all know that Ticky and Goopy are not friends. How often we see them together? Almost never. No family members invited, as usual. This is more like a business networking opportunity party. Wonder if attack dog Handler was there.

  • Phool.

    #Premalee @ 12/09/2013 at 12:20 pm
    Good Afternoon Prem
    How are you my sis been a while haven’t spoken I hope you are feeling much better Asthma wise, and hopefully looking after yourself. Thank you for your kind words in regards to my posting much appreciated bless you . Got to go will see you tomorrow.

  • valis202

    There are some, even seemingly “mature” Oscar voters, that might not overcome their biases and/or jealousies no matter what Brad or Steve or anybody else does. Is it right? Of course not, but it does not take away from how amazing TYAS is.
    Totally agree. It is a truly remarkable piece of film making with or without the awards.

  • Love Conquers All


    Yeah, same thing happen to Argo. Argo did’t win any major critics awards, only the minors critics awards. Then suddenly when Argo won Golden Globes and after that it was on a roll through the Oscars. I always believe that TYAS was thee underdog because of subject, independent thinkers people like Brad and Steve behind the film. I’m still amazed that Brad and Steve were able to make an historic classic film for ages.

  • Ⱦamsin

    ROFLMAO… here I was just last week complimenting Jared on his elaborate paid posts to describe the Hor of Babyloon pretending to know about filmmaking , and now he’s dropped the ball with his “calls out a direction”… BWHAHAHAHA.

    Poor thing, no one believes she’s doing anything, and I’ve never seen any actor-turned-director more desperate to prove that they know what they’re doing. There were no photo ops every other day when Affleck was shooting “Argo”, but the Ho is simply out of her mind seeking validation. Say she’s “calling out a direction” is the equivalent of one of her hired paps capturing one of her sad/concerned looks in front of a refugee and then Jared saying she’s doing humanitarian work. The pay must be really good if you get to publish this kind of trashy puff pieces on her behalf. LOL!

  • wth

    What counts this week is the sag nominations. If 12YAS is nom for best ensemble, then it’s a shoo-in for Best Picture Oscar nom.

  • plez

    Good to see the filming of Unbroken is going along smoothly. From tweets it seems the actors got along very well and the love Angelina as a director.
    All I hope is TYAS get lots of Oscar nominations and they win some SAG/PGA/DGA awards.
    So Ticky can plan a bday party for Tacky, plan a Thanksgiving party and now a tree trimming party but does not have the time to plan a small wedding. LOL I say it again the girl is waiting for Brad and Angelina to get married.

  • Love Conquers All

    @an oldie:

    We all know this is PR stunt by Husvey. Ticky and Goop are nothing but low-fame actress, plain jane faces and will never reach that status of Angie and Brad. This so called Christmas party by Ticky is just to show how calculated ticky is. This was all planed out.

  • awwww

    Knox’s smile in the pic with The Lion King cast reminds me of Doug’s son Landon Pitt. Knox and Landon have the similar smiles. Landon is a handsome young man.

  • first and last post

    Hi phool,
    you’ve been MIA and I know you did not see my post to you in response to a good article you posted from two threads ago maybe. So I’m reposting it here because it fits in with this article as well. Many contenders this year.
    If anyone is upset that this long a.s.s. post is reposted, it’s phool’s fault LOL. I love doing that to you phool…because you are a good sport.
    # 130 first and last post @ 12/07/2013 at 1:32 pm
    OT from previous thread for phool, please skip if not interested.
    re: # 24 Phool. @ 12/06/2013 at 8:39 am
    thanks Phool for this article and being courageous enough to post it amongst the potential for race baiters … the fact is “what is a good movie” vs “what is an oscar potential winner”…are movies based on fact not good enough or the directors/writers not creative enough to make factual dramas worthy of audience attention. Are movie makers now attuned to adding characters, elaborating on a “desirable” asset of a character or plot only to make money…is the political implications of the origins of a movie basis now susceptible to scrunity? OR is it the public viewer who is demanding what is dictating the direction of movie making these days? I can certainly see fact oriented viewers vs the more emotionally driven viewers being at odds and does stating “inspired by a true story,” not taken seriously by spectators and critics, that “whitewashing characters” to promote only the positive aspects or that a “book couldn’t pass the smell test “as autobiography and/or literature,” and “dinged for inaccuracy” make a movie less enjoyable or does the passing on a movie as factual embed in the viewer a lie and a disenchantment of what is to be believed anymore. I guess the question at hand is who now is more important…the movie maker(s) or the audience and the answer of course is both, obviously money making and profit do not impress Oscar decision makers and thusly the individual Academy voter decides from their own perspective…most likely their personal artistic POV depending on their specialty albeit, directing, acting, etc. And the bigger question is why even have award ceremonies such as Oscars, et al become so notable…because it begs the question who are they trying to service…the people within the industry who are honored to be recognized as a nominee or the television viewer who thinks these awards are “that” important they actually identify with all aspects of its presentation including mistakenly believing they actually have a say in the outcome, thereby inadvertently being used as a tool boosting the TV ratings for bigger ad monies for both the TV stations and the Award Organization who gets part of the proceeds…it’s win-win for them with the viewer as just the slouch on the couch who gets to watch from the outside what they cannot access from the inside and only project onto what they want…that’s what entertainment is all about…escape from the day to day dreariness of each’s own non-glamorous mundane reality and I suspect and rightfully so, the non HW Academy slouch on the couch is being played for ad money and sponsorship…their HW peers vote and not the public and it is strictly a one-sided ceremony. And when one thinks about it, other than the money thingy LOL, the viewer will see pretty much anything especially when bored and it’s the filmmakers that do all the work and should deserve credit in that their end product reflects their livelihood…it’s the same as judging an awards ceremony for the best janitorial service on any floor of any institution…it’s only important to those contending for the award…no one else should take it seriously LOL. Movie going is a bigger version TV screen and more of a social outing event with all the social amenities rather than emphasis on the quality of movie itself…proof being all the really bad movies pushed on the public My point being race baiting, fact baiting, money baiting et al for any awards ceremony yet alone the Oscars is not only moot but fruitless and misdirected…it is what it is…relevant only for those involved and those privileged within the industry to vote…everyone else is merely an outsider…so why make a big deal? Rhetorical Q.
    All the movies in that article from what I’ve read are very good and equal contenders in their own right. Americans are such a class society…there always has to be a number one when in reality there are no #1‘s and for different reasons, there can rightfully be many #1‘s and Americans need to see the value in that because linear goals can only result in disappointment and therefore “failure” for those who cannot see the forest amongst the trees.
    again Phool, thanks for this interesting article.

  • http://Justared Susan

    If I was a magazine, what pictures would I put on the front, old hags arriving at a Hag’s party or a loving family on a boat enjoying themselves.
    Sometimes I feel sad for Ticky but it don’t last long, because of all the lies and spiteful things she pulled in the last nine years.
    Shout out to Lylian, hope things are settling down on the home front. you know as soon as the word Karma pop in my thoughts,I remembered her always explaining what the word meant.

  • credit:female first

    Yup, Jolie’s doing the fake-o “happy-fambly-all-together” song and dance for the cameras to try and DROWN OUT that story about “BRAD’S CHEATING!”, you can bet! The fact that she felt the need to suddenly very publicly drag out the “promise ring” and wear it very ostentatiously underlines THAT as well, as well as making sure the data about the family outing was ‘leaked”. Wish I could have been a fly on the wall to have heard what went on..I bet Jolie had a cabin all to herself so she , while Brad and the nannies wrangled the kids!

  • fyi

    The ‘Jesse James’ revival sets sail from Queens

    A resuscitated masterpiece hits the road to redemption

    By Kristopher Tapley Sunday, Dec 8, 2013 3:50 AM

    As for Saturday’s big event, it was a wonderful start to what will hopefully be an endless line of bookings on the repertory circuit, not just nationally, but internationally. It was the first time I had seen the film theatrically since September of 2007 and the DCP was naturally more beautiful than a typical release print. I couldn’t possibly write more about this film other than to put it, simply, this way: Every December, basically around this time of year, after I’ve seen another 12 months’-worth of cinema, I always say to myself, “Well, another year gone, another year without a film as good as ‘Jesse James.’” That’s how passionate I remain about this film; I don’t believe the world has seen a better one since. (You can read more extended thoughts on the next page.)

    For instance, he talked about how Warner Bros. didn’t like the screenplay but probably figured, “Brad [Pitt] wants to do it and we can do it for under 40 [million dollars] and we want him to do the next ‘Ocean’s’ movie so fu-ck it.” He said he felt the film was “doomed” from the outset but nevertheless noted, as he did in our exclusive interview with him, that his naiveté had plenty to do with the ultimate post-production gridlock the film found itself in. “I can’t remember how many times they fired me,” he said, “but I always managed to get back in there.”

  • Love Conquers All

    The Online Film Critics Society Announces 17th Annual Awards

    Best Picture
    12 Years a Slave
    American Hustle
    Before Midnight
    Blue Is the Warmest Color
    Drug War
    Inside Llewyn Davis
    Short Term 12
    The Wind Rises

    Best Animated Feature
    Despicable Me 2
    From Up on Poppy Hill
    Monsters University
    The Wind Rises

    Best Film Not in the English Language
    Blue Is the Warmest Color
    Drug War
    Museum Hours
    The Wind Rises

    Best Documentary
    56 Up
    The Act of Killing
    At Berkeley
    Stories We Tell

    Best Director
    Joel Coen, Ethan Coen – Inside Llewyn Davis
    Alfonso Cuaron – Gravity
    Spike Jonze – Her
    Steve McQueen – 12 Years a Slave
    Hayao Miyazaki – The Wind Rises

    Best Actor
    Chiwetel Ejiofor – 12 Years a Slave
    Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips
    Oscar Isaac – Inside Llewyn Davis
    Mads Mikkelsen – The Hunt
    Joaquin Phoenix – Her

    Best Actress
    Amy Adams – American Hustle
    Cate Blanchett – Blue Jasmine
    Julie Delpy – Before Midnight
    Adèle Exarchopoulos – Blue Is the Warmest Color
    Brie Larsen – Short Term 12

    Best Supporting Actor
    Barkhad Abdi – Captain Phillips
    Michael Fassbender – 12 Years a Slave
    Jared Leto – Dallas Buyers Club
    Matthew McConaughey – Mud
    Sam Rockwell – The Way, Way Back

    Best Supporting Actress
    Sally Hawkins – Blue Jasmine
    Scarlett Johansson – Her
    Jennifer Lawrence – American Hustle
    Lupita Nyong’o – 12 Years a Slave
    Léa Seydoux – Blue Is the Warmest Color

    Best Original Screenplay
    American Hustle
    Blue Jasmine
    Inside Llewyn Davis
    Museum Hours

    Best Adapted Screenplay
    12 Years a Slave
    Before Midnight
    In the House
    Short Term 12
    The Wind Rises

    Best Editing
    12 Years a Slave
    Drug War
    Inside Llewyn Davis

    Best Cinematography
    12 Years a Slave
    The Grandmaster
    The Great Beauty
    Inside Llewyn Davis

    Link below of the website

  • credit:female first

    @credit:female first:

    Jolie is a single mother with six children, it is sad

  • valis202

    @Love Conquers All:
    Wow. A really electric set of nominations from the Online Critics. Struck by the Best Actor Category where Chiwetel is the only one of the critics awards winners so far to be nominated in this category.

    TYAS appears to be the only film that appears to be consistently being nominated for all of the critics awards so far.

  • just Saying

    Unbroken production is moving forward smoothly. Angie is a very effective and productive director. Unbroken and Fury could finish at the same time based on the speed of Unbroken production. There is nothing this woman can’t do.

  • Cassi

    @Love Conquers All
    wow. No Redford, Leo and MM in The Online Film Critics Society Best Actor nods.

  • Mia

    She is not directing this movie, it´s just one of her roles, playing a director…lol
    Fake Ange and Phony Brad are boring and terribly bad actors. Brad has a caveman vibe to it, he is so unarticulated, so unbelievable boring and uncharismatic.
    The JP world wh.ores are the biggest laughing stock in HW. No wonder, they needed an economic mainstay to get ahead. It´s really a shame that they´re using little kids as flagship / family trademark for the CFR, the UN and the NATO – politically well known for their false flag humanitarian interventions.
    The JP´s are so driven by their own greed, ugh, disgusting!!

  • Ⱦamsin

    Oh lol I’m loving seeing the loons getting desperate now that TYAS is losing all major critics awards! So what’s the excuse… “racism”? A “boicott”? Ahahahaha…. did I call it or what? TYAS has already peaked, early in the season, and now people are calling it OVERRATED.

    And here loons were already celebrating, and planning washing their rotting undergarments and stained night gowns for Oscar day, because they were certain that they’d be watching drug addict heading for the podium with a “thank you” speech prepared. Sorry loons, time to wake up and smell the coffee! XD


    Lol. Chin’s so predictable. She’s pissed she didn’t get the attention she wanted from her fake tree picking story the way the JPs yatch trip did. So what do you do? Staged a party! Btw, how did she have time to throw a party? Wasn’t her excuse for holding the ready to happen wedding was because she was so busy she has no time for an hour ceremony? Bitchhhh probably forgot her lame excuse again. That’s what happens if you keep on lying, sometimes you just can’t keep up with it.

  • Lol

    Tampon you are mad, go take your meds, loser? Lol.

  • Dawne


    ‘Fan’atical internet trolls who spend their lives spewing hatred in support of Brad Pitt’s ex-wife on Jolie Pitt fan sites, just may step out into daylight soon.

    It seems these anonymous but obsessed trolls are set to plant their wide load butts on Santa’s knee in a final gasp attempt to have their wishes fulfilled after nine years of zero impact. This is a last resort effort to bring about the demise of the world’s most famous couple and HW’s number one power couple.

    It is the fervent wish of these internet haters to see this family of eight split up.

    We can only wish their energies were spent on more positive endeavours. But, this writer concedes, a hater is a hater……what they may want to consider that……HATE ONLY CORRODES THE VESSEL IN WHICH IT IS CARRIED.

  • Love Conquers All

    Wow I see trolls are trembling and crying out of the success of Brad’s TYAS wins from the critics and Angelina great successful of how her directing is going smoothly and of the cast and crew are proud of her. These trolls should look at their idol ticky and see how unsuccessful she really is.

  • .



  • Ⱦamsin


    I’m not surprised you’d utter something so stupid and hilarious. Calling “hard working” a self-obsessed tabloid queen and junkie Ho who, for the past four months, has spent her days parading her wonky bolt-ons every other day while using her kids as PR props and staging photo ops in a movie set would be interpreted as joke if I didn’t know it comes from a loon. It simply speaks volumes of how little you know about women, and the whole human race in general.

  • Ⱦamsin


    No need to deflect dear, we all know it’s the TOWN PUMP, your junkie Hor Goddess, the one who’s really desperate for attention. She’s been clumsy at disguising her intentions, ever since she premiered her monstrous nipples of doom all those months ago. And she really wants her stolen man to be back soon, doesn’t she? He can’t stand her of course, that’s why he prefers to get wasted 10 thousand miles away from her, and also the reason why the 3 day rule ceased to exist over a year ago.

    Oh well, Ho is so obvious, even putting on the “promise for the future” ring after hiding it for months. LOL… more importantly, what kind of serious director brings a crew of paps to a movie set EVERY SINGLE DAY????? :D

  • a lurker

    Angie is a super woman.she is so amazing.

  • Dawne

    Poor twoll………..just can’t get over the JP love and their independent and mutual successes……….troll’s favourite song is “Impossible Dream’……LMAO. The TOWN PUMP….MISS HINGES ON HEELS, ANISTON……..threw a FAMEHO PR PAWTY …….go show your support for this overwhelming PR achievement…..even had papz filming her doorway…………whoohoo and you rattle on here about the JP’s being fameho’s………you are one deluded dude.

  • valis202

    LOL. The bitterness and hatred that the trolls have been expressing towards Angie over the last couple of weeks has been off the charts. There is such a large aura of desperation in their posts as though they realize that they have nothing left to throw at Angie but just can’t give up and move on because they have been stuck in hate mode for so long now that it has now become part of their DNA.

    Of course the other side of this hatred has to do with the fact that they know that Aniston is a mediocrity. It would have been interesting to see if the trolls had hung onto their hatred for so long if Aniston had actually achieved something of note such as writing a book, writing and directing a film, being a UN diplomat, actually have a brain…..but she has constantly been stuck on mediocre mode comprising a revolving discourse of hair, banging body, spa treatments, hair, banging body, spa treatments etc etc etc.

    But I also think that the trolls see their own mediocrity reflected so perfectly within Aniston hence their love of her because she is just like one of them but also the frustration with her because she is so mediocre in comparison the La Jolie.

  • Passing Through

    # 61 Washington Film Critics Awards @ 12/09/2013 at 8:21 am
    More good wins for TYAS, Chiwetel and Lupita. Bummer it wasn’t a sweep with McQueen and Fassbender…


    ^ aww…. You mad paps follow her around? That’s what you call star power my dear. Of course you wouldn’t know that, after all, Anuston is a C-list who always have the paps on her speed dial. Desperate for attention? If being papped on a public place is desperate for attention, what do you call Aniston’s leaking the story of tree picking and staging a party? Desperate for attention times100?

  • Ⱦamsin

    @credit:female first:

    Exactly. Ho lives to sell pics of her Brand, that’s her source of income. Losing her Brand would be the end of her. She’s worked only once in four years, so it’s safe to say that her acting career is in the pitts (no pun intended) and back to the crapper where it was back in 2004 before she came on to Pothead on the MAMS set.

    No one will want her once they make the separation official. She’s a unwed mother of six and has lost whatever good looks she had (which weren’t many to begin with). She also carries a lot of baggage, not only physical but psychological too, since she’s a mental patient and all. :)

  • Mommy

    Yeah,playing a director is just one of her many roles.

    When I saw In the land of blood and honey,her so called “directed” BS film, I was so sickened by Angelina’s pure anti-Serb propaganda.
    It´s not a film intended to educate,its pure and simple a film dedicated to spreading a false message about Serbs.The idiot knows nothing about recent History.


    Poor Gwyneth, how the mediocre have fallen even further into the abyss…she goes from hanging with Bey and Jay, who dump her for Kim Kash – hahahaha!! To hanging w/ ‘that TV woman,’ (her words). Slogging w/ Brad’s ex, her former nemesis, who she enjoyed torturing (remember Fishyth’s circa 2000 ‘I was the architect of my own misery, and I’ll love Brad forever,’ interview which Huvsy released the WEEK of Maniston’s nuptials?? This was back when Steffy the PR flack didn’t give two fcks about either of those slags, so he was playing them off one another. LOLOL)
    Now, he realizes they’re both inching towards 50, so he needs to combine the two former phony fug Brad hags to get just the same amount of press bang. LMAO
    No, seriously, that’s what this is – and they know it.
    He’s been abysmal with Fishyth’s trajectory (how do you go from an Oscar winning Grace Kelly wannbe darling…TO, the most reviled, snobby foot in mouth old annoying horse around?? This is a woman who, to add to her many social faux pas – has been caught out using the n-word, insulting fellow citizens w/ her anti-American snoity blathering, a woman who almost bumps off her own kids on a Vespa, and who most say, has a husband who cheats and can’t stand being around her). Huvsy has failed her horribly.
    I recall not too long when she was reduced to schilling Estee Lauder (old lady perfume), and that was mostly the only thing she was doing – and she was telling magazines that she had to do it, because she wasn’t making enough money in film. She essentially was giving interviews teling the world she wasn’t wanted. OUCH! Personally I couldn’t think why a high profile person like her would have EVER admitted that (embarrassing right?) – but then it hit me…she’s TRYING to embarrass Steffy into taking his head out of that middleaged tv schmoe’s rear end — she was literally showing the world (and other agencies that might want to come knocking) the sheer neglect. Not too long after I think she did switch agencies if not PR flacks.
    Anything else she’s gotten since then, has been on her own — Huvsy has IGNORED her like he does most his clientele, EXCEPT for the reject loser in love divorcee TV shittcom hack cash cow (with a movie God sex symbol ex with the beautiful new love and family – and the awkward nasty divorce/split, that he can exploit for all eternity).
    Now they are both scraping the bottom barrel, she holds book signings that get her excoriated by real authors who think she’s a publicity neophyte wh*re, and has a silly website, while Maniston continues to pimp her personal life and act as 3rd wheel in mediocre snl comic’s movies — so he has to combine them into one, massive mediocre fake blond nasally annoying EX of Brad.
    Huvs really is too much, and too obvious.

  • Lily

    Congrats to TYAS winning Critics awards. Good year for JP this year and next year too with Maleficent, Fury and Unbroken.

  • valis202

    I think it would be interesting if somebody did a pole of Jolie fans v. Aniston fans and asked each why they liked their respective idol.

    For me the reason why I admire Angie so much is because she takes life by the horns and lives it to the fullest. I can imagine that every single day of Angie’s life is an adventure. Where she is doing something different or pushing herself to achieve something new and challenging. I think that she has achieved more in her 38 years than most of us will achieve in a lifetime and her outlook on life is something that I think we should all aspire to.

    While with Aniston, I just find her so mediocre but what makes me dislike her is that she seems to revel in her mediocrity. She just doesn’t appear to make any attempts to try and achieve anything worthwhile in her life. Just hair, body, Mexico and sh*tty films. That to me about sums her up.

  • Ⱦamsin


    LOL, spot on in everything you said. Yes Pitty has the IQ of a cucumber, he knows someone gave him the nickname Stupitt for that reason and he hates it. I guess everybody has known that ever since he first arrived in LA and became Scott Thorson to Thom Racine’s Liberace.

    I do love when he tries to sound when he’s articulate… what a riot the mouth-breathing Pothead can be! He should never be allowed to speak in public, not without a teleprompter in front of him at least. Perhaps somebody should ask Clooniqua to write speeches for him? XD

  • Passing Through

    # 111 Observer2 @ 12/09/2013 at 10:46 am
    Hey O2 -
    The trolls going after shiloh just underscores how ridic they are. Shiloh’s bad ass just like her mama. In a few years Shiloh will be flying planes and hopefully buzzing the single-wides the trolls rent. You’d think the trolls would want to spend the rest of the day basking the knowledge that Ticky and Putrid are hanging out together comparing the track marks Brad left on their faces as he left their asses in the dust. Although…I don’t know how buddy buddy they’ll be once Putrid sees she was set up by Ticky so the ratzi could get pix of her arrival. You know how Putrid is – it’s fine if she wants to name-drop people to use them but not so much fun when someone else plays her. Thank goodness Chris Martin was driving because I’ve got a feeling that Ticky & Putrid were both pretty shitefaced by the end of the night. Wonder if Handjob was allowed to stay the night? Cuz we know she probably tried to drink the place dry.
    BTW – I really am getting a kick out of Handjob and Courteney both showing up at Ticky’s house after I’ve been saying for weeks that Ticky hadn’t been seen with either of them for months – and in Courteney’s case for over a year. But…she and Huvsy don’t monitor these J-P blogs…so sayeth her hens. I’m surprised Ticky didn’t make Squiggy stand out in the street directing traffic just so everybody would know he was at the party, too. I’m sure something will be leaked later today showing Squiggy there. Huvsy’s got all day to leak another Instagram or Twitpic…

  • huh

    When goopy, ticky and handjob stand together, you really can’t tell the difference of them? same old, ugly, dumb blondes.

  • the ring

    then our Angie is a single mother with six children and pitty is a Bachelor in London with a brunette



  • the ring



  • Passing Through

    # 115 who @ 12/09/2013 at 10:54 am
    Handjob’s not Ticky’s “best friend”. She’s Ticky “convenient friend”. Handjob herself has said they go months without seeing each other. For a while they were really tight while Ticky and Huvsy were reeling Handjob into the fold, but not so much these days. Ticky’s got her hands full trying to keep track of Squiggy…and hunt up some work…

  • Ⱦamsin


    You should change your name to “naive”. If “she’s not good you she wouldn’t be getting these opportunities” you say? LOL She’s partially self financing these films. Her first movie bombed across the globe and made the financers lose over $12M. Her second movie is a project that was stuck in development hell for over 50 years and even when she started talking about it exactly one year ago, filming began a few months ago! LOL.

    And I can see that loons are still bitter because the ex wife got a DGA nomination and Ho doesn’t have any. Poor loons, nothing their idols do is ever good enough for them and thus they’re always comparing them to other celebrities.

    Oh and even better, JA’s DGA nomination comes from a movie about cancer patients, so she actually beat the Ho in raising awareness about cancer, without having to chop her teats off. LOLOLOL…

  • Rose

    @CLINIQUA: Hi CLINIQUA, remember this quote from Brad: “I wasn’t living an interesting life myself…I think that my marriage had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something it wasn’t .” Parade Magazine.

  • Mia

    “He should never be allowed to speak in public, not without a teleprompter in front of him at least. Perhaps somebody should ask Clooniqua to write speeches for him?”


    aaaahahahahahaaaa, amsin, you make me laugh, you make my day!