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Angelina Jolie: Back to Work on 'Unbroken' After Family Weekend!

Angelina Jolie: Back to Work on 'Unbroken' After Family Weekend!

Angelina Jolie calls out a direction while on the set of her upcoming film Unbroken on Monday (December 9) in Sydney, Australia.

The 38-year-old actress is back to work after spending the weekend with her very lovely children!

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The day before, Angelina took all of her kids – Maddox, 12, Pax, 10, Zahara, 8, Shiloh, 7, Knox, 5, and Vivienne, 5 – to see a showing of The Lion King.

Earlier in the weekend, Angelina spent some time with her four youngest at a book store.

20+ pictures inside of Angelina Jolie getting back to work on the set of Unbroken

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angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 01
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 02
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 03
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 04
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 05
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 06
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 07
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 08
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 09
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 10
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 11
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 12
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 13
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 14
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 15
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 16
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 17
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 18
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 19
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 20
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 21
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 22
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 23
angelina jolie back to work for unbroken after family weekend 24

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  • Passing Through

    # 173 Mia @ 12/09/2013 at 12:58 pm
    She is not directing this movie, it´s just one of her roles, playing a director…lol
    You keep telling yourself that, trollette. Major studios give $60-80 million to actors who want to play at being a director every day of the week, don’t they? That’s why Ticky, who keeps telling the world she wants to direct a movie and never does, has got 20 directorial gigs all lined up…in her deepest fantasies…

  • Neil

    (Don’t you just hate it when you post a comment in an old thread?)

    @susna 101:
    …I can’t wait till the kids get bigger and write a mommy dearest book…


    I can’t either. Eventually they will grow up and have an adult understanding of their parents’ history. Whether they seek out the more salacious stories or not they will know about them with an adult awareness. When they have the ability to fully comprehend the totality of the assaults upon their ONLY parents, they will at first be angry at the unfairness of it all. Eventually though they will realize how extraordinary their parents truly are.
    The thing that people like you and so many others don’t get about Angie is that in her heart of hearts she is the quintessential democrat.
    Not a big “D” Democrat but a person who lets democratic principles guide her life. Other celebrities have an aloofness towards the paparazzi for instance. Not Angie. Always smiling; always without hostility. (I wouldn’t be). Even giving a ride to “Lance” when his bike broke down.
    The paparazzi love her. You know why? Because first, she is BIG money and second, they know they and her have an understanding with each other; they have their job to do, the rules are well established and they get no malice and evasion from her. Always good for copy.
    Angie is all about inclusion. The same instincts and the same principles guide her in every thing she does. I love this woman, and yes, I would love to read that book. I don’t think the haters would though.

  • Kim

    Hey JenHens when is Ticky’s baby due?
    Why has she Never been nominated for an Oscar or GG or appeared in an Oscar nominated film ,lack of talent?

    As for TYAS Im sure the trolls made the same comments about Moneyball and Tree of Life regarding being nominted for Oscar.As usual they were wrong.Wrong for nine years must be frustrating.

  • Kim

    @Passing Through: Ticky wants to direct a movie? I hadnt heard that.I heard she wanted to be a Bond Girl.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I want to give a big shout out to my darlings Phool, Rose and FALP.
    Ladies I apologize for my slow responses. Right now I am running in and out….so much to do as you all have too, I am certain. Please bear with me.
    Thank you FALP for that, as usual, magnificently helpful post you sent to me. I am revisiting those seven points again. You are so kind to repost that for me and I want you to know how much I appreciate your doing that. I know you have an extremely busy schedule and I know what it took for you to take time out of your busy day and share those thoughts with me again. I hope you are having a wonderful, even though, very busy day my friend. Blessings cover you always.
    Phool, thanks so much for your post to me. What a thorough writer you are you covered so many good bases. I will respond as soon as I can.
    Rose, my darling busy bee. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. So much to do, I know and understand completely but I also know you are up to it. You are like our beautiful Angelina, a “human dynamo”
    Ladies have a wonderful day and please know how much I appreciate and love all of you.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    Congratulations to Brad, Plan B and Company for all the much deserved Nominations and Awards for the incomparably well done movie, Twelve Years a Slave. I am certain the very BIG Awards will be coming Plan B’s way as well.

  • Passing Through

    # 191 valis202 @ 12/09/2013 at 1:30 pm
    I think it would be interesting if somebody did a pole of Jolie fans v. Aniston fans and asked each why they liked their respective idol.
    LOL. Have you ever slummed in Henville? I don’t mean FF – I mean a Ticky fan site like Aniston Center or Friends Cafe. I’ve said this before but the titles of their threads says it all -
    - Jen & Brad Reunite: Guess the date!
    - Jen & Brad: Golden Forever!
    - Jen & Brad: He’ll be sorry he didn’t come back!
    - Jen’s best hair style
    - Jen’s diet – no junk food whatsoever!
    - Jen’s favorite drink: Magaritas or Vodka tonic?
    - Jen’s exercise routine
    - Jen’s 2nd best hair style
    - Jen’s best bikini
    - Jen’s best bikini body: Los Cabos or Hawaii?
    - Jen could pass for 21!
    - Jen’s best tan
    - Jen’s Skin is soooooooooooo smooth
    - Jen’s best red carpet dress
    - Jen’s best vacation
    - Jen’s best best friend
    - Jen’s favorite makeup
    - Jen’s hair – what shampoo does she use?
    - Jen’s best movie role
    - Jen’s 2nd best hair style
    - Your favorte Jen-centric Friends episode
    - Jen’s best pair of jeans
    - Jen’s got a new boyfriend!
    - Jen’s doing a new romcom!
    - Jen’s got a new puppy!
    - Jen’s best beach photos
    - Jen’s favorite resort
    - Jen’s new house
    - Jen’s selling her house
    - Jen’s moving to New York
    - Jen’s NOT moving to New York
    - Jen’s new boyfriend – uh oh, he’s sorta married!
    - Jen’s new boyfriend – whew! It’s just a long-term girlfriend!
    - Jen’s not a homewrecker!
    - Jen & Justin better than Jen & Brad!
    On and on and on it goes. When I used to go slumming for info I’d get sidetracked reading their posts and just sit around howling with laughter. It took me forever to find titles for that list of movies she’s announced but never made because I kept finding some dumb thread about her hairstyles or skin treatment plans and LMAO at their vapidness. I truly never knew that so many women could be so fvcking shallow.

  • Love the JoliePitts

    I also want to thank all the JPfans for their great and informative posts.
    Neer thanks for that walk down memory lane with Cate Blanchetts lovely comments abut how much Brad Loves Angelina. Cate is so sweet to share that with the world. I bet she had Brad blushing.
    Neer, I too want to wish the best to our brothers and sisters in your native country that a complete recovery will be forthcoming. They all remain in my prayers.
    Those gorgeous pictures of Brad and Angelina and their incredibly beautiful children having “family time” on the boat are so precious.
    What tickled me is when the other boats were passing by Brad’s and Angelina’s boat, and the people on the other boats were waving and shouting to the JPs….Brad could not take his eyes off of Angelina’s beautful face for one second. He was so happy to be with his baby mamma and their little ones. And Angelina could not take her eyes off Brad. And I loved how when the kids finally look to be taking a nap Brad found time to be at Angelina’s back. So sweet.
    How can you not love this beautiful couple. All couples should be as sweet and loving to each other as Brad and Angelina are.

  • Passing Through

    # 209 a lurker @ 12/09/2013 at 1:50 pm
    PT, I wonder what Ticky’s next role since she has done the stripper role, probably prostitute?
    Well, her next role is an unwanted wife, no stretch there, and an acting tour de force because she’s got a ski mask over her fugly mugly so there’s something to look forward to right there. Oscar will undoubtedly come knocking next year. She’s also got that straight to DVD Bogdanovich flick in the can, so yeah, beating the bushes for a hooker role can’t be too far off.

  • Love Conquers All

    Palm Springs International Film Fest to Honor Lupita Nyong’o and Composer Thomas Newman

    DECEMBER 9, 2013 3:02 PM

    The 25th annual Palm Springs International Film Festival will honor Lupita Nyong’o with the Breakthrough Performance Award for her turn as young slave Patsy in “12 Years a Slave,” and Thomas Newman with the Frederick Loewe Award for Film Composing for Disney’s “Saving Mr. Banks” at its annual Awards Gala on January 4.

    Newcomer Nyong’o has already been scoring some honors from critics’ circles — the LA film critics voted her Best Supporting Actress, while the Boston critics placed her as runner up. Meanwhile Newman, an 11-time Oscar nominee (“Skyfall,” “WALL-E”), is in the running to nab another nomination for “Saving Mr. Banks.”

    Previously announced gala honorees are Nyong’o's “12 Years a Slave” director Steve McQueen, Sandra Bullock, Bruce Dern, Matthew McConaughey and Julia Roberts.

    Past recipients of the Breakthrough Performance Award include Mariah Carey, Marion Cotillard, Jennifer Hudson, Felicity Huffman, Carey Mulligan and Jeremy Renner. In the years they were honored, Cotillard and Hudson went on to win Academy Awards, while Huffman and Renner received Oscar nominations.

  • Dawne


    OT, but thought you might like to see this. Shocking, to me. What is wrong with the police in the US……they are becoming more like the SS.

  • Passing Through

    # 228 Kay @ 12/09/2013 at 2:18 pm
    LOL! You can always tell when the trolls are getting their asses kicked because they drag out false & fake Angie tabloid bullshite. Hey, trollette, it’s not our fault Ticky’s such a fraud and advertises it. We’re just happy to make fun of her when she gives up the material. Angie kicks ass and takes names. Ticky kisses ass and blows names…and she still can’t get a decent gig in HW.

  • gennline

    One of the best comments on here that I have read.
    AJ has hidden nothing from the world and will hide nothing from her children.After all her children are also attacked on the web as well, so it will be less about Mom and more about how they cope with strangers attacking them for being adopted or born.

  • Passing Through

    # 235 Jen’s Star Studded Party @ 12/09/2013 at 2:32 pm
    ROTFLMAO. “Star studded”? More like “celebrity studded”. The only “star” there were RDJ. Everybody else is just as B-list as Ticky is. Wait a sec – I’ll throw Chris Martin a bone. Nah, I take that back…he’s only B+ list in the music world, so nevahmind… RDJ is the only real star there. Most people couldn’t pick Chris Martin out of a police line-up…

  • Joseph

    STOP the presses!!! The saint acquired a new black top… Something other than a camisole or bow blouse.

  • valis202

    @Passing Through:
    LOL. Have you ever slummed in Henville?
    No I never have but thanks for bringing some of the intellectual gems that are posted there. I LOL at all of them but I think that ‘Jen’s best tan’ is my personal favorite in regards to perfectly capturing the mediocrity of Aniston and her fans.

  • Passing Through

    # 243 CLINIQUA @ 12/09/2013 at 2:58 pm
    Remember the story that Ticky was so jealous of Putrid that Brad used to have to make fun of Putrid – the way she ate, the way she talked, her snooty accent – when Ticky would accuse him of still being in love with Putrid? Now look at her – mingling with woman who once referred to her as “that tv girl Brad’s dating”. Then again, look at Putrid, willingly mingling with a chick she put down because Brad was dating instead of taking her back. Putrid may actually be looking a tiny bit more ridic than Ticky right about now. Meanwhile they both look stoopid for hanging out solely for the publicity it’ll generate because they’re both Brad’s dumpees.

  • Passing Through

    # 244 Love Conquers All @ 12/09/2013 at 3:00 pm
    Detroit Film Critics Society announce their nominations



    WTF? No Steve McQueen? No Fassbender? Some guy from Catching Fire instead of Fassbender? Really? And no Cate Blanchett after ever other critic association has given her the win? Wow. What are they drinking in Detroit?

  • lurker

    Poor hens maniston part of the overpaid actors lol and it gets better gorbes say her behind is not popular only has hits as a supporting actress bhahahahahaha

  • Dany
  • Dawne

    @Passing Through:

    Two narcissists talking……..Wow, and after a few drinky poos…….they can’t stand each other……but if it makes some PR for either of the fading celebs, hey, it’s all in a day’s fameho’ing. Honour amongst thieves type deal.

    They could be besties…..cause they do have a lot in common……they are both butts of jokes; Goopy for her fake royal lineage and Ticky for her bad acting….at least Goop can hang onto a man sort of. But they are both shallow and desperate pia’s And they are both good liars and vain as hell.

  • Love Conquers All

    I was checking the Dailyfail and look I found across. That’s right Ticky was named one of the overpaid actress by Forbes. Ha, suck it trolls.

    Here’s rest of the article below

    How much? Jennifer Aniston ‘one of Hollywood’s most overpaid stars commanding £6.5million a film’ according to new list
    Forbes compared cost of films, including stars’ pay, with box office returns
    Found 44-year-old is 8th most overpaid actress with last three films a flop
    Horrible Bosses, Just Go With It and Wanderlust cost £93m in total but only made £450m at the box office. Iron Man 3 cost £122m and made £741m
    Rom-com actor Adam Sandler topped the list, paid £10million per movie

    PUBLISHED: 13:53 EST, 9 December 2013

    As one of Hollywood’s biggest stars, she commands up to £6.5million a film.
    But that might not be the case for much longer for Jennifer Aniston. The former Friends actress has found herself on the list of Tinseltown’s most overpaid stars.
    The 44-year-old actress has come eighth in the list following a string of recent box-office flops.
    According to Forbes magazine, Miss Aniston is among the high-profile stars who provide the least value for money for their stratospheric salaries.
    The publication examined the costs of each actor’s last three films up until June 1st 2013, adding up salaries and production costs.
    They then compared that with the film’s box office returns to find out which actors were the least bankable.
    The star’s last three films, Wanderlust, Horrible Bosses and Just Go With It cost a total of £93m to make, including her salary costs, but brought in just under £450m.
    In contrast, the world’s highest-grossing film over the past year has been Iron Man 3, which cost £122m to make and made £741m at the box office. It starred Gwyneth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr.
    Aniston shot to fame in 1994 playing Rachel Green in US sitcom Friends, which ran until 2004. The role earned her an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award.
    Her biggest box office success to date was her appearance in 2003 film Bruce Almighty, in which she starred alongside Jim Carrey. The film cost £49.5m to make before going on to make almost £300m at the box office.
    US comedy star Adam Sandler, who is paid almost £10m per film, topped this year’s list of overpaid stars after his last two blockbusters Jack & Jill and That’s My Boy struggled to justify their dizzying production costs.

    Jack & Jill grossed £91m at the box office, but the film cost an estimated almost £50 million to make. Considering studios take home about half of box office receipts, that means only about £45m went to Sony, who also had to pay to advertise the film.
    That’s My Boy did even worse. With an estimated budget of £42m, the film brought in only £35m at the box office worldwide. Forbes magazine estimated that for every dollar Sandler was paid on his last three movies, the films returned an average of $3.40.
    His most recent film, Grown Ups 2 grossed £150m at the box office on an estimated £49m budget, making it one of Sandler’s best performing films. However, the magazine’s survey includes films that were released before June 1st this. Grown Ups 2 was released in July.

    His animated film Hotel Transylvania grossed £218m at the box office worldwide on a budget of £52m, but it was not enough to offset his other two films.
    Close behind Sandler in second place is Katherine Heigl. For every dollar she was paid Heigl returned an average of $3.50. Reese Witherspoon came in third place with an average $3.90 return for every one dollar she was paid.
    Last year, comedy star Eddie Murphy topped the list, while Drew Barrymore was named the most overpaid film star in 2011. Nicole Kidman came in first place in 2008.

  • lurker

    Not a good couple of weeks in hen land ticky party barely made news lol

  • Passing Through

    BBBBBWWWWWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! Looks like Forbes didn’t get Huvsy’s latest bribe – They named Ticky one of the most overpaid actors – again. She was #8 on the list…and really, Adam Sandler made her look like a good investment. The bad news for Matt Damon is…he’s now equal to Ticky at the box office. Even worse news for Reese Tablespoon (as Anustin calls her) – she and Heigl numbers are making Ticky’s look 3 times better than they actually are. Then again, neither of them had minor roles in an ensemble to boost their numbers.
    1. Adam Sandler – Returns $3.40 for every $1 paid.
    2. Katherine Heigl – Returns $3.50 for every $1 paid.
    3. Reese Witherspoon – Returns $3.90 for every $1 paid.
    4. Nicolas Cage – Returns $6 for every $1 paid.
    5. Kevin James – Returns $6.10 for every $1 paid.
    6. Denzel Washington – Returns $8.30 for every $1 paid.
    7. Steve Carell – Returns $10 for every $1 paid.
    8. Jennifer Aniston – Returns $10.60 for every $1 paid.
    Aniston is having more luck with supporting than starring roles. Horrible Bosses earned $210 million at the global box office but Wanderlust, which she starred in, brought in only $22 million.
    8. Matt Damon – Returns $10.60 for every $1 paid.
    10. Ryan Reynolds – Returns $10.70 for every $1 paid.

  • Kim

    @Joseph: Stop the Presses, The Guy from Fashion Police (or Fashion Queens) is here.

  • the ring

    to speak and to speak of ticky, well then let’s speak and let’s speak about the single mother of our jolie

  • lurker

    Poor tammy meltdown as always with ring alter ego

  • Wonderbust

    Lmao TamRingJoeSal is busy spamming the the board wig his various alts meanwhile his girl ticky lands on Forbes most overpaid actors list with her buddies Reese and Adam

  • Wonderbust

    The shade in this this article Lord lol
    “Jennifer Aniston is the most peculiar of A-list celebrities. She’s a movie star with no star power,” The Daily Beast’s Kevin Fallon wrote back in August. “Few female celebrities are as recognizable — or on as many magazine covers — as Aniston. But when it comes to selling tickets at the box office, Aniston, for all her apparent popularity, seems remarkably … unpopular.”

    Click here to see Forbes’ full list of “Most Overpaid Actor.”

  • Love Conquers All



  • Passing Through

    Related to the Most Overpaid List…I’m ROTFLMAO at this review of Ticky in We’re The Morons…don’t know how I missed it this summer.
    Jennifer Aniston does not fare much better, and much like “Wanderlust,” this is another role where there is a specific script-mandated reason for nudity and it feels like Aniston took the role knowing that, also knowing there’s no way she’s going to do that. In “Wanderlust,” there is literally a topless protest, and the film goes out of its way not to show her in that moment, and here, the lives of all four of them depend on her convincing a drug cartel leader that she is in fact a professional stripper, and she proceeds to do the most PG-rated lap dance in film history. All I can figure is that she wants to know she can still book the jobs that require the actress to be sexy, but she shuts down all conversations about nudity as soon as she’s hired. I don’t have any particular drive to see Aniston naked, but I’m baffled by the way this is a trend with her.
    Because she’s a fameho, dude! LOL! I’m always saying that she takes these nekkid roles knowing she’s going to wage a major PR campaign FOR HERSELF NOT THE MOVIE with all the talk about her having gotten nekkid…but in reality she never does. Too bad the reviewer didn’t go one step further and bust her on it. I’m sure he knows why she does that just like we know why she’s doing it…that and it’s the only jobs she has on the table. These articles always act like Ticky’s picking these crap movies from a ton of scripts being offered when the reality is – she’s being these crap scripts from a handful of even crappier scripts. She doesn’t even get the 10th look at scripts. She gets them 50th – if she’s even that far up the food chain.

  • Kim

    @Wonderbust: Ouch!

  • Lisa Rowe

    Hi everyone
    Ticky made some list :)

    click on the pictures and have fun kkkk, she looks awful :)
    Always a supporting role, never a protagonist : History of her life kkkkkk
    P.S. some actors in the list have prestige, Ticky has NOTHING !!!
    xoxo trolls

  • Observer2

    #163 @awwww:

    Shhhh! Don’t tell the trolls that the Pitt genes are strong. LOL. Their kids have Pitt written all over them.

  • Passing Through

    # 266 valis202 @ 12/09/2013 at 4:13 pm
    The sad thing is – I’m not kidding about that “best tan” thing. It was about her RCs and movie premieres. I always think she looks orange but apparently the think it’s just “tan”. They said her tans were great because she didn’t have any tan lines and speculated that she was sunbathing nude. Don’t laugh. These tricks truly did not realize that Ticky uses spray on tanner. “Dumb” does not begin to cover it. Now you see why I got sidetracked laughing at them…

  • Observer2

    #183 @Dawne:


    How do the paps constantly know about Ticky’s parties? Every single one of them and they’re always stationed right outside her house? Do you think she sends a press release to the pap agencies? No! Not Ticky.

    Wonder when her next A-List role will come around? Wait, how can one come around, when none have never been around. LOL.

  • Observer2

    #184 @valis202:

    Hey Val-

    You know just when Angelina and/or Brad are doing things right. You can tell by the vitriol that the trolls post. Which gives you a barometer.

    Take Tiny Tam$hit. The 35 year old gay male from Costa Rica has lost their $hit all over this post today. LOL. TTS is having a very bad day. And it’s only Monday.

    Wow, Ticky is one of the most over paid actors? Go figure. How did that happen? I mean, over hyped, over exposed, but, now, over paid? These are troubling times, I tell ya! LMAO!

  • Love Conquers All

    12 Years A Slave
    Opening Weekend: $923,715 | Total Domestic Gross: $35,019,079

    I think TYAS is gonna make 40 million before this year is over.

  • Observer2

    #193 @Passing Through:

    Hi PT-

    You think that GP got an appearance fee like she and Ticky got that one time that they went to that hotel opening? You know times are tough when you take an appearance fee for the grand opening of a hotel. LOL.

    Do you think that Ticky made Paltrow listen to the saved voice mails of Brad that she kept? Do you think that they allowed Chris Martin to be part of their Brad conversation? LMAO!

    Star studded party? Star of one, that would be RDJ. Poor RDJ surrounded by every B and C List celeb their is. RDJ’s better than that. LOL.

  • Kim

    @Observer2: USweekly mentioned the party Thurs or Fri.It may be the same time every year like 1st Saturday in Dec.

    In important new AFI named TYAS one of ten best films in 2013.Also SAG award noms announced Wed,GG on Thursday

  • the ring


    stop troll

  • Anon2

    omg, did you all see that article in DM how Anuston is going direct like Angie? puke.
    I feel sorry for the short man BF of Aniston and Gwennie’s husband after all the tabs referring to their connections to Brad….no, JA and GP hooked up before in 2009 when they got paid to open that fancy hotel with OB. All Huvane clients.
    Jen and Huvane had her guests set up to be papped just like Jen/Stephie set up Jane Pitt to be papped so they could sell their lies to the tabloids years ago. Bet that was when the Pitt family realized what a ‘sweetheart’ old Jen really was….and finally understood why Brad was so happy to free of the dead-end Anuston!
    When is CC going to learn? Jen is going to start trolling her new BF and his friends’ fans and try to make ‘em her own…she’s desperate. There isn’t an award or honor that CC has gotten that Anuston didn’t troll for attention.

  • the ring

    in female first say pitty and her brunette are in london very much in love

    wi wi wi wi

  • Observer2

    #257 @Passing Through:

    - Jen & Brad: Golden Forever!

    If forever is only not even measured in dog years. Brad and Ticky had one of the shortest marriages in HW. Nothing says forever like, I wan’t outta here! Or when the Brad part of the equation says that he had to be stoned to be with the Ticky part of the equation. Oh and that Ticky was a deadend and so was their marriage. And he’ll think that way FOREVER!
    - Jen could pass for 21!

    Only is she lived in the 1700′s. LOL.


    - Jen & Brad: He’ll be sorry he didn’t come back!

    I seem to recall Brad saying that he never looks back. LOL.

  • the ring

    his brunette…….google traducción gurrrrr

    poor Angie that man is going to love a woman with 6 children?

  • the ring

    Pitty announces the split¡¡¡

  • Kim has excerpt from the Parade magazine interview announcing Ticky’s tree trimming party.
    She is such a Private person.

  • Teaspoon

    She is a weird psycho….This evil witch just wanted a boob job and exploited that too just like she does her relationship, her kids and her so called charity work. She’s an awful actress and now she pretends to be a director? F ck off already, fake old beatch.

  • Neil

    @Passing Through:
    The way I see it, there are fearless women unafraid of nudity when their craft demands it, naive women afraid not to go nude when a producer or director demands it. And then there are the top celebrities that never amount to anything because of “limitations” they insist on having namely, “I don’t do __________” (something or another)

  • busted

    @Passing Through:

    So much to catch up on.

    Now regarding the Overpaid actress.. do you think the media is over Huvane and his tactics.. I mean first Gwenny and now Jenny. There was a time when Forbes would not out her as the fraud A lister we know she is not. I think maybe someone has lost some of their influence.