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Britney Spears: A Baby Girl Will Make Me Feel Less Alone

Britney Spears: A Baby Girl Will Make Me Feel Less Alone

Britney Spears looks beautiful on the cover of InStyle‘s January 2014 issue, on newsstands December 13.

Here is what the 32-year-old singer had to share with the mag:

On wanting to have a baby girl: “I would like to be busy the first couple of years, but then I would really like to have another baby, a girl. I think she would be like a mini-me. I think it’s going to be crazy. I’m not going to feel as alone in the world anymore. I’m going to feel like I have a second person, like, that’s me.”

On her skin care: “I just bought the new Shiseido face wash and moisturizer. I have no problem trying new brands. A doctor I see, [Beverly Hills plastic surgeon] Dr. [Raj] Kanodia, does fun stuff to me sometimes – I’ve had lip injections before. He has this peptide-based face-care product; it’s green and slimy, and you mix it together and put it on your face. It does wonders. You leave it on overnight. Can you tell I love skin care?”

On the most challenging part of being a parent: “As a mom, you have all these situations you go through, and you’re like, ‘What is going on? Is this normal? Is this a phase? Or what is this?’ and then you feel silly for asking questions because you think, I’m a mom, I’m supposed to know these things, but you don’t. You’re human. To be honest, I wish I had more mom friends.”

FYI: Britney is wearing a Dior dress and a Zoe Chicco necklace.

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britney spears a baby girl will make me feel less alone

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    Please God NO.

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  • shelly dawn

    Love her so much! Such a fun, honest girl! It’s so refreshing with all he fake celebs out there lying left and right to try to sound perfect. Brit is as real as it comes and she freaking rocks it!

  • Trixie

    Does Britney Spears really think that ‘A Baby Girl Will Make Her Feel Less Alone’? Britney should get a cat or dog or some other animal or maybe a trip to a psychologist if that alone feeling should strike her. Kids can’t replace voids in life, and kids shouldn’t be thought of as void fillers. Something deeper within her is creating the void and should be looked into. Britney already has two beautiful boys, & its hard to comprehend how she feels a girl is going to change anything the boys already haven’t.

  • Alaia

    Are we supposed to be shocked that she’s had lip injections before?

  • Alline

    Really?Aren’t her sons enough?She has two boys,and they should have helped her already.If she really thinks that way,i feel for her sons,no wonder she never thought for their custodies.A baby,girl or boy,will never help fill holes or stop with lonely or pain.Or she’s dumb,or she doesn’t love her sons.They need her,they should be enough for her…poor boys.Her handlers need to control what she says,like on her scripted interviews.They are letting her talk too much,without control..if she’s so lonely,she needs therapy,not another ex to pay child support.

  • Sabrina

    She looks Amazing, and she seems like a really great Mother, i hope she gets that girl. Her new cd is really good, love it.

  • ivy

    Wow, the comments about wanting a baby girl are seriously disturbing. A woman should absolutely not have a child to fill a void…that child would have such a burden even before it is born. And who is to say the child would want to be a mini Britney? A child should be raised to be his/her own person, not a mini of a parent. Britney needs to get some counseling before having another child.

  • yuck

    Stupid trailer park trash. Really, she doesn’t fell loved with her current kids? She still feels alone with her sons? Stupid trailer park drop-out.

  • Ashley

    Love her, she is such an AMAZING SINGER. She found her new boyfriend at MarriageGuaranteed dot com and now they are Totally in Love!

  • sarah

    I actually think this wanting kids to not be alone is kind of common. From my observations, a lot of people’s motivations/reasons to have kids tend to be misguided. They see everyone else having kids, so they feel pressured to do the same; celebs glamorize having babies; sometimes society makes them think that’s the next step in their lives. Sooo many people have kids for convoluted reasons and realize too late that it was not what they expected. Then we end up having a big percentage of neglected kids growing up in America who are just lost.

  • Natasha (Nataliya) Stasyi

    Don’t wanna be so much judgemental..but, 1st: I dnt like how she looks on this cover, cz her head’s way too big compar’d 2 her body. 2nd: abt her as a mom of baby-girl. I’m not against, but…I’m feelin like this new child won’t make her more happy then she’s now&Britney, pls, “mini-me”, poor lil girl. I hope she won’t suffer 4rom any kind of ‘emotional instability’ (let call it like this) like u do.

  • what??

    Instead of spending money on plastic surgery she needs to seek counseling. Her comments are hurtful towards her sons. She cannot bring another child into this world with that mindset. She will ruin that child, especially if it’s a girl. Her poor boys.

  • M

    Idiot. Here’s some books I suggest for her daughter “when will I be good enough; daughters of narcissistic mothers” & “the myth of sanity”

  • lol

    She is the worst mother on earth.She is so selfish. She hasn´t even tried to be a mother to her sons, she takes no time to know them better. I hope Good, she will have no more kids. This woman isn´t even able to start anything with herself and she has no clue of raising kids or being a mother. Thoese kids will be more busy caring for her one day than she has ever spend time caring for them.

  • J J

    Can you imagine if a male celebrity said this? Except, replace girl with boy. He would be publicly flogged for sexism. But as this mentally disturbed dumbass Brit Brit proved, sexism is ok only if it comes from a woman.


  • Mary

    I get the sense that she hasn’t been involved much with the boys. Her dad mentioned in a court document that one of his duties was to supervise when she was around the boys. So maybe her yearning is for a child that she gets to raise from the get-go. It doesn’t excuse what she said – just pondering. I still can’t believe that she can be put to work and deemed mentally incompetent at the same time.

  • lol

    Bertney duzz not know what planet she’s on.

  • JoJo

    This chick is such a simpleton. Her sound is canned in a studio and she’s no MILF! The last thing this world needs is a mini-me Britney. Please God no!!!!!

  • xyz


  • xyz


  • Pam

    Her guardians shouldn’t let her do any interviews. It’s obvious that she has mental issues. No mother would talk like that, like her other children are not important. No celebrity would confess that they had plastic surgery. Britney has no filter, and she doesn’t sound coherent because of her mental illness.

  • Hello_Kitten118

    Most of you guys are complete idiots. In no way is it wrong for her to want a baby girl. It does not mean she loves her sons any less. Basically her thing behind having a baby girl is the same reason men want SONS! Because a male can relate to a male more so. They’ll have sports, cars, etc in common. For a woman she wants to be able to take her daughter shopping, and talk about all the things that come with woman hood. Yes she loves her children, but again they’re boys. Stop finding a reason to bring someone down and grow up and find happiness within your own lives

  • liz

    this woman needs to be institutionalized again… maybe for good this time. something is really not right with her head.

  • liz

    “sometimes my doctor does fun stuff to me – like lip injections” is this ***** serious? please tell me I read that wrong.

  • Boring

    OMG, you should not be having children because you want to have company or turn them into a ‘mini you’. This is why kids should be forced to have a good education and get at least an undergrad degree. Read a book and put that in-and-out burger down, Britney!

  • Nikki

    Hate to say this, but Britney sounds off again in this interview. A baby girl is not going to solve her issues for her and make her feel less alone. I don’t know whether to feel really sorry for Britney or just chalk it up to stupidity. She seems mature in a few ways, but then she gives an interview like this and the woman makes me wonder what could be going on inside her head. I don’t think she knows what reality is and how other people live. She’s in a bubble.

  • bhud

    I think u guys are misunderstanding her comments … Her being “alone one the world” has to do with the fact that she’s surrounded by men; two sons, their father, her man…. I thinks she was actually trying to be funny

  • no way

    what a selfish bitch!!!!!!! You have two kids, learn to take care of them!

  • starchy

    @Hello_Kitten118: A daughter should Not be someone you go shopping with! Womanhood isn’t just shopping! How stupid. No wonder girls grow up such shallow idiots. A good mother would take her daughter to do intelligent, educational things so she can go out and be a success; enhance her mind etc.

  • Amy

    Strange interview for a woman of her age and life experience. If she was still a teenager this interview would make more sense. First of all, children are not “mini-me”s. They have their own personality. If you want a copy of yourself have a clone made *sarcasm* Secondly, you should never have a child because you feel lonely. That’s not a good reason to get pregnant. It sounds like she could use a good therapist.

  • Sara

    Her comments are quite immature and disturbing. You don’t have a child in the hopes that it will be a mini you. I have 2 daughters (and 1 son) and neither of them is a mini me. The older one does resembly me physically but she is her own person and the younger one couldn’t look less like me if she tried and is really nothing like me at all. Yes, I love having daughters but not so they complete something in me. I love watching them grow up and become their own people.

  • Iliana Hardeman

    Britney Spear is Looking so Gorgeous and beautiful in the cover page of Picture.

  • Keep Calm Idiots

    Keep calm, seriously. She is 32, and I think after her mental problems she proved that she is a good mother(and she didn’t have to) . It’s wrong to judge people with their behaviours when they had serious problems. It’s too normal that she wants a daughter. If one of your friends would say that you’d response like “Awww, it’s too cute, it would be like just like you.” But when Britney says, you say “You’ve already two sons! You manipulative b*tch”

  • Jessie

    She doesn’t have full custody of the children she has, a baby girl is a bad idea. Britney thinks like a child. She isn’t alone because she doesn’t or can’t have people around her, she’s lonely because of some of something missing within herself; a baby can’t cure her of that feeling. She has mental issues, which is why she’s under the conservatorship and probably will be for the of her life.
    They can’t control all aspects of her life and try to give her some control over SOME things. They can’t just lock her up and not let her talk. She’s been a mother long enough to have gained some idea of what it’s all about, but she talks like she just became a mother. That says volumes about her grasp of the world around her.

  • ha

    Oh honey…
    Doesn’t she have a PR team who prevents stuff like this from being published?
    Seems like this conservatorship is keeping her in a real bubble. No idea about responsibilities. Maybe they should let her take an online course in parenting or something. Or in communication/marketing lol! I’m sure she could find one suitable for her level and/or get a tutor or something if she needs one…
    And can a conservatorship really last forever? Seems like a double edged sword, she sounds like a naive teenager.

  • Nadja

    That is just wrong! You should never have a baby because you feel lonely

  • eaudebrit

    How is this a hot topic?

  • jean

    This idiot is saying a baby will make her feel less alone, and she has TWO BOYS. What does she think those two boys are, chopped liver?

  • jean

    J J @ 12/09/2013 at 12:05 pm #16

    Can you imagine if a male celebrity said this? Except, replace girl with boy. He would be publicly flogged for sexism. But as this mentally disturbed dumbass Brit Brit proved, sexism is ok only if it comes from a woman.
    I couldn’t agree more.

  • Kevin Costello

    Well I think that Britney is a wonderful mother and that is doing the best that she can and if she wants a baby girl she should have one. I only wish her well and want her to succeed in every thing she does. GOOD LUCK!!!