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Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Night Rehearsal!

Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Night Rehearsal!

Jamie Dornan walks alongside his co-star Dakota Johnson as they rehearse an upcoming scene for their movie Fifty Shades of Grey on Sunday evening (December 8) in Vancouver, Canada.

The two co-stars filmed in front of a building that read Grey Enterprises – which is the company that Christian Grey runs in the novel! Dakota and Jamie were surrounded by crew members for the evening shoot.

PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Jamie Dornan

Earlier in the day, Dakota was spotted filming some car scenes for the flick, which is set to be released in theaters on February 15, 2015. Be sure to check it out!

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34 Responses to “Jamie Dornan & Dakota Johnson: 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Night Rehearsal!”

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  1. 1

    Shamefully looking forward to this. Very Excited!

  2. 2
    assman Says:

    looks great, more pics please

  3. 3
    Nikki Says:

    this movie is going to suck so hard lol

  4. 4
    Bianca Says:

    Damn. Looking forward to this film too, in spite of myself.

  5. 5
    Nikki Says:

    naaa, there’s too much sucking in the movie for this movie to suck

  6. 6
    @Nikki Says:

    naaa, there’s too much sucking in the movie for this movie to suck

  7. 7
    mhoey Says:

    if theres a movie who would be much awful & worst than twilight – this would be IT!

  8. 8
    Jessie Says:

    As someone who just started watching ‘Once upon a time’….i have to say…. i might just watch this for Jamie Dornan because i did NOT get enuff of him on that show! He’s a pretty good actor.

  9. 9
    Joanna Says:

    They look great together! Dakota looks like she’s holding the ridiculous contract which Christian hands over to Ana. Lol. I think I know which scene they were rehearsing.

  10. 10
    Annabella Says:

    I’m trying to accept the actors chosen by “professionals” in the industry, but I just can’t. They are both wrong for the roles. Dakota looks like she’s trying too hard. Ana wasn’t written as a girl who wanted to cry all the time. Dakota has the depressed facial expression in every picture taken of her as Ana. The costumes are hideous and Jamie doesn’t have the dominant male presence. He is also equal in height to Dakota. Christian was tall and had the special presence that Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer have. Mediocre actors were hired to portray very loved fictional characters, which highly upsets me.

  11. 11
    WrongHeights Says:

    Give the dude some lifts to wear. He’s too short compared to the girl!@Annabella: Actually Christain Grey looks exactly like Robert Pattinson coz that’s whom E.L. James’ been envisioning all the time while she was writing the book. And Jamie Dornan is indeed not a less good looking guy, and is taller and younger than both those Bomer and Somerhalder guys some fangirls were yelling for.

  12. 12
    cami Says:

    @WrongHeights: Jamie is taller than Dakota in person. He’s atleast 6′ 0. They were rehearsing in these pictures. There are pictures of Dakota in heels doing this same scene and she still looks shorter than Jamie.

  13. 13
    Nadja Says:

    @Annabella: ¨
    I agree, Jamie Dornan is obviously good looking, however he does not look controlling at all! My favourite is, and has always been, Matt Bomer, he has it all :) Dakota Johnson is just wrong on so many levels, I don’t even know where to start ;)

  14. 14
    Curious Says:

    If I remember correctly, Christian met Ana at the hotel to present her with the contract. She had on Kate’s purple dress. Why are they filming in front of Grey Enterprises? Shouldn’t they be outside of a hotel, in front of the valet? So, she meets Christian at his office. She never goes back there, even after they marry. I’m not expecting every book detail to be in the film, but could they at least honor the locations. Geez, I give up on this film. I will stick to the books. I like my imaginations version better than this rubbish.

  15. 15
    Zero Chemistry Says:

    @WrongHeights – it looks from a couple of better shots I’ve seen of his shoes that he has been given heeled lifts already (very ugly soles for a guy) and @cami when she’s in heels (feet in shot) she’s walking ahead and angled to him giving the impression of height difference (in real life he barely beats her by an inch as he’s just on 5′ 11′ (generously) whilst she’s 5′ 10”-ish. All that said, that movie magic happens all the time with Tom Cruise etc (boxes) but usually his female lead will at least be cast to look appropriate to role (if tall) – not so here which is a fatal flaw for the movie given the books rely so heavily on physical descriptors of the leads to explain the Christian/Ana dynamic. It could be said that this reliance is in lieu decent creative writing but the movie-makers are now stuck with Ana’s “innocence” and “petite and childlike” look and Christian’s “dominant and imposing” stchtick as one of the main draws for original readers. These two miss all of that by way more than the inch between them. Chemistry between them could’ve saved it but that’s lacking too, not helped by Jamie Dornan looking more mannequin bland with each pic release.

  16. 16
    kate Says:

    Im pretty cool with the casting, im looking forward to this, more out of curiosity then material, hopefully they scrapped the cheesiness….. the only thing that seriously annoys me is Dakota’s hair….”Ana” is supposed to have great and luscious brown hair and Dakota’s is just really terrible from the angles ive seen….there are still blonde streaks in it, the length is super awkward….and oh gawd dont even get me started on those hideous bangs/fringes…. terrible terrible hair. Ive always pictured Ana’s character to have hair like the way Nina Dobrev has on TVD….@Zero Chemistry: Um…..dude relax, shes like 5’6-5’7 max, 5-10?? Are u kidding?? The height is difference is fine…. and those shoes dont looked heeled at all…. what are you even talking about?? Those are regular men’s shoes to me. Stop seeing things that arent even there….

  17. 17
    mehhh Says:

    who really wants to see a homely, wrinkly-dry & old-looking woman (Dakota) naked huh?!?!?!

  18. 18
    Zero Chemistry Says:

    @kate: She’s over 5’7” and his modelling agency stats of 5’11” have the usual (for a guy model) round-up. But, as I said, height disparity in movie couplings doesn’t have to be an issue (plenty of boxes get used) IF the rest about the physical type of the pairing looks to gel. Every shot so far suggests that isn’t working here – from her not so innocent worn look to his vanilla NON-dom bland. I’ve been a fan of Jamie Dornan longtime and, even when his acting in The Fall had moments of wooden when he wasn’t doing good creepy, he’s generally had enough character about his looks to shuck his old male model himbo reputation. In all the on-set pics so far they seem to have managed to suck out all of that and replaced it with a catalogue model looking like he’s being given a mid-shoot touch-up by a mumsy make-up artist or a bit of unwanted advice from a low-end studio rep.

  19. 19
    Fact of Life Says:

    b.o.r.i.n.g. a lifetime movie of the week. stupid book and stupid story.

  20. 20
    Al Says:

    Oh who gives a crap about the height. Complainers are so annoying. Be thankful this thing is even being made into a movie – and be even more thankful they could even find actors who wanted to be in it. Jamie looks fantastic – he has that rough, smoldering look (he DID play a serial killer in The Fall).

    Face it, Matt Bomer & Henry Cavill didn’t want the part, and I can’t say I blame them. And Ian Somerhalder can’t act his way out of a wet paper bag so I’m thankful he wasn’t offered the role. This Jamie guy can at least act, and he’s good looking… So I’m satisfied.

  21. 21
    Derin Says:

    I think Jamie is perfect for the part, but I just don’t feel Dakota as Ana at all. They should’ve cast Amanda Seyfried instead, she has the looks to play Ana.

  22. 22
    mickey Says:

    did that scene happen in the book? i don’t think so…

  23. 23
    nattyraysa Says:

    @Al: @Annabella: special presence Matt Bomer have??? ja ja ja..he is too feminine for the rol…give me a break..jamie is handsome, sexy and he can act! just watch the fal..

  24. 24
    ha ha Says:

    @nattyraysa: nope

  25. 25
    Annabella Says:

    @nattyraysa: I have seen Jamie in The Fall. His performance is very wooden and mannequin like. It looks from the photos he is giving the same performance as Grey. Christian is supposed to soften when he looks at Ana, but Jamie is coldly glancing at her. Where is the love in his eyes? As for Matt Bomer, although gay, his performance as Neil C on White Collar is proof enough of his acting skills. He is not feminine, look at the chemistry between himself and his female co-stars… I think many women will agree with me.

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