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Beyonce Shares Photo of Herself & Nelson Mandela on Tumblr

Beyonce Shares Photo of Herself & Nelson Mandela on Tumblr

Beyonce shares a laugh with the late Nelson Mandela in this brand new photo posted to her Tumblr account.

The 32-year-old entertainer’s husband Jay Z posed with Nelson as well. The revolutionary passed away last week at the age of 95 after a long illness.

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Bey also posted some other pics on the social media site, including some sexy shots of her in some Texas gear.

Currently, Beyonce is performing her Mrs. Carter World Tour in the Texas area – she performed earlier in the week in Dallas and will perform tonight in Houston.

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  • Janey

    I love Beyonce, but girl put some clothes on you are a mother and should be a rolmodel to your daughter.

  • seaaaaa

    dammnnn she looks SOOO young! and this is a recent picture…she looks so good, i prefer her with No makeup, stunning!!!!

  • SaadGKhan

    If only Mandela knew that Obama was taking selfie with Cameron diaz on his Service, Beyonce is posting Underwear pix along condolences and Kanye the Self-proclaimed Legend. . . Well potty mouth is still a potty mouth . . Not being racist but these some Blacks with Money are becoming jerks thanks God we’ve good guys like Morgan Freeman yet.

  • gtfo

    Self-absorbed $kank has no shame.
    RIP Madiba †

  • marisun

    LOL She looks so innocent!!!

  • jun

    She needs to start acting like a mother not a hooka.

  • Morgaine

    These two are just too shallow to appreciate a presence such as this

  • True

    Completely inappropriate, next to the Nelson Mandela ones.
    Celebrity narcissism. She should STOP wearing fur. It’s cruel.

  • lol

    ‘ Everyone, look at me!! Me and Nellie were BBFs’, says cheap hooka who steal songs from others for a living while bleaching her skin and brushing her weave.

  • lol

    BBFs = Best buddies forever

  • Amy


    I feel like women only do things like this when they’re insecure and looking for attention. Is Jay-Z cheating on her?

  • wow

    I believe I have seen more of Beyoncé’s a$$ since she been married than before. To me those panty photos should be held for private viewing only. No one knows discretion anymore.

  • Yuck

    Desperate hor. How disrespectful to late Mandela.

  • aw

    Loser and winner. Loser in hell.

  • Taking-A-Break

    These celebrities are so in love with themselves, they think pictures like these are a treat to the rest of the world. I think Beyonce is Beyonce’s #1 fan.

  • Hmmm..

    She is annoyed that Kim Kardashian is trying to be the new “couple” w/ Kanye, so she’s posting these type of pics to ruffle kims feathers.. celebs are lame!!! It’s kind of like Jennifer aniston and others stars getting annoyed with paps but then all up on instagram posting personal pics in need for public validation and “likes”..

  • A Shame

    If this post was about Angie or Brad it would have a million positive comments. Its a shame. What’s wrong with sharing pictures on your blog? Why does this make an artist self absorbed. Jay and Bey do a lot charity work that is not mentioned but why does it have to be? Then we have skinny minnie Angie prancing around with all those kids and you ppl worship her. I’m sure it has to do with race as well, the comments and name calling that I read about Beyonce is very sad.

  • checkyourself

    Beyonce looks beautiful as always and that pic of her with Mandela is really special. You can tell he really liked her energy by the expression on his face and the special laugh they shared together.

  • checkyourself

    No you idiot, you’re annoyed with Beyonce and I’m annoyed at your ignorance. B isn’t even thinking about Kim Kardashian nor has the time to. Smh

  • checkyourself

    @Hmmm..: No you idiot, you’re annoyed with Beyonce and I’m so annoyed with her undercover fans. Your ignorance disgusts me! Beyonce is on a whole different level than Kim and the two can’t be compared. She isn’t even thinking about Kim nor has the time to with her busy schedule. Do stfu!

  • checkyourself

    @Taking-A-Break: She and her pictures are obviously a treat or you wouldn’t have clicked on the lik to view them. Her undeercover fans are her #1 fans and you *coughs get on my nerves!

  • checkyourself

    @Yuck: You IGNORANT b*tch you, she is supposedly an attention *, but you freehandedly gave her your attention? Your display of ignorance for attention makes you the attention whor*.

  • checkyourself

    @wow: If you don’t like her photos, then stop looking at them dumb a**!!

  • checkyourself

    @Amy: You are a dumb b*tch, explains that dumb a** comment of yours. Beyonce is BEYONCE, she doesn’t need attention. All she has to do is step in public and all eyes are on her. Everyone gives her attention on their own free will, she doesn’t ask for it. You undercover fans are the first ones to check for her then display your ignorance for attention. b*tch STFU!

  • checkyourself

    @lol: Beyonce’s undercover fans do the most! Sit your bitter a** on down somewhere ,ho*! I bet you’re an ugly black skinned ho*. You’re definitely bitter and insecure.That’s why Beyonce’s beautiful natural skin complexion has you feeling some type of way. She is far from cheap dummie. Beyonce ballin! If you don’t like B wtf were you doing viewing her pictures anyways? Dumb b*tch!

  • checkyourself

    @True: I agree that it looks inappropriate for the photo on the right to be displayed next to the picture with her, jayz and Mandela, but Beyonce wasn’t the one to post them like that. whoever made the article did. so, don’t blame Beyonce for someone elses doings.

  • Amy


    Umm… Is this English? I think you need to go back to elementary school and get an education.

  • Tom

    Who is she trolling, those pictures aren’t new and lighting off… Look at her recently she looks old, her face looks hard and her weave is a rats nest of her head… Put it away no wants to see your tired a** Beyonce .

  • Mia

    Is it just the race, damn black Americans are such a tacky culture, even Obama tactless narcissist deluded creature, there all so slum, from Jay z to Kanye to Beyonce , if they even tiny but if fame or money they’re so crass , cheap……. Go away crude , vulgar people.

  • Natalie

    Hey @Mia, if blacks were half as concerned about you as you are about them, then that would be something. But unfortunately sweetie, that’s not the case. For someone so disturbed by our culture, you sure are quick to troll the internet and click a link about a black person. Stop hiding behind your pathetic computer and say these things to our faces. Oh and one more thing: have you ever heard of Honey Boo Boo and her family? Classy non-vulgar people right? Poof be gone!

  • HumorMe

    @A Shame:

    Say what? You sound like an idiot, but then most of Beyonce fans are idiots–lapping up EVERYTHING she throws at them. Angie prances around with kids fully clothed, not in her bikinis, and even if she did that on an appropriate stage, it would be ok. Also, i don’t see Angie posting pictures of herself in bikinis on Instagram or the like. She’s private and she actually means it, unlike Beyonce. This is not a race issue, u racist turd, so don’t make it one. The pictures Beyonce posted are intimate pictures. And since she posted them on a public space, it’s fair game for ppl to comment.