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Brad Pitt & 'Plan B' Co-Founder Brad Grey Part Ways

Brad Pitt & 'Plan B' Co-Founder Brad Grey Part Ways

Brad Pitt and Paramount CEO Brad Grey will be ending their longstanding business relationship at the end of the year, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The 49-year-old actor joined forces with Mr. Grey back in 2002 when they formed the production company Plan B, along with his then wife Jennifer Aniston. The company will reportedly head to New Regency after exiting Paramount when its deal ends in 2013.

Tensions were formed between Plan B and Paramount during the troubled production of Brad‘s movie World War Z and there was reportedly a dispute between the two companies when Plan B didn’t offer Paramount an opportunity to finance and distribute 12 Years a Slave.

No word yet on how this will affect the upcoming sequel to World War Z, which just found its director in The Impossible‘s Juan Antonio Bayona. While we don’t know yet if Brad will star in the movie, he is set to be a producer.

Pictured inside: Pitt and Grey together over the years at various events.

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  • Mandy
  • Pitt Fan

    Not surprised, after the VF article, and the leaks Par were giving to the Press setting up Brad to be the fall guy. I knew Brad wasn’t going take it lightly, so this was his answer back. Par doesn’t give a shite about prestigious art house/ indie movies anyway. Plan B didnt them anymore. Although I wonder what’s going to happen with the WWZ sequel now. Plan B had a fantastic yr with WWZ and 12YAS.

  • umm

    I think Brad will do some interviews for TYAS in the coming months. I hope we will get more info on WWZ sequel, is it still going to make with Paramount?

  • groundcontrol

    Arnon loves him some Brad and Angie. I will always love him for LA Confidential.
    Good news.

  • just a thought

    Paramount is the studio for WWZ so if this is true they aren’t parting ways with harsh feelings.

  • WWZ

    I agree- it doesn’t mean there was some big hissy fit, especially if WWZ will still be produced by Paramount…either way, the JPs continue to keep winning at love and work- looking forward to Maleficent, Fury, Unbroken and WWZ 2- movement is life!!!!

  • Love Conquers All

    Ladies and Gentleman it’s called karma. And Paramount got karma from Brad and Plan B for going against Brad Pitt. With this decision I’m really happy for Brad made this decision in a business way. And I’m sure that Brad Pitt and Brad Grey will remain good personal friends.

  • Ⱦamsin

    AHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!! We knew Waterworld Z’s failure to make a profit would mean the demise of Plan B. We know that he used Jen’s money to get it started, and now that Brad Grey’s influence is gone, there is little hope for Pothead’s vanity projects.

    KARMA baby! It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person! Pothead is nearly ruined! I love it! XD

  • Cassi

    I read Plan B and Paramount bought WWZ right together. I guess they have to make WWZ sequel together since they both own the right. We will see. But Paramount executives really threw shade at Brad/Plan B re. WWZ production in VF article.

  • WTH


    That’s all you came up with? That’s was so freaking predictable.

  • very cute

    Loved WWZ, looking forward to the sequel- there are some very cute pictures of Shiloh at link:
    Do you remember way back in June 2006 when People shared the first photos of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt? The precious picture showed Mom and Dad curled around their sleeping infant.Can you believe it’s been more than seven and a half years since then? That peaceful little infant is now a cheerful, ever-.grinning elementary schooler. And is it just us, or do her eyes look just like Angie’s? Back on September 14 (center), Shiloh wore an “Awesome Possum” T-shirt, grey jeans, sneakers, and a baseball cap. Earlier that month (right), she arrived with her family at the Sydney airport wearing a red Star Wars t-shirt, black cargo pants, and white sneakers.

    In a world full of Suri Cruises and Broderick twins — who are all about the pinks, pastels, and dresses — it’s nice to see a celebrity kid who does something different. And from the way Shiloh seems to always be smiling, we’d say she’s pretty happy with herself just the way she is.

  • Loons in pain

    But-but, weren’t loons swearing on their yearly stash of Cheetos that Waterworld Z had indeed made a profit and had resulted in a huge net revenue for the studio according to last quarterly report???? Hmmm? Where is that LA Times article that Poopy loves to repost so much?

    See loons, that’s why you need to leave adult topics, such as finances, to educated people who know what they’re talking about. You don’t know jack about economics and finances just because you know how to count food stamps. And this is exactly why I’ve ignored Big Momma’s taunts. LOLOLOLOLOL…

    Oh, and let the loons’ spin game begin…!!!!! XD

  • Lily

    Paramount is jealous of TYAS’s success. If it is true Brad didn’t ask them to produce and distribute TYAS, Brad must have known them very well that they wouldn’t have produced or distributed TYAS if he asked.

  • Awww

    @Loons in pain:


  • Ⱦamsin

    * crickets chirping *

    It’s oh so quiet in here. So where are all the loons? Back in Ho’s thread continuing their “ticky talk”? Hehehehe… well, we know sore losers’ modus operandi. When spinning and denying all arguments fail, let’s deflect to discussing the ex wife! LOL.

    I can’t wait to hear Clooniqua’s theory on how Huvane is responsible for this! Hahahahahaha!

  • Wonderbust

    @Loons in pain:
    TamJoeRingSal why are you switching your name left and right. after Paramount threw Brad under the bus with Vanity Fair and being jealous over TYAS success we fans are happy they split. How is Echo productions doing by the way, because Plan B will be collecting SAG nominations and Golden Globe nods this week.

  • fyi

    So Brad is leaving Brad Grey for Brad Weston.

    We’re told that this move is not acrimonious and that the relationship between the Brads is fine. But the feeling was the Plan B label fit better with another Brad, Brad Weston, over at New Regency, which co-financed 12 Years A Slave and has developed several projects for Pitt to star in over the past several years.

  • truth is paramount sucks

    WWZ made very good money and still is for Paramount and Plan B, no director would have just been hired to direct the sequel if that were not true.

    BUT Paramount just brought in JerryB who is expensive and who made moneymakers in the past but all he now has planned to produce are retreads. Brad Grey is doing all he can to keep his job as he has an expensive younger 2nd wife to afford. Paramount has already announced they will be making fewer films per year as they go forward.

    Paramount has not had any prestige films lately and the pressure is on them to go for the quantity of money, not go for the production of the quality type films being produced by other companies. Shameful for what was once a great company.

    Brad Pitt mentioned taking Plan B in other directions in interviews for TYAS, AM/New Regency is a great match for Plan B, the company also produced among 120+ films both Fight Club and MAMS.

  • anustin

    Am soo happy for the break-up!will and good.

  • fyi

    Brad Weston was former Paramount production president, now is New Regency CEO. so many Brads.

  • yes, MAMS

    Oh, yeah- I love seeing that New Regency logo & music come up on a movie- always reminds me of MAMS!

  • just Saying

    In 8 years in Paramount, Plan B only made 2 movies funded by Paramount. A Mighty Heart and World War Z, other Plan B movies were funded by other studios. it is time to find a better and more supportive studio for Plan B. New Regency looks a great match for Plan B.

  • just Saying

    Plan B is producing Lost City of Z with New Regency. The project was originally with Paramount, but paramount didn’t have agreement with the director James Gray, so the project halted. Plan B is now finding New Regency as the funding studio.
    Also Plan B another project The True Story with James Franco and Johah Hill was by New Regency.

  • Ⱦamsin

    And of course, I continue to be my stalking troll’s only reason for living. Though there are other “fans” here to talk to, she doesn’t care about anyone else but me. It’s no wonder some loons accuse us of being the same person, to which I need to say I am deeply offended by that suggestion. I speak better English than an average loon like her. We can always tell when she posts because of her poor punctuation skills and run-on sentences. And she has the nerve to claim she went to college? LOL.

    That’s why it’s hysterical when she accuses me of being a foreigner through one of her aliases. Speaking of them, wasn’t she threatening to expose some FFers just yesterday? XD

    Somebody help her get back on topic. What’s going to happen to the world’s most brilliant movie producer and actor? LOL.

  • truth is paramount sucks

    Paramount will now be making Transformers sequels until the end of time with JerryB spending more and more money with less and less return.

    Optimus Prime JR Transformers XX already being written LOL

  • Cassi

    @just Saying:
    Looks like Brad wanted to move New Regency since he had developed so many project with them. I still think Plan B and Paramount are going do WWZ sequel together.

  • geez

    I will be sooooo glad when an article about Brad can be printed/posted without deadweight Aniston being attached. She had nothing to do with the start up other than being married to Brad. She had no financial connection just a small stock in the company but no ownership rights. As soon as the divorce was filed Brad bought her small shares from her.she was never a business partner.

    Anyway, congratulations to Brad change is good! Sounds like both Brad’s are still business partners in Plan B just moving the company from paramount. The other Brad has to stand with Paramount decisions if he wants his cushy job.

  • bizzy bee

    I would welcome a WWZ sequel anytime. Any Brad will be fie with me, though no one compares to Mr. Pitt, lol.

    @Groundcontrol, I hope you made it out okay with this crazy weather. And it’s not even winter yet, technically . We’re in for a crazy winter!

  • Lol

    The tall beautiful Brad VS. short ugly Brad. Lol. It is good for the beautiful Brad to leave Paramount. New Regency made Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Fight Club. Great move beautiful Brad.

  • fyi

    It is confirmed Plan B moves to New Regency

    “Our company is built on working with the best talent in the business,” said Regency president/CEO Weston. “By bringing Plan B, with their solid filmmaker relationships and stellar pool of talent, into the fold with RatPac, we are doing just that.”

    Said Plan B in a statement: “There are very few partners in this business who are able to balance artistic integrity with commercial viability. Working hand in hand with New Regency and RatPac, we feel we have found the perfect fit.”

    This is another major move for Packer and Ratner, who recently became part of a consortium to co-finance Warner Bros slates of films. “Plan B has become a consistent supplier of top-tier material and talent,” Packer and Ratner said in a statement. “As a new company, for us to be able to partner with Arnon and his team at New Regency on this deal, it gives us a great jump-start for what we are trying to accomplish.”

  • ha ha ha ha ha

    Tamshiit said: “…We know that he used Jen’s money to get it started…”

    … ha ha h ha ha… hi hi hi hi hi hi ,, ha ha ha ha …he he he he he he…. ha ha ha ha ha …… ha bhuaaaaa…..bhuahahaha…bhuahahahahahahaha….ha ha ha ha ha ha ha BBBHHHUUaaahhhHHHHH…..BHUAHAHAHAHAH

  • Lol

    @ha ha ha ha ha:
    Tampon is always hallucinating and in delusion. Lol.

  • Wonderbust

    @ha ha ha ha ha:
    The troll is clearly hallucinating. Whatever happened to Echo Films

  • WWZ

    geez- yes, it’s so funny that they keep attaching fat tick’s name- it’s just another reminder what a failure she continues to be. It was obvious from the jump how little she had to do with it and even more obvious after the divorce. The years have clearly shown her to be a laughingstock of a producer as well as an actor.

  • groundcontrol

    @bizzy bee:
    @Groundcontrol, I hope you made it out okay with this crazy weather. And it’s not even winter yet, technically . We’re in for a crazy winter!
    Thanks, bizzy. Same to you. Court started late Monday but I got my client’s trial dismissed so I was happy to make it in. The streets in town were actually perfectly clear. Today Court was on Emergency Operations Only – lock ups and preventive detention hearings only. I didn’t have court today so I slept in and had no idea court was out until I bothered to check the court system for something else late morning. LOL!
    Things slow down considerably this time of year. Me included.
    I hope you are wrong about this coming winter. I am so not a cold weather person. Fingers crossed.

  • Ⱦamsin

    @truth is paramount sucks:

    Excuse me whine-loon, you lost me at “waaa waaa waaaaaaa”

    Paramount dropped Tommy Girl but then took him back. Guess why? Because he’s bankable. Pitty is not and never has been anywhere near the level of a superstar like Cruise. And let’s not mention Plan B has bled the studio’s pockets dry with Waterworld Z. It was time to cut their losses. It will always be remembered as a wise decision.

  • samm

    I expected something to happen after all that…. though not so quick. It must have been brewing and thought out then. Obviously business decisions are rarely personal decisions and as long as it is not getting personal it is all fine me thinks. Brad is king and he will be fine… always!….
    but one advise since 2007 be real where you all to the ground. personal life affect professional. avoid drama pls just get rid of it off you. This time in your life /carrier you doesn’t need it. and get rid of it doesn’t have to be in the expense of your family or carrier.

  • samm

    @Ⱦamsin: who is bankable not according to the last 2 movies…….. actually unless otherwise mi 12. tramp oh don’t not today or on this because you got more to lose…..

  • Wonderbust

    Anyways while the 35 year old Gay Costa Rican stalker is busy obsessing over Brad at almost 12am, anyone else excited for SAG nominations tomorrow? I think nominations are being made 9am eastern time.

  • Ⱦamsin


    LOL that is rich considering Pothead would’ve NEVER had Plan B without her, and the whole world knows it. Once again it was proven that he’s only made it thus far because of his high profile relationships.

    And I love how the coat-tailing parasite is so desperate to have some of Jen’s success rub off on him that he’s willing to work with Brett Ratner, one of her pals, who happened to produce Horrible Bosses. Look who’s stalking whom? Go ahead and deny it! LOLOLOL.

  • samm

    @Lol: didn’t know that I hope all is good.

  • truth is paramount sucks



    You are so wacky and predictable. Always. You have no life outside lurking and trolling on Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and their families JJ threads.

    Tom is not truly back in the fold, they only want him for a certain sequel MI whatever which he will practically kill himself doing the most dangerous stunts imaginable at age 52+. And if it does not make money he will be dropped again and he knows it. His most recent foray into science fiction did not perform well. And sadly TomC once used to be an excellent talented actor. Not any more.

    Plus studios are not happy with him suing Bauer tabs over what he has already admitted is true, he gave up most of the custody of Suri in the divorce and did not see her, a 6 year older, for over a third of a year like 120+ days , and only talks to her. He has admitted this truth in a sworn deposition. Yet he flew to the US in that time period for a Sci gathering/meeting while claiming he was so busy due to work.

    Brad Pitt and Plan B are now being co-financed by one of the richest men in the world, James Packer, who interestingly is not co-financing his friend TomC’s films. Because Brad and Plan B make interesting thoughtful entertaining films.

  • Wonderbust

    So how is Echo films going?

  • Ⱦamsin

    My illiterate stalking troll can try all she wants to derail this thread by posting the same old, boring and repetitive made up stories that she wants about me; even her loony friends are tired of her act.

    Nothing can change the fact that Plan B and Pothead were DROPPED by Paramount, and that Pothead is so desperate that he’s reached out to one of Jen’s friends to take him under his wing. It’s obvious he’s trying to reach out to her as well.

    Life is good! LOLOLOLOLOL. :)

  • busted


    best point made. If she was so involved in the production why in the heck has she not been associated with any quality films. Why do we never ever hear anything about her Producing or acquiring any films.. She was a hanger oner and every time she is mentioned in any thing about Plan B it shows how she had nothing to do with the workings of that company. If she did Echo would actually be a name.. instead of a WHAT is Echo???

  • JPS

    JP fans, Brad implied this new change in his last interview with THR when promoting 12 Years A Slave in TIFF, the interview he said “Game on, Fu-ckers”
    Pitt says his company’s strategy will remain the same as it has been from the start: “We follow the storytellers, and our little garage band of a production company’s mandate was [always] to help complex films get over the hill if they need a little push. We are in a fortunate position to do that.”

    At the same time, the actor-producer says Plan B — whose money is raised on a per-film basis — now is starting to look at outside sources of finance. “We have been talking about the next evolution of what we do,” he continues. “Do we stay in the same construct as now? Are there new constructs we can investigate?”

  • Ⱦamsin

    Eventually, people get tired of free-loading moochers and they get purged like the blood-sucking parasites they are. Jen got to open her eyes first, she realized how she was being used, so she dropped the cheating pig first, and now, some 8 years later, Brad Grey has followed suit.

    And now, a broken, humiliated Pitty is crawling to Ratner’s feet. So uh, who’s getting the last laugh? :D

  • wow

    Great business deal. Brad Pitt has been busy at making a great business move.

  • truth is paramount sucks


    You are beyond delusional LOL You must be low on your meds.

    You must truly be in so much pain that I think you must be the self described awkward ex herself. Did seeing Goop in your home bring out those old feelings of being just a TV gurl that she called you, LOL.

    BrettR is a money man who has managed to hook up with trillion $$$ money bags James Packer, and he was friends with Brad who introduced him to that self described awkward 30 something ex.

    Now if Brett were a friend of a friend he would have financed something at Echo, that defunct so called production company that has produced a total of zero.

    BrettR knows what makes money and Echo ain’t where it’s at. RGreen repeatedly is not going to be financed and now she is being relegated to a co-star anyway. She may feel she is 25 but she is almost 45.

    Poor little heifer you give yourself away HA HA HA HA

  • Jen the Hag

    Wonderbust @ 12/10/2013 at 11:14 pm

    Anyways while the 35 year old Gay Costa Rican stalker is busy obsessing over Brad at almost 12am, anyone else excited for SAG nominations tomorrow? I think nominations are being made 9am eastern time.
    TAMWHORE THE GAYWHORE should be included in the wanted/pedo list in america because he threaten SHILOH with body harm in the last Angelina Jolie thread.. i think this GAYMAN is losing his sh.i.t whenever he see the JP’s looking happy and in love with their kids.. it’s just so alarming to read his post.. wants to stab Angelina 100x and now threatening to put a fist to shiloh’s face just because Shi loves wearing boys clothes. Maybe this GAYWHORE was repressed when he was a kid when he wants to wear girl’s clothes and his mommy dearest always beat him when she sees him trying to wear girl’s clothes ..bwahahhahah !!