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Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: 'American Hustle' Party Pair!

Bradley Cooper & Suki Waterhouse: 'American Hustle' Party Pair!

Suki Waterhouse places her hand over her boyfriend Bradley Cooper‘s hand while they sit together at the after party celebrating the premiere of his new movie American Hustle on Sunday (December 8) in New York City.

The 21-year-old model did not walk the red carpet with Bradley, 38, but joined him for the Vanity Fair and Grey Goose sponsored after party following the movie.

The next day, Bradley appeared on Good Morning America to talk about his new movie, in theaters in limited release on December 13 and everywhere on December 20. Watch the interview below!

Bradley Cooper – “GMA” Interview

15+ pictures inside of Bradley Cooper at the after party and at Good Morning America

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bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 01
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 02
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 03
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 04
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 05
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 06
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 07
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 08
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 09
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 10
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 11
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 12
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 13
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 14
bradley cooper suki waterhouse american hustle party pair 15

Photos: Getty, ABC
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  • Joy

    All the selfies and videos this girl posts of herself along with the nose job suggests that this girl is out seeking fame the fast way.

  • ace11

    His maturity level is on par with a 10 year old

  • Hahahaha

    She has the WORST PR!

    It took almost THREE days for them to beg and pay the media to put this pathetic story up.

    She didn’t walk the red carpet because he didn’t want her there! Just look at the expression on his face. He’s annoyed he has to listen to her talk and THIS is the best pic they could find! Hahahahahahahahahaha

  • Irene

    @ace11: I think his female fan base has shrunk. I don’t think the guys are saying ‘wow’ either.

  • Ummm

    Selfies don’t mean you’re out for fame… A large majority of 21 year old females and males take pictures of themself. I would know. I’m 19. Bradley Cooper shouldn’t be dating someone that young. Old people don’t understand 21 year olds.

  • Jennifer

    @Hahahaha: Yes he didn’t want her there so he brought her to the party and sat next to her all night. You fangurls are idiots.

  • Lucillle

    I don’t think a girl who just got a nose job is ready to settle down and have a family. It doesn’t even look like this girl can take care of herself, let alone take care of others. Many kids at 21 are still adolescent in behavior, actions and interests.

  • Rose

    @Jennifer: So why he always look so annoyed by her presence?
    The guy look more confortable and relaxed with Adams and Jennifer A.niston at his side than with his so-called “girlfriend”. LOL
    This PR relationship will end before January = when the awards season begins, just like happened with his previous beard!!!

  • Meg

    @Hahahaha: you’re a psycho b i t c h i would like to see what you look like I bet your some fat old bitter woman that men as good looking as Bradley Cooper don’t want your wrinkly butt anymore. What’s the matter, did your boyfriend leave you for a younger woman so now you have to take out your bitterness on someone? Why don’t you stop trolling the internet and get a life you loser.

  • Oh Suki Suki Now!

    Honest, I’ve watched Bradley Cooper in probably 5 films now. For whatever reason, he doesn’t “do it” for me. That shocks me bc he does have pretty blue eyes…. I think it’s because I don’t crush on men who just go from female to female. To me, that’s common doggy dog behavior and nothing special. A gorgeous guy who can get any girl, but who refuses to act that way is far more interesting and unique. Clearly, Cooper likes this young Suki woman. At least, for now. He sure seems happier with her than with Renee Zellweger.

  • Luanna

    A bad mattress can cause severe back problems.

  • Smile

    Stop being so judgemental.

    Is he dating some underage girl? Nope.

    Is he cheating on his partner? Nope.

    Leave him alone. Hate him for his acting but not his choice of partner, okay?

  • Ewweee….

    How sad that Bradley Cooper’s “fans” excuse the fact it’s beyond CREEPY that he’s dating a 21 yr old model that looks 15.

    Those photos of him & Suki in the park with her in pigtails & dressed in overalls like a little girl is just sick. Them both hanging all over each other while he’s reading “Lolita” speaks volumes about their “special” relationship!

    Bradley & Leo should double date, both nearly 40 & dating very young women, just nasty!!!!!

  • Doris

    @Luanna: If you lay down with dogs you might catch fleas. Why is Suki using an elderly man from the USA when she could be using another boy her own age from the UK?

  • @12

    Yes but the fact he said he wouldn’t date Jennifer Lawrence because
    “I’m old enough to be her father” tells you he’s a hypocrite.

    But regardless of that do YOU really think its “normal” that he’s nearly 40 & reading “Lolita” in the park with Suki dressed in overalls & pigtails like a little girl???

    Come on that’s just CREEPY by any standards & he comes off as a sicko!

  • Leslie

    Maybe Bradley the actor and the guy in the interviews is just a character too. You never know with these people who act for a living.

  • sweet urchin

    Many men like young. Youth is less jaded, generally more hopeful and bubbly, less experienced. So an experienced man can be the KING to them. Teach and show them new things. Older men can get lots of validation from a young female. Youth looks up to them and makes them feel smart and special. Strokes their egos. The list goes on. However, after a while, truly “mature and secure” men can have a difficult time with a young woman because these men desire a woman who IS experienced, IS smart and IS an equal. You know, I like the physical appearance of younger men for sure. But their minds…. Yikes! Can’t ever go there. Won’t ever go there, even tho I’ve had the opportunity a few times.

  • @Doris

    She has used young boys from the UK called Luke and Miles. She cheated on Miles with Bradley cause he is more famous. She is a professional user!

  • @Smile

    Get lost you snot nose.
    We don’t hate Bradley.
    We can’st stand the tramp using him to become
    famous. Even after her nose job she is ugly.
    Bradley looks unhappy in both pics.

  • @Hahahaha

    Another PR fail on her part.
    Did you notice JJ did not put up the 10 other pics of
    Bradley taking pics with people at the after party?
    The pics where he looks happy? Hahahahahaha

  • Meg

    @@Hahahaha: you’re a piece of shit

  • Meg

    @@Hahahaha: shutup you fat slob

  • Bradlifer

    @Meg: Cant handle the truth? LOL. Why don’t you shut up you piece of ****. There is nothing uglier then the Whurehouse.

  • Anne

    Of course they are together, they are a real couple, with future, evidently.

  • Georgia

    @Meg.: Shut your trap and go finish high school. Sucky Wharehouse is the fat slob with a non-model body and can’t even wash her hair.

  • Georgia

    Bradley Cooper is in love with his private Italian American girlfriend that speaks French. Slatty Sucky is a failed PR joke. She facks men to become famous. Oh and he looks happy with Jennifer Lawrence. He does NOT look happy in the pics with justin bieber with a dirty greasy wig.

  • rainbow

    @Georgia: an Italian-American speaking French??What TH is this?

  • DJ

    It does seem like it took awhile to get these photos up, but I guess sometimes it takes a couple of days. That’s happened before. This really is not the greatest photo of the two, but there seem to be only two photos floating around. I still say she looks angry in these photos. And, I’m wondering why she went to the premiere/after party in NYC instead of waiting for the premiere in London on the 18th, unless she is not going to be in town then. I know if my boyfriend was coming to town in less than two weeks I wouldn’t even make the effort to fly to wherever he is. LOL Who knows. Maybe she’s going to that one too.

  • Sina

    @Georgia: A British expert said months ago he might have someone hidden. If that is the case, and this Italian American girlfriend exists, how does she feel about Bradley sleeping with a girl with no morals and pathetic pics on twitter and instagram? I do agree he looks much happier with Jennifer Lawrence. She looks angry in these pics and he unhappy.

  • FUNNY9

    I really think a DNA test is in order here to see if their related.

  • DJ

    @Sina: I think I remember reading about that. It was some body language expert or something, right. I wouldn’t put too much stock in that. Anyway, the SAG awards nominations were announced this morning and it looks like there were no nominations for Bradley, Christian or Amy. Jennifer got a nomination and the cast was nominated.

  • Bradley + AmFr

    @Sina: Sina AMFr is for Italian American French. Suki flew there at the last minute. Does she looked dressed or her greasy hair like someone going to a party? She flew all the way from London to see Bradley and was not even invited to the red carpet or the after party. He let her go to the dinner at the last minute. That is why she is angry in the pics. They didn’t even stay at the same hotel.

    Bradley did not take any pics with SW at the party. He took plenty with his gf Zoe Saldana last year. There is a third pic on tumblr where Bradley is talking to his friend and not even paying attention to her. I heard his Italian American gf is mature and understands this is PR to help SW become famous as a favour to Weinstein and to fight off rumours of Bradley’s sexuality. Bradley has just spent over a month with his Italian American gf and they will be together again very soon.

  • DJ

    @Bradley + AmFr: No self-respecting woman is going to allow their man to parade around with another woman, no matter how mature or private they are. Do you have any proof of your claims that Suki was not invited? That they didn’t stay at the same hotel? If she wasn’t invited than how did she end up at a reserved table right next to him. And, how did he “let” her go to the dinner, but not the afterparty? The dinner and afterparty were the same event. Also, there is another photo of both of them turned away talking to other people, so it’s not like he was ignoring her all night. This AmFr person does not exist, period.

  • Amy

    @DJ I agree with you. I don’t really think he is all that self respecting either. I mean what the he** is he doing with a 21 year old who does not even have a high school diploma. From what I have read about her, she does not even have a high maturity level. He now seems very phony to me. She is okay to look at but, a model? Seriously!!! She is not a model type and really was only a catalog model before she starting sleeping with him. Now, that she has bagged a man who could be her father she is only the cover of magazines. It’s absolutely insane. He should grow up and she is acting somewhat her age. The fact she talks in a magazine about being a teen mom and dropping out of school as being cool means that her PR is obviously not that great, considering young girls follow her. It’s hard to imagine that her educated father is okay with this. I have a 20 year old and it would not be okay for him to date someone who is the same age as me.

  • Bradley + Italian AmFr

    @Sina: I am just giving you a point of view. I am not trying to convince you.

    SW was not invited to any American Hustle events in the US as Bradley’s mother, Jlaw and his Italian American gf were going to be with him. SW wanted to see him and she did fly to the US. Although she was not invited, when many people from the American Hustle cast and his Italian AmFr had to cancel the afterparty, he agreed to have her there. Amy Adams was also there with her fiance as she had press in NY for a few days later. His real gf definitely exists. Bradley’s friends were also there at the reserved American Hustle table. Bradley’s friend Dave even walked the red carpet with him.

    I had to write this update as a fat rat is twisting what I wrote earlier.

  • Bradley + Italian AmFr

    @Sina: Just for fun, I will correct the second fat rat who is actually more of a snake called VaneNYC or Daniela Dempster. SW’s Dad and family like Bradley’s A list status and really hope the relationship goes the distance. SW’s Dad met Bradley in London and New York and even went to an American Hustle event. SW’s Dad is not 38 or 39. He is much older. He is about 19 years older than SW’s mother. He sees no problem with a 21 year old bedding a 38 year old. He did it before Bradley.:)

  • JlawFan

    To all those jealous Suki fans bashing talented Jlaw on all JJ stories:
    Jennifer is the only one nominated for the One of the reasons there is a cast nomination is because of Jennifer. One reason Bradley is NOT nominated is because of Suki. It is not the only reason it is a factor.

    @Bradley + Italian AmFr: I want Bradley to continue to be happy with his Italian AmFr! Can’t wait to meet her! Can’t wait for her and Jen to hang out!

  • Huh

    @DJ Looking at the pictures, it seems more like Bradley is annoyed than Suki. Photo #1: He’s speaking with the man next to him Photo #2: She puts her hand on his to get Bradley’s attention inturrupting their conversation. Irritated Bradley.

  • Huh

    Well well well. This just got fun seeing as this is supposedly from Cooper’s side. Going to be a fun holiday season round these parts.

  • BKiddo

    Hopefully history repeats itself, first the engagement rumors, then the break-up. I highly doubt Cooper or his camp would tell the media first that he’s planning on popping the question.

  • Lois

    Daddy, Daddy, I want an Oompa Loompa noooow.. Cooper will get what he deserves.

  • Hello

    Huh: That’s funny….”The most serious relationship he’s ever been in”….With a mature 21 years old girl…Does it smell the end or for one time it will be true ?


    Miss Waterhouse and Mr. Cooper are together since Saturday. And now they are in Hawaii. They are in a serious relationship. Be prepared for the next three months. This board will be entertaining. Can’t wait to read you comments. You know nothing.

  • DJ

    @YOU KNOW NOTHING: If you are connected to either one of them in any way, why are you telling their business? For example, where they are right now? Since you seem to have the answers, is he going to propose?

  • London Calling

    Same story ran last year with Zoe along with possible showing of a baby bump and then they split before New Year – seems we’ve gone full circle.

    By the way has anyone seen her twitter – posting ‘clitterbug’? Her parents must be so proud posting stuff like that, not to mention if her younger siblings read it… shows what a nice girl she really is…..!

  • Huh

    @YOU KNOW NOTHING: Hi AFT Jr. I’m still prepared from the NY premiere. You said something major would happen and nothing. Was Suki not wearing a bra or brushing her hair for a formal event the something major? That seems like a daily occurrance. Is the something shocking over the next three months Suki and the Italian American girlfriend in winner take all Deathmatch?
    @DJ I wouldn’t get too excited over You Know Nothing. A blind man could’ve told you she arrived in NYC on Saturday and she’s in Hawaii. Where else would she be? The next three months is Award Season. She’s going to the parties and possibly sitting next to him at shows. Wouldn’t that be expected at this point? Hardly shocking or pearl clutch worthy.

  • Hello

    Golden Globes nomination for BC :)

    @London Calling: It also shows her maturity level. Her boyfriend must be proud too….

  • DJ

    @Huh: Maybe the major thing was Suki going to the afterparty. Did he/she say something major would happen at the premiere? I can’t remember.

  • DJ

    @Hello: I’m going to have to watch the Golden Globes now, even though I’m not really a fan of Tina Fey or Amy Poehler.

    @Huh: About the photos, I was just going by how her eyes looked. She looked angry to me. Lainey(from Lainey Gossip) posted the photo and I’m surprised she didn’t comment on their facial expressions. She’s always doing photo assumptions when it comes to celebrity photos.

  • London Calling

    Can’t be certain she’s in Hawaii or even he is… still surprised that she still uploads photos & twitter stuff if she is with him. Miles stated in an interview (after his relationship with her for a year) that you realise how immature she is. Maybe that’s it! That’s the big surprise over the next 3 months- Bradley will realise what the rest of us are aware of and see the light and get rid …. fingers crossed!!!
    Just don’t think she brings the best out in him… just my opinion but since he has been with her he’s changed from what I’ve seen in interviews etc – either it’s her effect on him or playing the part of Ritchie in American Hustle has rubbed off on him. Says he really misses the character and his childlike ways (e-online interview)… maybe he’s still in character with her???